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4.7 out of 5 stars61
4.7 out of 5 stars
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 27 August 2003
After a time of despair following a long line of annoying and boy-band-eqsue new male solo artists, suddenly I found and fell in love with John Mayer. Now its not just his boyish good looks that captivate me..... (thats just a bonus) RFS is a fantastic album.... and not one song includes 'My Angel, Oh Baby I need you'.
I completely disagree with the Amazon review..... it seems to me that everyone who has given Mayer a try are in favour of this talented new artist.
Personally I can't wait for the release of Mayer's forthcoming album "Heavier Things" - its tipped to be his best yet - so if you're reading this and having doubts over the 'offical' review don't listen to that guy and give John Mayer a go.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 3 December 2002
It's the old cliche - if you only buy one album this year make it John Mayer's, and it's so true. After hearing this album in the States and listening to it day in and day out, I still never tire of its great stories (from reminiscing over childhood memories in 83 or looking for love in Love Song For No-one) and John's frankly beautiful voice. Only problem is that once you've heard it you'll want another album this year - Inside Wants Out, the previously unavailable album which features a mix of earlier recordings of Room For Squares tracks plus some others which I can guarantee you'll love just as much, if only for their simplicity when compared to the busier sounds of RFS.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 21 February 2004
This was my first John Mayer album, purchased in January 2004. I'm a guitarist, and read about this guy in several guitar magazines, so I thought I'd give him a listen. I'm *very* glad I did... this album is full of great songs - several with some common melodic content, for sure, but each track is nonetheless quite different than the next. My particular favourites are "My Stupid Mouth" and "Your Body Is A Wonderland" - both brilliant tracks, but the rest are great too, with only one or two that don't quite inspire me. I've heard people say you need to listen to John's albums a few times for them to fully grow on you, and based on my limited experience I'd agree. This isn't guitar pop of the 3-minute-easy-listening variety... there are pop, jazz, rock and folk influences in here, as well as some very clever lyrics, not all of which are obvious the first time around. But after a few trips through this CD from start to finish, I find it's now one of my most played albums. I recommend "Room For Squares" unreservedly.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
....This is a superb, delicate little album that was justly huge over America a couple of years ago but the same as with all exported, not strokesish enough american music it sunk like a very heavy stone when it was released over here.
The first thing you'll notice when you listen to John Mayer is his delicate husky voice that is as relaxing as say Norah jones or his most compared-to contemporary, Dave Mathews. Biggest hit from the album 'No Such Thing' is very evident of this, with its self-effacing lyrics and pop-hook riff that made it such a big hit.
My main reason for writing this review however is to express my annoyance at what is, a baseless and poorly written review by Mr. Wright. Normally I find amazon reivews insightful and remarkably unbiased considering you are trying to sell products, but this one frankly stank of someone that skipped through the tracks in about ten minutes and put the album off as some kind of american attempt at trying to be funny.
John Mayer is in my opinion an American who very much understands irony. His glibness is purposeful, he is well aware of the tongue in cheekness of some of his songs, but Mr. Wright seems to me to have completely overlooked the more subtle moments of the album - how about 3x5 for example, with its shimmering, gentle guitars offering an entirely original look at how memories play inside of us. And then there's one of my personal favorites 'Great Indoors' - an entirely honest and heartfelt litany to anyone who as ever wondered what to do with their life.
In short, do not at all be put off by the amazon review, instead look at the many people who have signed on here and spent time and effort in wanting to show their love for an unrecognised artist who deserves just that bit more recognition than the general public (and in this case Mr.Wright), has given him.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 13 August 2003
In this new era of 'Disposable Icon-esque' music, where manufactured 'artists' and their 'co-written and collaborated' plastic tracks rule the charts, it has become evident that music fans themselves are in dire need of a breath of fresh air. Add John Mayer to the mix, and give yourself a rather large lung full. Put simply, Mayer rocks.
For starters, the guy writes his own music. No mean feat considering Mayer is still in his early-twenties, and has already released an 8-track self-produced EP (Inside Wants Out) before Room for Squares. I bought RFS on a whim after hearing No Such Thing (the first single) on the radio. After giving it a couple of rotations, it became evidently clear that this song is but a nugget of gold in a rather large vein, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
Mayer is already experiencing a rather cult following in the US with both teenage and mature fans; whether it be from his virtuoso guitar work, his intellectual lyrics, infectious songs or his mindless banter at his concerts, Mayer is an entity that music fans can look forward to watching develop.
Mayer has succeeded in this album by presenting songs which are instantly likable, and universal in their appeal. However, look beyond the catchy choruses and guitar riffs and you will find lyrics layered with a level of intellect not found in many artists his age. An example of this? Try the song 3x5 (my personal favourite) where Mayer describes a simple sunset:
'Today skies are painted
Colours in the cowboy cliches,
And it's strange
How clouds that look like
Mountains in the sky
Are next to mountains anyway'
Simply brilliant use of imagery. Mayer also strays slightly from the usual themes of 'love lost/love gained' and centres on more individual experiences within such themes. The song 'My Stupid Mouth' refers to him saying something completely inappropriate whilst out at dinner with a new flame, causing him embarrassment and no doubt destroying any chances he had! All of this delivered in a flawless falsetto with a bombastic beat:
'I'm never speaking up again
It always hurts me
I would rather be a mystery
Then she desert me...'
Highlights of the album include '3x5', 'Love Song for No One', 'My Stupid Mouth' and 'Why Georgia'. Do yourself a favour and buy this album, I have tickets to his concert in Australia in September and cannot wait to see Mayer's infamous live performances. Digest this one for a while and then get his live album 'Any Given Thursday' to gain a real appreciation of how good music gets. There is hope left for music fans afterall.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 10 November 2002
With Elton john describing him as one of the most original song-writers around alongside Ryan Adams, and with the album going down a storm Stateside, I wanted to check it out- especially after my American friend made me listen to 'No Such Thing' the highly original title track.
The songs are infused with orginality covering topics such as John's fantasy about being given the chance to be aged 6 again (~83), about a girl's burn out lifestyle on the tiles (~Neon), and a letter home from his travels where he sees such a beautiful sunrise he feels he cannot take a photograph (~3*5.) Despite the originality of the lyrics the songs are instantly accessible without being mainstream churn-out: emotive, powerful, and honest. Songs range from jazz to guitar and John's songwriting, guitar and singing skills speak for themselves.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 6 November 2002
John Mayer's album, Room For Squares, is an incredibly pleasing addition to my collection, his soft voice and talented, gentle guitar playing soothes any pains I have, and I find myself singing along, though not with such a perfect voice as I hear.
Most of the songs tell a beautifully written story, able to evoke emotions that haven't been stimulated all day. Listening to his voice is pure pleasure, and creates a smile on my face.
This album is actually his second, after he was discovered and signed up. If you are pondering over which to get, I recommend this one, then if you like it (which I can't see anyone who truly appreciates beautiful music such as this, not doing), get Inside Wants Out, which features the original versions of most songs on this album, and also some you'll have not heard, but will love just as much.
This album has 13 tracks, averaging more than 4 minutes in length, and I think it will appeal to anyone who is into soft rock, acoustic, mellow, or even the harder rock and indie bands... if you like songs to have meaning in their lyrics, and take you somewhere, John Mayer's for you. Whether for chilling out, relaxing, or a bus journey to college (for me ;))... his music will entertain and please your senses.
I can't pick a favourite song from this album... each song has such amazing qualities, and lovely melodies... Before hearing his music, "John Mayer" was a stranger... now his music, is the friend that's keeping me company, when I'm lonely, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I don't want to be on my own...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 22 October 2004
2003 was the year I discovered John Mayer. I was a little late considering this album was eighteen months old by then but I made up for lost time. I spent the best part of that year trying to get my friends to appreciate this amazing album I'd found, an oasis in the constant r&b/hip hop/garage rip offs that our popular music culture seems to be a breeding ground for. Finally, in the midst of all the trash someone with some kind of talent was breaking through.
I've been lucky enough to catch John Mayer live twice since and the experience is just amazing. This album made up most of his set at my first show and although I prefer the spontaneity of live material, this album still gives me a rush when I put it on. The universal message of No Such Thing, the anthem like Why Georgia and nostalgic 83 are some highlights. The stand out songs for me are 3x5, the soundtrack to my months spent travelling; and My Stupid Mouth which, if I had any musical talent, could have come straight out of my head.
That's the great thing about Mayer, if you get it. He can take those feelings and he can make them into something understandable. That's why he makes great records - because he's accessible and at the same time, a little too smart for his own good.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 2 March 2005
A star has been born...
John Mayer's highly captivating and exceptional debut album: "Room For Squares" is truly a must buy and one of the best albums I have personally listened to in the last decade. His talent has been finally appreciated and it has resulted in a first class album worthy of competing with any singer/band at this particular moment in time. Mayer's blend of the blues and soft rock has produced unforgettable and outstanding tracks from "No Such Thing" to "Not Myself".
Mayer is without a doubt bound for bigger and better things.
A brilliant musician.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 11 September 2003
This is quite simply a great album, there are no two ways about it. John Mayer is both a talented vocalist and musician - think Jeff Buckley, but less depressing and more accessible. The songs move from being uplifting, the soulful, to musically fantastic. See below for track description.
No Such Thing - upbeat number and the first UK single release. It is one of those songs you want to play when getting up is difficult - and you know by the end you will feel ready to face anything.
Why Georgia - less upbeat but great combination of music and vocals in which John sings to some long lost girlfriend. Great stuff.
My Stupid Mouth - here John laments his stupidity, albeit in a fun way, in what he has said, since his stupid mouth has got him in trouble. Something we can all relate to I am sure.
Your Body is a Wonderland - the title is fairly self explanitary. This is a love song but John is not a crooner and maybe you will sense real feeling in this track, or simply enjoy it for the lyrics and music.
Neon - The best track of the album. This combines an amazing guitar lick with really interesting lyrics about a girl he is losing, which seems to be a continuing theme in many of the songs. This one of the best tracks I have heard recently and will really clinch the album for anyone so I am going to stop the review here (if this doesn't persuade you try 1983).
All in all a great artist. Buy this and get uplifted by a singer who will make you feel good - maybe that is the point of music??
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