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4.4 out of 5 stars14
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2003
There must be as many Gary Numan compilation albums as original albums by now, and while this is probably the best so far, it still lacks a great deal. It certainly over-borrows from the last two albums and space is wasted with 'new versions', 12in versions and remix tracks: they're great, but stray from what a 'best of' album is supposed to be about. Obviously everyone has their own preferences, but why include the so-so 'Remember I Was Vapour' from Telekon instead of outstanding tracks such as 'This Wreckage', 'I'm an agent' or 'I Dream of Wires' from the same album? Where are all the classic tracks from those lost albums of the 1980s? OK, forget the god-awful Outland and Machine & Soul, but why nothing from Strange Charm, The Fury, Warriors, Berserker or Metal Rhythm? Also, the typos and factual errors in the booklet are, to a Numan fan, unforgivable. Sorry, guys, try again.
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on 29 July 2002
The problem with Gary Numan "best ofs" is that they are usually reviewed by die hard fans, when arguably the purpose of such a compilation is to introduce an artist to new fans or give a handy synopsis for the more casual fan. Inevitably, the die hard is never happy and wants more tracks included.
I've bought every Gary Numan studio album and seen him live too many times to count, so it's easy to see which camp I'm in.
However, I believe that this is an accurate summary of an extensive career. It isn't really aimed at the die hard fan but rather at jumping on the back of all the recent publicity that has put this oft maligned artist back into the public eye.
Exposure does collect material that stands the test of time and wisely omits some of Numan's patchy material. Arguably, he didn't release a decent album between 1983 and 1994, and wisely there's no evidence of this material here. The emphasis on the last album, Pure, makes sense - it was released to critical acclaim and spawned his only top 30 original single (Rip) for over a decade. If Exposure was intended to provide a compilation for a new audience, then you can't really fault the tracklist.
Classic tracks from the 70's are here, which have the closest relation to his new material which is far heavier and industrial. The early songs give and indication as to why he has been such an influence on artists today. The later material shows that he can bang it out just as well as NIN, Filter or Manson to name a few.
It's a good album. If you don't know his music, it gives you a quick insight into his better stuff; if you're a die hard fan, it doesn't offer much new, but makes a good collection to have on in the car etc.
If you've got the dough to spare though, buy "Replicas", "Pure", "The Pleasure Principle" and "Telekon".
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on 25 July 2011
This album is the one that introduced me to Gary Numan and I'd highly recommend it to anyone else in the same boat.

I knew 'Are Friends Electric?' and 'Cars' and that was more or less it. I loved both songs and wanted an 80s compilation with them both on (Yes obviously NOW I know that they're not actually 80s but I didn't then), I could usually find one or the other but not both, so I came on here to have a poke about and bingo - up popped Exposure. I figured it was an ok price considering the favourable reviews so I decided to buy it. I have never been so glad I bought something in my entire life.

I liked every single track on this album instantly, and genuinely loved most of them on first hearing, which is unheard of for me. This is a great way to figure out which Numan era speaks to you and where you should start buying your albums. Well it would be but....

There was no one album of his that was an obvious starter for me, going by my favourites from this compilation - because my 'favourites' spanned all 25 years (I remember being so shocked not only that those 2 songs were actually that old but also that Gary had done so much in between then and 2002 that I'd been completely unaware of)and at least 10 different albums, so I just started at the beginning (and the end) and worked forwards (and backwards simultaneously). 9 years on I've got at least 15 studio albums and a handfull of live/ compilation albums I don't regret buying any of them as there's always at least 2 or three gems that I couldn't cope without and I see no end in sight.

Mr. Numan seems to have a direct hook up to my brain - he can do no wrong musically as far as I'm concerned. I may like some songs more or a little less but I'll be happy to buy new (and old) Numan albums for as long as he wants to put them out. Oh and he's fantastic live too.

Welcome and enjoy to anyone new to Numan who starts their journey here too ;)
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on 28 May 2002
Exposure is a bang up to date synopsis of Numan at his absolute finest. All the Numanesq nuances are there, with the ever popular essential classics: Cars, Are Friends Electric and Music for Chameleons. These are joined by some lesser known atmospheric masterpieces with almost disturbing qualities. If you are new to Numan or returning, this magnum opus will not disappoint. A 'must-have' for anyone who fondly remembers this pioneer of electronic music's unique style, or for yet to be fully acquainted with the electric music maestro. There is only one Gary Numan and Exposure is the best album yet to capture his inspired brilliance.
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on 15 December 2009
I am the person whom this compilation is for.

I've always been a huge fan of early synth music - especially The Human League and Soft Cell. My favourite Bowie music spans "Station to Station" to "Scary Monsters". My all-time favourite artists are those willfull, bloody-minded sods who follow their own path regardless - Mark Hollis, David Sylvian, Neil Young, Lyndsey Buckingham, Miles Davis, Alice Coltrane, etc etc.

So why no Gary Numan until this late date? Why, Gin, why?

I always had Gary Numan down as a xeroxed also-ran (Does he have a b-side with that title? If he doesn't, he should have). I always sort of thought that he'd picked up a synth after hearing 'Being Boiled' and decided that it would help his Bowie impersonations on to Top of the Pops. Gary was the naff side of the synth - a pre-Howard Jones & Thompson Twins character.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have yet another example of your host talking codswallop. I say codswallop in case Amazon don't allow swearing.

It took BBC's "Synth Brittania" documentary, where everyone involved - Martin Gore, Martin Ware, Vince Clarke, etc - all sang Gary's praises and slagged off those who'd slagged Gary off in the first place. Gary Numan was an innovator not an impersonater. Martin Ware certainly never mentioned any 'Being Boiled' rip-off accusations. Where the hell did I get that from? I realised that "Are Friends Electric" was a work of genius. I'm still not convinced about 'Cars', but I was convinced enough to buy this - and for a hell of a lot cheaper than it's on sale for here.

And what do we find? 'Exposure' contains some glorious, glorious music. "Down in the park", "M.E.", "Metal", etc. Music that Depeche Mode, Human League and yer more recent examples such as yer La Roux's and whatnot - music that they would kill for and you wouldn't blame them. Some spellbinding moments. And then there is a track which I had never heard and which has catapulted it's way headlong on to my all-time favourite list. Ladies and Gentlemen - "Films." If you haven't heard it, do so. Download that one track if you must, but hear it. Genius, thy name is.

So why not the full five stars? A star is docked for "Exposure"'s annoying lack of cohesion. Please please please - these things should always come in chronological order. If you're going to tell me that five tracks are from such-and-such an album, then don't spread the 5 tracks over 2 CDs. That's just irritating. And then there's the sleeve notes. They are awful. "Gary Numan is cool, honest guv. Anyone who says he isn't is wrong," spread out over 8 pages. And some of the newer tracks don't quite do it for me. Not for being too extreme as some may lead you to think; quite the opposite. The drum machine/loops/general producion on tracks such as "Dead Heaven" sound too weedy for a track that should rip your head off, throw you to the wall and generally knock the wind out of your sails.

I was going to dock a star for Numan supporting the Conservative Party in the 1980's (and being just about the only pop star who was brave/foolish enough to be open about it too), a position he's since regretted. Since the last umpteen years of Labour have been almost as dreadful I'm more lenient on that position these days, too.

Since buying this I've purchased two more Numan albums, with at least two more to come. So let that recommendation be your guide, Numan virgins.

And just let me listen to "Films" a couple more thousand times, please. Thank you. Oh, thank you.
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on 11 September 2015
having no Numan in my collection and wanting to hear more than just the 'hits' on the radio I scoured through reviews for a good compilation and I settled on Exposure.
I'm so glad I did. This is an excellent collection.
Not in chronological order this track listing keeps it interesting. A best of instead of the clinical greatest hits, this collection give the listener a real taste of Numan's year spanning career.
This twin disc set has gave me so much enjoyment I'm considering expanding my Gary Numan collection.
This is what a compilations are supposed to achieve. Excellent stuff.
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on 21 August 2002
I have always been a fan of the new wave / synth era of music which is I guess the period most people associate Gary with. To be honest this is the reason I bought the CD (plus an apperance on TOTP2 recently). However, whilst celebrating his earlier work with the Tubeway Army and tracks like I Die You Die, it encompasses a much larger area of work from quite rocky tracks to synth classics such as Cars. I was pleasantly suprised and hooked on some of these tracks. I guess I thought most of the music would be of a similar vain but it isn't. The more I listen to this album and then to other artists, the more you realise the influence Numan has had on many artists over 20 years or so. By being different and following a path less well trodden Gary has created some great and innovative music. A recommended purchase!!
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on 22 May 2002
Although I own copies of the majority of tracks on this album, I think the set list is beautifully arranged, showing the best Numan tracks on record. Whereas other compilations out there are thrown together by basement record labels with no interest in the music, you can tell Artful put time into this cd. One thing I really like about it is that its a good introduction to people who have never heard Numan before. It displays all the generally likeable songs and leaves out some of the more cult tracks. Personally I would have really liked to see some tracks from "Berserker" and "The Fury", but I assume the strategy here was to please non-numanoids, who might be scared away by tracks like "This Disease". In total, its brilliant and definitely worth buying.
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on 7 February 2016
Great seller, accurate listing, excellent shipping, product exactly as described
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on 5 December 2014
its a gift for my brother and as a mad Numan fan I know it will go down well :-)
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