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3.8 out of 5 stars238
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2004
It has always made me mad when a games developer goes mad to get a game as perfect and as well thought out as possible and all the public can do is complain. Now I got a copy of doom 3 on the day of it's release and I still play it because it is one of the best games that you can buy. First off I want to point out that many of the reviewers didn't like the fact that all the rooms were dark but face it if I.D had decided to make the game with beutiful lights that would iluminate blakpool plesure beach then were the hell would the tension and atmosphere be? Oh look a zombie bang. Now try and imagine a DARK room, all you have is a torch and the ocasional flash of light from a severd wire that hangs by an old machine. You can here nothing but the sounds of somthing lurking in the corner of the room what do you do? Pull out your torch and investigate the sound or grab your machine gun and fire blindly into the corner of the room? In my opinion I.D's idea was to make the game as fun and as challenging as the originals. People moan that they die to quickly people moan that the game is to short. Why is it that there will never be a day when every one stops picking quality games apart. Yes the story is a bit flat at the best of times but look at Half life. Isn't that the same sort of thing? go here shoot that save again. The thing I love about Doom 3 is the P.D.A where you can pick up other people's PDA's and read there E-mails and listen to audio logs that they have left. The Graphics are amazing aswell and the small details that are in the game. Each small computer monitor that you find has somthing unique written on it so say if a monitor was next to some machine it would have the read out for that machine. Ok it's not a massive achivment in the world of gaming but it makes you feel like your really there. Creature design is excellent. they range from the normal zombie to massive abominations. Another thing that I like is the fact that some of the zombies have guns so they are more deadly than that of the unarmed arm swinging type. I wish people would just look at the fact that this game is meant to be a Sci Fi horror and not some weird colt horror like silent hill. Think Total Recall without the bad acting or the triple breasted woman and your there. I have to applaued I.D for making such a quality game. Now I read this somewhere that said "people make games up in there head before they are relesed and then they get disspointed when it comes out because they made the game so good in there head, well sorry but I.D made the game that was in there heads not yours". P.S Go to Martian and to check out some doom3 webpages. HAVE FUN!!!! playing doom 3.
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on 8 September 2004
I didnt bother reading a review before I bought this game, my flatmate had recently bought Painkiller so I thought I would go one better and get Doom 3 as HL2 isnt out yet (or is it?).
Anyone remember playing the origianal Doom? I do, I played it on the Sega 32X(anyone else buy one? lol) and I thought it was great fun which of course it was. So people jumped on the band wagon and released a shed load of other games. This, of course, resulted in the release of Half Life, the greatest game ever (shut up all you quake 3 fans). Sad thing is, Doom 3 is a complete copy of the orgianal Half Life, practically seen for scene, and unfortunately again, its just not as good.
The graphics are amazing, no one can dispute that, but graphics maketh not the game. Hopefully we are gonna see some amazing games use this engine in the next year or so. The only trouble with the graphics is that fact they are covered up in darkness all the time, I know many people will say that this adds to the tension, and yes there are some parts in the game that make you feel like its Alien, but most of the time, all you do is peer into your monitor, squiting at what might pop out at you. Also, the game is scary - those zombies move in the classic George A Romero style and the other beasties can crawl up and down walls in a fairly realistic manner (not that I'm sure how the minions of hell will crawl up walls any way).
Most people who play a lot of games will recognise huge chunks that seem to be lifted from most of the populare releases over the last few years, Half Life for obvious reasons, Max Payne 2, Resident Evil series, Red Faction etc. There doesnt seem to be anything origianal in this game at all (which should be obvious, as its a complete remake of the first Doom). But that seems to be the games major problem, there is nothing here to make it stand out from the crowd. Shame really, but since we have all bought it I think we have supplied iD with a few more ferrari' 2 stars isnt fair, if I could I would give it 2 1/2 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2005
Doom was ground breaking. Doom 3 is not. Apart from being over picky with hardware (oh graphics card vendors will love them), the game graphics is overly dull, dark, no ambient light what so ever and too much flickering lights - what an eye killer!! The story line is next to none - thus the experience is quite in-line with the old school of Doom.
The environment is quite scary (many jumpy stuff) thus not suitable for anyone with weaker heart; also there's too much confined underground corridors, too little open spaces.
Multiplayer mode is slightly better, where the point of the game is: mindless blasting.
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on 8 November 2004
Im never buying an id game again. All the time and money they had to produce something spectacular and this is what we get.It reminds me of kingpin, which was also pathetic. Id's mission statement should be "lets not bother about a.i., realism, gameplay, storyline and fun. As long as it looks pretty theyll buy it". They may have pretty much created the genre but there losing it now, they have no idea what a good game needs, i havent played a good id game since quake. It does look pretty but so what, if i want pretty ill watch a good film its far cheaper. Save your money for Halflife 2 it will blow this nonentity out of the water, hell id rather be playing the first halflife than this tedious garbage.
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on 15 August 2004
What can you say about this game? The graphics are nice. But they're not that nice. Deus Ex 2 and Thief three aren't much worse. And they have halfway to decent game experiences attached to the pretty pictures.
The zombies are boring, the AI is frankly an embaressment, the map designs are linear and uninspired, and all to often, the game descends into 'hunt the key, open the door.'
Even the boss battles are boring, despite the staggering graphics. The much vaunted atmospheric sound gets irritating after a while; After shooting your way through hours of zombies, it would be nice to hear your enemy getting a bit peaved, rather just the random ringing laughter of the insane, on repeat.
Oh, and because it's so linear, it's very, very short. I got maybe seven hours play time out of it. Which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't spend that time hunting for tupping keys!
All in all, a great dissapointment.
Id, I think, have tried to push the technology curve too far, and ended up with an listless, paceless game because of it.
I would much preferred to have slightly worse graphics and swarms of enemies on the screen rather than a few pretty ones.
It's very grey, as well. How many times do you have to tell a company off for using limited pallettes before it sinks in?
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on 10 January 2005
Tedeous, over hyped nonsense that wouldn't run properly on a NASA supercomputer. Don't waste your money or your time. If you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, go get a copy of half life 2, or something that you won't instantly list on ebay after purchasing it.
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on 20 August 2004
Walk through some dark corridors and shoot horrible things.
Is this it? Is this what the hype has been about? OK it looks nice. But where`s the AI? It`s totally non existent!!! Zombies lumber up to you asking to have their heads blown off. Bigger things are far too easily killed making the gameplay, dull, repetitive and uninspired. What saves this game from being a total waste of money is the nice graphics and the quicksave option. Sadly lacking in Farcry which otherwise makes this game play like a very old outdated FPS.
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on 2 November 2004
Simply, shockingly awful. If you are going to want to run this game you will need an absolute cutting edge pc with at least a 256mb graphics card of the Ati Radeon 9800 variety to get the best from it.
However, being graphically good also doesn't mean playably good. The sequence of events within the game is boringly predictable and, should you be able to actually make out what is going on in the virtual darkness, you will soon realise that the game has little to keep the player interested and in no way matches the adictiveness of Doom 1 or other recent games of a similar ilk.
In short, the makers of Doom III should be offering a money back/satisfaction garrantee - a disgrace.
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on 19 August 2004
No one has mentioned this yet in these reviews, but I think it's a fairly important point as it will influence some peoples decision on whether or not to buy the game:
Despite the product description given by amazon above, Trent Reznor DOES NOT provide the music or sound for this game.
ID did originally have a contract with him to do it, and he almost finished too, but for some unknown reason, plans changed and ID released this game with the sound and ambient music done 'in-house'.
However, for all those Nine Inch Nails fans out there eager to hear a follow up to Mr. Reznor's excellent Quake soundtrack, the news isn't all bad.
The main theme of Doom 3 is written and performed by Tweaker, aka Chris Vrenna, former NIN drummer, who also wrote the excellent soundtrack for American McGee's Alice.
And if that isn't enough, there is currently a file floating about on the net which mods Doom 3 to play the music Trent wrote for it! You see, when the game demo'd at E3, it still featured Reznor's soundtrack. Someone managed to get there hands on a copy and ripped the sound files for all you lucky people out there, and by all accounts, it's far, FAR superior to the sound and music the game was finally released with!
As you may have noticed, this isn't really a review, but i thought it was important that someone brought this up.
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on 18 September 2004
I approached Doom 3 with a great deal of excitement and a deal of trepidation too. Doom 1 & 2 were landmark games and so I was interested to see if the new game would live up to its forebears. Sadly, no.
The game starts well enough. The graphics are up to scratch, the movement is smooth and the start up is interesting enough. The main plot at the start is accompanied by the usual technicians and scientists whispering in corners about whats going wrong. All very familiar.
Then, as usual, everything goes horribly wrong and you have to start killing things. And, indeed, this is where the game goes horribly wrong. Rather than relying on suspence or interest, the game deisgners have instead just decided to make the game DARK. So dark that you can't see anything even in the areas where it is meant to be light. In the REALLY dark areas, you;re stuck with a torch that you have to flick on and off, in between which you make pot shots in the dark while the lethal monsters rip your legs off - and thats just at easy level. As the game progresses, things do not improve and interest rapidly vanishes.
A HUGE shame.
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