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4.6 out of 5 stars61
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2002
This story has all the hallmarks of a true classic: a compelling story, ambitiously shot with a powerhouse soundtrack.
This stands as possibly the best example of the unfortunetly scant remaining Troughton era stories, and newcomers shouldn't be put off by the fact that it's in black and white- the story and performances are strong enough to captivate on any format- whilst for Dr Who fans it will represent DVD heaven.
If the tale has a weakness it perhaps lies in the simplicity of the supporting characters- there are good ones and there are bad ones, and they all seem capable of behaving in the most illogical way at times. However, Troughton's Doctor is a treat to watch, and the whole piece is laced with excellent humour and even some insight into the Doctor's past.
The picture has been especially restored for dvd release and is now pristine; a detailed synopsis guides the viewer through the restoration process. And there are plenty more extras on this generous disc. Hopefully this release will pave the way for more of the sixties material to be represented on dvd alongside the seventies and eighties stories.
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on 14 February 2008
What really annoys me is people who view this story and say things like: 'It's not as good as it's supposed to be.' No doubt they would say the same thing about Power of the Daleks if it turned up. You know, you really have to place this yarn in the context of when it was made. Of course the effects aren't Star Wars, they didn't have the technology back then! But the mood, the setting and the characters make this great. It was never going to live up to the hype, wasn't possible... But it remains a classic example of sixties Dr Who at its best, and more power to it.
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on 17 January 2002
As someone who was not born until 1972 The Tomb of the Cybermen is a fantastic piece of late '60's TV and the only complete classic Patrick Troughton story to survive the mass junkings of the 1970's (his other surviving complete stories are no where near as good as this).
The story is set on the home planet of the Cybermen in the far distant future where the Cybermen are just archeological relics to be discovered and studied, having been extinct for sometime. The Doctor, Jamie and the new companion Victoria stumble across the archeological team who have just discovered the entrance to the Ttombs. From there they whole group come to discover the delights and horrors waiting for them in the Tombs.
Patrick Troughton's Doctor is a relevation to me personally. He is both restraining and gently cajoling to the archeological team, giving them the answers they want to revive the Cybermen, but viewing the unfolding drama with fascinated horror, one moment manipulating events in the background, the next taking charge. There is some great interplay between the Doctor and Victoria too. And the scene of the Cybermen being thawed out from the impressive cocoons still sends a shiver down the spine 35 years on. Yes there are one or two dodgy special effects but you can see how this terrified children and adults alike in 1967!
This is classic stuff (without giving too much away). The quality of the picture and sound is great and the little documentary on how they restored the episodes (splitting the picture showing before and after restoration)shows how much work was put into this release. All the other extras are great to see but the highlight is the 8mm footage of the special effects ending of the previous story 'Evil of the Daleks' (no longer in existence bar Part 2) matched with the actual soundtrack of Part 7 with the Daleks being blown up left, right and centre.
Lets hope that more Doctor Who DVD's are put together with the care of this one, with more restored and digitally remastered prints, particularly the Hartnell & Troughton years. And lets hope they find some more classic Troughton stories currently missing because if they are anything like this then they deserve to be found!
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on 21 October 2006
To me the cybermen have always been good, and most enjoyable to watch. It is great to watch, and unlike the normal Doctor Who, instead of ending with the cybermen defeated, it was left on a brilliant cliff hanger!

This is so far my only viewing of the Troughton episodes, but it was very good and I think that this is a brilliant cybermen story, even though the cybermen are rather unrecognisable by comparison to the Cybermen of this day
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2006
Many Doctor Who fans may be divided about this release, but I do think, despite its flaws, is rather good though. One reason is episodes of Victoria (Deborah Watling) are quite rare since many of the original tape recordings made between 1966 and 1969 were lost forever due to the BBC attempting to save time and money wiping the tapes and using them for new recordings. That is one plus point. Second plus point about this set is the numerous extras which will delight golden oldies like myself who watched these episodes when they were first transmitted. Picture and sound have been digitally remastered and is very good indeed. Now for the story itself. A tomb is discovered where the Cybermen have been frozen in time. Attempts to revive and control them goes terribly wrong though which leads to some exciting sequences when the Doctor and his friends try to reverse the process and refreeze them. What I like about this production is it doesnt go on too long like some stories, certainly not plodding or padded out. A good buy because like I explained earlier, many episodes with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor were lost, so grab it while you can.
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on 10 July 2010
My mum and dad bought me this for my birthday many years ago and i have only just got round to writing a review about it, this was the first cybermen episode i ever saw and no doubtably the best. I wanted to see this because my mum told me that she remembers watching this episode on tv when she was my age. The special effects are brilliant for 1967 and the picture restoration is crisp. After watching this i researched the history of this episode and discovered that the original film was damaged and then lost a few decades after being broadcast until 1999 when it was remastered and repaired. Also on the special features of the dvd there is a short video showing you the original quality of the episode and then the remastered quality, let me tell you that the remastered version is a million times better. It looks like a black and white HD film. All of the crackles and scratches on the original copy have been filtered out.

At the moment i have only told you about the technical details of this product, now im going to tell you about my opinion on the actual story. I know now a days with all the high-tech special effects and ultra realistic costumes and all that, the cyber suits used in this episode would't look very convincing now but iv'e seen the modern cyber suits in the David tennant and Matt smith episodes and despite the improved effects i still prefer the old 1967 suit. Anyway back to the story, the acting is brilliant (good old troughton), the story is well planned, i simply just can't fault this episode. It kept me hooked all the way through, if you are a true fan of doctor who (like me) i would definately recommend this. I hope this helps
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on 24 August 2005
Tomb of the Cybermen is the earliest episode of Dr Who that I have seen, and I thought it was very good.
In this episode, an archaeological team discover the lost city of the Cybermen on planet Telos, and plan to form an alliance with them. But the Cybermen are frozen in 'honeycomb' tombs, and the team unfreeze them. However, the Cybermen plan to attack them and turn them into Cybermen as well.
This episode features the first viewing of the Cybermens' leader, The Controller. Unlike the other Cybermen, he has an enlarged helmet and no chest unit. But, like the other Cybermen, he has to be 'revitalised' when his energy levels get too low.
The special features on this DVD include:
-Intro to Morris Barry - The director talks about the Cybermen.
-Late Night Line Up - Programme from the 1960s featuring visual effects on Doctor Who.
-Tombwatch - Some of the cast return to see the screening in April 1992.
-The Final End - A shot of the last part of the previous episode, 'The Evil of the Daleks', because the last episode no longer exists, except this bit.
-Title sequence tests - A selection of raw footage of the creation of the Patrick Troughton version title sequence.
-Restoration - A feature showing how the original film was cleaned up for the DVD.
-Photo Gallery - Screenshots of the film.
-Commentary - By Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Deborah Watling (Victoria).
The animated menus are really something, and the feature is a lot better now it has been cleaned up, and I think the cleaners did a very good job.
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on 25 July 2005
A clever plot although based too much on "logic". It also is a bit slow to start off with but has an exciting and creepy end to episode 2. I am a younger veiwer and am moderatly new to doctor who but i would say these four episodes are very clever and have several memorable scenes. I like the characters and their names not to mention them being hard to get your tounge round, such as Eric Klieg(a logician). At the same time as ordering 'the tomb of the cybermen' I got 'The robots of death' although I definatly prefered 'the tomb of the cybermen'.
I have noticed a few cheesy moments but not as many as 'the invisible man' (not Doctor Who). It is not as fast moving as the new seiries with Christopher Eccleston but I did certinly enjoy wathching it.
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on 14 August 2005
Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor with assistants Victoria and Jamie have a memorable run-in against the cybermen in this particularly thrilling story.
The story was thought to have been wiped from BBC archives and lost forever until a copy was recently discovered in Hong Kong. And what a discovery. The cybermen prove to be genuinely frightening once thawed out of their secret fortress by treacherous scientists.
It is easy to imagine that "Emmerdale" Jamie played the assistant role for laughs but Frazer Hines puts on a great performance and really co-leads the show.
The effects work but at times the cybermen fortress control systems look particuarly wooden and delicate. Never mind. Cybermats make their first appearance and the cliffhanger allows the cybermen to march onto another story and to become oe of the most popular baddies of the show's history.
There are plenty of excellent extras on the disc to enjoy.
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on 16 February 2009
Tomb is a classic & we were blessed when this was found in Hong Kong!

It's a Sunday watching cosy DW with copious atmosphere straight from the start.
It is a story which is based on the whole 'Curiosity killed the Cat' theme. A team of archaeologists are curious why the cybermen died out & even though things go wrong for them from the start.. Curiosity gets the better of them!

With a well rounded cast & an impressive Tomb Set (for the money they had) this story is an eerie, Dark drama & is another good example of how much this show has changed over the years.

The soundtrack fits perfectly & also the ambient sound is very subtle & effective. There is never Silence. You can always hear a quiet hum or pulsations or just sounds themselves to fit every room they explore in the building.

Yes it will look old & dated. But if you are the kind of person who can imagine there being no colour Dr who, No Terminator 2, Star Trek Next Gen & so many more films & series that came after it, & therefore not rate it up against what you've seen after the sixties; then you will find this to be pure entertainment at its best staring an actor who played the real 1st Doctor replacement.

If you are too fixed to the new series, then stay away. The new series is fast, boppy & camp with special effects that require no imagination (To rob a child of that?) with an undefined soundtrack.

With all the technology in the world: You could never replicate something as authentic & tasty as this!

"Evil Must be Destroyed" - Patrick Troughton
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