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4.5 out of 5 stars40
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2002
Free Radical, the company formed from the ashes of Rare, have created the best FPS since Goldeneye (and in many ways surpassed even that gem)
Don't be fooled into thinking that all the greatest 'Rare' games are going to appear no X-box alone since they signed a contract with Microsoft. Before they signed, many of the key staff broke away and formed 'Free Radical' who are making multi format games to die for.
TimeSplitters 2 is a follow up to the 'not too impressive' TimeSplitters on the PSone. If you played that game, don't worry, the sequel is a million miles away.
Firstly there is the one player story mode. 9 levels of increasing difficulty that move you though various scenes. 1930s Chicago, a futuristic robot factory, a 1970s atom splitting plant to name but three. What to look out for here is the clever parody of other games that Free Radical have included. The opening level is set around a dam (opening of Goldeneye perhaps) The Notre Dame level involves fighting a hord of zombies (Resi Evil), the crashed UFO planet has you fighting against invading aliens (it is SO Halo !!)and so on. The gameplay is spot on, the controls are instictive, and the addition of small 'puzzle' elements prevent it being a simple shoot and kill exersize. You'll also notice a big step up in difficulty from Easy to Normal, and from Normal to Hard so it will take you a while to complete this element of the game.
Next up on single player mode is 'Arcade'. A whole set of scenarios that have medals up for grabs depending on your performance. It's like a 'Goldeneye' multiplayer game, but against computer opposition.
Then there are 'Challenges'. Similar to Arcade, but it is you against the world in a series of different 'events'. Defending a bunker against waves of zombies for example.
But the real gameplay is in multiplayer. Just like 'Goldeneye' on the N64, getting your mates together for a 4 way match-up is what makes this game supreme. You can choose any character that you have unlocked in the single player games. You can play in any location you have unlocked (which means playing the single player game until the end is definately worthwhile !!) you can also select which weapons are available. You can handicap the better players, in fact what ever you want to customise, you can.
If there are only two of you, you can also play the 'story mode' but in a co-operative way. I didn't get as much pleasure out of this as I thought I might, but it's still worth a look at
If you enjoyed Goldeneye as much as I did, on both single and muiltiplayer, you will get just as much enjoyment out of this game. The only downside is the single player story level feels a little short (but it's only a minor fault). I tend to buy games, and sell them when I have finished with them, but this one will be staying in my collection for a long long time !!
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on 20 March 2003
This is a very cool game, with lots of guns, many interresting characters and superb graphics. The singleplayer mode take you through a storyline which is quite entertaining. There are many cutscenes, and they are very well made. Then, you have the multiplayer mode which is very inventive and extremly fun. You will use tons of hours in there. As you progress in the game, new modes and characters will become available in multiplayer and if you're good you will get cheats too. This game is a must have for anyone who owns a GameCube, X-box or PS2!
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on 26 August 2003
This is the best game for the Gamecube yet! it's packed full of action, fun and the best of all... shooting zombies! It might sound a bit unrealistic, but you forget about that and it becomes really fun and you justn wanna play it for ages.. the Best Yet!! Get it now!
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on 30 September 2015
Timesplitters 2 is the greatest FPS game ever made. Forget CoD and BF, this game was created by many of the developers who created Goldeneye for the N64.

Timesplitters 2 is their perfected version of Goldeneye.

It's daft, it's silly, it's amazing to play with friends, and most of all it's FUN! There's so much to do in it, so many characters and levels and cheats to unlock, you can be playing this for months, which is amazing for a game from the PS2/Gamecube era.

The game is a masterpiece, and that's pretty rare among'st shooters. For me it's the tip top of first person shooters, the GOAT!
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on 12 November 2002
Anyone remember the original timesplitters on the PS2? I do, and to be honest it was a bit rubbish. The single player missions involved running from A to B collecting a crystal then getting back to A. The levels were extremely linear and in many cases boiled down to a single simple twisitng corridor. The multiplayer was good, but suffered from very low frame rates when you had lots of bots in the level.
The all new timesplitters, I'm happy to say, is much much better. Let me tell you why....
The single player missions are infinitely better with each one actually having a story and multiples goals to achieve. It feels like you actually have a purpose and that the world around you is real and evolving as you'll often receive extra objectives mid mission. The objectives vary greatly in terms of what you have to do be it kill a specific person or burn all the filing cabinets! This part of the game alone will keep you going for quite a while. Once you've finished this you then have the challenge section which sets specific tasks for you to do in a certain time limit such as smashing windows or collecting bananas!
The multiplayer side has also been revamped. There are now three bot leagues to compete in if ou have no friends, all of which are centred around a particular game type (of which there are loads) and all of which are very good fun. Then you have your custom league which allows you to setup your own game type and offers a huge number of options. The maps are all brilliant offering a wide range of locations ranging from wide open spaces to confined corridors and tunnels. If none of the provided maps are to your liking you can even design your own multiplayer maps or even fully fledged missions for the single player.
Graphics are excellent with brilliant facial animation for the cut scenes. Sound has also had the same attention applied to it and everything sounds just perfect. The weapons are also excellent and varied with most having an alternative fire mode and a zoomed sniper mode. The fun doesn't stop there though as extra weapons include controllable cameras with gatling guns attached and controllable turrets which boast both homing missiles and twin auto-cannons (you can imagine how much fun these are when used for base defence!).
All in all an excellent game. Definately one to buy.
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on 18 June 2003
In timesplitters 2 you can do a lot more things than in timesplitters.In the game you have brilliant levels of play in story mode wich is very fun and the videos to the start of the levels are superb.In the arcade mode there are lots of levels to complete but you get good rewards.Another point it that there are over 100 charicters to obtain though out the game and a hole lot of wepons.The only bad thing is that there is no bloodshed in the game.
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on 12 November 2002
Well what can I say, I was rather impressed with this game when I loaded it up and started playing. It looks good, it plays well and I'm glad to say the solo player part of the game is good fun and the challenge mode is, well... exactly that. Challenging!
The solo player part of the game is split into three modes; story, arcade and challenge.
The story mode is a selection of levels based on various time zones and places (wild west, notre dame for example) where the objectives are basically to get the time crystal and kill the bad guy.
There are various other primary and secondary objectives for you to complete that add a bit more of a challenge to proceedings, but how many objectives you'll get depends on the difficulty level. The levels are a lot shorter if played on easy.
Between each level you're treated to a cut scene to show you what you're about to get yourself into, the cut scenes are pretty decent but some of the one-liners are cringe worthy!
Arcade mode gives you three leagues of various types of deathmatch to work through, this is where you'll be able to unlock the majority of the extra playable characters, levels and multi-player modes.
You can earn either a gold, silver and bronze for getting certain criteria and the better the trophy, the more you unlock. There are platinum trophies to be had as well, but you have to work hard to get them though!
The three leagues get progressively harder but it's worth playing through them for as many gold trophies as you can get. The more modes and playable characters you unlock for the multi-player mode the better the game gets.
The last solo player mode is challenge, similar in structure to the arcade mode the tasks you are faced with are a lot more light-hearted and in some cases almost impossible to do without serious practice. You can see the team behind the game have had a bit of a laugh with this mode. Clay monkey shooting?!? There's even a 3D take on pac-man in there too.
There are playable characters to unlock in this mode but mostly you'll be unlocking cheats such as the Silly Hats cheat mode. There are various hats to unlock too, shooting someone wearing a big chef's hat is quite amusing.
The multi player side of things is pretty much as you'd expect but the choice of characters to choose from is huge. As long as you've unlocked them that is. The modes of play to choose from is pretty good; deathmatch, grab the bag, zones, assualt the base and more. There's a decent selection of maps to choose from and when you get bored of them you can make you're own. I've not tried this so I don't know how many blocks of memory it takes up on the card though!
The default control method takes a bit of time to get used to, but then so did playing Quake Arena on the Dreamcast. Practice makes perfect.
Not much more to say really, the game is really good fun to play. Don't care which system has the best version, buy it on what ever console you have.
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on 6 November 2002
I've played pretty much every FPS (First Person Shooter) thats been on the PC, which is normally considered to be the platform with the best FPSs. There was one game, however, that I loved that wasn't on the PC. The legendary N64 game Goldeneye.
The gameplay of that game was fantastic, but its the only console FPS that I've ever really enjoyed playing....
...Until now.
This has to be one of the best FPS I have ever played. Its story mode is incredibly similar to Goldeneye's style, with extra missions to do on the harder difficulty settings. You can unlock extra features the more you complete the game and the better times you get. Its got loads of different styles of gameplay which you only normally get one of per most games.
Unreal was great storymode and single player, while Unreal Tournament was great multiplayer and also single player against bots. Two different games. Time Splitters 2 has it both.
I only bought my gamecube a few days ago, along with Mario Sunshine & TimeSplitters 2. I haven't been able to stop playing it since then, I even bunked off work for two days just to play it!
So if there's one game you were to buy a gamecube for... this is it.
What are you waiting for? Buy it NOW!
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on 20 February 2004
Time Splitters 1 was a rushed affair for the PS2 and had NO STORYLINE! Its great to say the sequel is one of the best FPS's of this generation.
Silky smooth even when there's 16 of you running about on the screen.
Basic stereo is all you get, but the soundtrack is rather good.
The best FPS multiplayer I've played by far. More options than any an RPG, this can always be different.
The story mode is a tad weak at only 12 levels, but they all vary nicely and are nice to come back to.
Replay value
This never gets old, the multiplayer is the sole reason the GCN has 4 controller ports.
A flawless FPS that's great, but only really great with mates. The story mode does grow old, but this is a very good game.
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on 10 February 2014
It has great graphics, great gameplay. Changing weapons is a bit awkward. It has great replayability, multiplayer mode is awesome.
Map editing!!! A must have! Buy it!!!
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