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4.1 out of 5 stars29
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2005
Let me guess, you've probably not heard of this before yet it stars Stallone and Robert Patrick and a few other faces your'll regonise. Well despite being slated by the critics this is actually quite a good crime/ thriller.

Stallone plays a cop who after the murder of his wife hits the bottle, in a bid to get himself detoxed he goes to a special unit for cops etc in the middle of snowy nowhere! However drink, addiction is the least of their worries as the cast are slowly bumped off.The location really adds to the atmosphere of the movie, very prison like and may as well be in middle of the Arctic as it's so remote. This is a pretty good crime thriller with some nice plot twists. If you liked Along came a spider, Copycat you'll enjoy this!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 April 2014
Although Stallone's atmospheric slasher flick is lower on action than I've come to expect from him, it's high on the suspense stakes at times. The basic premise is that after a traumatic case culminating in the loss of a loved one, Stallone's FBI agent Malloy is checked into a remote rehab site to work through his problems. The site is a below ground, ex military compound which is cut off due to a heavy winter storm. Of course, that's not the end of his problems as a killer is stalking the halls bumping off the patients in all manner of ways. The cast of well known faces offer us plenty of suspects and Stallone is his watchable self. Apart from a rather unique setting, the screenplay doesn't offer anything new in terms of storytelling but the sets are decent and everyone puts in an honest performance. The movie culminates in a rather grizzly killing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 October 2012
Being Stallone's big fan since a long, long time, I usually like to watch him even in his weaker films - and God knows he did some VERY bad ones (remember this "Cobra" thingy?). Although initially expecting a lot, I found that this film was at best a rather average thriller/slasher/action movie. I do not regret that I watched it, but thinking about all the lost opportunities to make of "D-Tox" a real masterpiece made me really sad.

It is hardly a spoiler to say that most of the film happens in a very peculiar detoxication center, specialising in help to police officers, who other than addiction often have also mental issues. Because of events in the first 15 minutes of the film, Stallone's character (FBI agent Jake Malloy) is not only an alcoholic but he is also suicidal. In the detox center other patients all have serious issues too - one of them is disfigured because when trying to kill himself he was so high, that he just managed to blow his cheek in pieces... And then, one of the patients dies, apparently by killing himself... And after that things go south really, really fast...

The film has some strong points. The cast is amazing, as other than Stallone himself, we have Kris Kristofferson, Tom Berenger, Robert Patrick (T-1000 from Terminator 2, also known as the "The Liquid Metal Guy" ), Charles S. Dutton (who played Dillon in "Alien3"), Courtney B. Vance (ADA Carver in Law and Order Criminal Intent), Stephen Lang (well before he became worldwide known by playing Colonel Qaritch in "Avatar") and Robert Prosky (remember the desk sergeant in "Hill Street Blues", the one who said every morning to the cops "now go and do to them what you wouldn't want them to do to you"?). But sadly, finally rather little use is done with this huge mass of combined talent and ugly mugs... In the first part of the film we can briefly admire Dina Meyer (remember Dizzy Flores in "Starship Troopers"?) and by casting her Stallone made a perfect choice - but her screen time is sadly rather limited... Of all those good actors, only Robert Patrick is used to some extent accordingly to his potential.

The facility itself, which is a kind of former NORAD command bunker on the top of an isolated mountain, also offered a great place of action and some of its potential was well used. Placing the whole story in the middle of winter and starting a furiously raging blizzard soon after all patients arrived were also good ideas.

However the scenario is ultimately rather weak. Interactions between all those colourful characters are reduced to little else than some screaming and stereotypical arguing. There is almost no humor. Once things start to turn badly people make all kind of most absurd decisions, especially walk a lot with guns in their hands ALONE in the dark maze of bunker corridors, without any apparent reason other than allowing somebody (or something) to kill them. Last but not least, the mystery is revealed too early and in a way which I didn't find very logical.

This could have been a great thriller, but its potential was in great part wasted. Being a huge Stallone's fan, I do not regret that I saw it, but I don't think I will repeat it anytime soon. And if you are not one of Sly's devoted fans, you risk to be even more disappointed - so watch it at your own risk.
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on 11 January 2013
FBI agent Jake Malloy is working on a murder case, he's chasing a man who specializes in killing cops. After a night out drinking, one of Malloy's pals on the police force is brutally killed. Malloy gets called to the crime scene when the house phone rings, the caller asks to speak to Malloy, where he tells him that he's outside his partner's home. The killer explains that he was responsible for the deaths of several prostitutes four years earlier and Malloy was in charge of the case, he came close to catching him so he know intends to make Malloy's life a living hell. By the time the police get to the house, Malloy's girlfriend is dead. When the killer's hideout is found, Malloy and the police enter the building only to find that the killer has hanged himself. Three months pass and Malloy has slipped into depression and alcoholism, it all gets too much one night and he attempts suicide. His superior officer enrolls him into a rehabilitation program designed specifically to help law enforcement officers, it's run by Dr. Mitchell who is a former cop himself and a recovering alcoholic. The program is run at what was a formerly abandoned military base in Wyoming, and it's "isolated as hell". Not long after arriving at the site and meeting the staff and the other patients, a heavy blizzard seals everyone inside. The blizzard is the least of their worries, as the people inside start getting picked off one by one.

I've always liked Sylvester Stallone and I enjoyed his performance as Malloy, he's an actor that I feel doesn't get the praise he deserves sometimes. I thought his subtle performance as the overweight sheriff in Cop Land was superb, and this is another of his performances where he shows a softer, more emotional side. I thought his scenes early on when he's an emotional wreck were well done, and most of the characters he plays would never attempt suicide in a moment of weakness. Cop Land was brilliant but mostly ignored, D-Tox flopped massively and is probably Stallone's least known film in the last twenty years. When he puts in these good performances and nobody goes to see them, it's hardly surprising that he constantly returns to the action packed roles he's known for. I'm amazed no one went to see the film, as Stallone is joined by a fantastic set of actors in supporting roles. Charles S. Dutton, Polly Walker, Tom Berenger, Kris Kristofferson, Jeffrey Wright, Robert Patrick, Robert Prosky, Sean Patrick Flanery, Stephen Lang, Dina Meyer, Christopher Fulford and Rance Howard all have reasonable size roles, but that many good actors also meant that too many of them had little to do. Apart from Robert Patrick who I thought was excellent as an arrogant former SWAT member, many of the others are wasted. The film is directed by Jim Gillespie whose previous film was I Know What You Did Last Summer, a film that actually has a lot more intensity than D-Tox, and that's where the problems begin. D-Tox looks and feels like a gritty thriller with slasher elements, but there's barely a drop of blood in the film which constantly left me feeling cheated. Every kill in the film either shows the killer about to strike and then cuts away, or doesn't show it at all. I really don't know where the 18 certificate comes in, as i've seen much more violence and blood in many 15 rated films and I wouldn't have thought some foul language alone would do it. The killer once revealed is disappointing, it has to be one of the least intimidating villains in recent history. The killer's also revealed too early for me, especially when you consider there's still about eight people left alive at the time. At just over 90 minutes long, the film doesn't feel fleshed out and could have done with another 20 minutes. It feels a little rushed, yet it still has a few boring moments. Another thing that annoyed me was that several characters storylines had no real resolution, you spend 90 minutes watching them and then have no idea what happened to them. I really did enjoy the music score to the film, which starts brilliantly as soon as the Universal logo comes on. The facility they're in was a great choice and looks different, and the snowy surroundings were an excellent choice of location.

The picture quality on the dvd is fine, it's a bit soft looking but i'm sure the blu-ray version fixes that. There's English subtitles available. The bonus features are very basic, 13 minutes of deleted scenes, wrap reel and the trailer. D-Tox is a pretty enjoyable, entertaining film despite several flaws. It's the acting by a very talented cast that pulls the film through, if it wasn't for that it really wouldn't work at all. It's quite similar to a film that was released two years later called Mindhunters, I thought the storyline was very similar but Mindhunters executed it slightly better. D-Tox feels rushed whereas Mindhunters took its time, and the killer was revealed in a much better way at a time when only a few survivors were left. Both films seemed to pass by unnoticed, but both are decent. If you're a Stallone fan looking to watch some of his less known films, i'd suggest something like Nighthawks before D-Tox, but if you see it cheap, you might as well.
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on 10 December 2015
This was one Sly movie that had passed me by and it was great to finally watch it. Not one of his best movies but if you love watching Sly then it will be worth the view. Not as good as "Daylight" or "Cliffhanger" but better than "Cobra" and "Get Carter". Not much action from Stallone, more acting than action! If you like his acting in "Copland" and a slow pace movie, then you will love this.
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on 10 August 2015
Couldn't believe the price of this 1p. thought it would be rubbish but was surprised when it arrived and it looked brand new! Well done Zoverstocks, as always you came up trumps! Don't hesitate to use this company, they always deliver exactly as described, and their prices for new items are always excellent. Thanks
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on 3 July 2002
This film was greeted with mounds of negative reviews in the media, but upon watching it on DVD is not as bad as publicised.
Stallone plays a cop whos wife has been killed, and after falling off the rails and becoming an alcoholic, is sent to a detoxication clinic in the snowy outback. Joined by other cops facing similar addictions, we find out that one of the 'cops' isnt really a police officer atall, and as the body count starts to rise, the plot thickens as to who the killer actually is.
This is far from being a classic, and cannot really be compared to Stallone's other films like Cliffhanger and Rocky, but is definately worth the 90 minutes duration and indeed the price of the DVD. Although classed as an action/thriller/slasher film, there is very little on-screen action, and most of the killings occur off-screen with the viewer just being shown the results. However, there are numerous tense moments and a couple of plot twists along the way, that certainly warrent the purchasing of this film.
The DVD extras are also good with over 20 minutes of deleted scenes included.
Overall, this is definately worth taking a look at, even if it is just to see Stallone back in action once again.
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on 5 February 2014
one of stallone's better films this one ,has some action in it but this is more about the storyline ,only has a set amount of actors in and its set in one place but putting it all together makes for a good film
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Sly Stallone stars as an FBI Agent who turns to drink when the love of his life becomes the victim of a crazed serial killer who has been targeting cops for death. So struck by the tragedy, he is coerced into signing up for a rehab programme at a remote asylum facility, but soon it becomes clear that the serial killer is still in his midst.

Famously delayed from being released for quite some time, D-Tox is like an itch on Stallone's CV that he will never be able to scratch. In truth it's quite serviceable as a formulaic thriller, but it's so derivative and, yes, dumb, it's hard to recommend with any sort of confidence.

Any number of thriller films you have probably seen will spring to mind when viewing this, but in short it's like a "10 Little Indians" meets "The Thing", with a side order of "Seven" thrown in for good measure. The first half is actually well built by the makers, establishing Stallone's emotional chaos, his dive into the bottle, and then setting him up in an institution that is frighteningly monolithic in a grey and steely way. His co-patients are all troubled coppers in search of a dry run, and this also sets things up neatly for some rich characterisations, unfortunately it all descends into cliché hell and wastes what is a rather superb cast - while Stallone unfortunately shifts from a believable tortured soul into a muscle head with a gun. Cest la vie!

Good moody atmosphere and some heart jolting deaths keeps the pic on the boil, but ultimately the pandering of the norm renders a promising thriller to being distinctly average. 5/10
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on 22 February 2010
Having read several negative reviews on D-Tox I was apprehensive as to what to expect. I'd wanted to watch it for a while but put ir off whilst I watched more highly rated films.
Then one boring sunday afternoon with nothing better to do I decided to watch D-Tox and it turned out a lot better than most of the reviews had made it out to be.

I actually enjoyed the story running up to the actual detox clinic. A serial killer has been targeting cops and has killed nine so far. Sylvester Stallone plays FBI agent Jake Malloy who is in charge of the investigation and it seems the killer also has a personal vendetta against Malloy, for his participation in pursuing the killer during a string of prostitute murders four years previous, and brutally kills Malloy's fiancé Mary.
After finding Mary's body in his house the cops get a call about the killer and head to pursue him. Malloy joins and ends up chasing the killer and shoots him several times and ends up killing him, or so we think.

The death of his fiancé sends Malloy overboard and he hits the bottle, Hard. Malloys colleague Detective Hendricks signs Malloy up at a remote detox clinic in a snow-covered part of Wyoming, which specialises in rehabilitating alcoholic cops.
But it seems the killer isn't dead after all as bodies start appearing, it seems as thought he killer has followed Malloy to the clinic in a final bid to dispose of him once and for all.

This turns into a good game of murder mystery of who-dunnit, and everyone claims to be innocent. But of course not all are. You may be suprised by who it turns out to be.

Overall: Decent murder mystery style film, all be it focusing too much on the story at the beginning and rushing the scenes in the detox clinic.

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