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4.1 out of 5 stars48
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2002
This season of buffy is more 'real' and that has what has caused a serious divide in the fans love for buffy.
My personal opinion is that it lacked the action of previous seasons, but the character development would have been pivotal.
And you cannot have linear characters, who dont change and do the same things - as with life it gets boring and you want to move on.
All in all Buffy The Vampire Slayer - season 6 was an adequate addition to the tales of the slayer. However, true to life it had its ups and its downs. up = "once more with feeling" and "bargaining" being its down.
So, new fans believe me when I say it gets better, much better.
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on 11 February 2003
Bargaining part 1 & 2:
Tese first two episodes covered buffy being raised from the dead. Some good acting but the plot was a little thin and tiring. I expected more action for the opening of a season.
After life:
This was a good episode that dealt with issues of buffys ressurection. For buffy coming back something else arrives too.
Another tiring episode with the trio aka Jonathon warren and andrew. I found this episode aimed towrd little children.
Life serial:
Boring episode with the trio (noticing a pettern) a few laughs but not a gripping storyline.
All the way:
This was quite a good episode focusing more on Dawn and her life.
Once more with feeling:
Great episode, bringing lots off the gangs issues together with song and dance, excellently written and superbly acted and sung ecspecially Tara, Buffy, Anya and Giles
Tabula Rasa:
Good episode focusing on willows magic use, sadly Tara and willows breakup and superb song from Michelle Branch
Willow using the magic a bit to much brings back Amy from being a rat (took long enough).
Willow and her addiction to magic gets more of an issue, although starting to drag out a little bit.
boring episode, with the trio (see the pattern) buffys invisible and she has a bit of fun. (notice the song buffy whistles - going through the motions from Once more with feeling)
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on 6 June 2002
In short, after the highs of series 5, series 6 is very disappointing. Why? The absence of plot and drama, and the focus on the very soap-opera-ish interactions between the main characters. If you like Buffy for its action, wit and pace, then this series will not make you happy. Perhaps the biggest problem is that there is little new here ... season 3 had Faith, season four had the Initiative, college etc, season five had Dawn, Glory etc. Season Six focuses almost exclusively on relationships between the central characters, but most of this has already been explored at length in series 1-5. In consequence, a lot of the episodes seem forced and incredibly introspective; enemies and opposition, moreover, are unconvincing and only there to support the 'issues' being worked through. Worse still, Buffy herself is permanently listless, supposedly symptomatic of her ongoing mental anguish; but the series feels equally washed out. OK, if you'e enjoyed series 1-5, you'll probably have a morbid interest in what happens to these characters, but a part of you will wish Buffy was still dead and buried.
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on 11 June 2002
I only started watching buffy from season 2 and i loved it! Season six is disapointing. "Once more with..." was an excellent episode but compared with previous series this was dull. I knew that glory would be a tough bady to top but i thought they could at least try. The three nerds were funny to begin with but when i realised that they were the nearest buffy would have this series to a nemesis i almost stopped watching. I hope the next series is better and they try a bit harder on plot
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on 28 May 2002
Season 6.1 is awful. There are a measly five good episodes - the rest stink. Nothing ever happens. The maturing character relationships and 'real world' they have to deal with are interesting, but not strong enough to carry the season on its own. There is no single story arc to propel the season forward - just a bunch of interesting side plots that only become significant in the last five episodes of the season. Its lost the 'big bad' that was the driving force behind the season. And how annoying is dopey puupy dog Spike? This was a huge disappointment - Season 5 was awesome, and now look what's happened. Some people have enjoyed the "Buffy's Creek" nature of Season 6. Personally, I find it nauseating. Watch Angel Season 3 instead.
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on 31 August 2002
Well this season really started well with Buffy's resurection and everything. But the Trio with Warren, Jonathan and so on. I just have one question: where was Joss Weadon all that time. He didn't even write the premiere neither the final. There are excellent episodes but still it was not a GREAT season. Even Season 4, and God knows I did not like it that much, was better. Characters are too depressed and yes they had to grow up but not that way. I was disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2003
Based on the first half contained within this box set Series 6 is shaping up to be the poorest Buffy series ever. The quality of writing and directing has dipped well below its previously very high standard.
It starts very well with the three episodes covering Buffys resurrection and the revelation of where she was spending the afterlife. But the next 3 episodes are all very so so. Things pick up significantly with the excellent musical episode 'Once More with Feeling' and the powerful Tabula Rasa. All three episodes on tape three are poor. The ability to get just the right balance of comedy, drama and horror seems to have been lost.
Main problems are the handling of Willows magic 'addiction', the drugs parallels are laid on far too heavily and the scenes very clichéd. Secondly are we supposed to take the three geeks seriously as the series enemy? It smacks too much of playing to the supposed target audience and is dangerously close to the ill advised x-files territory of series 4, and no they are not funny. Thirdly 2 significant characters are either gone (Giles), or much reduced (Tara), which upsets the balance of the programme.
This only leaves Buffys relationship with Spike to hold the thing together, while obviously upsetting to some fans it is the best thing about this series and the only thing making me want to start watching box set 2.
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on 14 May 2002
After such a strong year for Buffy in Series 5 this starts off very promisingly. Unfortunately after the first three episodes it drops into the mediocre land of soap operas such as 'Neighbours' where everyone's running around talking about relationships and not really doing anything of interest. A few stand outs include the musical 'Once more with feeling' and perhaps 'Tabula Rasa' but other than that the first half of series 6 is devoid of anything to hold your interest. People complain about Series 4 being rough and lacking, but quite frankly series 6 definitely comes off far worse. I get the feeling that with two shows running at the same time, Joss Whedon is becoming rather stretched. Angel series 3 is far stronger than Buffy 6. It could be that the shows are recieving unequal attention considering the slightly let-down-feeling of Angel last year as compared to the roaring climax of Buffy.
The villians are only so-so this year and only really become a major threat at the very end of the series. Other than that, Buffy 6 is a mere blip on the entertainment radar. If this is to become a set trend for the next series, than I'm rather glad it'll be the last before the show becomes totally devoid of value. I'm being too harsh I know, as the creators work very hard. Perhaps we should try it and see how it feels instead of criticisng. Believe me people, when you're on a shoot it's tough especially when meeting tight deadlines. Speaking of which...
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