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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2002
If you have never previously heard of this band or not heard anything by them, let me give you the run-down... Take the sheer intensity of Killswitch Engage, the inhuman growls of Raging Speedhorn, the diversity of Poison the well and the undeniable beauty of Thursday, mix 'em all together and you have Atreyu. They are signed to Victory Records, the home of Thursday, Boysetsfire, Hatebreed (before they went major label), Snapcase and many more great acts. This album, then... 'Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses' is out of this world, it's staggeringly original and a hugely successful mixture of the 'Beauty and the Beast' of metal today. The first song I heard by this band was the awesome 'Someone's Standing on my Chest' I was hooked, then I heard 'Ain't Love Grand', the most obvious single off the album, and I soon fell in love. When I bought the album, I soon realised there were even better tracks, my personal favourite, 'At Least I Know I'm a Sinner' is a superb mixture of emotions, with an infectiously catchy chorus...
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on 8 May 2004
If you've seen Atreyu live then you probably don't need to read any reviews and the CD is already in your basket. For the benefit of those who haven't imagine classic metal guitars with a heavier backing and dual vocals (one screamy, one "emo").Sounds awful doesn't it!!! Well it's FAR from it. On first listen the guitars may raise a smile cos there are some very twiddly twiddly bits BUT it works so well you'll listen to it repeatedly. Bought the CD when it was released (over a year ago) and have probably played it at least 3 times a week since. Lots af replay value. Go and see them live to properly appreciate the album, cos they really enjoy what they do!
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on 20 January 2005
pretty good, vocals are a bit dodgy in some places and kinda all fades into itself on occasions, lipgloss and black and aint love grand are the obvious stand out songs on this album me thinks, and made a big impression on me and bin listening to it alot. great also if u get the 2 disc verion with the dvd sooo good! great videos! get it!
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on 11 April 2005
Since when did debut albums start being this phenomenal? Surely the first record release would show the least experience and skill; but I guess they've just been practising a lot, as shown by the debut album for emo-core five piece Atreyu. Usually I'm not fond of labels like "emo" and only use them as a general outline for the type of music. This album however, is unashamedly as "emo" as can be. All lyrics are written by the lead singer Alex Varkatzas, and you can't help shake the feeling that the band is simply a vehicle for him to vent his many, many disappointments and miseries. "I wish that someone still loved me" he whines on opening track 'A Song for the Optimists' (which our friend is definitely not). "My arms feel so numb" he complains shortly after. I'm all for bands singing from their heart, and that is obviously what he is doing, melodramatic though it may be. So no complaints here!
His vocal range is quite well tuned, growling his words deep from his throat throughout most verses then showing more audible talent on the choruses. This is especially evident on my favourite track 'At Least I Know I'm a Sinner', where he sings poignantly "My only solace is that one day judgement will come for he wicked." This seems to be the general set-up for most of the songs, but then they all prove the exception to the rule. There is no structure that is stuck to religiously; every song shows a lot of change, progression and ingenuity. The guitar and drum work all seems excellently written, with catchy riffs on basically every song. It's interesting to hear the upbeat chords intertwined effortlessly with the singing through no obvious pattern; and it works perfectly. On 'Someone's Standing on My Chest' the song undergoes all change halfway through, with a booming catchy riff slamming over and over again out of nowhere. I'll let them get away with the comparatively short track listing (ten songs) as they were no doubt exhausted after producing winning melody after winning melody.
I'm not going to over-hype this album to the point of musical genius, but it is undeniably a very good effort for a debut album. If you just want a great, though slightly generic example of metal of this era, then listen attentively. There is more sincerity and soul in this then the follow-up 'The Curse', but both are great purchases if growling heavy melodic metal is your type of thing.
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on 8 January 2015
CD was delivered promptly and plays very well. No damage has been done to the product and so very happy indeed.
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on 5 November 2002
I first caught a snippet of this bands music on a brief clip advertising a tour on US MTV. It was enough to make me want to find out more.
I found a friend who had it, I heard it and bought it for myself the same day. Awesome stuff.
A broad mix of songs that can either bring a smile to your face or make you want to hit stuff, the Atreyu sound is a unique mix of old and new. The twin guitar attack sometimes reminds you of Maiden in full flow, (or even The Who in some points!) but they have that modern ferocious edge ( Vision of disorder, snapcase, Will Haven etc), and a vocalist that sounds like he gargles glass thats on fire for fun, which adds togther to make a great album.
Stand out track "Tulips are Better" has everything fans of heavy music could want in a song.
If you are into the heavier side of hardcore/metal, buy this album now....go on... I mean it!!
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on 22 May 2015
this arrived weeks ago really happy with it thanks
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on 24 December 2002
Imagine an old skool metal album. Long hair, tight trousers, bad singing. Well, this album is old skool metal fused expertly with modern hardcore.
Old skool riffs with hardcore screaming/singing vocals and the odd emo bit thrown in for good measure. Good lyrics, good guitaring, good drumming, probably good bass (can't really hear it) and a good, throaty scream combine to produce a highly original album.
If Killswitch Engage were more emo, and better, then it might sound like this. But I doubt it.
This is diverse, varied and very good. After a few listens you will understand that although it seems alarmingly old skool (I hate saying that) there is enough modern hardcore and heavy music ready to be listened to.
Not in the same league as The Dillinger Escape Plan or Hopesfall, but a very competent album. Any follow ups to this album will be welcomed with open hands.
I was expecting something in the vein of Poison The Well but I was pleasantly suprised.
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on 30 December 2015
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on 31 October 2003
To be honest, i'm quite surprised by the gushing praise this album is getting around these parts.Of course this is only my opinion, but listening to a wide range of hardcore and its sub-genres as i do (from norma jean to dillinger to the bled to throwdown,etc) i have to say this really isn't all that special. It certainly isn't 'staggeringly original' and to think it might be better than killswitch is frankly absurd. what we have here is an OK album. its certainly enjoyable but there is so much stuff out there off 'this kind' that you should probably start elsewhere.from a technical point of view it is quite impressive, but the main gripe is the (sometimes) aweful times it very much seems that screamer alex something is really only a small child feigning anger, his vocal delivery not a patch on howard jones,karl middleton or even mr monotony jamey jasta (dont get me wrong-hatebreed rules).basically, buy it if you have looooaaads of money.if not...
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