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4.6 out of 5 stars163
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 April 2006
If you are not automatically put off by his unashamedly controversial choice of words, and if you have a sense of humour, you will be struck by how clever this man is! He doesn't waste a word!

Mathers seems more interested in taking a moment to try to understand what is wrong with everyone; if his music is so utterly against the grain, why do so many people feel the need to buy his records (How is he any different to Elvis?) Why do people confuse "Hip-Hop with real life"? And why should he have to relinquish his freedom of speech just because he is saying something provocotive?

Yet while he asks these questions, he simultaneously expresses his understanding that from a white, middle-class point of view it is scary to see your kids walking around and listening to eminem swearing away. He accepts that while he doesn't believe he should be scape goated for the actions of his fans, he does get affected by what his songs make people do. He concedes that it's nuts how quickly he got to the top, he feels he "sold his soul to the devil" in order to give his daughter the life he never had. and in perhaps his bravest song, he proclaims his absolute devotion to his daughter in "Halie's song".

Basically if you like to mock our current political climate, then you will probably enjoy having a laugh while you listen to this album. If you think the political climate at the moment is all fine and dandy, and/or you have no sense of humour or if "beep" words make you want to cover your ears and whistle loudly then this album probably isn't for you.

For me, this is a very funny and talented man who has a lot to say. we need more people like him!
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on 30 July 2004
Hard to think that Eminem mangaed to follow up the superb Marshall Mathers with an equally excellent, hell I'd go as far to say 'better' album.
It's not the Eminem that most pop fans are used too, a more nasty, angry and intelligent side of his personality. The rhymes and the beats are second to none, makes you realise how dull and generic most commercial rap is these days.
Mathers realy shows off his incredible lyrical talent and rhyming skills on all the tracks, I'd go as far to say that all the tracks are worth listening too and even on repeated listens you shouldn't find yourself skipping tunes which is something I'd say can't be said for his previous albums. There's less collabarations with other artists and thank god there isn't too much D-12 on the album holding up the proceedings.
I wouldn't say there's really any stand-out tracks on the album, they're all on the same excellent level, but I also wouldn't say there's any tracks that manage to top for me his greatest tune 'The way I am' not necessarily a massive problem though as the album is a hell of a lot more consistent than previous albums.
Overall an excellent album that I highly recommend, if you've shunned Mathers to this day as being a pop wannabe then I really suggest you give this album a try, his lyrical talents are really 2nd to none and the production of the album is superb. A really angry and dark Shady is on offer with very few comedy tracks that I feel kinda held up the previous albums, hope to see more work to this quality by Mathers in the future.
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on 28 August 2002
Being the wrong side of 30 and lived through the anger of punk, ska and the pap that followed anything that comes out of anguish always rises an eyebrow. Enter Eminem to totally blow cobwebs and sneer away. From the opening White America to My Dads Gone Crazy the whole CD brings out all the things that you wanted to say years ago but never really said.
Having bought the "My Name Is" cd single when it came out I kept away because of the hype but returned when I heard Sing For The Moment (track 12) which is the first song to make me actually listen for years - this is real - listen.
There is still the same take or leave interlude bits to make the album "feel" hard but sound "passe" but get over that and the tracks are birliiant.
I recomend this to anyone who remembers he anger of The Jam, the intellegence of Marillion, and has a teenage daughter. Listen with an open mind to the lyrics and then listen again - I defy you to stop clenching your fist.
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on 30 May 2002
The Eminem Show is undoubtedly the best album that Mr Mathers has released. His lyrical rhyming is superb and this album thoroughly establishes his place as one of the best mc's ever. Dr Dre's production is simply amazing. This album is dark in tone and is for the older audience purely because it carries less commercial appeal than the previous two.
Here is my track-by-track rating.
1. Curtains Up (Skit)
2. White America- A huge rock sounding track, which introduces the change of style. 7/10
3. Business - Catchy, funny and ever so slightly camp and obviously Dre produced 8/10
4. Cleanin Out my Closet - The most emotional song he has ever recorded. Stunning. 8.5/10
5. Square Dance - Again a change of style,
very southern sounding. Think Bubba Sparx..only better. 8/10
6. The Kiss (Skit)
7. Soldier- Dark and angry, production on this track is superb 8/10
8. Say Goodbye Hollywood - Another 'rockier' track. Technically this song is amazing.8/10
9. Drips - Eminem and his protégé Obie Trice rapping over slow beats. Charming song 7/10
10. Without Me - You've all heard this
one !!! 8/10
11. Paul Rosenburg (Skit)
12. Sing for the Moment - Superb. The song features a sample from Areosmith.One of the standout track. 10/10
13. Superman - Simply Brilliant. This is Eminem at his is best 9/10
14. Hailie's Song - A first he actually sings on this track, and he ain't bad. A bit slushy but still there's something about it I like. 7/10
15. Steve Berman (Skit)
16. When the Music Stops - D12 take to the mic. Slick and with powerful message. 8/10
17. Say what you Say- The 'Battle' record. A late addition to the album to coincide with Eminem's and Dre's lyrical battle with Jermain Dupre. Powerful. 8/10
18. Til I Collapse- The other standout track. Nate Dogg adds his vocals to this outstanding song. Could be the best song he's ever recorded. 11/10
19. My Dad's gone Crazy - Hallie Jade (Em's Daugther) pops up in this song. Good fun and Em does a great impression of his mother. A great way to end the album. 8/10
20. Curtains Close (Skit)
Overall I would give the album a 9 out of 10, you need this album in your life. Don't believe the sceptics he is an A grade rapper not a pop artist. As this album proves.
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on 5 November 2006
Many questioned whether he should be let in the recording studio again after his controversial lyrics in his previous album, slim shady lp, about his wife and the ideologies of murder.

After many court dealings he returned and this album is certainly more cleaner (only just) but loyal Eminem fans don't worry, there are still issues about racism, war, nationality, sex etc encoded to still make him the controversy of rap music.

The very powerful song White America emphasises his belief on his country and how he feels about racism, some powerful lyrics convinces the audiences about his life and the strong base is very well recorded.

The album is good enough for his fans. The whole album follows the rap genre but he diversifies the style of his amazing rapping abilities. Interludes are included, just a few jokes.

He released without me, a very `humorous' video followed and then came a number 1, showing he still had the ability to gain the records from his loyal fans.

I particularly enjoyed `sing for the moment' and `white America' because of the passion behind them.

If you listen to them all of the time you will get bored but they are very engaging songs and I believe if you listen to it you will like it if you enjoy rap and controversy.
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on 7 November 2003
This is simply Eminems best album. Each song is as good as eachother. The best song on the album has to be "Say What you Say" with Dre
This album ranges from Eminems dark side to his homourous side. It has excellent perfomances from, Dre, D12, Nate dogg and obie Trice. There is also an appearance from his daughter in the commical song "My dads gone Crazy"
Excellent album, i give it 9/10
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2006
Few people inspire such extremes of opinion as Eminem. On the one hand, he's critically acclaimed by most of the press. As he said himself on 'The Real Slim Shady,' he raps better than '90% of your rappers out there,' and his wit, rhymes and dark self-examination are all identifiable, enjoyable features. On the other hand, his subject matter - and the fact that he's white - have lead to much criticism from many people. As 'Cleaning Out My Closet' states, he's been 'protested and picketed against.' This third album was probably the most crucial so far; his debut had won him acclaim; his sophomore effort was his masterpiece, and remains so to this day; how do you follow it?

The criticism apparently had more effect on Eminem than he may have implied. The use of homophobic slang and misogyny is hugely toned down, suggesting that he is trying to offend fewer people. He even draws attention to this on 'Cleaning Out My Closet' and opener 'White America.' However, despite his toning down of his extreme content, his rap remains at a higher standard than almost any other in history and he is still wickedly funny and very affecting. Plus, the production of himself, DJ Head and Dr. Dre on this album is beyond reproach.

Dre, Em and DJ Head each create several fantastic backdrops for this album. Their producitons are textured, intricate and often widescreen and epic, something you don't see very much in rap music. Elements of other music styles, particularly rock, bleed into the background, as well as the more gangsta elements that Em has previously avoided. Lyrically, whereas Slim Shady was predominantly semi-fictional, and Marsall Mathers was mostly about Em's real life, The Eminem Show finds him addressing more of what his life is like now that he's a household name.

Whilst the Marshall Mathers LP is probably his finest album, two of Eminem's very best songs reside on this album. Proper opener 'White America' may well be his masterpiece, a politically and socially charged songs, discussing the trends he's set, his fans, and how important his white skin is to his success. Almost as good is 'Sing For The Moment,' which points out that it's not him and the rappers who put the gun in a kid's hands, it's the kids themselves and that it's their parents responsibility. Both put across fantastic messages, wrapped in great production (the latter samples Aerosmith's 'Dream On' to great effect) and better rapping.

Even some of the lesser known tracks are fantastic. 'Business,' backed by a relatively boring backing, is saved by Marshall's rapping, while the wonderfully weird, quite creepy backing of 'Square Dance' is enhanced by the politically-themed rapping of Eminem.

Elsewhere, we see that Eminem's funny bone is unharmed despite the criticism. 'Without Me,' his return single, is one of his funniest songs to date, telling Moby that 'it's over, nobody listens to techno' and on 'Superman' that a girl 'makes him hurl.' All-in-all, this is an album that shows all of the sides of Marshall Mathers, and is all the better for it; I'd say it's better than the Slim Shady LP, though that may be a controversial opinion. But hey, if you didn't want controversy you wouldn't be listening to Eminem.
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While both Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers are an important part of this CD, Eminem subsumes his two other personas to take center stage on The Eminem Show. While the album is not as consistently impressive as either of his first two albums, it contains some standout tracks and displays a unity of purpose and theme that marks Eminem as a more mature and talented artist more than comfortable in his own often-criticized skin. There is plenty of violence and cursing throughout the course of this exceedingly long release (coming in at over an hour and seventeen minutes), yet a softer and certainly more introspective Eminem sometimes reveals himself in the lyrics. While there is plenty of talk about his own life, it is now somewhat counterbalanced by criticism of the music industry, censorship, and even American policy (including, as everyone probably knows, some harsh words for Lynn Cheney and Tipper Gore). This doesn’t make Eminem a global spokesman for anything, but it certainly seems he is trying to place his music in a larger context. Naturally, though, his most intense lyrics revolve around his own life, the penultimate example of which is Cleaning Out My Closet. In this self-revelatory track, Eminem launches a vicious attack on his mother, seemingly holding nothing back at all in his diatribe. He raises the specter of his ex-wife Kim in The Kiss skit, but there is no equivalent track to Bonnie and Clyde 97 or Kim on this album.
Eminem doesn’t take himself too seriously, leading to tracks such My Dad’s Gone Crazy, the brilliant and funny duo with his daughter Hailie Jade. Hailie’s influence is felt most strongly, of course, on Hailey’s Song. This is by far my favorite song on this album, and it is certainly unique in that Eminem actually sings the lyrics, reflecting the obvious joy he feels at getting his daughter back. There are certainly enough tracks reflecting the rage and youthful exasperation that have always driven Eminem, but there is also a measure of fun rarely felt in his earlier efforts. Without Me is loads of fun, forever conjuring up images in my mind of Eminem in that superhero getup from the video. In White America, Eminem seems to take delight in pondering the effects he has on young people; and I find a lot of entertainment values in Square Dance. The only song I don’t really care for is Drips featuring Obie Trice, a song that seems to take shock value for its own sake a little too far for my tastes. Overall, though, The Eminem Show is yet another amazing album from the unstoppable force known as Eminem, and the maturity, commitment, and ever-increasing skills revealed in its conception and execution offer undeniable proof that hip hop’s most controversial and influential star is going to be a force in the business for a very long time.
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on 29 May 2002
With a five year career that has created more contoversy than any other performing artist in history, Eminem has unleashed his third album on the unsuspecting public. The man who broke the monotany of rap, and the greatest innovator of hip hop, will shut all his critics up with this masterpiece. This is intelligent, direct, honest, though provoking, and moving. The only criticism i could have made on his previous album(The Marshall Mathers LP) was that after rapping about his drug and family history on his debut(The Slim Shady Lp) he had run out of subject matter , and created confontation, about anything and anyone. On this album he lyrically attacks those who have provoked him, creating a more truthfull and justified album. Forget the beats, forget that he's white, and forget all the media attention; Eminem is one of the greatest lyricists in rap history{FACT}. 'The Eminem Show' displays his mind blowing lyrical structure, and shows a more mature and musically creative Eminem. When i sit and listen to the rhymes mnm delivers, he could only be rivaled by nas on the album 'Illmatic' or the late great Notorious B.I.G on the 'Ready to die' album. If you buy this album expecting a collection of singles similar to his first release 'Without Me', prepare to be surprised. Eminem's tactic of inticing a wide audience with a funny pop release to introduce a new album (My name is/The real slim shady/Without me) is both a clever and conciuos step. I was not that impressed with the first release(Without Me), but i took it with a pinch of salt, as i knew the rest of the album would be darker and more gritty . I was not dissapointed. This album is a far more serious and thought provoking album than his previous two. After the dissapointing 'Devils Knight' I feared that Mr Marshall Mathers had lost what made him such a phenomanal talent. The beats are more laid back , and the lyrical structure is second to none.
The controversy surrounding the actual content of his lyrics has always shrouded the brilliance of the structure. The pace and impact of his rhymes could only be matched by Busta, but the way he tells his stories through seamless rhymes is just excellent and unbeatable. Although i enjoy the products of Jay-z and Roca Fella , Bad Boy, the ruff ryders, Beat club, and many U.k styles, nothing can match the most intriguing and breath taking of rap entertainers. As a hip hop fan, i beg you to buy this album. Eminem has exposed a far more real and vulnerable side to his character, and every track will not fail to send chills down your spine.His first two records were full of comical lyrics based on serious situations. This album is a more haunting and dark record, and attacks the issues with direct confrontation, unrivaled by his previous albums.Eminem has grown as an artist and approaches this record at a brand new level.
If your a fan of eminem,hip hop, or just music, makes this album a part of your collection,now!!!
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on 27 May 2002
Speaking as an Eminem fan, i found this to be much better than Marshall Mathers Lp, tighter beats, tighter lyrics, and with dre producing simply amazing. I personally would put it joint fist with Slim Shady Lp, then Infinite, then marshall mathers Lp (Just a personal Preference). if you are a fan of eminem then get it, if you are a fan of rap/hip hop in general, then get it. You should find at least 3 or 4 songs on this album that you like. Well done Em. Full respect to you
PS, In response to 'Say what you say', you already are a legend!
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