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3.8 out of 5 stars9
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2002
This album is awesome!What more can I say?!! First decent compilation i've heard in ages. Fantastic contributions from top bands like AAF,The Strokes,The Hives,Sum 41 and Macy Gray. Others have their say in true rockin fashion with great songs from Black Lab,Bleu,Greenwheel,Theory of a Dead Man and Pete Yorn and others. Love the spidey theme from Aeorsmith - why didn't they do the original?!!But you gotta buy this for 'Hero' Chad Kroeger - oh the voice!! - and the most stunning rock ballad sung by Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame - 'Bother'. This alone will sell this album. Always new that action heroes were rockers at heart!Love it, its a top buy!
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on 16 May 2002
From the classic old-school "Spiderman" theme tune to the new, heavier version by ageing rockers, Aerosmith this CD just keeps getting more and more listenable.
Nickelbacks recent success has completed a meteoric rise to rock stardom and this new-found status is truly justified when you listen to the magnificent Chad Kroeger on the movies blockbuster song, "Hero". A mellow, but intensely inspiring track is made all the better with the combination of Kroegers gritty tones and the supplementation of the higher, whining voice of Saliva's Josey Scott.
Sum 41 provide the other major track on the album with their unparalleled rock-hop style, giving us "What We're All About", a tune that just oozes jump appeal.
The CD also contains significant input from Alien Ant Farm, The Strokes, The Hives and an awesome Macy Gray track re-mixed by Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello.
But, perhaps the most outstanding contribution is that of Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor. If you think you're used to the screaming and shouting of this guy, then think again. I could'nt believe it when I first heard it, but astoundingly, Taylor sings a melodic, moody ballad with "Bother." This guy can really sing and has an awesome voice. If you don't like anything else on this CD then buy it for this track alone cos it is truly amazing!!!
Probably the most listened to CD in my collection at the moment and it serves only to intensify the excitement over the upcoming release of the movie. BUY IT!!!
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on 29 December 2012
Back in 2002, Spider Man became a major success for Sam Rami's film team, that it spawned two sequels. So in terms of music from the actual film, there are two pieces from Danny Elfman's entertaining score, and a few tracks from the likes of The Strokes and Sum 41, which are present in this soundtrack. There are also songs from the likes of Chad Kroeger and Macy Gray. There is also the theme tune to the infamous Saturday morning TV show from the 1970s as well, for nostalgia's sake. But the film also had tracks from the likes of Laibach and Oleander, which do not feature on this soundtrack.
So what was the purpose of shoehorning the likes of Alien Ant Farm, The Hives, and even a so-so cover of that TV theme song from Aerosmith into this? The results make the album- it does not deserve the title of soundtrack with all this filler! - A dated slice of rock from another by-gone era. Some tracks are enjoyable to revisit, such as The Hives' Hate to Say I Told You So, and there are even some standout gems, like Corey Taylor's Bother. But as the rest of the tracks are nearly forgettable, from the likes of Injected, Default, and Greenwheel, it just makes this album sound like generic background music to a student's bedroom back in the early 2000s.
So this Spider Man album makes an effort in providing actual music from the film, but the often-dreaded 'inspired by' tracks bog it down to make it an average rock compilation from this era.
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on 6 March 2012
When I bought this CD, some time ago, there wasn't a soundtrack CD available. Sadly, this CD has only two tracks from the film. The rest simply isn't my cup of tea.
One bonus; has the theme tune from the cartoon Spiderman series.
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Spider-man ost is to put it mildly, one of the most fitting soundtracks to its movie I have ever heard. Whilst being extremely rock heavy it manages to capture the essence of the film perfectly. The teenage angst of Peter Parker particularly Bleu's 'Somebody Else' in complete contrast to Chad Kroeger's 'Hero' makes you feel like you're on that web line with Spidey swinging through New York on your way to rescue a damsel in distress, whilst juggling an already hectic lifestyle. I never imagined a collection of songs could provide me with such an uplifting experience. The barrage of conventional rock guitar is nicely interluded by a change of pace in the form of The Strokes and The Hives. The tracks are extremely well placed providing you with a real sense of a journey. Its great to find Danny Elfman's original score included to give a real link to the movie. The one factor that prevented me delivering a five star rating? The original 1960's Spider-Man cartoon theme and Aerosmiths' terrible cover of it. Otherwise, an essential purchase.
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on 30 June 2004
This must be one of the best movie soundtracks I have listened to. I only own 3 [Spidey, A Walk to remember, Austin Powers 3] and this one is the best. It really captures the feel of the movie, and the song "Hero" By Chad Krogeor and Josey Scott is my favourite song on the album.
Other standout tracks on this album are What We're all about by Sum 41, Bug Bytes by AAF, and also the scores by Danny Elfman are great.
The added bonus of this CD is the brill 3D cover, and also the cd-rom features included if you put the disc in the PC. A brilliant soundtrack, which any fan of the movie would love!
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on 27 February 2003
I don't usually buy soundtrack albums, although there isn't any particular reason for this. It isn't because I think they're inherently inferior, or anything; in fact, the 'Great Expectations' soundtrack I own is great. However, I found myself buying the 'Spider-Man' soundtrack album, for no reason other than I was out looking for the 'Daredevil' soundtrack the other week. And I'm really pleased I got it. Admittedly, it isn't fantastic, or five-star, or anything - it is too inconsistent for that. But it is consistently entertaining background music.
One of the best tracks on the album is from The Strokes: 'When It Started' is gifted with a superb opening, superb vocals, and inspired instrumentation. I have no idea if really did feature in the film, but I don't care, because I adore this track. The Hives follow The Strokes and produce another of the album's ace tracks: ear-shakingly-sonic in all the right ways and full of raw little edges. Pete Yorn's 'Undercover' is another good reason to buy and enjoy this album, although I'm sure he's done better stuff - you can hear something quite intriguing in parts of this track, but for some reason the intriguing bits aren't as sustained as they might be. Alien Ant Farm's 'Bug Bytes' is catchy and energetic, and I like it. (My only reservation about this track is that AAF can't seem to decide what kind of music it is they're producing. Which means the track can feel a bit... random, at moments). I love the lyric "It's quite the web you've spun around her..." Although I'd heard Macy Gray sing 'My Nutmeg Phantasy' before, I hadn't heard this mix (by Morello) and it's... different, certainly.
The first track on the album is hilarious - the old 'Spider Man' theme. "Spider Man, Spider Man... friendly, neighbourhood Spider Man", etc. Very funny indeed. It is a nice, witty touch, and captures the light touch of the film really well. It is a shame they didn't put track 17, Danny Elfman's 'Main Titles' theme music on next, as track 2, but there you are (you can always program the CD to play the other way round). When you do get to the 'Main Titles' track you find a fantastically epic-sounding piece, reminiscent, in some of its phrasing, of the Batman theme. There are the grand, choral voices, and the track feels like it rises and falls to the same pattern as the earlier Elfman score; but it is distinct from that darker comic-hero movie, with its slightly more noble variety of bravery. Spider-Man is a less cynical, world-weary character than Batman, and you can hear that in this track. Elfman introduces a degree of tragedy, but predominately there is the hope and promise of youth; the strength and energy of the tribal drum. It is the perfect score for the story of Peter Parker: you can see him swinging through Manhattan as it plays. By way of contrast, the album ends with the movie's official 'theme', by Aerosmith. It has all the manic, wide-eyed, rock elements you want in an Aerosmith track - there is even frantic panting in the background at certain moments. And sirens. And much guitar-thrashing. It's a world away from Elfman, but fits into the film just as neatly.
There are some tracks "from or inspired" by 'Spider-Man' don't live up to the rest: there are always winners, losers, and runners-up. Chad Kroeger's offering is alright, but not an absolute highlight; the same goes for Sum 41's 'What We're All About', which isn't my sort of music at all. Black Lab provide a catchy song, and this makes up for the wishy-washy Bleu track 'Somebody Else'. Corey Taylor's sings a particularly mellow track, with moments of orchestra-led drama, and I'm glad it's on the album. However, I could have probably have done without Greenwheel and Default altogether.
There are a couple of tracks that I'm undecided over. 'Invisible Man' by Theory of a Dead Man, for example, is great in one way, but bad in another... It's one of those tracks that balances precariously on the fence that is my musical taste. Same for the Jerry Cantrell track... I can't quite decide whether I like it or not.
Overall, though, this is worth it for the good stuff, and a thoroughly enjoyable mix of stuff I'd not usually listen to.
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on 10 February 2003
But I felt it was - after all - only a compilation.
The worst tracks on this soundtrack are: Bleu - Somebody Else... and that's about it. This song tries to simulate teenage angst and fear of just being yourself, but the soaring guitars and vocals end up with a song that feels watered down - it is enjoyable but far too overblown - a fake epic, as it were. Which is a shame. For "catchy" songs, Greenwheel's Shelter has been thrown in, and it has a wonderful intro! The highlight track for me is Black Lab's Learn To Crawl, mostly for the lyrics. Default also provide a highlight, as do The Hives and Jerry Cantrell. Overall the album fits together nicely and the Orchestral Scores courtesy of Danny Elfman are wonderful interludes. While I feel that Aerosmith's cover of the soundtrack fits and sounds wonderfully erratic... the original sounds dated. I prefer the theme tune to the newer cartoon series, it doesn't sound like a memory of a forgotten musical fashion phase.
Overall a very good soundtrack. I've heard Chad Kroeger perform Hero live, and he does have an exceptional voice.
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on 15 May 2002
This got 2 be one of the best soundtrack 4 this summer coming. It contain the original theme music and the new version by AEROSMITH. This CD also have a host of artists like;THE STROKES,THE HIVES,SUM 41,ALIEN ANT FARM,MACY GRAY,THEORY OF THE A DEAD MAN,CHAD KROEGER Featuring JOSEY SCOTT and not forgetting DANNY ELFMAN! A FANTASIC SOUNDTRACK INSPIRED FOR THE MOTION PICTURE 'SPIDER-MAN'! ALSO FEATURES A LIMITED EDITION 3D HOLOGRAM COVER!!!
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