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4.7 out of 5 stars27
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2002
The first 11 episodes of Season 4 arrive in style; sounding and looking great!
The boxset kicks off with the fantastic two-parter 'Adventures in the Sin Trade', in which a desperate Xena searches frantically for (the missing, presumed dead) Gabrielle, who was last seen diving into a lava pit at the end of 'Sacrifice II.' Does she find her? Hmmmmm. Sort of! This episode also introduces the character of Alti; an old ally/nemesis of Xena's who reveals some interesting and disturbing information about the WP's future, or lack thereof...
The season continues with 'A Family Affair,' which sees the reunion we've all been waiting for, as well as the return of Hope to the Xena fold. Special mention here must go to Renee O'Connor, who dials down her performance from last season, making Hope a genuinely chilling adversary. The episode ends with the reaffirmation of our fave friendship and also sows the seeds for what will become the major theme of this season; what is the 'way' for the WP and the bard?
Episode 5, 'A Good Day,' also is worthy of special mention. The Xena-staff have always excelled at 'battle' episodes, and this one is no exception, with Xena, Pompey and Caesar in a thrilling head-to-head. This episode is also great in terms of the development of Gabrielle; we get to see how far the 'little girl from Potadeia' has come, and also what she has lost along the way. Again, great acting from ROC.
All the sub-texters out there will be happy bunnies indeed after viewing 'Crusader;' in which the sub-text rapidly becomes main-text! That's all I'm going to say; you'll have to watch it yourselves! Also, have the tissues handy, because LL turns in a fantastic performance that will more-likely-than-not make you cry at least once!
The only disappointments in this set come on Disc 3; 'The Key to the Kingdom' (A Joxer/Meg story) is DIRE and should only be viewed after several stiff drinks (I recommend vodka)! 'Daughter of Pomira' is also a let-down in terms of its portrayal of the Horde, last seen in the excellent Season 2 episode, 'The Price.' Rather like ST:TNG's treatment of the Borg in 'I, Hugh,' this episode strives to humanise the enemy, immediately making them far less interesting! I don't think that's quite the effect they were aiming for...(!)
Overall this boxset is a must for Xenite's everywhere. Season 4 is perhaps the most mature in theme thus far, and the search for identity undertaken by the WP and the bard makes for compelling viewing. Add to this the continually out-standing performances from both the lead actresses, and what more could you ask for?
Oh, apart from some extras. Shame on you, Playback!
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on 7 June 2002
This promises to be perhaps the most special box set ever, and shows how much Xena and Gabrielle have evolved. Packed with emotion, a little humour and the deeper meaning that every Xena episode has,it is packed with surprises. It promises to bring tears to the eyes of anyone loyal to the show, and gives the brief storyline to a first time viewer, showing the true depth of the characters' unconditional love for each other, and deep understanding. I believe that this is esential for a true Xena fan, and the touching, yet shocking way the show ends brings many emotions and is loyal to everything Xena and Gabrielle stand for.
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on 13 November 2001
This is by far the best Xena season yet!!!!!Not only do you have Heaven and Hell but you also get Gods, Romans and a baby named Eve. If your a fan of the Ares/Xena relationship this boxset will help your thirst as there relationship is brought to knew hights during this season along with Xena getting Pregnant......could Ares be the Dad, and a knew kick arse Gabby who has the knew found blood of a warrior flowing in her viens.This boxset will not disapoint.
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on 15 August 2001
The second part of Season 4 has it all - A trip to India where Xena and Gabrielle find their "way" in life and discover what fans of the series had already guessed that they are destined to be soul mates who will be together forever - a rematch with Alti, Caesar and Pompey and a steady build up to the most gripping episode of Xena so far in "Ides of March" - Can Xena and Gabrielle escape the fate Alti predicted for them, crucifixion at the hands of the Romans - not if a recently deceased old enemy (in a surprise reappearance) has anything to do with it!! - These eleven episodes are an emotional rollercoaster ride from beginning to end which see Xena and Gabrielle's relationship transcend friendship and even death itself!
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on 19 June 2001
The first half of season 4 of Xena contains some of the best episodes of the entire shows run. The opening two-parter 'Adventures in the Sin Trade' is a beautifully shot episode with Xena trying to overcome her friends 'death'. 'A Family Affair' features a touching moment when xena is reunited with Gabrielle. Other highlights are 'Locked up and Tied Down', where Xena has to pay for past crimes, and 'Daughter of Pomira' which features the return of The Horde from season one. The 'comedy' episodes are a joy too with 'key to the Kingdom' featuring Meg and Joxer, and 'A tale of 2 Muses' where Autolycus brings dancing to a town where it is banned. All in all a satisfying purchase.
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on 27 October 2001
After the shocker at the end of series four it's up to Eli to try and bring back our two heroines. Meanwhile in the Underworld a battle of good and evil ensues involving a familiar face which inevitably ends with Xena and Gabrielle being brought back to the world of the living.
With Xena's pregnany (and a rather shocking father)and new weapons for both women they come up against some of their meanest enemies yet after they find out that Xena's unborn child is set to bring about the end of the Gods. A fantastic opening for the fifth season.
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on 12 January 2002
OK, it's better than I thought it would be, but there's a couple of real clunkers in here. Rob Tapert and the writers come up with some real inventive storylines, and LL turns in some great performances, but we can't get round the fact that the Warrior Princess is very pregnant throughout. Which is fine - very refreshing, in fact - and fits with the groundbreaking ethos of the series as a whole. But it obviously put a little pressure on the writers. We say goodbye to a whole lot of Xenaverse bad guys on the way (Callisto, specifically). Season 5 produces some odd storylines and clipshows, partly tribute to the inventiveness of the writers and partly desperation... the 360 degree turn of Gabrielle into full-blooded warrior is hard to take after season 4. Fans will love it to bits anyway; newcomers should consider seasons 2, 3 or 4.
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VINE VOICEon 16 July 2002
Season Six turned out to be the last series Lucy Lawless ever made of Xena, and she doesnt disappoint. Some great stories overall, including The Rhinegold (shades of Norse Mythology). The Xena series has come along way over the years, and like all good things, has to come to an end sometime. And it certainly does with a bang, but I wont reveal here what actually happens to Xena in the final episodes. This box set is of course the first half of the final season, and there is much to admire here. If you are a die-hard Xena fan, then go for it. By the way, just want to mention that Gabrielle is good as ever, played by the lovely Renee O'Connor. Go for the DVD version for sound and picture is definetly superior.
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on 7 January 2001
The first half of series 2 of Xena in this box set is really excellent. I hadnt seen any of the 11 episodes featured on these tapes, and I wasnt dissapointed. All the episodes are great, but in my opinion the best episodes were - remember nothing, return of callisto, girls just wanna have fun, the xena scrolls and here she comes.... . This box set is a bargain, and I would advise any xena fan to buy it, especially if you have never seen the episodes before. This box set is quite a treat for those fans who like the xena episodes to contain alot of comedy and action, rather that dark and drama.
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on 27 June 2001
The first half of this series, as another review mentioned is one of the best in this epic programme.
Sadly the show never really took off in the UK because it was picked up by Channel 5 with its lack of viewers. In America the ratings prove the quality of the show with it being the no. programme across the continent.
If you want an excellent and entertaining piece of TV history make sure you don't miss the Warrior Princess at her best.
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