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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2003
I gotta respond to the guy who says listen to Mudvayne. Don't be fooled. The gap between these 2 bands is HUGE - in attitude & musical direction, in appearance and substance.
First, this album is BRUTAL. The first time you spin it you are left winded. They have no equal in the hardcore scene.
But what is incredible in this genre is that the album gets better and better. You don't get bored. The more you listen the more you love. You'll start to see and appreciate the talent, the songwriting, the variation. And yes the vocal delivery, which is more rap than thrash, and comes over great.
But you will never get used to the AGGRESSION. This album ROCKS in a way you just can't express.
The Mudvayne thing. What?
Hatebreed deliver from the heart, with might and feel.
Mudvayne deliver from somewhere else altogether, and you true believers out there know what I mean.
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on 17 October 2012
Hatebreed's 1997 debut album really impressed me - it's beauty was in its simplicity and the sound of the album lyrically and musically really hit the spot. By the time the band had released this album (5 years later) in 2002 a lot had changed not just in music but with the world. Out of the band's original line-up 3 out of the 5 members remained, with 2 new band members for this album. The band signed with major label Universal records this time. The debut album had quite a mix of sound in my opinion but managed to be a very consistent, flowing record. This album retains the aggression and intensity of SITDOD but doubles it! This album is much more powerful and beats you into submission with its powerhouse sound. The lyrical content about dissatisfaction and frustration remain but this time seem more focused. The music side of things has improved in my opinion and even though the overall sound seems more consistent than on the debut album there are some quite different sounding tracks throughout the record. The album is 10 minutes longer than the last album but the songs are still pretty short (not a negative).

The album pretty much literally kick-starts with the headbanging anthem Proven. With no intro Jamey comes in screaming (with vocals as great as ever) "You wanna see me fail; you won't get your chance!". The sound is fantastic and its one of the best tracks on the album. The title track is another of the best - strengthening the theme of persevering through tough times. The chorus is somewhat simple but very strong and effective. Lyrically I feel more drawn in as a listener on this album like I can relate to the issues more and it's pretty hard to ignore Jamey's screamed vocals; each word with conviction. It's easy to believe that Jamey is serious about what he's talking about. You're never alone is another favourite with Jamey clarifying who he's directing his songs at; "This is for the kids who have nowhere to turn, who have nothing to live for...". The chorus with its machine gun rhythm is quite addictive and catchy. I will be heard is my favourite Hatebreed song and the song that got me into this band. It really spoke to me with a fantastic sound and lyrics about standing up for yourself and not being pushed aside. A call for blood is the most brutal song on the album with Jamey screaming about how he desires vengeance for what this person has done to him. The brilliantly titled Below the bottom is another very impressive song, this time with the vocalist reaching out to assist in this other persons' desperation. Unloved is somewhat reminiscent of the debut albums' Conceived through an act of violence but this time Jamey seems to be addressing a family member or friend. Bloodsoaked memories is probably the most interesting song because it sounds so different to the rest with a slow beat, far less lyrics and no chorus. Jamey's vocals are fantastic as he plods through the song screaming his heart out. Smash your enemies was a song from their demo album Under the knife and has been nicely reworked for this record. Healing to suffer again is amazing with its bouncy chorus and great lyrics. Remain nameless is another amazing track about self empowerment with one of the best choruses on the album for sure and one of the best lyrics "You try to judge me, now I`m judging you!".

This really is an all-round tough kick a** album with a powerful sound and I think an improvement on what was a brilliant debut album. The band really shaped their sound and style with this record and it's an album I'm proud to own. The album name itself Perseverance with its fiery artwork and tough lookin' dudes on the back cover and sleeve notes really says it all - this album is hardcore through and through.
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on 29 March 2002
FINALLY. Five years is a long time between albums, especially if your a metallic hardcore band, but the waiting is over, Hatebreed are back ready to kick the living daylights out of conventional music and reclaim their crowns as kings of metallic hardcore. "Satisfaction," was a classic, its simplicity was its strength, but now Hatebreed have increased their scope, this album is just shy of 40 minutes, the riffs are heavier and more gutwrenching, the beatdowns bigger, the drumming harder and Jamies vocals surpassing any level of intensity he reached on "Satisfaction," this along with Poison The Well's "Tear From The Red," Burnt By The Sun's "Soundtrack," and Underoath's "Changing Of Times," are THE best hXc releases so far this year lets see if Europe's best (Arkganel, Length Of Time, Stampin Ground) can respond with the same intensity and scope.
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on 21 November 2003
I have waited along time for a band to make an album like this. This release envelopes all the greatness of true US hardcore in 16 brutal songs. What bands like Biohazrd, Sick Of It All & Pro-Pain started (and long may they continue), Hatebreed are taking to a new level. Simply brilliant.
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Within seconds of album opener `Proven,' bursting out of the speakers at speed, you will have already fallen in love with this album. Perseverance is certainly a classic record and Hatebreed themselves exemplify everything that is right with both Hardcore and Metal, their sound is excellent and they know how to write great songs.
Some listeners may be put off by Jamie Jasta's lyrics or his reliance on sing along moments, but the vast majority of listeners will find the man captivating. Sometimes it is possible to write about vengeance or violence without sounding childish and Jasta has a knack for it.
On 2002's Perserance; their major label, debut the band were still relatively fresh and were able to write a set of short, straightforward and similarly structured songs without having to worry about diversifying their sound or distinguishing one album from another, as such this is possibly their purest, most streamlined and focused album, no song feels out of place and the pace never lets up.
Title track and single `Perseverance,' is still about the greatest Hatebreed song out there and tracks like `A Call For Blood,' and `Hollow Ground,' still appear in the Hatebreed live show to this day, Perseverance is no throw away album.
The album has a really great guitar tone, very deep, very heavy but with a lot of definition, there is no trade off, this album retains all the heaviness but is never muddy or unclear. In fact; as a whole the entire production job on Perserance is excellent, almost ahead of its time in many respects. The album doesn't seem to have aged at all.
If you want a straight forward, brutal listening experience you can't go wrong with Perseverance.
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on 19 April 2006
hardcore is a genre i can take or leave,it all sounds the same in the end,no matter how you look at it,bands like terror,sick of it all etc are so close in style they evolve into the same band at times,hatebreed are hardcore but are more enjoyable albeit until the songs start to blur into 1 big song but there are some great songs on here which clearly stand out such as i will be heard,a call for blood and the title track perseverance,the latter part of the album just doesnt kick in the same way,hatebreed are a really heavy band with some great lyrics but the lyrics in some of the songs are similar at the same time,jasta has a good hardcore growl and the breakdowns are pretty enjoyable at times and annoying at others so that is pretty much the problem with hardcore there ,it has its moments,it has the rage and fury that could start a riot but it doesnt have the variety to make me buy more than a few select albums,just so you know i have seen hatebreed live 3 times and enjoyed the passion of the gigs,it doesnt ring true on the albums is really one of a few gripes with it
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on 1 February 2009
This is a 40 minute blast of Hardcore fury, laced with a Metallic sheen!
Songs that are nothing much over 2 or 3 mins, in your face, raw guitar, thumping drums (the drummer is very proficient technically for the H/C genre) fat bass work and throaty vocals. And you can forget anything like samples or scratching/hip hop ala Biohazard (who are often likened to Hatebreed).
Production is good but perhaps is more raw than 2003's Rise Of Brutality which has a stronger Death Metal influence in it's guitar tone, bass drumming and vocals. Jasta is angry & hoarse but his vocals sound a little less 'Death' than the growls on ROB. More shouting than the low grunting of that later album.
As usual, life in the street, urban issues/personal struggle style lyrics pervade and this is best described as angry, working class music (which is what Hardcore basically is).
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on 29 September 2003
Whoever recomended Hatebreed to you is a wise person with a great sense for absolutely brilliant metal music. Perserverance is an album which after listening to all the way through will leave you stunned. The album will finish and you will look at your hatebreed box and think "Holy S***". At this point blood will be rushing through your veins, and you will reach for your remote control and press play, you are then rewarded with "proven", you will jump out of your seat and go berzerk, but save some energy, because proven has possible the greatest mosh riff to finish the song, then track 2 begins and the blood will start to pump once again.
Hatebreed sticks to a simple method and plan which results in pure brilliance. Their songs contain brutal power chords, lots of bass, an under control drum beat and powerful, agressive vocals. Brilliant riffs and mosh sections make their songs complete, a brilliant and unique combination.
There are a lot of heavy bands out there who are excellent but too far out of control, hatebreed is out of control, but they dont go past the point where it begins to ruin the songs.
One thing which makes perserverance brilliant along with satisfaction is the fact there aren't any slow soft songs, like some heavy bands do. For example Pantera.
Next topic - Mudvayne
I need to settle this now.
Mudvayne better than hatebreed???? no way.
Mudvayne are an average, fairly decent metal band.
Hatebreed are a brilliant metal band who will blow you away every time you listen. I brought the album the dy it came out and i am still moshing to proven, and i am still shouting to i will be heard, and i am still going mad to a call for blood.
And quite frankly i listen to dig and cradle by mudvayne and think, that was a good song, but now im bored
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on 24 September 2003
How Hatebreed managed to achieve the reasonable levels of success that they have is a complete mystery to me. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with their music, it’s just that there is not one single moment that you haven’t heard elsewhere performed better, most of the time on a record by Biohazard. In terms of sound, as well as image to a lesser extent, they appear to be very similar to Brooklyn’s finest Hardcore export, only they seem to be a bit of a pale imitation. Bnads like Hatebreed are ten-a-penny nowadays, because there’s a lucrative market for it, catering to ‘Metal-loving’ teenagers who would know real Metal if it hit them in the face. Hatebreed may well have more underground credentials than most of the other bands of their ilk, but it’s all to no avail really; the main problem besides the crippling lack of originality is the slightly serious fact that the music itself is a boring as hell. All the songs are on the same level of intensity, and as forthe lyrics, well, clichéd hardly covers it. All the usual subjects such as believing in yourself and everything will be fine, it’s been done to death in the past to be honest. And as well as this, the swearwords in the lyric sheet are actually censored! There goes the Hardcore credentials, straight out the window! So, in conclusion, if you’re fourteen years old and think Metal begins and ends with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, this will probably blow you away. If you’re 25 years old and have ever listened to Cryptopsy or The Locust, it probably won’t.
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on 9 August 2015
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