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on 6 November 2003
Firstly, this is the best game I have ever played. It has a great storyline and amazing gameplay, and good graphics.
I'm not gonna spoil the storyline for you and tell you about the devastating event that starts about 30 mins into the game. This incident really keeps you playing and is creepy and really makes the game stand out.
The game although dated (1999) is still amazing to play and keeps you going plus you get 2 expansions and the hugely popular multiplayer experience 'Counter Strike' in this deal.
Graphics: 2/5 - The graphics were way ahead of its time in 1999, and lack the texture and smoothness of the modern games. But still the graphics are good and easy to recognize.
Storyline: 5/5 - This is the part of the game that keeps you playing. Stunning.
Gameplay: 4/5 - Easy controls, great weapons, realistic AI, good puzzles. Amazing.
Longivity: 5/5 - Still playing after 4 months and still loving it. Utterly great.
Overall: 4/5 - Amazing. The best game I've played ever. It's only let down is the graphics as they are a little dated. The system specs are very low but still give a huge amount of fun. There is a sequel comeing out next year to get hugely excited about to. You also get the expansions. On one you are plaing the game again but as a different character as from their perspective of the adventure. On the other you are a scientist trying to kill Gordon Freeman (the main character). Utterly fantastic and brilliant. Buy it NOW!
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on 27 May 2016
Bought to install on a new build Windows XP machine, tried it on my Win 7 x64 Ultimate machine and it works so far. So, better than I expected-I don't need to build an XP machine to use it. The game still has the play-ability to entertain and I can understand why it won so many awards in its day. Definitely worth the money.
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on 20 March 2004
When the UK PC Gamer magazine runs its annual poll for the nations favourite PC games, HL is NEVER out of the top FOUR since it was released in 1998. That was SIX years ago! Sure, the graphics aren't going to be up to the UT2004 standard, but graphics was never the strongoint of this game. The story is one of the best in any game, and it involves the player in its atmosphere so much you'll be most scared in the empty corridors!
If you haven't got this then you mustnt be a PC gamer, because this is essential for membership into the "club"
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on 3 November 2004
Lets not beat about the bush. Half life, and to a lesser exstent half life oposing force ( in short half life generation) is the best game ever.
I own over 300 pc games, and 25 cube games, with plenty of n-gage, n64, gbc, and gba games to boot, so i flatter myself that iam in a position to say. Buy this today if you own a pc.
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on 27 September 2007
the best i have ever played !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *************************************** stars i swear though it has some drawback mentioned above
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on 16 March 2003
*shakes his head in disbelief*
This package ranks as one of the best games ever, ive played it more than starcraft (which i played online for a year) and FF7. Ive been playing it every day since November 1st 2001, and it is now March 16th 2003. Firstly you get Half-life, the original single player. I played it for about 2 weeks, its a very good single player. Opposing force ive played slightly, its pretty good. Blue shift ive never played. The main force to be reckond with in this package is Counter-strike. When i say counter-strike, i dont mean the actual game counter-strike, i mean the structure of it. Counter-strike is installed and patched up and your ready to go, you have access to over 300 games to play online, you start with about 10 MODs which comes with the latest patch. DMC, my favourite, is a remake of Quake in the half-life graphics engine, either reviving lost memories of quake, or giving people who never played online a chance to play. I play it almost every day. Id pay £50 for DMC alone, i really would. Counter-strike is the main MOD, its the most popular online game in the world, tactic style terrorist vs counter-terrorists. Then you have other games which you will decide which are you favourites when you have played them all, theres team fortress classic, Half-life deathmatch (which is very difficult, but probably the best deathmatch game ever, fast paced at a high skill level, and very varied.) I have only mentioned 3 of the mods out of hundreds, and of course theres blue shift and opposing force to be played online etc. Another bonus with counter-strike - no cd required after installation. This game is fairly old now, but its simply a classic. Ive played quake 3 arena, Unreal Tournament 2003, many recent games and while good games for a short while, i always come back to DMC and half-life. If you like unrealistic mayhem - DMC, tactical - tfc and counter-strike, theres hundreds more mods basically something for everyone.
Cons: Unless you have broadband the patches will take a long time to download. Over 100mb worth of patches, which arn't difficult to find however, just search at google for the latest counter-strike patch. There are sometimes bugs experienced in counter-strike menus etc, however these are not even worth mentioning as they are very rare and the gameplay cancels them out, 10/10.
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on 1 May 2005
Great game - half life, too great expansions - opposing force and blue shift, 4 mods 2 - great cs and dod.
You are getting 5 outstanding games in 1, a must buy for pc gamers.
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on 12 July 2003
I rate this very highly.
Half Life is still an excellent game when you search past the graphica and discover the gameplay and atmosphere.
Opposing force is good if not a little short , but Blue Shift is very enjoyable, Gearbox did a really good job on this one.
Very good Value for money for new pc owners, who don`t already have half-life.
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on 28 July 2002
Having been a massive Duke fan; especially with the infinite number of maps available out on the web, I was looking for something extra and from the moment I ran Half-Life, I knew I'd found it. Good story and astounding graphics but best of all characters I could interact with. I was frankly amazed and totally engrossed, even though it was a trifle jerky on my very basic (166Mhz) PC.
My only reservations came when the story line moved from the feasable and reality-based plant, to the floating world of Xen, which I thought got more desperate for decent ideas the more it went on and some levels seemed like 3D Chuckie Egg.
The monsters became very repetitive and I got tired of killing 'head crabs' and they just held up the flow of the game and brought very little interest, once I'd blasted the first few dozen.
I thoroughly recommend the game and consider it a benchmark but as with too many FPS's the game play is patchy and goes from the brilliant to the tedious.
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on 18 August 2015
as described 10/10
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