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3.7 out of 5 stars14
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2004
I like almost all of the tracks on this album. Even though I may never actually buy an album of any of the artists featured here (except Prodigy, whose back catalogue I've got pretty well covered), this album has selected a good mix of heavy tracks, roaring with throaty lyrics and roaring, menace-upon-you guitar. Even the less furious tracks have grown on me.
It's an album I've listened too plenty of times, but not an album for people that say things such as: 'that music will rot your brain' and 'ooh, this is giving me a headache'. Either your brain is stimulated by the metal guitar, or your ought to be elsewhere.
To top it all, the album ends with Marilyn Manson's instrumental score for the movie, and the tracks really are surprisingly good for background music. If only the movie was as thoughtfully constructed as this album.
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on 22 May 2002
What a soundtrack! Altho' it's not as good as Queen of the Damned it's still way up there! The songs that stand out the most are Slipknot's My Plauge, Coal Chamber's Something told me, Adema's every1, Fear Factory's Invisible Wounds, Static X's Anything but This & 5.O'S The Infinity. There are some bad points 2,like Mudvayne which is like soooo repetative!Then theres The Crystal Method & Method Man & Depeche Mode (now calm down Depeche fans i'm not dissin' em it's jus that that track doesn't seem to gel w/the rest of the soundtrack)
But if you ignore the bad points then you've got a piece of work. Marilyn Manson also takes ur breath away w/his 4 instrumentals. So every1 buy this sountrack. It's guaranteed to keep u up all night!
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on 16 March 2002
This soundtrack is like a godsend to me. In the rank of "The Matrix" soundtrack, filled with some brilliant tunes to hurts my ear drums for days. The Resident Evil soundtrack is a model for its genre, but if you are not into this kind of music (which is a mixture, but of the same new age generation.. i.e Slipknot, method man, ill nino) then you should try some other albums first, as this is an aquired taste.
The CD is filled with a number of top-names, my favourites being static-x, ill nino and fear factory. If you allready have the albums listed by the bands and feel this is not a bragin then you are wrong. for example, ill nino's "what comes around" has allready been used in many compilation albums because of its superb show of talent and uprising stars, but the guys at ResEv dont want to be "just another soundtrack of compilations". Number 11 on the CD is Ill nino-What comes around (day of the dead remix). Number 7 on the CD is Fear Factory- Invisible Wounds (The suture mix). Number 3 is Marylin Manson-The fight song (Slipknot Remix). Number 12 is Mudvayne-Dig (everything and Nothing Remix) and a number of others included.
This Soundtrack is a brilliant bargain and definitly worthy of its position in my music collection. It should be in yours too.
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on 25 March 2002
this is one of the best sound tracks i have ever listened to it has everything from slipknot to static-x who both are an exellent combination it is one of the best albums i have ever heard i think the best track on the album is ill nino they rule with thier cool song what comes around.
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on 23 February 2012
The origional soundtrack for the first of the resident evil series is one of my faves (along with number 4), the instrumentals by
marilynn manson are wicked, and theres a few other cheekey remixes of some popular classics. Any zombie lover should have
this in their collection!! Would highly recommend.
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on 16 August 2015
Terrible soundtrack. Only one good track which is the one by Marilyn Manson (the track you hear through most of the film). The rest is rock (great if you love that style), otherwise people wanting an atmospheric soundtrack would do wise to buy something better.
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on 29 March 2015
Honestly I must admit to having bought this soundtrack for the one track: Number 17 Resident Evil Main Theme!

Excellent Theme!
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on 17 September 2015
As with most of my orders it was from Zoverstocks and as usual an excellent service, very happy with my order.
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on 23 December 2003
Sorry to give you an essay to read, but this is the most detailed way i can think of to review. I dont know many of the artsists on the c.d. so i wont realy be expecting anything from them, if i think they're good ill say so, but if not its most likely to be my particular taste in music getting in the way. but i still hope to bring you an accurate review
I will be reviewing the Songs individually then the whole c.d. as a whole. queen
just an intro not much to say about it apart from that it is kind of spooky with the little girl saying"your all going to die down here"
2.Slipknot - My Plague (new abuse mix)
Well this was one of my favourites when i still liked slipknot, it has a hard guitar accompanyment is parts. The song as a whole is quite good, but i still believe that the original on iowa is better, this song seems to have been edited the hell out of and then called a remix. Not wonderful, but ok.(3 out of 5 star)
3.Marilyn Manson - Fight song (slipknot remix)
YAY the first manson song, anyway err this song was my first taste of mansons and i loved it so i suppose i have a kind of biased view on it, but back to the point. I belive that this song is better than the original, its got a better structure to it, its not all over the place, and its alot darker than the orignal, so it is perfect for the resident evil soundtrack. Great song, reccomend to any manson fans or anyone beggining to be interested in this genre of music because it really started me off.(5 out of 5 star - in my biased opinion :D )
(im begginging to wonder whether or not this will be under 100 words :s)
4.Coal Chamber - Something Told Me
eeeeerm, yesh ok then. I think this song will be given a very big OK. its ok as a song but it almost seems to be missing something, im not that fond of it more or less because the singer just sounds like he's gonna have a really sore throat after this. some parts are good, but overall it seems alright.(3 of 5 star)
5.The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game
This song just gives me the picture of someone walking down a road with a gun in their long leather jacket. the song is good, but i think it could only be properly appreciated if i was synched to a motion picture of some kind.(3 out of 5 star)
6.Adema - Everyone
This song is ok, it is a little repetitive, but who cares its a good song, its well constructed, and they've used their instruments and effects well. it has some parts where it could be seen as dark, but it's not really. good song.(4 out of 5 star)
7.Fear Factory - Invisible wounds (the suture mix)
the first copy i got of this skipped all the time so its gonna be difficult to block out thinking about the area's of the song where it screwed up. This song is good. they use the instruments well and its all put together really well, the only thing is there is one bit that really annoys me, at about 2:34 when he tries to scream, that really makes me want to turn it off, but apart from that the rest of it is ok.(4 out of 5 star)
8.Static-x - Anything but this
oooooh, we have a traditional screaming song. about 8 on my scream-o-tron. well its a very hyper song, it is quite repetitive, but hey, he's screaming so much you just cant tell what he's actually saying anyway. As a asong i dont think its that great but it would be good in a fight scene of a film.
(i havent actually seen resident evil by the way)(3 out of 5 star)
9.Rammstein - Halleluja
not bad. i thought as rammstein it would just be really undistinguishable and not taht good, but its ok, the use of the girl/woman singing halleluja at certain intervals gives it that sort of creepy addition, but it is a little hard to be a creepy song. this is alright. (4 out of 5 star for being unexpectedly ok)
10. Depeche mode - Dirt
its the kind of song that keeps you waiting for it to get really good, then you get one extra effect and you just keep waiting until you realise the song is over, its very atmospheric, but not really what i'd call music. (3 out of 5 star)
11.Ill Niño - What comes around
I like this song. Its good, it has the sort of variations in tone and sound level, it has the whole storm factor to it that makes it great, so of course it has the eye of the storm bit, a little dissapointing, but who cares the rest of the song is great.(5 out of 5 star)
12.Mudvayne - Dig (everything and nothing remix)
Hm another half-hearted scream song. If you like it i dont really agree with you. the whole halfscreaming really fast thing doesnt really work with me and then they echo it too. no. sorry i dont like this one (2 out of 5 star)
13.Method Man - Release Yo' Self (prodigy mix)
errm. ok then, not ym category of music, whoever this guy is i dont like him. hmm if they kept it instrumental i honestly would mind, but it is just too acted, he seems so fake in it. i think will just be one of those songs that i press forward to. (2 out of 5 star, not very good)
14. Saliva - 800
hm, it's nothing special, it passes as ok, but at this point ive had a few disssapointments and am beginning to loose interest in this c.d. (3 out of 5, O.K.)
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on 2 October 2002
There is no compilation, let alone soundtrack, that can compare with this album in terms of quality. Don't let the bands put you off this album, even Slipknot managed to sound like they can make quality music with the mix of 'My Plague'. 'Fight Song' is one of those all time classics, from the before 'Tainted Love' era of Mazza. Coal Chamber get a cracker on here too, with the seriously infectious 'Something Told Me'. Adema managed to sound good, and Fear Factory came up with the best song on the album, with great inputs from Static X and especially Rammstein to follow. One the downside though, the mixing of 'What Comes Around' by Ill Nino and 'Dig' by Mudvayne ruined two perfectly good songs... and 'Dig' sounds boring. All in all though, an excellent album, for those who have acquired the taste for this sort of music, recommended to anyone.
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