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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 11 May 2002
Being rated the best football game, ISS 2 is really stunning in terms of its graphical presentation and game play, it is very close to another Konami soccer production Winning Eleven series (known as Pro Evolution Soccer in the Europe). There are four unmaned stadia, which are finely modeled, players also look realistic from far distance, you can recognise (Zidane and Petit) straightaway.
In my opinion the dribbling is realistically modeled and a distinct feature of ISS series. It makes running with the ball alot tougher than in FIFA series. In ISS2, the physical aspects of the ball are accurately captured. Shooting and long pass are controlled by a power meter (so as FIFA 2002). However, the shooting is no longer as easy as FIFA, it is all about timing and control of the power meter. The passing is relatively easier to execute, there is no power control in pass system(except long pass).
There are also plenty of options to choose from, we can go for a friendly match, international league, world league. More importantly, the ability to customise a tournament and create our star player.
The AI of the players (both your team mates and opponents) is fine tuned. Your team mate will really get into position as you issue different formation and strategy. The opponents' marking a tough when the game is set to Real Hard difficulty. However, there is no frustration as in FIFA, where in the professional or world class mode, the opponents can pass accurately and fast (you cannot really intercept), or score from outside the box when you have defenders marking them.
One strange thing I cannot understand is why the commentators only mention the names of European footballers' name. I only hear the calling of shirt number, when I use non-european football teams.
If you demand a realistic gameplay, the Konami's ISS series is still simply the best choice for any football gamer.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 10 May 2002
ISS2 is the follow up to the series of games that were on the N64.
Football games are on consoles seem to come out every month.
Konami however had find a winning formula in producing the best football
this was even against EA's licensed driven and over-the-top commercial game FIFA.
They say nothings last forever, in what many other friend have called a
poor version. Konami have produced a shabby, unworthy game on the Nintendo's
superb console the Gamecube.
The graphics are great and so are the sound. The main problem comes in
the gameplay stinks so much it makes me feel sick. The movement of players
is terrible and it seems the players have no life of their own. This is one
of the worst rushed games on Gamecube and hopefully the last. The control system is cool
but the controls sluggish. The manual does not tell everything in the game and
that becomes annoying.
I guess we better wait for virtua striker 3 or soccer slam for sega
Sorry Gamecube fans we have been shafted.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 May 2002
Well where do i start. I am a big fan of ISS and have been an avid iss'er since its first debut on the snes. First things first, this is ISS 2, the sequel to the first ISS on the PS2 (I THINK ANYWAY). This is NOT Pro Evolution Soccer nor is it ISS64. In fact this is a mix of both. and the end result? Not too good im afraid. It's a mix of simulation and arcade and i'm afraid it just does not work as well as you would have liked it to. Konami should really have concentrated on making either a sim or arcade version of it. I would have been totally happy if they did a straight port of the n64 classic. Never the less, its still a good kick about, and the best one on GC for sure. Graphically, very good and very solid. The players look like their real life counterparts and move in a very realistic manner. the controls are great and very responsive, making game play easy. Though scoring is hard as the shot bar is very sensitive and most of your shots will fly right over the stadia. It's more harder to run past players and the game runs at a slower pace than any of the previous iss games on the N64. But its come out at a good time (world cup in May 2002- like you didn't know!) and is miles better than FIFA. Also when you take freek kicks et al there are no arrows! It's things like this which stop this from becoming a classic. Lets hope part three can re-address these niggles and with a bit more variety i.e. extra modes and more teams (ISS 2000 had over 80!)that may become a classic. if your a big fan of ISS, then give it a try. Worth a rent first though.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2002
This is a great game and in my opinion is better than the Fifa range of football games. The graphics are excellent throughout with realistic players who are instantly recognisable both on the pitch and on the detailed menu screens. The action on the pitch is seamless and fast with the 2-player mode causing plenty of shouting at each other especially as bad tackles come flying in from all angles and the red cards get dished out. The fact that there are so many options and variations in gameplay mean that you will keep coming back for more.
The control system is remarkably easy to use despite nearly all the buttons on the controller being functional while on pitch and therefore good goals can be scored from just about anywhere. You are rewarded for playing short passes rather than lumping the ball forward and when you get one-twos flowing between your team you feel like you could win the world cup in real life with your new-found football prowess.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 May 2002
Ever since the days of the Super Nintendo Konami has brought us the only real challange to EA's Fifa seris. ISS2 is back in Gamecube guise now and show cases exquiste graphics with great sound and solid gameply. ISS2 beats Fifa hands down on gameplay, while you can still pick up ISS2 and play it straight away you will find that the more you play it the more you come to appricate it. For example you will soon learn how split defences open with a well timed through ball or how to curl the perfect free kick from 25 yards. All in all if you want a footbal game thats fast, rewarding and good fun to play you couldnt do any better than International Superstar Soccer 2.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 21 January 2006
This game is a lot of fun when playing multiplayer. The gameplay is so basic but this is an advantage. It eradicates the chances of a Pro evo expert winning against a football game virgin. It's hard to get a rhythm with the ball when in possession, meaning you cant just run and score with the same technique like in Pro evo. I thought that Pro evo 3 couldn't be beaten as a multiplayer football game. It's a great development from the classic ISS on the old SNES. The only snag with this game is no club teams. Buy this if you want a good arcade game to play with mates. An absolute bargain here too.
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on 9 May 2002
Having played the original ISS on the N64 and also the respective sequels that appeared later on, I was deeply looking forward to this release. I loved ISS 98. I thought that it was the best football game that I have ever played (and I've played quite a few). The aspect that struck me the most about the original games was the playability factor. It was the first football that I have ever played that even comes close to being like a proper football match. The controls were also intutitive and almost flawless.
And so, we come to ISS 2. Upon first play I was slightly perturbed. The game dynamics just aren't the same as the N64 versions. I think that they're probably more like the N64 than the Playstation version, but it didn't seem half as fluid and (unless you turn the game speed right up) quite sluggish.
However, after a few more plays it started to make more sense. Other than the weird way in which you curve the ball (bring the old Z trigger back!!) the controls are beautiful. This probably has more to do with the absolutely gorgeous GC pad than the actual layout of the controls themselves, but it still is lovely.
Shooting also seems to be a lot easier to get your head around in this version. I remember in ISS 98 how hard it was to score an easy goal. It was either a screamer or an amazing save by the goalkeeper. This version seems to have addressed this fully.
Unfortunately the game seems to be full of a number of nasty and irritating bugs. The players just seem to stop now and again for no reason and you can't control players in the same way as you could in the originals. For example, when you play a through ball and you need the player to actually change his computer controlled direction and run onto the ball you just simply can't. You change the selected played with the left shoulder button. And it looks as though you have control of the player that you want, but you can't do anything with him at all. He just keeps on being computer controlled. It is something that is very annoying and something that the designers should've definitely done something about. It is a BIG oversight. It's a shame really, because this could of been THE best football game ever. If only it wasn't for the little glitches. But as it stands it's still not as good as the 98 or the millenium version (which was nigh on exactly the same as the 98 version).
But, I'm glad I bought it, it's a good laugh, and probably the best reason to own a GC at the moment.
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on 7 May 2002
I would advise anyone thinking of buying this to wait until Virtua Striker 2002 is released in a couple of weeks time. If you're a fan of the ISS series you will find this very disappointing... and if you aren't a fan, you will wonder what all the fuss is about.
Visually, ISS2 is sloppy. The animation is poor, often missing out whole frames. Players frequently take control of balls that appear to be several feet away from them.
As far as gameplay goes, the AI is suspect. Players are regularly found out of position and the goalkeeping is all too often laughable - you will see many goals conceded after a harmless shot bounces off the keeper's body. Defending repeatedly feels like a random affair with the tackle buttons sometimes resulting in a clean tackle but other times drawing a foul - there seems to be little way of knowing which to expect.
Konami appear to have learned little from EA in terms of in-game options. ISS2 has fewer ways to play than usual for the series; gone are the scenarios, gone is the chance to change the width of the pitch, the number of players on a team or the skill level of the goalkeepers.
Your only choices are a world cup mode, a european cup mode and an americas cup mode. Oh, and a pathetic custom mode that allows for a league involving just EIGHT teams.
Perhaps I'm being hard on this game for a three-star review but I wanted to highlight the bad aspects of ISS2 as a warning to those who make a purchase based on the good reputation of the series.
It's certainly playable, good for a bit of a laugh but it's the first ISS game to fall below the standards of FIFA. And I'm pretty sure that Virtua Striker 2002 will stand head-and-shoulders above both.
Some people might enjoy this but do not consider buying it until you have checked out the competition.
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on 4 August 2002
A worthy addition to the ISS series on the N64, however, this lacks the fluidity of (in my opinion) the greatest football game of all time, Iss2 on the N64. ISS2000 was a disapointment, it lacked the immediacy possessed previously, and also didn't allow for the improvement in skill and tactical levels. This game continues on the same vein, you WON'T enjoy your first few goes, the ball physics will frustrate you, the computer will seem too good, the player changing is unbelievably bad (a problem in their games, come on Konami sort it out!). But, as always, there is a feature which draws you in, (not the appaling movie sequences, thankfully skipable), in this case, it is the ai of the game. The way teams respond to being ahead or behind, to a quick attack buoying your spirits after a few minutes of being under the cosh, to becoming lazy when you think the game is over, is sensational. I also like the waggly goalmouth replay camera. For the more visceral players, it would be nice to be able to turn off the ref for friendlies. But the game, when it lets you in, does make you work for possession, earn space, adapt tactically, use players where they are best suited, even strike the ball with the correct foot, and in the correct point of the stride. Great stuff, but not outstanding. Back to the drawing board Konami, give us a cross between this and ISS2 on the N64, with better player changing, and no cut sequences, and you will be truly king. Ps, play as Argentina, they rock.
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on 7 May 2002
It starts well, with lots of teams / options as we like it. The sound starts well to, providing good quality dance tracks to get you up for it. Lovely menu screens taking you through each stage individualy allowing you the normal choices inc. the must have 4 player mode of course.
The swoop down to the field is sweet with 3d flags flying on the crowd, lovely details through out this game. The replays are sensational, with the option to fly around the players posistioning the camera in amongst the players in real time or in slo mo. The comentary is some of the best I've heard on a games console (different tones for the same words!) - all though they do tend to say "forward" enough times you'll want to turn the comentary off!
But despite this being an enjoyable game the gameplay lets it down soooo much. It is the "nearest person to the ball" option that is at fault. Normally with games like this (Fifa) you press a button and become the nearest person to the ball, well this is semi automatic. And not very good. You can change this in the options but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Plus the players seem to have a mind of their own. If you change to the nearest player he may be in your control straight away, some times not all.
It had so much potential let down by some dodgy control flaws. I would check out Fifa before buying this, and maybe even Virtua Soccer out later this year.
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