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on 29 October 2008
The alliance storyline really kicked in around march 2001 and died on this night in 2001,it had probably gone on too long in truth,the ecw/wcw pool of wrestlers wasnt always the best and the way they went about winning their matches wasnt always easy on the eye or indeed the rule book,one thing was clear when this all started,this was a chance for vince mcmahon to gloat on how he bought WCW and ruined ECW,this was a chance for vince to showboat with the world watching as opposed to the confines of his office where he must have felt like the ruler of all,and he was right.
Anyway,the event was a success even if the storyline was becoming a little stale,in fact this event is one of the best in the past ten years.
The event opened with christian who was the european champion,defending it against al snow,ah all the matches were allicance vs WWF by the way.This match was really good,a classic encounter that emphasised that al snow was better than some of his matches from this era would suggest,a topsy turvy encounter with some great skills on show,a perfect opener.
William regal fought tajiri next in a very short confrontation but what it lacked in time it more than made up for in attitude,there was a nasty feel to it and i liked that,the following night regal would do something even nastier,thats included on the dvd extras which aint bad by the way.
A title unification match was up next involving the united states championship and the intercontiental championship was up next,one of these belts would die on this night,not forever though,anyway,edge and test were the men involved and again i must say test impressed me,at times during his tenure with the company i found him very poor,scott steiner may have helped that idea grow in my mind but he found a great man to fight in edge and this match was pretty special.
Another unification match followed for the WCW tag team titles as worn by the dudleys who went up against the WWF tag champs the hardys,this match was fought in a steel cage.This match was excellent with a eye melting ending that has to be seen,these two teams fought themselves into the ground,yes the blood doesnt flow but energy and passion does and this is a quality match.
An immunity battle royal followed featuring an array of alliance and WWF wrestlers,the winner would find himself in a good place for a year here as he couldnt be fired,this was a fun match with some good spots and a high level of entertainment,very good.
The vacant womans title was sorted out with a winner in a six pack match,simply means six women fought for it,it was actually pretty good,a testament to the quality of the night.
A five on five,traditional survivor series rules match featured next in our main event,the winning team would put the other out of business,that was the stipulation,it was team alliance vs team WWF.The WWF team was made up of the big show,chris jericho,kane,the undertaker and the rock and the alliance was made up of kurt angle,stonecold,rob van dam,booker t and shane mcmahon,now i know what you re thinking,believe me,it dawned on me also,the alliance team was hrdly the face of the WCW when it was ahead of WWF at all levels but that didnt matter on this night because we were treated to an epic match,a match with blinding moves,no cheap pins,everything had to be earnt,this was a thrilling encounter,yes the winning team was never in doubt,the world and its dog knew who would win but this was a classic match,no doubt,a superb event.
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on 24 March 2004
What a pay per view, especially the last match, which is one of the best ever, and worth buying the DVD for alone.
Match 1 - Al Snow Vs. Christian - European Title - No story behind it at all, it just appeared on the card, and wasn't a bad match, it's also where I realised how evil Christian's finisher is. 7/10
Match 2 - Tajiri Vs. William Regal - I really liked this match, even though it was a bit short, it is entertaining watching a cruiserweight go up against a heavyweight. 8/10
Match 3 - Edge Vs. Test - Intercontinental/U.S. Title - This was another great match, excitement a plenty on display here between two great competitiors. 8/10
Match 4 - Hardy Boys Vs Dudleys - Tag Team Championship Cage Match - Fantastic match here, with an unbelievable ending, I wont tell you what happens, but it'll leave you thinking, 'Jeff Hardy, You're a Fruitcake.' 10/10
Match 5 - 22 Man Immunity Battle Royal - It was pretty obvios from the start who was going to win this match, but it's still fairly entertaining. 7/10
Match 6 - Lita Vs. Jaqueline Vs. Trish Vs. Ivory Vs. Mighty Molly Vs. Jazz - Womens Title - A mediocre match at best, and without doubt the worst of the night, but it doesn't last too long. 4/10
Match 7 - Team Alliance: Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Shane McMahon Vs. Team WWF: The Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show - The atmosphere was electric, as the looser would be gone for ever, either WCW or WWF, the giants of the wrestling world, and we know now obviously who wins, but it was pretty tense at the time. No prizes for guessing which two guys are left at the end of it, but the match throughout is amazing, as is the end. 10+++/10
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on 7 October 2014
I remember watching this back in the November of 2001 when I was still in primary school and years on later it still has that spark of excitement every time I watch it.

WWF Survivor Series 2001 is one of the true great Survivor Series pay-per-views of all time, with it all on the line in the five on five winner take all Survivor Series elimination match up.
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on 13 April 2010
This was by far the best Survivor Series in WWF and WWE history!
The last match was suberb! The rivalry between the two brands was amazing !!!
Lived up to expectations 10/10
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on 14 January 2006
christian vs al snow
Decent match good opener. 5.5/10
tajiri vs regal
a good match highlight was tajiri doing the hangman. 6.5/10
edge vs test intercontinental/us title good match alot of good moves.8/10
hardyz vs dudleyz world/wcw tag team titles
great cage match some good highspots great ending will leave you shouting at the tv jeff climb down you idiot.10+/10
battle royal
good match with winner being imune for a year whatever happens later 8.5/10
six-pack challenge womens title
good match especially for women. 6/10
wwe vs alliance winner takes all
the losers of the match would all be gone from wwe.
wwe:the rock, undertaker, kane, chris jericho, big show.
alliance:booker t, austin, kurt angle, rvd, shane mcmahon.
best match of the night, best match of the year, best match ever!... period!!! the most emotional match ever if you saw it on the night. 100/10
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on 3 January 2016
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on 11 August 2005
match 1 al snow vs christian
Christian a very good performance. al snow defintly is not a better wrestler than christian. never the less good opener 5/10
match 2
William Regal vs Tajiri
an ugly moment in this match when Tajiri gets his neck caught up in the rope regal destroys Tajiri (and torrie) 6/10
match 3
Edge vs Test
These to superb athelets go at it one on one. great moves great commitment shown all round 8.5/10
match 4
steel cage dudleyz vs haryz
Jeff hardy you idiot. thats all ill say 8/10
match 5
immunity battle royal
Test sneeks his way into this one a great brawl, to for the chance of immunity for one year awaiting the winner no matter the result of the 10 man elimination winner take all match later on in the evening. 6/10
match 6
womens championship
this saw jazz come into the wwe typical womens style wrestling 5.5/10
match 7
5 vs 5 winner take all elimination match
what can i say absolutly emotionaly draining if you actully saw the match on the night it happenedwhat a match of course match of the night from start to finish this is dramatic 10/10
If you are a proper wwf/e fan this dvd/video is for you great dvd with exras such as the raw after survivor series such as Ric Flair come into the wwe and mr mcmahon fire paul heyman and bring vack jerry 'the king' lawler
this dvd wont get boaring
get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you no u wont to
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on 10 February 2002
this has the team wwf vs team wcw/ecw with the rock getting the pin from snone cold for the wwf. it also has dudleys vs hardyz in a cage match where jeff hardy went through a table in the ring after doing a swanton from the top of the cage.test vs edge, and loads of other great matches, worth the money
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