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3.2 out of 5 stars11
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2002
The new Fields of the Nephilim album may well sound a little rough around the edges, but there is a good reason for this. Rather than being a new studio album, Fallen is a collection of outakes and demos released by the record company, having waited several years for Carl McCoy to submit new material, and is not officially endorsed or supported by the band. Being the perfectionist that he is, Mr McCoy is likely to be unhappy with this release. The recording is patchy in places and some tracks just don't feel complete.
However, far from being a blemish on the almost immaculate FoTN back catalogue, Fallen is not without it's merits. For the Fields to look back and attempt to emulate past success would be a pointless exercise for the band, who always prefer to look forward. What we're left with is several very impressive songs created over a number of years with a dark metal edge and dripping with atmosphere. Though it's more melodic and not as extreme as Zoon, Fallen retains the more modern, harsher sound, complete with thunderous double-bass drumming and fast, chunky riffs. Highlights include Hollow Doll, Premonition and the outstanding closing track, One More Nightmare.
Fallen is not for everyone - fans of the older work will likely feel obliged to buy it and some will be disappointed. The band have hinted that the TRUE fourth Nephilim release is forthcoming, but until then Fallen is a worthwhile purchase, especially if you liked Zoon and can accept the 'album' for what it is.
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on 25 October 2003
There has been a lot of hullabaloo over this CD. the loyal following of the nephilim have been waiting for an "offering" from their deity Carl McCoy for too long. The record company want to throw a few scraps to them, but carl the perfectionist only want his loyals to get the master piece they deserve. The CD has been collated from a few demos, studio ideas and odds and ends created lately, and as soon as the disk starts to play, it becomes obvious these recordings are unfinished. However, if this IS a "taster" of the new works, then it is a reassurance to the die hard Nephs that Carl and Co still maintain to be able to write powerful, dynamic and fresh rock music. Opening with "Dead to the World" (probably the most worked on / nearest to completion track on the LP), the obligatory sound FX from some horror movie blend into a looped melody that transforms seamlessly into a metal industrial jack hammer, tailing off nicely to "From the Fire". This track is an eye opener. It is a reflection of a great track, guts and all, but this recording clearly is missing some embellishments. A great progression, so malleable that it could build and build escalating in a head exploding climax. Perhaps if this is reworked, it may become "finished". Thirst follows on as a second part to From the Fire, clearly just a turn around of FTF (a play around idea?.... i think so). Darkcell AD follows. a power version of the old classic, no longer subtle but dark, angry and powerful. Was this the track the band "got back together" with. Track 5 subsanity, great discordant jangling guitars backed with a pounding mechanical drum, this could almost be "Killing Joke with a really bad attitude". Hollow Doll keeps the Killing Joke guitar settings, but falls into an elizium-esque register. Still experimenting with texture, Fallen is a classic example of ambience and mood though aural presentation. Still a working project "Deeper" is slightly patchy, not dynamically consistent with the multi track layers - still some great ideas but all over the place. Premonition, flirting with the backwards loops and quasi-orchestration is going to be a great base to something one day. It almost like a movie sequway. One More Nightmare - the classic Trees Come Down but Industrial. Still as powerful, but new and improved to be angrier. This track alone could almost be the wrath of god himself - fantastic, just needs polishing. so in a nutshell, if you are a Nephy unable to wait for what is in store for us, this is a great little taster. It shows the direction, register and thinking of Carl and Tony, and is a clear indication of what to expect, and at around a tenner is worthy of every penny (even if Carl doesn't want us to buy it). However, if you are looking to have a recording of one of the most dynamically structured, competent, powerful, textured and enthralling bands of all time, although this CD demonstrates that these qualities are still very much present, you may want to wait until they are polished and are presentable as their master intends.
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on 8 October 2002
I was looking forward to the return of the Neph for some time. Unfortunately I'm disappointed. It's been a while, and Carl and co are getting older, but I was hoping for some of the old magic, and it just isn't there. Yeah, there's some good tracks, but if you have anything else by the Neph, you'll know it - or at least a version of it. They seem to have reduced themselves to remixing their back catalogue to make up the number of tracks (Darkcell AD - good, and Tree's Come Down - very good).
To be honest, if you want to listen to the Neph, buy the excellent Elizium or From Gehenna TO Here. If you're buying because you're an old fan, well, it's another to the collection but is not very exciting.
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on 23 October 2002
Speaking as a fan of the band, it is good to see some new (and not so new) material. However, it didn't bode well to see that it was not being endorsed by the band, who claim they weren't ready for it to be issued. To be honest, it does have a slightly unfinished feel about it; both the music and the sleeve design. The latter is definitely not up to the normal standard and as for the former....
Well, on first listening I was not enormously impressed but having now listened a few times I am growing to like it more and more. It does not reach the peaks of "The Nephilim", but it has got some good tracks. "Hollow Doll" and "Fallen" are the stand out new tracks and the reworks of "Darkcell" and "Trees Come Down" are both excellent. The rest of it is a bit samey but not at all bad providing you like heavy guitar backed up with electronic effects and Carl McCoy's distinctive voice.
Creatively a step forward from "Zoon" but they've got a way to go to hit their previous heights. If you are a fan then get it. If you don't know then get "The Nephilim" and if you like that then try "Fallen".
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on 15 October 2002
First thing to say is that in a recent release on the Nephilim website the Nephilim state that they do not endorse this album or the single that was released before it and that a "proper" new ablum will be out in due time when they are happy with its content. So something a lot better should be on the way. It appears that this CD comprises of early recordings and demos of songs that may appear on the new album. Most of the songs certainly sound unfinished, a few sound like they were recored at the time of Nefilims Zoon. In my opinion there is one song on the CD that shows that some of the old Nephilim magic may still be there, that song is "Hollow Doll" it also sounds rough and unfinished, but in my view has the potential to be a classic Nephilim song if it ever gets finished.
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on 12 October 2002
The original name may has returned, but this is more Nefilim than FotN, following firmly in the Zoon lineage. For me, the highlight of Fields never was Carl's singing or even the lyrics, rather the splendid guitar soundscapes, sometimes anthemic, often intricate, and which changed mood and tempo across a single "song". Not here. The guitar playing on Fallen is limited and uninspired, mainly the droning metallic chug-chug that backed most of Zoon. Save from "Shine", I didn't like Zoon, and I don't much like this. Not appalling, not great, and certainly not true Fields.
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on 15 October 2002
Oh dear. The mighty Nephilim have fallen indeed. This is basically a demo tape thrown together by the record company (Jungle) of tracks that they've managed to get hold of from Carl McCoy & co. Unfortunately, Jungle seem to have neglected to tell the band that they were going to release this and so trouble is-a-brewin'. But the tracks are still from the Nephilim, and so they do represent at least part of the creative period of the last 6 years (although some tracks have been around even longer in various guises). And I'm afraid that the creation is massively disappointing. Listen to the Nephilim's last studio album 'Elizium', compare it to this, and then base your assessment on it's quality. They are not in the same league. Even McCoy's solo effort in 1996 'Zoon' was, despite all its faults, an energetic and original creation that promised much for the future. 'Fallen', however, sounds dated and lacks the best elements that have always made up the music of The Nephilim. There are quality moments: the intro. 'Dead to the World' is a superbly atmospheric opening that draws you into the Neph's secret, darkened world and leaves you waiting to be submerged. But the submersion from thereon is a very inadequate lurch through a quagmire of stolid tracks that lack direction or cohesion. It is a single-paced drudge without any of the beauty of 'Elizium' or 'The Nephilim' or even any of the raw energy of 'Dawnrazor'. Listen to 'Vet for the Insane' from 'Dawnrazor' and tell me any track on 'Fallen' is 1/4 as good. There is a saving grace in the final track, 'One More Nightmare', the single from last year, which thumps, grinds and is really quite genuinely nasty (in a good way!). But this began life 16 years ago as 'Trees Come Down', so is hardly representative of new work. And anyway, that still leaves 8 tracks in between 1 and 10 that are wholly uninspired. I would like to think that The Nephilim will quickly produce a real studio album and surprise us all with a newly defined sound... but it probably aint gonna happen. At least we have the past.
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on 19 September 2008
If you're not already familiar with the music od McCoy, Pettit, Wright, Yates and Wright, then I wouldn't start with this CD. I like it, I do, there are some great tracks on there, but they are unfinished, and I can totally understand why McCoy really isn't happy that this was released. It would be like someone selling off my colour sketches and not the paintings themselves.
Buy this when you've heard Dawnrazor, Nephilim, and Elizium and just want to complete your collection.
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on 16 August 2013
As a continued fan of fotn. fallen has been considered a controversial addition to Nephilim cannon of albums, However I was impressed with the final outcome. In terms of the album's content it's a combination of the classic neph sound and the harder edge of zoon. If you didn't like Zoon; then you probably won't like this album. Die hard collectors' only. 8 out of 10.
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on 12 June 2015
When I heard this was not considered to be an album I was amazed, the remake of Trees Come Down (one more nightmare) sounds really good and From the Fire has some amazing lyrics. Worth a purchase for fans of the band or of alternative rock.

This came way before the suggested delivery time, extremely happy
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