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3.8 out of 5 stars13
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2002
Off the back of the top 3 smash AM to PM comes new RnB sensation Christina Milian's sensational self-titled debut album. Almost entirely self written and produced, Milian is no pop puppet and she shows the pouting likes of Jennifer Lopez and Pink how it's done on this remarkably good debut album. Opener and US single Getaway features ubiquitous rapper JA rule, whose lazy drawl complements Christina's sensual vocals well. This is followed by AM to PM, the best party song of the year to date. Sassy and topical "When you look at me" is a future smash, as are the brilliantly produced dumping songs "You make me laugh" and "Twitch," which sounds like a future number one. But ballads also feature on this record, and Christina handles them with similar aplomb. "Thank you" is the best, an ode to all the people who helped her get where she is today. "Till i get over you" and "it hurts when..." are also great. laid back mid-tempo songs "Spending time" and "A girl like me" (which cleverly twists around the well worn dont trust your man message of the likes of Destiny's Child and Blu Cantrell) ooze with Milians natural charm, and bonus track "your last call" is a storming finisher, again excellently produced by the young prodigy. At the moment Milian may find it hard to shine through the haze of sassy young RnB singers who flood the charts. But give her time, a few singles down the line she'll be a premier league pop superstar.
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on 3 April 2004
What we have here is the debut release from hot young R'n'B star, Christina Milian. Signed to Def Soul Recordings, expectations for this album were extremely high, and so to the time and money that Milian's label put behind the LP. Unfortunatley for her, the album was a disaster in the country which her label wanted it to be a hit in, the USA. It's video's dropped out of rotation, radio seemed to hate the material and it's sales were sluggish and never picked up. That said, she found a huge following in both the UK and Europe, and singles 'AM to PM' and 'When You Look At Me' were both huge Top 5 smashes, and helped to push the album up to platinum status.
The album truly is a mixed bag. Here are some excellent songs that show what potential young Christina has, but other's are suggesting that she will be lucky to see a third, or even second album. Stand out tracks include (obviously) the two singles 'AM to PM' and 'When You Look At Me', both of which are very enjoyable and Milian has performed them down to perfection. But non-singles that stand out are 'Twitch' - an edgy R'n'B song that sounds like it should be on the TLC 'FanMail' album - it even has the digital voice of Vic-E (hardcore TLC fans will know what I'm talking about ;-). 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' offers a banging instrumental and feel-good lyrics. It sounds more like a slick UK Garage track and wouldn't be out of place on an Artful Dodger record. Actually, its my personal favourite and I think it's an outstanding edition to the album. 'A Girl Like Me' puts Milian firmly back in Hip-Hop Flavoured R'n'B land, however and is a very worthy edition. Nice flow to it and the Jermaine Dupri appearance is hot. I am in two minds about 'You Make Me Laugh', because although I can relate to the song and I like the instrumental, there are a few things that bug me about it. Firstly, the hideously cliche'd use of 'Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones, But your Words will never Hurt Me' throughout the song make it cringe worthy. 'Got To Have You' is another simply great feel-good track though, and again the instrumental here is nice and original, I love the use of violin's on that track.
It was difficult to rate this album. The tracks I like, which I mentioned, would make it worthy of a 5 if they were backed up by equally good material but they are not. The rest of this album is simply weak. It feels as though Milian has missed the boat, the likes of Ashanti who she is competing for the same market with went just before her and frankly, had a higher quantity of decent material. I would say that this shows Milian's potential, but it's obvious from the quality here and the sales it reached that her sophomore album really will be make or break.
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on 28 February 2004
Christina Milian was a bubbly RnB singer with attitude! She bursted onto the scene with the infectious tracks: "AM to PM" and "When You Look At Me" and also dueted with Romeo or Harvey (can't remember which one!) on an rnb track. She is now dropped from her record label and presents MTV. This album is a mixture of pop and RnB, where Christina borrows some elements from Britney and other pop artists. Her harmonious vocals sound much like Aaliyah, Mya, Brandy and other talented black songtresses, therefore Christina fails to spark out as a unique singer, especially on her bland ballads.. However, this is a great album for pop and rnb fans.. Christina undoubtedly shows how great she is when singing the hard hitting, urban RnB tracks!
1. Get Away - feat. Ja Rule-(8/10) An excellent track with great mature vocals from Christina. She sounds quite grown up on here. Very slow but funky track sounding similar to other Ja Rule collaborations. Ja Rule spoils the track.. He raps in the identical style in which he does in his other collaborations.. This would have sounded much better without his input!
2. AM to PM-(10/10) The cool poppy RnB dance-track about dancing all night long! Great lyrics, chorus, rhythm and beats.
3. When You Look At Me- (10/10) Bouncy RnB track with a funky beat and an extremely catchy chorus. Excellent lyrics about how "looks can be deceiving."
4. Spending Time - feat. Charli 'Chuck' Baltimore- (7/10) Sounds like a sultry, toned down version of "Gangsta Lovin" by Eve and Alicia Keys.. This RnB ballad is quite bland..
5. It Hurts When....-(7/10) A filler RnB track which is quite bland. Christina fails to spark any attention here..
6. You Make Me Laugh-(10/10) This RnB track has the attitude of Brandy's "What About Us" and the fiestiness of Britney. Vocals, lyrics and music production sound great; the chorus "YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!" sounds great!
7. A Girl Like Me - feat. Jermaine Dupri-(10/10) A great sultry RnB track sounding very much like Mariah Carey. The chorus is good and vocals from Christina sound mature. A slow but funky rhythm with strong beats.
8. Twitch-(7/10) Funky RnB track with a bit of "Try Again" by Aaliyah.. There's also hints of Mya here.. Bit bland and boring.
9. Until I Get Over You-(10/10) This cold, heartwarming ballad is a nice one 2 listen to on a cold, winter day. Music production is great with the intense violins and harps. Christina's vocals are also great filled with pure emotion. HearSay's "Show Me The Way 2 Ur Love" springs to mind..
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed-(7/10) This sugar coated garage track sounds a bit like "Sweet Like Chocolate" by Shanks and Bigfoot. Lyrics and vocals here are a bit weak and this track fails to spark out as strong.
11. Got To Have You-(10/10) This fierce RnB track unites techno special effects, classical music and heavy RnB beats to produce an RnB wonder. Lyrics and vocals are great, and the chorus is very catchy.
12. Thank You-(7/10) Harmonious ballad with great lyrics. Sounds quite like a typical filler RnB ballad. Not that special.
13. Your Last Call-(7/10) This RnB track is another throbbing tune with attitude. Special effects are used again to make this fiesty and fierce. Bit boring to listen to..
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on 28 April 2003
Christina Milian's first album is an extremely mixed debut, and she seems to be one of those annoying artists who just releases the good singles mostly! Aaaagh! So, if you're considering buying this, I would exercise extreme caution - it's not all r'n'b rockers...
Singles 'AM to PM' and 'When You Look At Me' are absolutely fantastic, and the two that helped Christina break into the mainstream. However, the track before these two, 'Get Away', features the omnipresent Ja Rule. He ruins the song 'Get Away' with his dire rapping on it. Otherwise, 'Get Away' would have been a great track. It just lingers in the many mediocre ones on the album.
Christina has a habit of having bad artists appear on this album to ruin her songs. 'Spending Time' is ruined by Charli Baltimore, and 'A Girl Like Me' is put in the bad section thanks to Jermaine Dupri.
Christina also moves into balladry on her eponymous debut. 'It Hurts When...' and 'Until I Get Over You' are definitely the best of the ballads. Christina, by no means, has a voice like Whitney, Mariah or that other famous Christina, but these ballads are well-suited to her voice, and she conveys the heartache through her voice well. Her ballads are much like Mya's on 'Fear Of Flying'.
The best two songs on the album are down and out r'n'b songs. 'Twitch' is fantastic, about catching a cheater out, and reminds me of something that the late Aaliyah would do. 'You Make Me Laugh' is about a so-called friend who has been spreading malicious gossip around, and if you're ever down, this will pick you up. These tracks are great.
Of the others, well, they linger in the realms of mediocrity once again, and they are all found after 'Until I Get Over You', on the back end of the track. Luckily, there are only four of them. Of those four, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' and 'Your Last Call' just about make the mark. 'Got To Have You' and 'Thank You' don't. Bland, bland, bland!
Overall, Miss Milian's debut is a very varied bag indeed. Some songs are absolutely fantastic and you'll have them on repeat for half an hour! Others are just not too good. Sometimes just through blandness, others are Christina trying to do hardcore r'n'b but failing, like with 'A Girl Like Me'. So, don't say you haven't been warned if you don't get what you wanted, but if you get it, I hope you like it.
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on 20 November 2006
I don't actually own any other Christina Milian albums, so I can't compare this to them.
This is definitely the style of music that I love. This CD is full of hip hop/pop sounding songs.
Christina has contributed to writing some of the tracks from this, she also wrote the song "play" for J lo.
My favorite tracks include, AM to PM and when you look at me.
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I love this album, it has everything an r'n'b/pop fan could want. Most of the songs are fast (ala Am To Pm), my favourite upbeat tunes would be *got to have you* *when you look at me* and *your last call*. There are 3 slow ballads, perfect for chilling and some really AMAZING pure r'n'b hits.
My absolute favourite songs are *a girl like me* *spending time* *get away* and *twitch*. Its definetly worth the money , get this album now, what are you waiting for! :-)
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on 6 September 2008
The songs on this cd don't sound all that different from one another or from what other people have on offer but don't let that detract from the fact that the tracks are nice to listen to and lively and uplifting.I'm going to buy another of Christina's cds -she's certainly worth having a listen to.If you watch the film Be Cool ( John Travolta,Uma Thurman,Christina and others) you'll see her singing and dancing on stage with the lead singer of the band Aerosmith - so she's quite a versatile performer.
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on 8 February 2002
Christina has what it takes to get tha summer groove on...Fresh dance groove that you can pop in your ride and cruise...She's got that Mya, J-Lo, Ashanti mix goin' on!! I'm feelin' it, no doubt!!
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on 12 October 2002
Christina Milian undoubtedly has the potential to be one of the biggest stars of the new generation. She has the singing/songwriting combination which mean she can be classed as a true artist, unlike alot of the manufactured stuff around today. The only thing is, this album is lacking something to truly showcase that potential. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent album, but I can't help feeling she could have done much better. Get Away is a very good track, calling in a favour I think Ja owed her for the hook on "Between Me & U". Apart from that, most of the tracks are average. "AM to PM" and "When You Look At Me" have been killed on the radio, and are blatantly made for that. The ballads on this album are ok, but lack a certain edge. Overall, sadly this album fails to reach above average on my ratings, nevertheless a good album.
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on 14 February 2002
This album has it all! Great tracks including her hit AM to PM. There is a mixture of R n B tracks with the album also featuring artists such as Ja Rule and Artful Dodger. This is a must buy album! Perfect If your a R n B fan.
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