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4.8 out of 5 stars41
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2002
Recorded live at the Fillmore in San Francisco in December 2000, this is a double DVD with 25 songs in total, and is, frankly, awesome. The quality of the video, the audio, graphics, & song selection are near perfect, and unlike a lot of music DVDs/videos, the camera actually focuses on the guitar playing, so you can really apreciate what he's doing, showing off his amazing techniques. In fact, it's almost like being at one of Joe's concerts. Bass players can delight in the prescence of Stu Hamm, who gets a solo spot on disc 2. Perhaps even more noteworthy though, is that you get the whole of Joe's as yet unreleased (planned for June) new album! It doesn't get much better than this! Essential.
Extra features:
3 multi angled tracks - Time/Devil Slide/Crush of love
"Backstage" piece, where Joe talks about Jimi & his setup.
Stand out tracks: Satch Boogie, Circles, One Big Rush, The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, Surfing with the Alien.
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on 13 January 2003
This is a fantastic DVD. I was at the Irish leg of his 'Engines of Creation' tour and the set list (and the memories!) are the same. From the opening bars of 'Time' through to 'Rubina', it's an inspiring musical journey and a pleasure to watch this virtuoso again. He plays his best set list (as at the date of the gig) and produces one of the best live performances I've seen from anyone. I read in the review below about the 'booing'. Well, in actual fact the crowd weren't booing but 'Stuing' Stu Hamm the bassist, as Joe says - "They Stu him, cause they love him'. There are very few true artists in the music industry anymore, buy this and be captivated by an emotional experience.
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on 30 January 2004
Unless I want to use the word 'oo' several times consecutively there's not much I can say to recommend this. Joe Satriani is an amazing guitarist, obviously. Though not as good as Steve Vai. Sorry. Making no friends with this attitude. His grasp of style and technique is awe-inspiring. This man is not just some speed-freak widdler with no style (I'm looking at you, Yngwie) but is capable of flights of almost wizardly soloing as well as beautiful slow passages. My only quibble with his songs is that the structure of a lot of them seem slightly similar.
And his band . . . Stu Hamm is something of a prodigy, if you like bass particularly, and he has his very own solo in which he just shows off. In many ways it was more impressive than a lot of Satch's crazier moments.
Jeff Campitelli, if that's how his name's spelt - great drummer. I can't say much more than that. He keeps in time and doesn't screw it up. Fair play to him.
Eric Cadieux (again, I've probably spelt his name wrong) on rhythm guitar and keyboards. At least, he's on rhythm guitar until 'Borg Sex', when he comes out from his keyboard nest and does a little duet with Satch. It's both amazing and irritating. He's extraordinary. However much of the time you can't really hear his rhythm or keyboards - only the bass, drums and lead guitar really come through.
There's a 'Backstage' DVD extra which has Satch going through his stage rig etc and talking about stuff. Without his glasses he looks pretty damn scary.
Bad points - Satch singing 'Big Bad Moon'. On the album he sings it well enough. Live it doesn't sound so great.
Also the harmonica solo seems to lack a lot of the oomph it had in the album version and just sounds flat.
These are minor points that shouldn't detract from this amazing performance. Go buy it.
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on 26 June 2001
From the intro until the last notes of Rubina, Live in San Francisco is the ultimate live Joe Satriani experience (apart from actually seeing the guy play live in the flesh). This long awaited album takes the listener through a complete Joe Satriani live set from his Year 2000 "Engines Of Creation" tour along with a legendary bass solo from none other than Stuart Hamm. Its too hard to give a detailed explanation of how good this album just have to buy it...NOW!!!. When I listened to it the very first time I got goosebumps all over my body, because it took me back to when I saw Joe live in May 2000. The improvisation on some of the older material is simply spectacular. The new intro to "Summer Song" is one of the new highlights for fans familiar with live Satch. The Engines of Creation stuff is better live than on the album versions, cause theres a live band performing rather than samplers and keyboards. My favourite tracks are "Until We Say Goodbye", "Mystical Potatoe Head...", "Borg Sex" and "Rasberry Jam Delta-V", in fact every song the guy plays is simply brilliant. As I've already said...the whole album is awesome..JUST GO OUT AND BUY IT....NOW!!!!!!!
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on 10 September 2003
I was lucky enough to see Satch on this tour in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK in 2000. The San Francisco version is *exactly* the same as that tour set (except for that big guy with the hair and BO who blocked my view during the first half!).
As an amateur just-for-fun guitarist who takes himself far too seriously, Joe is an amazing source of inspiration. This DVD/video not only shows him at his best, but up-close-and-personal for all the obsessives (like me) who NEED to know which position he uses when pulling off THAT legato lick in the solo section of... [insert song name of choice]
This DVD is not just for guitar geeks like me. Joe Satriani is a musical supremo whose instrumental works set new standards in rock musicianship. Anyone who really loves music (and especially the guitar) will enjoy this 2-and-a-half-hour epic of sheer virtuosity. Joe and the whole band deserve universal recognition, but then as a complete obsessive, I would say that, wouldn't I...
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on 5 February 2004
What a dvd. This dvd shows a brilliant variety of live songs
from a range of different albums. Showcasing his vast skills and emotional playing.
There is a classic multiangle feature, but unfortunatly it can only be accessed for three songs. It has a backstage feature shoeing you Satriani's setup.He uses different effects pedals for brilliant sound.There is also a useful Discography.
Satch plays his best songs and even if you don't like some of tracks they are intresting to hear live.
There are songs from albums like'Surfing with the alien','Flying in a blue dream','The Extremist'and 'Crystal planet'to name but a few.
Fortunately he keeps the'Not of this Earth'tracks to a minimum.
There is a featured Bass solo which isn't too much to my
liking. He is a reasonable bassist but the solo is a bit of a let down.
'Ceremony'(Crystal planet)is a personal favourite of mine and has excellent use of wah in the brilliant main riff which will leave you humming the tune for days.'The Extremist'rocks! Satch plays the harmonica at the same time as guitar.
Satch delays the endings of his songs to build up the suspense for the final cord with varied endings.
Overall,it is a fantastic dvd and a must have for all die hard Satch fans,guitarists and people who appriciate good music.
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on 23 March 2002
Like most fans I've been eagerly awaiting this DVD - and the wait was more than worth it!!
20 odd tracks, all of them filmed excellently, with fantastic sound; this show was a good one, and it really comes across.
I had the pleasure to see Joe perform in 1995, and I was taken right back there. The backstage section was very interesting too, where Joe reconfirms Jimi Hendrix's influence on him.
The DVD is well packaged and presented, and in this 'superior' format, what you have is a real winner!!
We've had G3, and now this, all that is needed is a similar offering from Steve Vai & Eric Johnson and my music collection will be getting somwhere near complete!!
Keep up the good work Joe!!!!
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on 28 June 2001
There's no point describing just how good Satriani is as anyone looking at buying this CD already knows. Suffice to say that this live disc goes further to emphasise his status as one of the true legends of the guitar.
The track listing is superb ( I believe he compiled the live setlist from requests sent in to his website ) and just about every Satriani track you could ever want to hear live is played in this set.
This CD is so good I hate to think what the DVD is going to be like.........being a bit of a guitarist myself I think I may aswell chop my arms off now.
Just buy it and enjoy.
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on 21 October 2004
I'd been in to Satch since the age of about 16/17, and I've been listening to him on and off for the past 7 years. He is without doubt one of the greatest guitarists ever to walk the planet, and in my opinion is the best all-rounder out of the modern-day extroverts such as Vai, Malmsteen, Petrucci, etc. Apparently he taught Steve Vai how to play! Vai may be the best technician ever, but some of his stuff is, quite simply, too much! John Petrucci is awesome also - but there's something about Satriani that makes him my favourite. He's certainly the most tasteful.
This live DVD made me realise how much I missed listening to Joe (which I hadn't for a while), the stuff from Crystal Planet album is really good: 'Raspberry Jam' is an outstanding track, as is the ballad 'Love Thing', and the emotive 'Until we say goodbye' is brilliant. All the hard rock ones are also great, but I think Satch saves the best until last - 'Rubina', the final track on disc 2, is probably my favourite. Played with such feeling and emotion, this is a truly great song and one of his best without a doubt. The backing band are very good, but this is really about Joe Satriani showing off his best songs, and how awesome they sound live. His technique is fantastic, as is his tone, and the sound quality of the DVD really helps here.
Go and buy this if you play guitar and wish to see what i'm ranting about. If you're a Satch fan this is as good as it gets. I've been inspired to learn his songs again. Simply awesome.
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on 18 October 2002
Well what can I say apart from simply breathtaking..
I have been a Satriani fan for a number of years now and have seen him live once. Although no concert video or DVD will ever capture the magic of a live performance, this DVD does do Satriani justice. Most of his greatest pieces are performed on this DVD and the sound quality is amazing. The picture is of good quality too..but I wish that with music dvds they would spend more time on the fingerwork on the fretboard so we can see what he is doing, without the camera flying round all over the place.
As for the special features, nothing too special but a nice bonus none-the less. The documentary gives us rare footage of Joe without his sunglasses on :)
Overall a fine double disc DVD for one of the finest guitarists this world has ever seen.
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