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3.4 out of 5 stars43
3.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£5.99+ £2.03 shipping
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on 19 October 2002
The idea was so good, crashing through walls, jumping over rivers, high speed chases, what more could you ask for?
But in reality it is not so good, sloppy controls, poor handling cars and you are never really sure if your heading in the right direction! sure all the smashes and crashes you could ever want are here but if you want to spend hours doing one level over and over then you should enjoy this one, I think this is a game only for rental as it can be very frustrating and take too long to progress through the levels and if your anything like me there will be broken joypads scattered around!!
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on 15 January 2003
The Driver series by Infogrames are two of my favourite games on the PS1 platform, so my expectations were high for "Stuntman".
You take on the role of a professional international stunt driver who has to complete a series of complicated sequences on six different film sets all over the world. As you drive, the director will shout directions at you, and different symbols will appear on the screen to display where exactly the action should be performed. Pinpoint accuracy is often required to complete certain actions, so you really have to be extremely patient when playing this game or your PS2 may end up slightly worse for wear!
After you have completed all of the sequences in a certain film, you move into the stunt arena to perform a death-defying feat in front of a massive crowd - this breaks up the game nicely, and gives you a break from the continual drone of the director! Another nice feature is the film trailer that is played after you have completed all the sequences for that production - you feel a strange sense of pride seeing parts of your stunts in a film trailer!
My only reservation is that this game might have a short lifespan (although a lot of the stunts are so hard, you could get stuck for weeks!). However, there are a few seperate driving games and accuracy tests to play as well, so you do get value for money. Buy it now, and start practising those deep breathing exercises, because believe me, you're going to need them!
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I can't play this game. I just cannot do it, any of it. Most people seem to agree that Movie 3 is where this game starts getting too difficult. Well, let me admit, much to my shame, that I wouldn't have seen ANY other levels except the first without using a cheat code. You need to be a very competent driving game fan to get ANYWHERE in this game. The concept itself is fanatstic, a really good idea, and although the graphics aren't great, they do the job well. The film trailers are a very nice touch and the stunt arena adds longevity (not something this game needs, considering how long it'll take you to complete).
But (and it's a really big, Jennifer-Lopez-sized BUT, ho ho)...
I just do not understand the mentality of making a game so incredibly difficult that the majority of people will very likely see less than half of it before they have a nervous breakdown. WHAT IS THE POINT? I don't mind a challenge, and I admit driving games aren't my speciality, but everyone I know who's played this has said the same - love the idea, hate the game. You need to have amazing dexterity, patience and about a month off work to get any enjoyment out of this. At the end of the day, life's too short, and games are supposed to entertain us, not drive us to commit mass murder (what's the developers' address, again?).
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on 27 January 2006
Stuntman starts off with you being a rookie driver and doing low budget films, but as the game progresses you begin to master your crafts and get drafted for bigger and better films that require harder stunts for you to pull off.
If you enjoy racing around in a flash car and showing off in your suped-up car then this game is for you. Although having said that, there are also many other vehicles for you to trash.
Whether you are terrorising Bangkok in your crazy tuk-tuk or racing around London in your bobby mobile. This game also allows you to create your own course of mental stunts.
If you push the pile of amazing parts of stuntman to the side for a minute, there are some rather bad parts to add on. I'm talking about the ammount of times you are going to fail, the game is capable of making you get up and smash whatever is closest to you in cold blood. For anybody that suffers from stress related illness buying this game would be the last thing to do if you wanted to get bettter. This game can driive a perfectly sane person absoluty crazy, but once you know you have completed the task it is all the more rewarding.
So if you enjoy smashing cars getting told off by your director and basically driving like a pocessed maniac then you'll love this game.
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on 18 September 2002
Where shall i start.... There are good points about this game but also bad ones but still a great buy. The game starts off with the player thinking how easy is this!? Then you get onto the second film that your doing the stunts in then you think what!? The game is very frustrating as you progress through it, it's one of them throw your controller on the floor and kick the playstation in games. But the game also keeps you thinking i'll have one more go and see if i can do it and it ends up you've been playing for hours after you've said this. When you complete a stunt then you think i'll just have a go at the next one then go out, which really means staying in for hours after you've started your next stunt. I feel that the graphics could be a lot better as at the end of making all the stunts in a film you get to see the trailer for it, it's really easy to identify which 'bits' you've made in the film as the graphics go tramendosly poor compared to the rest of the trailer which has been made in special studios and very well animated. Overall i gave it four stars as it is great to play as long as you don't play it all night!
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on 18 December 2002
Stuntman is a unique game for the PS2.
But, you want to know what it's like. Is it worth your hard-earned?
It does have scope, variety and a good dose of wit. The movies that you'll be doing stunts for are quite amusing: Toothless in Wapping (a Cockney gangsta romp), A Whoopin' an' a hollarin' (Dukes of hazzard style movie) to Live Twice for Tomorrow (007, obviously). You can do each stunt for the 6 or so movies, plus you can construct your own stunts at an oval arena, or you can do the drving games: Accuracy tests (cones etc), Speed (drive the various movie sets against the clock, and stunt (do a serious of jumps etc against the clock).
So, there's plenty to do. How does it feel?
The gameplay is for the most part good. Graphics are pretty cool and the controls reasonable straight forward.
Niggles? Yes, one or two: The stunts are too long, making mistakes fatal as you have to start right at the beginning (I'm still trying to complete the final one with a lot of bad language hurled at the director!) Their is slight lag during some of the stunts. This took me back to two of the earlier games by this developer: Driver and Driver II, but it is negligeable.
If you like some frustration in your gaming, this is definately for you.
It could've been great! It ended up very good...
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on 22 November 2004
stuntman is a game where you are doing films and you have to be the stuntman. this game is so good as its got so much variaty in it and there are so many cars to unlock aswell as objects for your own stunt construction. this game is great fun if you want go get a cheap game which has hours and hours of fun on it.
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on 24 October 2002
I found Stuntman to be disappointing and frustrating. The game requires you to perform precise series of tasks with no scope creativity outside of the stunt-creator mode. Having the "director" barking orders made it feel like being herranged from the back seat by a disgruntled mother-in-law. Graphically it is fantastic, but there seems little time to admire this or explore the environments when driving against the clock. I have given up on the game itself which failed to live up to what it promised. Now I have bought Burnout 2 which offers far more satisfying automotive action.
Also, Stuntman's loading times seem very long - this is an important issue when you are loading up the same level for the tenth time.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2002
the game stuntman gets better with time. However it has some problems, you will note that the refresh rate drops a lot. Its hard to play, and you will never complete the level the first time around. The narrator screams at the last second then next objective, which is difficult if you are travelling at 100km/h and driving between two moving trains!!
There is no preparation, we can't think what we should do, there is no map showing what the track looks like, its like driving a car blindfolded.
The graphics are great i suppose, but still a looooong way from looking real....the soundtrack is crap, and there is no manual saving, which is crap when you use cheats.
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on 9 January 2008
I've recently got hold of a copy of this and have spent a few hours on it already.

Remembering that its a good few years since its release, its obviously dated on the graphics side but the handling of the cars is as good as most newer games. Takes a while to master each required stunt as theres no map or walkthrough prior to having a go, so you just learn by your mistakes - and yep theres a few needed to get to the end of each section.

Its stressful but addictive. It really does give you pleasure in timing things right and completing each stunt.

As its now cheap to get hold of, have a go as its good entertainment!
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