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on 20 April 2004
Divine divinity is really quite a funny game. There are bits taken from all over the place, (Blackadder, and Monty Python to name two,) but they're implemented in a fresh way. One thing that I laughed at was when the members of a magical council have to say a magic word to be teleported there, and, most of the conversations in this game being voiced, you hear them say it. The word is something like "xxbtzyllxstyvszxx!!!" and they all have to shout it out really loud.
The gameplay is generally good, with a nice skill system, (rather like that of Diablo ii, but not identical,) a roughly intuitive set of controls and a novel way of handling the inventory.
There are however problems. This game has a very steep learning curve and tends to become suddenly too difficult to be fun near the middle.
The gameplay perspective is isometric, like Diablo, but with better graphics; the models of the creatures look far better, and the water on the ground has decent reflections in it.
All in all, it is worth buying this game if you are a fan of fantasy fiction, or role-playing games because you will be entertained by the references to such things as the Discworld novels. This game is not a must have, but if you have the cash, do buy it, it's involving.
Oh, and there's the obligatory undead filled dungeon at the start that you must go through. That's annoying but worthwhile in the end.
A brief, description of the plot: You find out that you, with two others, have been made into a "marked one," and must destroy the Evil God type villain. To this you must gather a council of all the major races, so must travel all over the place to convince them to go.
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on 11 December 2002
i picked up this game about 10 times before actually buying it. the cover intrigued me, and such quotes on the back, like "a huge world consisting of more than 20,000 screens" and "a densly populated, versatile and eventful fantasy world" certainly peaked my interest. but after spending so much time being an avid follower of the D&D games, i was sceptical. upon hearinf that the much anticipated icewind dale 2 had had its release date put back, i thought 'what they hey' and bought it anyway. i was shocked... what a game! i had previously played Diablo, and thought that this was just going to be a clone of it, but the more i played the more i enjoyed it. an amazingly versatile charecter advancement system, giving you the chance to have a thief, who could not only hold his own in a major fight, but could also throw around a few earth shattering spells. the graphics, whilst being simple compared to the visual 3d beuty of Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights, where pleasing to look at and intricatly detailed in their own way. i played this game for weeks, emersing myself even deeper into its story line, always looking to get that next level up so i had the stats to use that new magic bow i found, looking for the next mini quest (of which there are loads).
this game has been put together well, plays well, is easy to get into and is deeply addictive as a good fantasy role playing game should be. and it is HUGE! took me way over the 50 hour mark to complete doing all the quests that i had been given and exploring round the massive world.
after all the dust had settled, and divine divinity had been beaten, i looked at the copy of icewind dale 2 that had arrived, loaded it up, and... was bored stupid with the lack of originality and, in my mind, a comparitivly unemersing world and storyline.
no two ways about it. buy this game. if you are a RPG fan, especially one who likes the huge battles of Diablo, and the fantastic storyline of the Baldur's Gate series, you will not be dissapointed.
p.s. a mesage to Larian Studio's... add ons??? sequels??? release 'em, and please make it quick!
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on 1 November 2002
I would have given it 5* but for a couple of niggles. The gameplay is very much in the Diablo 2 mould but not quite so linear. There are numerous quests, some easy - hack & slash your way to the end and others requiring sub-quests to be completed in the correct order. (Niggle 1 - some quests fail if not completed in the correct order). You can choose between Warrior, Mage or Survivor (similar to Assassin on Diablo 2 Expansion)in either male or female guise. Each has its own 'spells' but you are not limited to those of your own type. You can make & mix potions and add charms to your equipment (Niggle 2 - The manual doesn't tell you how and despite having reached a high level I cannot make potions or charm equipment). The is a vast expanse of territory to explore and an equally vast number of creatures trying to kill you. Some (no - a lot) will seem familiar to Diablo 2 fans. The game may not have the 3D graphics of Dungeon Siege but is a much more interesting game. If you liked Diablo 2 and fancy a single person version of the Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale games then give Divine Divinity a go.
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on 27 February 2003
This is a great RPG (Role Playing Game) dispite the darkness of the screen (even after increasing the gamma settings.)
The graphics are smooth and you are able to play a survivor, warrior or mage. Each character has their own unique skills to start off with and they all have their own sarcastic comments to say. There are lots of quests to do, so don't think you will have it completed in one week. Even if you have picked the wrong character to play at the beginning of the game, you don't have to change. The reason is because when using your skill points you can place them in either the survivor's, warrior's or mage's skills area. Simple! Much better than Diabio 2's skills table. So you can develop your character as much as you want from the skill tables.
If you love killing Orcs, Trolls, Giant Spiders, Snakes, Wolves, Boars, Rats, Scorpions, Ghosts, Ghouls, Bats, Thugs, Undead creatures, Lizardmen etc., then this game is for you!
One down side to this game is that some characters talk to you and others do not. Most of the conversation takes place in dialogue boxes where you have to select your response. Apart from that, there is some interesting background music and this is one of the best RPGs I have played in ages as well as good value for money! Roll on Divine Divinity 2? Hint Hint.
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on 12 February 2004
When i saw previews of this game a way back i thought it was just another Diablo 2 clone. I cant really say it isnt becuase it is but it also has some of its own brilliant features. for example, you can combine wizard, warrior and theif (Survivor) character skills to make your own custom class, i had a warrior who could heal himself and summon skeletons!.
The controll system is really easy, just hold down the leftmouse button and move the mouse and the character walks, the graphics are much more smoother and cartoony than diablos which i think look better.
The story is very basic and has no twists in it, which i enjoy about games.
loads of humour has been thrown in which brightens up the story.
As for the quests you will solve, i only did a few of them but there are thousands for you to do such as help wash up or solve a murder.
I would give this game at least 85% and for those who say it is just a diablo 2 clone, its a good one at that!
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on 26 September 2012
This is a complex, well designed game, with a fully tweakable learning curve. Total setting control and fluid gameplay with good graphics, forn a combo which keep you coming back for more.But it's no "quickie" you'll spend many fun and tension-filled hours and weeks, to get final victory.

It's always fun as well as challenging, continually needing you to look (and think) before you leap, with a great sense of satisfaction in each level achieved.

I can't recommend it highly enough. When my DVD drive chewd up my game disc I searched until I found the rreplacemnent at Amazon. Buy it, try it and you'll get to love it.
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on 8 October 2002
I recommend this game if you enjoy involving plots with a good story line and a real sense of "role playing" - the game is very old school - with emphasis on story line and character development and less on great graphics or technical thrills.
I had my doubts when I installed it - but once I started playing I couldn't stop - very addictive.
My only complaint - at the start you die an awful lot and the load times are pretty slow...
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on 13 August 2012
Do you think Diablo is the best old school RPG game of all time? Think again. Divine Divinity is a MUST HAVE for any gamer to experience once in their life, if your thinking of not buying this because of the graphics, remember this was out in 1999 (released in 2000). This game has the best storyline of all time. I always play it once every summer, and have been since 2000, never gets boring.
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on 20 December 2013
good old point and click just finished playing game great fun loved it so much simpler to play than keyboard
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on 14 November 2014
Someone wasted a certain amount of effort making this game. :(
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