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4.8 out of 5 stars144
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2005
Both UFO box sets are excellent releases and deserve a place on the shelf of any sci-fi fan, young or old.
The ships, vehiciles and outfits still look good today and the effects are all acheived with models rather than fake looking CGI effects.
The sound and picture quality on these releases is fantastic and flawless and there are a few interesting extra features. (Though these could have been better)
This was Gerry Anderson's most mature show and the stories are still just as riviting today as they were at the time of it's broadcast.
So whether you are thinking of buying this for nostalgia reason or want to discover UK sci-fi at it's best, this series is a must have.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2007
Of all the Gerry Anderson series I watched (from Supercar to Terrahawks) THIS one is my favourite (my son loves it too!) and it's regularly played on the DVD player. The story telling and production is so good one forgets the "High Sixties" fashions and other quirks which may have severely dated this series otherwise.

To be honest, UFO, to me, was a bit off beat even for 1970. At that time, we were treated to some wonderful, slightly off the wall fantasy drama series like The Avengers, Danger Man, The Champions and the the most surreal one of all, The Prisoner, but UFO gave it another dimension in my opinion. It could almost have been believable back then in a way that The X Files could have been in the nineties...

This series appeals on so many levels it's hard for me to be specific. Most of the stories had a more adult tone (the ending of A Question Of Priorities still sends shivers down my spine and I still get freaked by Mindbender...), although there was always something there for younger viewers -the effects were absolutely superb, combining live action with amazing model sequences - . The followup series Space 1999, went straight back to "kids TV" level (ugghh!) and was a far safer bet as a series for the TV networks to show.

I'd love an updated version of the series to be made now, not like the brightly coloured campfest of Doctor Who today, but a bit "dangerous," something to make the audience think a bit just like these episodes often do, when Straker and Shado don't always get it right...

A MASTERPIECE of a series; one to watch in the early hours of the morning in almost total darkness....

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on 18 March 2002
5 out of 5 for the video and audio quality. 3 out of 5 for the packaging and not so special features.

The series has never looked so fresh - the video restoration is marvelous, with pin-sharp, fresh, well-saturated images that look like they were filmed yesterday.

The audio is equally impressive, and I'm delighted that nobody was tempted to follow the trend of Thunderbirds/Scarlet DVD releases which come with an optional (and not entirely successful) stereo soundtrack.

As ever with the Anderson releases, the animated menus are first rate: I love the section where Sky 1 zaps the UFO!

Less good is the packaging - graphically the cardboard case is fine, but it feels very flimsy and the slipcase is going to look pretty tatty after a few months. Oh well.

The 'special features' are reasonable, but nothing to get worked up about. The Deleted Scenes mainly take the form of stills rather than film, although it's interesting to see the original (much bloodier) opening sequence to Episode 1.
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on 7 March 2002
This series enthralled me as a 10 year old, it still does over 30 years later. Although, now I can see it is somewhat a triumph of style over substance, but that I suppose is the point, and certainly were I get my kicks with the series. With it's wonderful optimistic and utopian vision of the 1980's through the eyes of of 1969. The models and action scenes: for example look out for the fire-fight between a UFO emerging from a lake, and the Shado Mobiles in the episode The Sounds Of Silience,the scantily clad "dolly-birds" can you believe this was filmed over 30 years ago !! probably yes, as It's non stop nostalgia trip, but well worth the ride
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UFO was the first real life action series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson after the success of the puppet series such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. It was produced and release through ITC. The series has great originality and even after 40 years is still one of Britain's best science fiction productions for Television.

The picture quality is excellent after restoration. This DVD set is one of two and is a bit outdated in its packaging style now. But the artwork and presentation is good. You need the other second set to get the complete series.

The series has some great ideas in terms of originality with cars, costumes and set designs. It all looks very much like a different time era and still works today. There is a dark edge to the series that is convincing.

In the series Earth is pitted against a mysterious alien force some time in the 1980s. (the show was produced at the beginning of the 1970s so it was set in the future)
The aliens arrive in strange pyramid like round spaceships. We rarely see them physically but as the series develops we get brief periods where we learn that they have green skin and breath liquid instead of air. We also learn that they are a sterile race that have lost the ability to reproduce. They come to earth to kidnap humans to steal their organs for transplantation.

The General public know very little for fear of causing a panic. Instead a secret, global defence system has been created to defend earth. SHADO or Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation have a central command hidden deep under the Harlington Straker film Studios just outside of London.
In command is Ed Straker a USAF commander who doubles as film producer.
There are some great characters including Colonel Freeman and dare devil pilot Paul Foster.
The first line of defence is SID a Space Intruder Detector which is in fact a satellite that detects the aliens and warns a futuristic Moon Base. Here there are interceptor fighter ships ready to engage alien ships before they get to earth. On Moon Base women wear purple wigs and white catsuits.

On earth there is another line of defence in the form of a nuclear submarine equipped to deal with underwater or aerial combat. On board the submarine crew wear string vests like uniforms.
Also there are the SHADO mobile land defence tanks.

There was only one series and this was treated badly by the ITV network and screened at unusual times and in different parts of the country.

These sets Do have Subtitles for Hard of Hearing.
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on 26 February 2012
I watched U.F.O. during my child hood and watched it with great delight, I was a Thunderbird fan and i thought U.F.O. was FAB and really grown up !. Every week i was glued to the screen and really thought the moon base babes were out of this world with their sexy silver skimpy skin tight outfits and purple hair, Oh and the stories and plots were good as well !. Speaking of which it had it all, A secret base hidden under a film studio, A base on the moon (But strangly it had gravity ) But it did not seem unusual at the time, Or was it because of the distraction of those sexy moon base babes !, Intercepters to defend Earth on land, By sea, Air and space, An ex military commander leading a force of intercepters to prevent the evil aliens from coming to Earth and kidnapping our people and using their body parts for organ transplants !. Every week was a different story and you really felt part of it, Each week the episodes just kept getting better and the moon base babes just seemed to ouse sex appeal. I think the series was way ahead of its time and should never have been cancelled (In my opinion ) Now with this excellent box set you get the chance watch it all again ( And a second box set is also on sale with the other episodes of this series ) After all these years it is still as fresh as back in the 70`s, The plot and costumes have not aged and the quality is fantastic, The colour and quality of these dvd`s could not be better, They really have done a fantastic job and seem better than when i first watched them on tv !.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 June 2007
There is no doubt about it, Gerry Anderson was/is a genius. Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet are two of the greatest ever kids TV programs ever made. Actually I'm not sure they were purely kids programs, I seem to remember my Dad watching them. Anderson then turned his hand to live-action for the first time in UFO, and he created another classic.

The marvellous opening credit sequence is a great start. The music by Barry Gray is quite brilliant and its worth having the DVD's for the credit sequence alone. Some of the rest of the show has dated a bit, Ed Strakers car and the frankly cheesy 70's costumes now look, well odd! However the stories are good, the acting is generally good and as always Gerry Anderson and his team designed some superb models for the show. As I recollect a couple of episodes were even banned from being shown for a while becuase of their content. No doubt these would seem tame now now, but I'm sure this is true.

This is a far better series than Space 1999, which for me never quite worked and I recommend it strongly.
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on 24 March 2006
It's really astonishing what can be achieved with digital remastering. The quality of the content on these 4 DVDs is perfect, considering the original material's age. The menus for the episodes and chapters have been designed with great care, so that they fit in with the original footage.
All in all, this is a must have for fans of the UFO television series.
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on 30 July 2014
A lot has already been said of the quality of the transfer to DVD already so I won't go overboard here except to say that the quality is exceptional - good enough to read prop newspaper articles (see below).

Menu system is slightly annoying - for example toggling subtitles on/off - and the extras include footage to the same high quality as the restored original material but with no audio - so it is slightly bizarre to see the extended version where the video continues but the sound cuts out - but better than nothing I guess.

I watched this series when first broadcast in the late 1960's as an 11-year old (and the US had just landed on the Moon for real). Gerry Anderson setting this series only 11 years into the future.

It is very interesting to note several things now (viewing as an adult) that escaped me as a child but don't distract from the enjoyable experience of re-living my childhood TV. Things like the errant apostrophes "SID Space Intruder Detector - Maintaining scan for UFO's", spelling mistakes such as "Computor Display" in Episode 7 (The Dalotek Affair), continuity mistakes such as the same registration number appearing on SHADO Mobiles 1 & 3 (224579) in Episode 2 (Computer Affair) and a young George Cole (Roper) miraculously swapping hands carrying the rocket launcher and box of missiles between one shot and the next and the gold gull-wing car driven by Cmdr Straker (Ed Bishop) and by Roper having the same registration number (A21-384) in Episode 3 (Flight Path) - Straker drives this car later in Episode 8 Question of Priorities) - but hey, this show was made on a shoestring and was for kids - and when I was 11, I didn't spot them!

One very funny thing I spotted was two pieces in the Daily Express under the headline "Cabinet Minister Killed - Miracle Escape for US Colonel" which is actually about the launch of a new central heating system (the Servowarm Supreme which happened in January 1969) and the adjacent article "Resorts Face New Oil Slick Crisis" which is a story about a confession to a village priest which led to the rescue of kidnapped Maria - in Episode 4 (Exposed).

But oh how I remember the cool title music, the scantily-clad crew of the submarine SKYDIVER (seriously - string vests as a uniform - how did the male crew concentrate on their jobs), the sexy silver-clad women of Moonbase - I can remember it all now!

One thing I don't remember is that virtually every male member of the cast smokes - either cigars or cigarettes - in virtually every episode. Oh how things change!

As has also already been mentioned it is interesting to see the "futuristic technology" - computers being used for psychological testing for example - albeit on a single monochrome TV monitor several feet away from the candidates (and even then, they aren't computer graphics but a video of someone turning over pages on an IQ test)! Other technology includes video calls, wireless phones and gas-turbine powered cars with gull-wing doors (heaven help anyone who had a head-on accident in one though with those steering wheels and no air bags/safety belts in evidence)!

Still, being able to re-visit my youth (yes, I remember the TV21 and Countdown comics as well) makes it all worth while.

A whole-hearted thumbs up from me. If you remember this series as fondly as I do, you'll not be disappointed.

Buy it!

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on 16 October 2010
My husband bought these dvd's for me and I am enjoying them. Have always loved sci-fi and watching these is real fun-some of the things unthought of in the 70's are now in everyday use!The costumes and purple hair are something else. Very easy watching with a glass of wine after a hard days work...takes you to another world!!
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