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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£1.49+ £2.03 shipping
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on 28 August 2002
If you're anything like me, you were waiting for this one with baited breath. A car enthusiast, hoping for a Gran Turismo-type game with a great damage model and a more arcadey, user-friendly drive. Therefore, if you're anything like me, I feel you'll be a little disappointed with this one.
The AI of the cars is excellent, especially the team play of same-team drivers and the pack-racing displayed, but the graphics are literally far more akin to top-end PSone graphics rather than something you'd expect from a PS2. The story mode is also very much a gimmic, than a game-enhancing feature, and very soon, you'll find it's something that pesters you between races rather than keeping you gripped to the game.
No eye-candy whatsoever present here and with 42 cars, a far more limited choice than Gran Turismo. Very arcadey handling, and that annoying feeling that you can easily get round the track and win without even having to break. On the plus side, fantastic AI, other drivers seeming like real-life opponents.
This is one only for the die-hard racing-game fans. I'd strongly recommend trying before you buy.
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on 3 September 2002
The TOCA series has always promised much, and usually delivered. However, with Race Driver, there seems to be a fair amount of dissapointment to dampen the enjoyment. I will start with the major flaws, saving the positive aspects till the end, as there are some surprisingly excellent touches. Firstly, for anyone who has played the superb World Touring Cars on the PS1- this is just an extension of that - minus the night races! However, the pop-ups are glaringly frequent, and the rendering fuzzy and lacking detail on some views. The sound, especially of the bonus cars is appalling on some replays (again, the real attention has gone into the 'official' race machines), and the handling, whilst great, is just too safe and simple (only the bonus vehicles present any kind of powersliding challenges!) - In three or so sesssions I am nearly half way through the 'intermediate' league with a Schumacheresque win rate! This game has been Americanised (literally), needlessly, and dumbed down a notch from the PS1 series. The good points; well, Mini Coopers, Marcos, TVR Tuscan Challenge, and NASCAR type racing, along with some pretty good car models (lovely interiors in some cases) for one! Secondly, blasting through the old Hockenheim Circuit in a GT1, as viewed from the wide angle bonnet cam produces the most incredible (and smooth) sensation of speed I have ever witnesses - absolutely terrifying!
I cannot claim this is a full review, as this game keeps surprising me at every turn in my limited time with it. However, this title has been a disappointment in many ways - a sideways move from the PS1 rather than the great leap forward we had all expected. The pack shots seem to contain some high end photos - an admission in my humble opinion of a game not quite delivering on it's promises. A great shame, as this is undoubtably (to this fully blown petrol head who's seen it all, whether in -car, side of the track, or on the computer!!!) the most entertaining game I've played since GTA - GT3 will probably stay in the box along with V -Rally 3 for a long while to come!
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on 24 August 2002
As a big fan of the previous TOCA games and a big fan of touring cars, I was very much looking forward to this game. This game lives up to all the hype around it. TOCA race driver perfects the idea of World Touring Cars. The storyline also adds something to the game. The cut scenes have very impressive graphics, and there aren't too many of them. The story so far is also quite good. The handling of the cars is a good mix between arcade and simulation. To get a good start you can't just plant the throttle, and stamping on the brake causes the brakes to lock up. Each car has its own handling characteristics. The menus in games aren't normally something to talk about, but they are very impressive in this game. The wide array of cars and circuits mean you will never get bored of this game. The graphics are very impressive (while not quite upto GT3 & GTConcept standard, but this game is about great racing) and the damage is just amazing. Some of the crashes you have are gorgeous to watch. The damage also has a realistic effect on the cars performance. The only downside is a bit of slowdown in the really big crashes. The engine noise is also very realistic, and the radio from the pits during races is a nice thing. There is also a good setup screen with all the options you want. THe advice from the mechanic helps for the less experienced racer. The racing is also very exciting and closely matched. The drivers do defend the line when you try and pass. They will even pass you. There is none of the computer players just staying on the racing line. The computer players also make mistakes, so you can come round a corner and have a car sat in the middle of the road. Another great addition is the fact that the computer cars take revenge on you for something you did to them. My only criticisms are that you can't qualify, you can't put you're own name on the cars and that it would have been nice to have more than three real championships. This game has set the standard for racing games. This is a must buy, even if you don't like motor racing much!
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on 19 April 2003
As a die-hard car enthusiast and computer driving games fan, I have always enjoyed pc driving sims such as Midtown madness and the superb TOCA 2. Naturally, when it came to buying a ps2 I just had to buy Gran Turismo....and what a disappointment it was with its totally unrealistic handling, though the graphics were awesome I admit. However, with the arrival of TOCA Race Driver I have eventually found a ps2 driving game that offers good handling, good graphics and a nice choice of camera angles including the excellent 'in-car' dashboard views. If you get through the whole game you end up with a superb selection of vehicles ranging from a slow yet fun mini to a very fast toyota or MG le mans style racer.
The difference in cars is not only felt through the speed, but also through the handling. Some cars, such as the mini or lotus elise, are responsive and perfectly weighted, whereas one or two such as the TVR speed 12 are disappointingly heavy and difficult to drive.
In summary, if you liked toca or toca 2 you'll like this, though the game is an evolution of these previous titles rather than being revolutionary in itself. Nevertheless, gameplay is good, cars are responsive and the game outclasses Gran turismo thanks to its realism and avoidance of being an arcade racer. The graphics could be better but, frankly,who cares when the rest of the game more than compensates. A definite buy for anyone who enjoys driving games!
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on 4 September 2002
For all the waiting, one cannot help being disappointed with this game. To put it bluntly: it is much too easy and too short.
I finished it in less than a week, with only having to repeat a couple of the championships. And I don't consider myself very good with games.
Damaging your car, while looking great, does not really affect the performance unless you make your car a complete wreck. Even then, it does not make sense to go into the pits for repairs, as all the races are too short for you to make up the lost time. The trackside graphics are crude, and engine sounds sound almost all the same.
ToCA probably is best in the multiplayer mode. I cannot help thinking that Codemasters were pushed to launch this title before it was fully tested.
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on 18 August 2002
this game has everything, a storyline with unusual twists, perfectly detailed cars - which know what they are doing, beautifully remastered tracks.
The AI cars will move over to bloke you and if you slow down infront of them they will jump past you.
Rivals will take revenge on you if you take them out, all the cars handle differently so you have a good challenge.
I highly recommend this game, it is excellent in quality and length. Highly challenging and worth every penny. 10 out of 10.
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on 31 May 2005
This is a decent game, but could have been extended so much more from the superb Toca World Touring Cars on the PS1. The game features 13 licensed championships including Toca Tour, DTM, and Pacific series, and loads of cars, many of which can be unlocked. The racing is of a good standard, with up to 14 cars on track. The graphics are good, especially on some of the tracks, but some of the cars do look a bit sketchy in places. The overall gameplay is reasonably good, but the thing that really makes the game is the career. You are Ryan McKane (a complete tw@t, ahem) trying to work your way up through the ranks and emulate your brother and your father, who died 15 years ago in an accident. Of course it was no accident, and you obviously come face to face with the man responsible. The story is good and well drafted, with good depth. The cut scenes are nice touches too.
Overall a good game, with a superb story. Shame about the main charecter, who many have grown to loathe. 8/10
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on 23 August 2002
This game is absolutely fantastic! - not only do you have to race your way to success, but you have to out smart other drivers and even impress the ladies! (or lady).
Ryan McKane, a young arrogant chap, looking to venge his father's death (which is the basis of the plot), a young sexy lady, and a deadly rival. It may as well be a movie!
V-Rally 3 has a 'similar' format to TOCA RD, but whereas V-Rally ends after winning the 2.0li series... this just goes on and on. The finale being a showdown between Ryan and the driver who murdered his dad... quite a scene eh. You can fine-tune your car, and unlike many other racing games, the changes actually make a significant difference to the cars performance.
With beautiful graphics, official licenses, 38 tracks and that added storyline, this game creates a new genre of gaming for those who want both fast and furious racing as well as a fresh storyline. You can even play a part in the storyline by making difficult decisions. If this game isn't already based on a movie, then it could certainly be made into one...
I really struggled to find a bad comment about this game. I suppose if there has to be one, it's the lack of qualifying before a race - the grid positions are randomly selected before every race of a series, but this feature just makes it more challenging!
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on 26 November 2004
Having completed TOCA 2 on PS1, this game was initially a let down. However, its a decent racer. Initially, it seemed quite tough until I worked out that you cannot steer at the same time as you brake. Master this and the games a cinch.
The game progress structure is good and the underlying storyline does give a sense of some involvement. The graphics and sound are a bit dated now. Rememer to do the challenges as you progress, you'll need to have won a few when you eventually make it to the Elite Championship as you can only race with the cars you've won.
In essence this game is World Touring Cars for PS2. A worthwhile blast if you are into racing and unfortunately the only thing on PS2 that resembles the BTCC.
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on 28 November 2004
This game is one of the classic future games - you have so much to do on it! The gameplay is difficult but not impossible and you have say that the grapics are the only thing that really could improve - but I'm out for fun - not a serious gamer!
Good game that can spend a lot of tiime on - just what I need!
Toca Race Driver - Good game for the money - first time I saw it was at my friend's house and from that moment on I knew I had to get it!
Fantastic - just try and ignore the grapics!
The cars are also good - Nissan Skyline is really cool but when it says that you can drive the Subaru Impreza - don't get your hopes up - it's the 1998 spec car and I only like the 2001 - 2003 model and the 2003 onwards models but if you don't like Imprezas - then this is a great chance to smash up one - like my friend decided to do!
Buy it!
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