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4.2 out of 5 stars51
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2005
Hard Rain is a cross between a disaster and a thriller movie and whilst being a million miles away from being a classic, it does have enough integrity to entertain for its duration and all in all in not a bad old romp at all.
Christian Slater plays Tom, a security guard on a mundane cash run to collect the money from local banks. On the way back to headquarters he and his partner get caught in the flooded town of Huntingburg. Then a little too conveniently Morgan Freeman and his band of crooks appear and hijack the security van. Slater escapes with the money and hides it in a crypt in the local cemetery. Meanwhile local Sheriff, Randy Quaid is dealing with both the evacuation of the town and church renovator Minnie Driver who has brought the unconscious Slater into the jail. Slater had burst into the church earlier whilst escaping from Freeman and his gang and Minnie promptly whacked him with a crucifix mistaking him for a thief.
And so begins a tale of motorboats and floating coffins, baddies and goodies who seem to change sides at the drop of the hat, and more pistols and rifles (that all seem to work perfectly well even after being submerged in water) than you can shake a stick at.
All good fun, and even though the characters are pretty one-dimensional, the thrills and spills do carry you along to the end.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2010
Shot as 'The Flood' in 1996, re-shot as 'Hard Rain' in 1997, and released into cinemas with virtually no publicity in 1998 it's a shame that this film sank with out a trace (pun intended). But you have to wonder why the studio abandoned it when it took investment from multiple backers to keep the production afloat (pun intended again).

I recall seeing publicity shots in 1997 for scenes (and characters) that aren't even in the movie. I guess we'll never know what Graham Yost's script was originally about. Paramount figured that the public had had enough of disaster movies and re-tooled 'The Flood' as a heist flick midway through filming. I can't say if it's for better or worse, but Hard Rain is still an exciting action ride.

Yes, the characterization is thin, but it avoids the cliche of making them all annoying as a quick way of defining them (something Twister, Volcano, and Dante's Peak were guilty of). The stragglers caught in the deluge as Huntingburg, Indiana is swept off the face of the Earth don't need to define themselves. They are who they are. Since the movie virtually takes place in real time there's little room for meaningless development.

Minnie Driver's unconvincing accent aside, the cast do pretty well with the material, and Slater makes for a better action hero here than he did in Broken Arrow (ironically, by the same writer).

Hard Rain works best in the cinema. It's too bad that it flopped because the big screen is where it deserved to be seen. Too many folks have seen and criticized this film from TV viewings that do the scope of the action no justice whatsoever. The water and chaos is very well shot and brilliantly staged. The bouncing, shaking, wobbling camera was an innovative idea, and if you like the slow-motion fire-fights of John Woo movies then you'll get a kick out of Hard Rain.

Another strong aspect that has gone overlooked with the rest of the movie is Chris Young's powerful score; the orchestral sound of violence, mayhem, and nature taking over. Seriously, it's great stuff and you really ought to get Hard Rain (Original Score).

Despite the bad reviews and poor box office returns Hard Rain is still a highly entertaining B-movie. We'll never know the full story behind its trouble production (there hasn't been anything close to a Special Edition DVD, and Mikael Salomon has never spoken publicly about it), but I recommend it to all action movie junkies. You won't be disappointed.
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on 2 March 2007
This is a great action thriller with a very original story. Gang of crooks tries to steal 3 million dollars from a security van in a flooded town.

This film manages to have a gripping story with almost non stop action & breathtaking stunts. & its expertly edited & brilliantly shot almost totally at night. On top of that the pounding music score just adds to the experience.

I have seen this film about 10 times now, & every viewing is exciting to watch. & a jet ski chase through a SCHOOL ? How about that for originality ?

To add interest to the plot, the local police also have their own evil designs on the loot !! This is a fantastic rollercoaster ride.
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on 7 March 2000
This film may have been overlooked by many, but don't judge the movie by its cover. Star filled film with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater taking the central stage. Well directed by Mikael Salomon, set in a town that has been swamped with water after the rain had caused the local damn to overflow. Morgan Freeman as Jim with his crooked friends robs a security van with Christian Slater as Tom inside. Unknown to Tom his partner is in on the deal. After the initial gun battle Tom survives and seeks refuse in the local town. Only problem is Jim and co want their monies. So begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Tom getting the better of his enemies. An interesting twist occurs later on in the film, which sums up the statement 'You can't trust know one when it comes to money'.
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on 6 December 2001
If you are going to buy this DVD because you like disastermovies, go ahead. If you like action, still buy it anyway because it's packed full of action shootouts. It's amazing what people will do for money, and in this case it's extreme! I thought the movie movie would be a disaster movie, then I found out it was an action movie I was even more pleased with it. If you like this, I advise Enemy of the State.
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on 10 January 2008
This DVD does not have 5.1 soundtrack unlike as mentioned in the product description. It has a plain 2.0 soundtrack (both English and Spanish). Please be aware of this before you order it. To me it makes little sense in buying an action-flick without surround (that too for a not-so-old movie).
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on 21 June 2015
This is an excellent, non-stop thriller, perfect entertainment for when you need a break from the interminable silences and meaningful looks of Sergei Bondarchuk, Ingmar Bergmann or Akiro Kurosawa.
Briefly - Tom (Christian Slater) and Charlie (Ed Asner - one of those actors who, like Ned Beatty or Peter Vaughan, never seems to get any older) are two security guards taking a load of dosh from bank to security lock-up. The rain is torrential, the dam and levees can't cope, and they end up stuck in a flood. Jim (Morgan Freeman, normally the soul of rectitude and sagacity, here playing against type as the leader of a gang of hoods) appears and tries to hold up the truck. Charlie gets killed and Tom hides the loot in a Crypt. Meanwhile, Karen (Minnie Driver) tries to protect her church and its stained glass restorations against the rising floodwaters as the Sheriff (Randy Quaid - also playing against his normal Good-ol'-boy type) appears to be trying to rescue Tom from Jim...
The lapses in logic (why does the flood water, which rises at an unfeasibly fast rate all the time, suddenly stop long enough for the hero/heroine to be rescued from imminent death, then start up again once he/she is free? Why don't the guns ever run out of ammo? How do they all manage to hold their breaths for so long under water? Why don't impacts which would put the rest of us in hospital for a month ever slow the protagonists down?) are more than compensated for by the sheer energy and good-natured brio which powers the film along at breakneck speed. The special effects are excellent but never intrusive, the stunts faultless, the acting always bang-on and never tongue-in-cheek (I'd love to see the out-takes - there must have been tons of laughter during the film's making). This isn't a film to analyse, it's one to enjoy thoroughly from beginning to end - just hang your brain up and enjoy. It's great!
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on 31 October 2006
hard rain is a fast paced,high octane action flick starring christian slater and morgan freeman who represent the good and bad side of the movie,if you aint seen it then i wont say who is who,but needless to say this is a big movie that features a town under siege from robbers who want to rob a bank while torrential rain causes a vast flood that is destroying everything in its path.

pretty exciting stuff if truth be known
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Stuck in a small town with rising water levels and bank robbers - cult movie "Hard Rain" has always had a soggy pleasurable place in my saving Minnie Driver heart.

But if you're buying it on BLU RAY - avoid the (sometimes) cheaper 'US' disc on Lionsgate. It's REGION A LOCKED so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are).

Go for the UK issue - it's part of Amazon's excellent value-for-money '2 for £10' BLU RAY deal...
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on 19 October 2010
I like the story and the flood theme. I think the story is simple, but i think it works for this type of film. I like most of the shootouts. I think Slater and Freeman plays their role nice. Not the best film i have seen, but it`s enjoyable.

Picture Quality: 4/5

The water and such looks detailed in my opinion. It could probably not look a lot better than it does on this BD version. This BD looked better than the standard definition on i saw on tv, several years ago. I was happy with the quality.

Audio Quality: 4.5/5

I didn`t except the audio track on this film to be so good, so i was pleasantly suprised by it. The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 was played very good on my 5.1 system. The subwoofer channel is often used to good effect in my opinion.

Like for example in: very good bass from the weapons, explosions and those powerfull water waves. The dialog coming from the Center speaker sounds clear and fine. The Rear speakers are used in: the shootouts, music and water dripping and such.

Film: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
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