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4.3 out of 5 stars58
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2004
To be honest, i think that Adam Sandler is definately comedies funniest actor that we have seen for several years, and lately i have become quite a big fan of his. While i don't think that Billy Madison is one of his best films, its still a laugh and a real treat for fans of Sandler himself, or just slapstick comedy fans in general.
Sandler plays a lazy, slightly retarded Billy Madison who is the son of a multi-millionaire hotel owner, and since leaving high school has spend his days getting drunk with two dimwits he calls friends, and setting fire to bags of dog poo that he leaves on the porches of neighbours that he doesn't really like very much. However when his father reveals that he is retairing and will be leaving the company to a very annoying executive, Billy decides to go back to school and prove that he can manage a business. The fact that after completing each grade he gets a huge party with a fair etc etc, probably helps him along the way. Third grade comes a big shock to Billy, as he not only makes a whole class of new friends, but also finds that he teacher is no other than the beautiful Bridgette Wilson, who plays Veronica Vaughn.
The nasty executive, Eric, starts to worry that maybe his dream of running the company is slipping through his grubby little fingers and so blackmails the principle to say that Billy payed him in order to compete each grade. When Billy's father finds out he is furious and is about to give the company to Eric when Billy challenges him to a 'educational decathalon' and the winner will win the company.
If it was anyone else playing the role of Billy Madison, other than Sandler, this film would be a complete flop and not really worth a light, but when its Adam Sandler acting like a complete childish fool, for example chasing huge penguins about on a quad bike and farting in class, its ok and the audiences always seem to accept it and come back to the cinemas time and time again wanting more.
Overall, Billy Madison is a nice little film, which although isn't family viewing, teenages and adults are sure to enjoy the slapstick comedy and i recommend that you watch it several times in order to get the full amount of fun and enjoyment that this film has to offer. As i said before, not his best attempt, but still a treat for Sandler fans, or comedy fans in general.
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on 29 August 2004
The is easily Adam Sandler's best movie. Its all about Adam Sandler going back to school to get his fathe's hotel company. On the way through all the grades he makes friends and even falls in love with a fit teacher. The funniest part of this movie is when a little kid is reading and Adam Sandler makes fun of him. This is a very funny movie so buy it to see it.
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on 12 January 2002
I first saw this movie on SKY and as most people at the time I didn't really know that much about Adam Sandler.The storyline is that Sandler plays Billy Maddison who is a heir to a multi-million dollar corporation,however he's a complete fool and is immature beyond his years.Because of this his father decideds to give the company to Eric,a nasty weasel of a executive who hates Billy's guts.Billy then decides to go back to school-from the first grade right up to graduation to prove to everyone that hes not an idiot ,beat Eric and become heir.Along the way Billy falls in love with his primary teacher,makes loads of new eight year old friends at school and also makes room to have fun with his 2 best friends,who also happen to be dropouts.I enjoyed the film from start to finish and it has many funny moments like his hallucinations of penquins and when he plays tag ball with the primary school kids.Theres also a funny moment when feeling guilty because of his bullying of other kids when he was younger he phones up one of his victims(Steve Buscemi) and apologies,not knowing that hes actually writing a kill list and applying make-up at the time!If you have a twisted sense of humour and enjoyed Sandler's earlier films like Happy Gilmour then make seeing this film a priorty.
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on 7 May 2011
It might not bother you much while watching this DVD, but there are scenes cut like:

-Eric himself catching fire while cooking
-Clown bleeding from the mouth after falling down
-Some swear words like Billy saying 'f-word'-dog to miss Lippy after she finishes reading the book

Also this DVD does NOT have subtitles or languages other than English.
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on 10 March 2000
I was into Sandler for years before anyone else caught on. Billy Madison is a classic and is the film that i quote the most in my everyday life. The makers of the film were obviously on drugs when they made it - and that is how i suggest it should be viewed
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Billy Madison is the most hilariously inane character that Adam Sandler has portrayed, and while I don't consider this one of Sandler's best movies, it is easily one of his funniest. A lot of the comedy seems to have come directly from the set of Saturday Night Live; it was funny there, and it is funny here. Even a few SNL buddies, namely Norm MacDonald and the late Chris Farley, turn up to revel in the infectiously entertaining silliness. Sandler plays Billy Madison (of course), the son of a filthy rich hotel magnate. He spends all of his time lazing around the pool, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and pawing over nudie mags; his only hobby seems to be lighting bags of poo on fire on the front porch of people he doesn't particularly like. Even after his infantile behavior at a big business meeting, he is shocked to hear his father say he is giving the company to a particularly annoying executive rather than turning it over to him. He swears he will do anything, even go back to school and actually earn the diploma his father bought for him, to make his father change his mind. Monday morning finds him camped out in a first grade classroom, where he actually fits in pretty well. Every two weeks, he is tested and bumped up another grade. Billy really enjoys his time in third grade because he makes some good friends among the children and laps the elixir of knowledge from the fountain of the gorgeous Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson). As time goes by, Eric starts sweating and sets Billy up for a fall. Only the disciplinarian love of Veronica and the support of his new childhood friends can pick Billy up and get him back in the game.
I think Sandler is a comic genius, and few comedians could make such a silly, silly movie a real success. I mean, Billy does things like chase imaginary giant penguins around the house; that kind of thing just doesn't fly with any other actors. I should point out that there is actually a strong human element to this story as it progresses, though. Once all the alcohol is out of his bloodstream, Billy is a nice, good-hearted fellow, and the reliving of his old school days makes a profound impact on his character. I'm still not exactly sure what Veronica sees in him, but true success pretty much requires a good-looking woman to be there to kiss you at the end. Perhaps I should just say a final word to the parents of teenaged boys: while this movie does provide a strategy guaranteed to make any young man study his heart out, it is probably not something you will want to sanction in your own family life.
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on 21 July 2011
Billy Madison is a typical Adam Sandler film, not the greatest plot but a barrel of laughs, if you like any other Sandler film i.e. Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky etc. then you will love this comedy.

Billy Madison is the dim-witted son to the head of the Madison hotel chain, for years Billy had been told he will take over the company when his father retires, however after getting drunk & attempting to chase an imaginary penguin he embarrasses his father in front of all his associates at a dinner in the Madison household. Billy's father tells him that he will not be getting the company in preference of the evil Eric. Eric is mostly seen with Carl, another associate of Billy's dad whom he likes. Billy pitches an idea where he can go back to school, complete all grades in 2 week periods in order to win back the company.

At school Billy strikes up a relationship with the third grade teacher Veronica Vaughan (Bridgette Wilson), however when they first met Veronica thought Billy was nothing more than a "nuisance". When Eric realises that Billy may actually full-fill his promise to his dad of passing school he decides to take matter into his own hands. He bribes the principal who has a dark past into lying that Billy paid him off.

After the news breaks Billy's dad is irate, he hands the company over to Eric, however news comes out that the principal was lying, Billy now has the chance to win back the company from Eric in an academic decathlon. Can Billy do it?

Steve Buschemi plays a minor role as he does in most Sandler films; however his part in this is brilliant even if it is just for the few seconds of screen time he got.

As said before, any fan of Adam Sandler will be a fan of Billy Madison.
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on 26 April 2001
This no-brainer comedy starring Adam Sandler is hilarious in my words and all of you comedy fans out there i think will find it enjoyable aswell.I have to say though dispite The waterboy and Big Daddy my favorite Sandler film would have to be Happy gilmore so if your reading this review i strongly recommend u shedd your money on buying the funniest film you'll posibly ever see.
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on 9 April 2006
Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) is the son of a wealthy millionaire hotel owner who buys everything for his spoilt son. Toys, friends and grades are all brought for Billy but now Billys future has been decided for him. His father is handing over his hotel business to his partner in Madison Hotels, the evil Eric. Billy decided to make a deal with his father, he'll spend a week in each school grade, take the high school deploma test and if he passes he gets the company instead of Eric.
Now thrust into a world of pint size friends and strange teachers Billy sets out to win his fathers company. Eric hounds him the whole way, trying to prevent Billy from succeeding. Will Billy finish school? With help from his child co-stars and the extremely hot teacher, Veronica, he goes head to head with Eric in the ultimate academic decathalon.
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on 20 March 2000
Not as good as other Sandler films but I have to say that if you have found Sandler funny in his other films i.e - The Wedding Singer, The Water Boy or Big daddy you have to see this one. An earlier film from him but still funny!
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