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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2002
This video deserves its five stars as there are four classic episodes.
Beyond blunerdome is when homer is overheard by mel gibson shouting about how bad his film is, so gibson recruits homer as a film consultant. Only for homer to make the film into a violent action movie.
Itchy and scratch: the movie, my favourite of the four sees homer punish bart serioulsy for putting maggies life in danger.
22 short films about springfield shows us what really goes on in the town of the simpsons
A star is burns has a fummy bit with 'the eternal struggle', where homer battles with his belt buckle.
These four great episodes make this the best video so far.
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on 18 January 2003
Four Simpsons episodes and a short feature on Troy Mclure (which is a bit of a waste of time). The four episodes are all pretty funny, but the best is A Star is Burns, where the residents of Springfield hold a film festival and submit their own movies. Barney Gumble's meditation on his life as an alcoholic is a masterpiece, but Burns has ideas of upstaging it. Homer's choice, of a man being hit by a football, is an outside contender. The other three episodes - Beyond Blunderdome, Itchy and Scratchy the Movie and 22 Short Films About Springfield - all have their moments, although the first has too much Mel Gibson. Short cameos work best, Mel. Overall, a good compilation, with many references for film buffs.
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on 24 December 2003
WOW!this is a great dvd,has 4 fantastic episodes and a Troy Mclour finest moments featurette.
these are the episodes:
"Beyond Blunderdome"(season 11)original airdate: 26/9/99
When Homer and Marge attend a test screening of Mel Gibson's remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Homer gives the film a mercilessly rough critique. Rather than be angered by Homer's remarks, Gibson decides to hire him as a consultant on the script rewrites. Together Mel and Homer turn the movie into a bloody action flick. The film studio is so disgusted by the new cut that they attempt to block its distribution. Homer and Mel steal the only print of the film and escape the studio lot with the executives pursuing them. Commandeering the old Mad Max car from the Hollywood Auto Museum, the Simpsons and the movie star careen through the streets, causing all sorts of destruction. Can they escape with the print intact? Does Mr. Smith ever get to go to Washington? Why doesn't Mel Gibson have an accent anymore?
Guest Star: Mel Gibson as himself

"Itchy and Scratchy:The Movie" (season 4)
oringinal airdate:3/11/92

Every kid in the world waits with bated breath for the Itchy & Scratchy movie, but Bart is the only one who's not allowed to see it. Marge and Homer ground Bart for his bad behavior, making him miss the most important movie of his life. In a vision of the future in which his son becomes a Supreme Court Justice, Homer imagines seeing a revival of the movie with Bart.

"22 short films about Springfield" (seaon 7)
original airdate:14/4/96

In this breakneck tour through a day in the life of Springfield, we learn that a lot goes on in a little town in some state, somewhere in America. Apu takes the day off from the Kwik-E-Mart and has a kwik-e-romance. Barney finally pays Moe his bar tab only to witness Snake steal it. Principal Skinner nearly burns down his house while making lunch for Superintendent Chalmers, and Homer gets Maggie stuck in a newspaper vending machine. Lisa gets gum--and mayonnaise, and peanut butter--stuck in her hair, and Smithers almost dies from a bee sting. In a nod to Pulp Fiction, Snake and Chief Wiggum are taken hostage by Herman, the one-armed pawnshop owner, who wants to do god-knows-what. The two men are saved by Milhouse, who had to go to the bathroom really, really badly.

"A star is Burns" (season 6) original airdate:5/3/95

Springfield plays host to a film festival in which various townspeople display their original work. Barney presents "Pukahontas," a haunting meditation on his alcoholism; Apu directs "Bright Lights, Beef Jerky," the tale of a lonely man working the loneliest shift in a small-town Kwik-E-Mart. Two other important entries are Mr. Burns' autobiographical "A Burns for All Seasons" and Hans Moleman's "Man Getting Hit by Football." Despite receiving bribes from Mr. Burns, the judges choose to honor "Pukahontas" as the festival's best film. Luckily for Moleman, his film is remade as "Football in the Groin," a star vehicle for George C. Scott, and wins an Oscar for Best Picture.

Well "A star is Burns" is my favourite episode on the tape and others will probably agree with me,this is a really good dvd and I reomend it fully not 1 thing in it!
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on 22 June 2011
This is not the best Simpsons dvd ever but the dvd still is great.

I rate this DVD 5 out of 10 I was actually disapointed in this DVD

This DVD was made from 1990 and does not include episodes from seasons 22,21,20,19,18 and more
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on 30 January 2005
This video is unbelievably funny with a brilliant mix of episodes.
In 'Beyond Blunderdome' Mel Gibson stars as himself and asks Homer to co-produce his film after Homer gives it a bad review. The problem is, I don't think 'Mr Smith goes to Washington' should be a bloody action picture... 10/10
In 'Itchy and Scatchy: the Movie' Homer forbids Bart to see the new Itchy and Scratchy film after Bart fails to watch Maggie. 9/10
In '22 Short Films about Springfield' the episode is made up of bits of other episodes put together with clever links to each other. 10/10
In 'A Star is Burns' Springfield hosts a film festival with the help of critic Jay Sherman (Jon Lovitz). Homer is on the board of judges, and he has to decide who wins between Barney Gumble's film and Mr Burns's. 9/10
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on 2 April 2002
This is the second Simpsons DVD to be released in the UK and after being impressed with the Season 1 DVD boxset I decided to get this as well and I wasn't disappointed. The Simpsons Film Festival contains 4 of the funniest and best Simpsons episodes I have ever seen including Beyond Blunderdome which is a hilarious episode in which Homer co-produces a film starring Mel Gibson with disastorus results! There is only one extra which involves the incredibly annoying Troy McClure but the episodes are so good and the fact that you can set the audio to one of six different languages to hear the 'Foriegn' simpsons means that this DVD will last forever!
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on 21 January 2015
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on 18 July 2015
Excellent playback great dvd
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on 9 March 2002
This is the first Compliation DVD from The Simpsons and its a very good way to start. The price and the episode's are both great.
The First episode "Beyond Blunderdome" is quite good for a season 11 episode with Mel Gibson making a quest apperance- watch out for the dog with shifty eye's.
The other 3 episodes("Itchy and Scratchy:The Movie", "22 Short films about Springfield" and "A Star Is Burns") are all classic's, with a great appearance from Hans Moleman in the last episode.
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on 6 April 2015
All Good
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