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4.2 out of 5 stars35
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2004
This is one of my absolute faves when it comes to the romantic comedies. It is such a funny film that it had me roaring with laughter at some points.
It tells the story of Jane, who after an affair with one of her co-workers, comes to the conclusion that men are all a piece of dirt, (nothing new there then!) and that they have the same behaviour patterns as bulls.
The scientific theory is that once a bull has mated with a cow, no matter if you dress it in sexy lingerie or spray it with another cow's scent, it will never mate with the same cow twice. Jane comes to truly believe this theory applies to men too!
Along the way we have the delightful talents of Greg Kinnear, who plays his snivelling, slimy character fantastically, and of course, Hugh Jackman who just oozes pure sex on legs! Throw into the mix a great performance from Ashley Judd a small but brilliant performance from Marissa Tomei, and you have the perfect recipe for a cosy night in with the girls.
So, who needs a man huh?
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on 6 February 2002
I managed to drag my friend along to see this movie with me last summer despite her doubts towards the title (it is a little wierd.)
We didn't expect much as we didn't know the storyline; all I knew was that Ashley Judd (one of my fave actresses at the mo now) and the gorgeous Hugh Jackman were in it.
Since seeing it then we've rented it several times, and both have bought the (regional code 1-American) dvd- (in the U.S. it's actually called 'Someone Like You'- but called 'Animal Attraction' in England-confusing i know!!)
On the American dvd (which I'm sure is pretty much the same as the regional code 2 dvd) there are TV Spots, Trailers, Featurette, Deleted scenes (which are great) and a (very cheesy but fun) Alternate ending.
So what's the plotline?
Very simple really: Jane (Judd) falls for new work collegue Ray (Greg Kinnear) who then dumps her, leaving her homeless. Then cue womanising Eddie (Jackman,)another work collegue who happens to have a room to rent...Amidst all this Jane discovers a theory relating male human behaviour to male 'cow' behaviour (the 'Animal attraction' meaning)which recieves much popularity from the public...and leads to all sorts of events etc.
Jane doesn't believe she'll ever fall in love again, and of course you know the ending but it's SO good as all the characters are very funny and loveable, even love rat (Kinnear) and the tough boss at work (Ellen Barkin.) Marisa Tomei is also great as Jane's amusing best friend and fellow-survivor in heartache, who aids Jane along the way.
Being honest, this is not a man's film at all, but young girls and women (my mum loves this too)- if you need some cheering up or like me just like cheesy romantic comedies then you MUST see this!!!
There wasn't much publicity made for this film, yet people I've recommended it to- have all come back and said how much they liked/enjoyed it.
***On another note, the soundtrack is really good for this movie - but if you really want that song that appears on the advert (and NOT on the soundtrack) it's called 'Closer To Myself' by Kendall Payne, and it's available on one of her albums and 'Never Been Kissed' soundtrack (which is a great cd)- other friends have asked me this before.
Now Go and see this movie!!!
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Jane (Ashley Judd) is an intelligent, attractive woman satisfied in her job on a daytime chat show, working alongside the apparently insensitive, womanising bachelor Eddie (Hugh Jackman). When Ray (Greg Kinnear) is joins the crew Jane feels an obvious attraction but soon learns he is in already in a relationship going on four years. They embark on a discreet affair when Ray reveals he is unsure of his current relationship and make preparations to live together after Ray drops his old girlfriend. Pretty soon though, Ray breaks it off with Jane, leaving her homeless and broken-hearted, so through necessity Jane moves in with Eddie. Whilst trying to understand Ray's desertion and Eddie's behaviour, Jane reads a report on an experiment in cattle breeding that seems to suggest a bull will not mate with the same cow twice. From this evidence, Jane formulates a similar old cow/new cow theory about male attitudes to women, creating a series of complications that escalate until the final denouement.

The cast are all quite competent and attractive, with Ashley Judd looking somewhat like a milder-mannered Angelina Jolie. I thought Ellen Barkin's role was very subtle, but you can see in the DVD extras a great scene of physical comedy that was cut from the film. The general pace is good and the comedy is comfortable/inoffensive.

However, I had a couple of big problems with the film - firstly, the audience is expected to feel sympathy for Jane when she is dumped, yet she began the relationship as the 'other woman' (something about which she appears to feel no guilt).

There are only two male characters in the film - Ray and Eddie - and, given their roles, this gives the impression that Jane will fall in love with any man that shows her attention, so the inherent romance is diminished by this. With Jane as an example, whilst bulls prefer a new cow each time, the film seems to imply that cows will happily accept any bull that stumbles their way.

An additional note - Hugh Jackman does a good job with a limited role and spends a significant portion of the film in his underwear.
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on 3 September 2006
Animal Attraction is basically about Jane, a woman driven to distraction by men who treat her like dirt. She resorts to developing a semi-scientific theory about the puzzles of male behaviour... but soon learns that not all men, like her recurring flame Ray, are slimy, pathetic slugs.

Hugh Jackman is brilliant in this, a perfect antidote to the spineless Ray... Jackman also looks nothing short of hot in black boxers.

This is very definitely a girl's film, a funny, moving rom-com with great performances all round. The soundtrack is also brilliant. A little-known jewel that I can recommend whole heartedly!
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on 23 March 2002
Jane (Ashley Judd) is a New Yorker working in the media who's unlucky in love, ditched by the man she thought she was going to marry Ray (Greg Kinnear) While in the depths of dispair she forms a theory about the male species' fear of commitment. Posing as a anthropologist she expounds her theory of 'New Cow' - a bull will only mate with a cow once, after that he searches for new partners. Could this explain why men are so bad at monogamy?
Based on the novel Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman, this mordern film gives a good and very feminist twist to the old fashioned love story. Well worth staying in for.
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on 4 July 2013
This is my "default" film; the one I'll watch again and again, when there's nothing else on. Ashley Judd's character is such a strong, independent and eloquent woman I can't get enough of her. Yes, she gets a bit lost after she has her heart broken, but don't we all? So she tries to make sense and interpret it all - as animal attraction, or the "cow theory" (don't get worried, this isn't a spoiler, it's actually the opening scene). Again, isn't this what we normal women do? (ok, perhaps not going as far as an animal theory!) Hugh Jackman's character is adorable - albeit slightly implausible - and the killer body is a welcome sight! This is a lovely, funny film about dating in modern New York with an intelligent, real woman as the main lead - I just wish there were more Hollywood films like that.
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on 15 October 2005
What a cool film! Great rom-com and good to watch on your own with big bowl of popcorn or with the girls!
Ashley Judd is excellent in her portrayal of wronged lover. Greg Kinnear oozes slime and Hugh Jackman - well... what can I say... perfect specimen of manhood in black boxers!!
It is a film I watch whenever I need reassurance that not all men are bulls!!
Well worth watching, a true chick flick with fun for the boys too.
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on 5 February 2010
Have to admit... bought this because of Hugh Jackman in it LOL
Really good chick flick although Ashley Judd does become a tad irritating after a bit with her theories and stuff which makes the movie drag a little bit.
All in all a good movie, hey its got Hugh Jackman in it whats not to like haha :)
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on 12 January 2009
I loved this comedy with my favourite actor Hugh Jackman and Greg Kinnear at his best as a the mess you about guy. The plot is a little silly but basically distressed girl messed about by looser who promises everything is comforted and put up' by work friend ( hugh Jackman) who is also a little bruised and battered from a relationship. After much arguing about the relationship between men and woman and some fun, playing semi clad in the kitchen where hugh ripples his muscles they eventually discover that they are in love. A women's film at its best!
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on 13 November 2014
Maybe its because I am over 50 but this film did not impress. I thought it was a funny romance but in the opening scenes it was just two people all over each other all the time. The humour (being American) didnt quite tickle my funny bones either. After 20 minutes I realised I didnt want to sit through the rest of it.
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