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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2012
This is what an action movie should be like. Great characters, awesome music, fun and gritty action scenes, a likeable protagonist and an excellent villain. I've always enjoyed Road House. It's just a great movie to enjoy again and again. The film is nearly 2 hours but it doesn't feel like it. The plot isn't very complex but it works for this kind of movie. Patrick Swayze plays a bouncer who is sent to a place called the Double Deuce to clean it up but learns of the town villain Brad Wesley who has the town under his control and as the movie goes on, becomes even more sinister and deadly. You actually really dislike the antagonist which is great and done well. Ben Gazzara does an excellent job as the town's feared guardian and tormenter and when Dalton (Swayze) gets his revenge for things I cannot reveal it's exciting.

The music is superb, there are a range of different songs but a majority of them are from The Jeff Healey band, some which are covers (IMO much better than the originals.) The music fits the movie and is mainly rock/blues.

There is a lot of action in this movie to satisfy fans, plus a lot of brutal fighting. There is also a mix of comedy and emotion. I can't figure out why this movie did poorly at the time but at least there are many fans who appreciate it for what it is.

Overall this movie isn't complex or deep but it's an exciting action packed rollercoaster packed with awesome music. A Patrick Swayze classic that will always be enjoyed.
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on 20 February 2001
This a film that as its ups and downs but overall this is one of patrick swayze's better films.Dalton is the best bouncer in the business and he is asked to clean up the mess by Wesley and his goons.1 by 1 he knocks of wesley's goons and then gets ready for the final showdown.Along the way he falls in love with Wesley's ex who is a doctor at the local hospital.Then he asks his old pal for help and things then go from bad to worse.There is an execellent sound track and the film has good support from Jeff healey who plays Cody who used to sing at daltons old club. He shows why he is canada's number one musical export.The film is not as violent that it is made out to be there are some good fight scences in it.This is a film that is overall very good and i would recommed anyone to buy it.The choice is yours.
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on 26 February 2015
Rowdy Herrington's cult 1980s action favourite Road House arrives to Blu ray as an American exclusive. At the time of writing there are no planned releases for this title in any other territory. Unfortunatly the MGM/Fox Blu ray is region A locked meaning you will need a multi region player to view this. As is the case with a few of these so called 'locked Blu ray discs, owners of Panasonic decks could bypass the region coding of this disc with a simple remote control fix. First load up the disc. Whilst the player is reading the disc press the 'functions' button on the remote. Next the wrong region screen will pop up saying that you are using a Blu ray intended for playback in a different region. This screen will quickly disappear and take you back to the Panasonic home screen but with the functions menu highlighted. Next press '1', the screen will go blank and the disc will load to the start of the movie. On certain occasions you may need to press the 'ok' button after '1'. For the record I'm using a Uk region B Panasonic BD80 with the latest firmware installed. As far as I know this trick only works on Panasonic equipment and I am also unsure as to which models are compatible so try at your own risk.
Road house plays almost like a modern day western so much so that many character names within the movie all originate from the Western genre. Patrick Swayze stars as Dalton, a head bouncer or more precisely cooler who thanks to his ability to control a crowd and as he puts it "take out the trash" commands a high price and option to pick and choose his own gigs. Dalton's reputation as "the best damn cooler in the business" brings him to the attention of Tilghman(Kevin Tighe) the owner of The Double Deuce, a rundown sleeze pit of a bar in Nowheresville Kansas. According to Tilghman his bar is "the kind of place where you sweep up the eyeballs after closing" and believes the $500 dollar a night Dalton could be the answer to converting The Double Deuce from unwelcoming dive to a swinging hotspot.
Dalton refuses the offer of a plane ticket "I don't fly......too dangerous", and arrives at The Double Deuce to quietly assess his new challenge where he is witness to all manner of activities including drug dealing staff, till skimming and whole scale bar brawls that seem to start from the smallest incident and mostly at the hands of the existing bouncers. Dalton is given a free run of The Double Deuce, giving certain members of staff their severance pay and the remaining an ultimatum...."it's my way or the highway" as well as teaching them a zen like method of dealing with the wanton thugs who regularly frequent the bar...."remember its a job, its nothing personal.......and be nice". After an undisclosed time period The Double Deuce has changed 100% for the better. The bar is thriving, the clientele "want to drink and have a good time" and the live house band no longer have to play behing bars. Unfortunately all of this new found business has attracted the attention the towns resident gangster and all round bad guy Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara) who not only terrorises the local inhabitants with his troup of macho bully boys but also runs a kind of protection racket that the towns businesses have to pay into or run the risk of stock damage or worse. Impressed with Dalton's nightly activities at The Double Deuce, Wesley attempts to hire him for his own needs, an offer which as to be expected our fair and honest hero declines. To make matters worse Dalton starts a relationship with Doc (Kelly Lynch) a doctor at a nearby hospital who Brad Wesley once had the hots for, aggravating the unhinged millionaire playboy into revenge which he takes out on the local people in an attempt to completely take over and bleed the whole town dry, destroying homes, businesses and lives in the process......"remember this is my town". Feeling an urge to help the people he has connected with and at the same time banish the demons from his troubled past, Dalton enlists the help of his old bouncer pal Wade Garrett (the wonderful Sam Elliott) in an attempt to overthrow Wesley and restore peace to the town with the inevitable no hold barred finalé which features multiple fist fights, torn out throats, gory shotgun blasts and a flying exploding Mercedes.
Produced in 1989 at the tail end of the 80s, Road House is a movie that truly epitomises the decade from big hair and stilettos through to mullets and macho postering whilst not forgetting double denim, neon lit nightclubs and monster trucks. Despite its overall eightiesness and slight air of camp Road House has stood the test of time admiringly and remains entertaining from start to finish. Fast paced and never for one minute dull, the movie is punctuated with raucous fist fights, quotable trash dialogue, generous helpings of T&A, sneering bad guys, and a toe tapping blues soundtrack courtesy of The Jeff Healy Band. The cast are all watchable often delivering the parmesan tinged dialogue with wry knowing grins that this isn't supposed to be taken too seriously and the movie has a wonderfully glossy look to the expansive Panavision images. This is a fine example of tough guy cinema that may have its flaws but remains pure 80s nostalgic gold that I for one never tire of.

Road House fights its way onto Blu ray with a slightly unremarkable MPEG 2 encoded 1080p transfer framed at the correct scope dimensions of 2.35:1. For the most part this is a vast improvement over standard definition DVD but can come across as a little inconsistent. Detail for the most part is good especially close ups of faces, hair, cuts and tattoos and the bright daytime scenes even showcase a smidgen of depth and some strong textures. The busy, smokey bar segments on the other hand can look hazy and a little flat with some definate softness on display but again are far better than the DVD image picking out little details in the crowd I had never noticed before despite seeing this movie far more times than I care to remember. Colours are reasonable and remember there is alot of neon lighting in this film that thankfully never causes the transfer any issues and always appears tight and pin sharp. The primary colours are for the most part bold from the lush green lawns around Wesley's mansion through to bright scarlet red of the Double Deuce staff uniforms and not forgetting splashes of blood from gunshot wounds and knifings. Skin tones can err on the side of ruddy but maybe that was how they were intended to look with Kelly Lynch's almost mahogany tan being an obvious standout. Black levels get the job done well enough and provide some good shadow detail most noticeable in Wesley's trophy room towards the end of the movie and contrast handles the mixture of bright exteriors and lowlit bar scenes with ease. I must admit I was a little concerned at how grain free this transfer was and how character faces often took on a waxy appearance leading me to believe DNR had been applied but this never becomes detrimental with the image still retaining a nicely filmic look.

This is where the Blu ray completely obliterates the DVD release delivering a potent and extremely robust high bitrate 5.1 track presented in lossless DTS-HD Master. Originally released to theaters in Dolby Stereo this still remains fairly front heavy albeit with strong stereo separations across all three front channels. The rears often carry environmental atmospheric and acoustics during the loud bar scenes and the subwoofer gets to flex its LFE muscles during the varous explosions and shotgun blasts. Depth is often apparent from thrashing rotor blades of Wesley's helicopter as it passes overhead through to a monster truck trashing a car show room complete with smashing glass and metal against metal. Dialogue is mostly clear with ever so slight clipping during some of the more shouty exchanges and foley effects are fairly solid if a little dated sounding. The rock/blues score gets a decidedly healthy boost via this uncompressed track sounding rich and weighty with crystal clear vocals, tight mid bass and a deep punchy low end. This is obviously not as complicated as a modern action movie soundtrack but is definatly leaps amd bounds over the lossy two channel stereo mix on my old DVD edition.

Unbeknownst to me when I bought this Blu ray there are actually two verions of this here on Amazon. One is a two disc pack which includes the Blu ray and a standard def DVD and the other( the one that I own) is just the single Blu ray. For reasons known only to MGM all the special features are located on the DVD with the Blu ray only providing a theatrical trailer meaning that unfortunately i don't have any means of reviewing the supplementary material which i am led to believe contains two audio commentaries and a featurette. Strangely the single disc version is marketed as part of MGM's 90th anniversary so it is a shame the extras couldn't be ported over from the DVD but then it just shows how sloppy the major studios can be with their catalogue titles. Still this is fairly cheap and worth owning for the film alone.

Road House is the ultimate guy movie literally overflowing with testosterone and a perfect swansong for the 1980s delivering everything you would expect from a action movie about bouncers dealing with thugs in a hick town.
The Blu ray presentation may not be completely perfect but is a marked improvement over any other edition and the sound is excellent. Remember if your looking for extras hunt down the two disc release which is now remarkably expensive but for the film alone the single disc release comes recommended.
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on 8 August 2003
You have to love this film. Genius 80's cheese. The script ain't bad, the acting is reasonable and the fight scenes were choreographed by Benny The Jet, who kickboxers will know as a bit of a hero. Oh and it helps to be drunk to truly appreciate it.
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on 13 June 2016
It's a good ride. Good story mostly well handled. Have to stop at 4 stars because 1) the love story part is way too soppy, and 2) not enough fights! The ones we do see are quick and clinical (as the best cooler in the business would be) and I just wanted to see more of it. As it is, it's still enjoyable.
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on 28 January 2015
A classic action packed film made much better on bluray!!-I have a multi-region bluray player that plays all bluray regions(A,B and C)and so when I saw this classic film for sale cheap on amazon I decided to buy it..I only waited a few days and the bluray arrived!-I was NOT disappointed one bit,the picture quality was sharp expecially when you consider how OLD the film is(released in 1989)and t was completely UNCUT..its classic film and made much better on bluray.(region A only)
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on 1 June 2016
I've wanted to see this film for a while now so thought I'd get it from Amazon, like I do with a lot of films. It was good value & arrived in the time stated. If you're a fan of Sam Elliott then this film's for you!
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'Dalton' (Patrick Swayze) is a 'Cooler' / Bouncer' and is one of the best at what he does....
'Frank Tightman' (Kevin Tighe) owner of a club called the 'Double Deuce' in 'Jasper' Texas, head-hunts 'Dalton' his club
has been dragged down in recent times by thugs, the price is right, 'Dalton' accepts the challenge.
After assessing the situation he swings into action soon taking control of proceedings ridding the club of the drug-pushers
and thieves...
However 'Jasper' is run and more or less owned by the evil and controlling 'Brad Wesley' (Ben Gazzara) who begins not to
appreciate the new-boy in town holding sway on some of the residents.
'Dalton' doesn't go looking for trouble, however it tends to find him......of course it wouldn't be a 'Patrick Swayze' movie
without a touch of romance, this comes in the shape of the local hospital Doctor, 'Elizabeth' (Kelly Lynch)
'Dalton's' friend and mentor 'Wade Garrett' (Sam Elliott) also a 'Cooler' turns up in town to catch-up......
Things have quickly turned nasty in town as 'Brad Wesley' turns up the heat to show who's boss, however when he orders his
thugs to send 'Dalton' a message by getting to friend 'Wade' it gets personal for 'Dalton' ....which will lead to a bloody showdown.
The film starring the 'late' 'Patrick Swayze' could almost be considered a cult-classic....this an enjoyable drama with numerous
action sequences on-board.
There are scenes of an adult nature with nudity and the usual measure of colourful language...
The film has had a good upgrade, the picture and sound quality is good.
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on 19 December 2015
One of the greatest movies ever if you have seen it you know that if you have not seen it, it is in the top bracket of of 80's movies if you like early Segal Van Damme Sly or Arnie movies give it a go
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on 21 February 2002
even the movie was released at the end of the 80's- it's a classic one. in this movie, patrick swayze takes place as dalton- a boucer at a local southern pub, filled with violence & fearsom bullies that vandalize the town in the name of a wealthy scum (ben gazzara). as the pub owner is fed up with the chaos, he summons dalton, a 'rent a hero' famos bouncer. as all the 80's action movies, swayze wins the sympaty of the townsfolk, gets all the girls & beats the baddies. the avarege storyline is decorated with lots of nice fighting scenes, along a good soundtrack. with a special appearance by jeff healey.
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