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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2007
I will always remember this movie for the sheer amount of dialogue between Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino.They have long conversations that are quick-witted,aggressive,poignant,upsetting,loving,absurd,and just about any kind of verbal exchange people can have.And this is what makes Frankie And Johnnie such good entertainment - we've all had conversations like these and can relate to them.
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on 12 June 2005
"Frankie and Johnny" doesn't have any allusions of grandeur, it is a simple movie about the lives of a group of New York deli workers; predominantly waitress Frankie (michelle Pfeiffer) and short-order cook Johnny (Al Pacino) both of whom turn in fine performances. This is a gentle, beautiful movie that reminds us that love doesn't have to be about fire-works and cheesy love songs, in fact love can grow anywhere.
Maybe correctly classed as a chick-flick but worth watching even just to see the wonderfully multi-faceted Pacino in action!
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on 24 June 2007
After their "romance" in 'Scarface' they (Pacino and Pfeiffer) decide to have a real romance, and it is a pretty good one. Not that the film is great but in this kind of films all I hope for is a little chemistry, some nice characters and a few laughs. This film has it all.

The chemistry between Al Pacino (Johnny) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Frankie) works because in the movie they have to fight for that chemistry. Al Pacino is a great actor but I think Michelle Pfeiffer was better here. Although I loved a couple of particular scenes with Pacino (his Greek-dance-scene is great) I think the character of Michelle Pfeiffer has more depth and she does exactly the right thing for that character. And of course she is a beautiful woman. You must love her.

The nice characters, besides Frankie and Johnny, are the gay neighbour (Nathan Lane), the boss of the restaurant where almost the whole cast is working (Hector Elizondo) and Nedda and Cora (Jane Morris and Kate Nelligan), two of the waitresses.

The story is simple. Johnny is just released from prison and he starts working in the restaurant where Frankie happens to be a waitress. He falls in love and although she has trouble to admit it she is doing the same thing. Of course there are some (a lot of) complications on the way but you know how it is going to end. A nice feel-good movie.
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on 28 September 2005
I have owned this on VHS before I bought it on DVD and I just love it.
The story is very subtle and shows that people who make mistakes in life can move on if they let themselves. Michelle's character doesn't want to let herself be vulnerable but does realise, eventually, if she does want to move on then she will have to expose the real her to someone.
Al Pacino is brilliant as the ex-con with the heart - he can't even go off the rails properly when he gets out as he has too much of a conscience to do that.
The cast around them is also fab - mostly not big name actors but brilliantly cast as they are so believable you could expect to walk into a diner in NY and see them.
And the little touches around the main action (like the old dear at the till shoving some change on the floor to get the customer to bend down) are great and lift what could be a depressing story - albeit the guy does get the girl in the end.
Its a great story and one you can watch again and again.
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on 4 October 2000
Most of teh criticism of this film is centered around the fact that Pfieffer and Pacino look too good for the characters they are suipposed to be portraying. A fair is true but that will annoy you for about 3 seconds before appreciation of the script and acting kicks in. I would have to say in hindisght that this film suffered from teh whole "only beautiful people get cast" debate that went on in Hollywood a few years ago. This should have been an ideal opportunity to disprove it given that the two leads were supposed to be somewhat "plain." BUT WHO CARES? Forget the criticism and form your own opinion and at ... it is a snip.
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on 1 December 2002
The greatest romantic film ever made!!,They always say love comes looking for you when you least expect it!.Set in New York,Frankie is a waitress, Johnny is the new short order cook,[and fresh out of jail after serving time for " signing someone name to somebody else's cheque"] and falls in love with Frankie,though she does not return his affections at first,he woes her.The film is a down to earth love story,two souls that are lost and find each other.Great soundtrack and cast, a film that says there is someone for everyone.
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on 5 December 2006
This is a classic and my all time favourite movie! A bit depressing at times but in a nice way, and inspiring too, so real and so engouraging....Love is out there, whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not....You can try to resist but it will get you eventually....Great acting from everyone...Famous and not so much...It worths bying 100% and have it in your collection!!!
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Although this is basically a rom-com, and one directed by the uninspiring Garry Marshall at that, it is a cut above most of the genre, due to the two leads, as well as half a dozen other spot-on performances from Kate Nelligan as a tarty mini-skirted waitress, Hector Elizondo as the likeable deli proprietor, Mary Morris superb as a dowdy yet lively waitress, and very funny Nathan Lane who is nicely understated as Frankie`s gay neighbour.
Pacino, as Johnny, has rarely looked so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, literally wide-eyed with sheer joie de vivre following a spell in prison, itching to live again, finding work as a short-order cook in the small diner where weary, wary Frankie works.
Pfeiffer is simply adorable. Watching this film yet again last night, I realised that, of all the US actresses of her generation who I love - Diane Lane, Julianne Moore, Laura Linney, and others - Michelle is my favourite of all. (Her greatest role, to my mind, was as Lurene in the little-seen Love Field, for which she was Oscar-nominated.) She is able to play a scene with such truthfulness, negotiating both comedy and tragedy with a natural skill which can`t be taught. She`s funny, sad, sharp, plain, pretty, sexy, infuriating, compassionate, detached... her Frankie is as real a creation as any of her other roles of the eighties and early nineties - Pfeiffer`s purple patch - and it`s doubly poignant and touching to see her reunited with her Scarface co-star Pacino, and almost running rings round him, though that`s mainly due to Johnny being the pursuer of the reluctant Frankie.
Al & Michelle are perfect together in an imperfect film. The early scenes set up what is so obviously going to happen later too bluntly, too neatly. Luckily, the various `types` making up the cast of characters are played for their realism rather than as stereotypes, which helps save the film from being just another bland rom-com.
Originally a play called Frankie & Johnny at the Clair de Lune, the two leads should really be drabber and less good-looking than Al & Michelle, but it would be a hard heart that could hold out in the face of Pacino & Pfeiffer`s delightful sparring, flirting, and twinkle-eyed cat-and-mouse game of love.
I love this film, despite its flaws. And it`s at least as much about Michelle & Al, surely...
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on 23 April 2009
I've been searching to have this DVD for years, and finally I could get my hands on it. It is an honest romantic drama of two people who have their own problematic past of broken hearts and souls. It really makes you think through how could one live with such a package from the past and still believe that they have the right to fall in love and be loved at the same time. And all this portrayed by great actors! I really recommend watching it!
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When the University of Oklahoma had a good basketball team back in the days of Waymon Tisdale, the coach was asked about his team's strategy. His reply: "We just get the ball to Waymon and get the hell out of his way." In this movie -- expanded from a two-actor stage play by Terence McNally -- when Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer have the ball, all goes relatively well, but in the expansion for the big screen, McNally has added a lot of extra clutter. The additional characters are mostly lovable eccentric New York stereotypes, and not even the talents of Nathan Lane, Hector Elizondo, Kate Nelligan, and the others can make them more than one-dimensional. Still, they're lively, and the scenes in the restaurant in the busy times have a kind of energy and color that's appealing. More important, perhaps, these scenes let us see Frankie and Johnny interacting with others, with the result that Johnny doesn't seem as creepy as he otherwise might (an unsympathetic woman might consider him a stalker), and Frankie shows that she isn't all about depression and neediness.

Pacino and Pfeiffer are very appealing, which is good, because their characters aren't all that interesting. Johnny was jailed for forging a signature on a check and spent 18 months in the slammer, which is where he developed his cooking skills. He has come out desperate for connection and real affection. Frankie can't, as they say, "commit," and it takes most of the movie's almost two hours for us to find out why that is. The sexual chemistry between them is not a problem, and part of the movie's agenda is to make sure that we see the difference between that chemistry and a love that is protective and nurturing. The movie succeeds as well as it does because Pacino convinces the audience, as well as Frankie, that that is what he has to offer, and because Pfeiffer is believable as a wounded woman (even before we know what the wounds are) and not just a wet blanket. This isn't the best movie that Pacino or Pfeiffer has been in, but they carry it pretty well.
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