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4.6 out of 5 stars35
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2002
Operation Flashpoint, is simply the best war simulator available. It boasts huge maps which you can easily get lost in, indeed you can often ignore the mission given and explore these areas at your leisure. Flashpoint's missions are also non-linear and can be completed in many different ways. The infantry levels are certainly the best in the game, and I agree that the tank and helicopter missions are poor in comparison but that is excusable, I think the developers overstretched themselves needlessly by including too many vehicles. The overall quality of the game in general is so high, this isn't really a problem.
You can pick fallen comrades or enemies weapons up and arm yourself with anything available. When in charge of your own squad you can order squad members to pick up ammunition from fallen bodies or supply trucks, or heal at medics if injured. You can enter machine gun emplacements and use these. I especially like the special ops missions in a morning, the sound of wildlife and the graphics in the forest are just perfect, this also helps to keep the atmosphere tense.
I cannot understand comparisons being made with Delta Force. Delta Force 2 and 3(land warrior) are used almost exclusively for multiplayer, since the AI on single player is so poor.
Operation Flashpoint has room for improvement, but it achieves so much that its minor failings can be put aside for now. It is a realistic and (for that reason) sometimes sickening war game. It is also the best squad based strategy/action/shooter available today.
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on 8 December 2002
Someone once said to me 'if Operation Flashpoint isn't realistic enough for you, then you should join the army.' Not quite true anymore - Bohemia have co-developed combat software that is now in use by the military - but you get the idea.
The graphics are excellent, especially the vehicles, and the sound is extremely satisfying, particularly the explosions when you destroy a tank with a salvo of FFARs.
Where OFP really excels though is in the sheer scope of the game. The scale, depth and attention to detail are unprecedented. The ability to go anywhere on the islands (which are up 100km2) and drive or fly any vehicle is very refreshing.
Although there are some flaws in the AI - particularly at close ranges - it is generally very good, and makes for a very challenging game. Ballistics is also all present and correct, and takes into account velocity and range precisely, as well as wind velocity (I believe) in one of the later patches (included with this edition).
Overall, this has to be one of the finest games I've ever played, and as all three campaigns are included in this box, combined with the stand-alone and multiplayer missions, you'll be playing this for some time to come.
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on 19 December 2001
I cannot believe the previous review re this game not being very good. You do have to spend time understanding the controls and the game. The quality of the graphics will depend on the graphics card and PC you own. Other than that the graphics are up to expectation. The game has so many levels in terms of being a single soldier or a commander of a group of soldiers. The Artificial Intelligence is pretty much spot on - even though things all seem to start from the same place each time you play it. It is a hard game but then why buy a game if it is not a challenge. Ignore the last review is my advice.
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on 22 July 2002
Yes, this game does contain a lot of bugs such as being able to land a plane on the propeller and that curious and amusing bouncing objects glitch, but for the size and scope of the game (it even has a realistic star map, for crying out loud!)you really can forgive them for these little niggles that occasionally turn up.
This game contains so many memorable missions, particularly the ones that see you as a black op at nightime sneaking around watching enemy sentries through your binoculars or sniper rifle. I must warn you though, only buy this game if you think you have enough time to play it as it can take up to 30 minutes and beyond to complete a black ops mission and is difficult on the normal grunt missions to boot, and the Red Hammer addon is even worse.
Graphically, the game's good, although at times the textures can look a little bland if you want to complain about something but it's nothing that detracts from the immersive qualities of the game.
The real strength of this game, however, is the number of ways you can complete a mission and it's complete non-lineararity once you're in the field. You're just dumped in a hostile environment with a bunch of objectives and guns and a good luck pat on the back from Uncle Sam....gee thanks.
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on 17 February 2002
This is very much an infantry war simulator with incredible graphics and good (though not perfect) AI. My favourite example is being with your squad at the top of a valley and trying to pick out the bad guys wandering up through the trees in the distance towards you. You can just about spot some tiny shadowing figures hundreds of metres away. Your eyes strain at the screen to see them. Trying to shoot them at this range is very difficult as there is the flight time of the bullets to consider. As soon as the first bullets start to fly the opponents are on the ground, crawling, hiding behind trees, shooting back. Have you shot them all? I can't hear any rustling or footsteps. I really don't want to advance not knowing, but I have to - is that shape alive? Maybe I'll pop a bullet in it to be sure.
What isn't so good!
In the real world you, sometimes you are just unlucky and die before you even see what shot you. Same here. The SINGLE in-mission save made this very frustrating until I found out you could rename save.fps from Windows to get as many saves as you like (a bit of a performance though).
The missions flying helicopters and tanks are pretty naff. I found it more an exercise in keyboard skills than anything approaching a simulator. You just have to get through them. More than made up for by the fantastic infantry/SAS type missions.
Tips: turn your volume up high and save often by renaming save.fps in the 1985 directory.
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on 19 December 2003
This is simply the most outstanding game ever developed. Along with the Resistance add-on, no better war game exists, and it's almost 2004! The graphics are obviously quite outdated, and there are several minor bugs, but these are genuinely insignificant, and the gameplay is amazing.
The level of freedom is totally unrivalled, as you embark on lone or team-based missions on enormous island landscapes. There are extensive single-player campaigns, but a powerful and easy-to-use mission editor also exists, so custom maps can be quickly developed. There is a large assortment of weaponry such as RPG launchers and machine guns, and all sorts of vehicles can be driven, including jeeps, tanks, motorcycles, boats, helicopters and planes. The controls for commanding your team are not ideal, but they are easy to follow and offer an extensive range of orders, including formations and attack commands.
Either wait for the sequel, which will still be a while, or buy this now! Don't believe that since it's outdated by more modern games, it is not the best -- it is!!!
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on 30 January 2003
..Computer games apparently. Let me just say one thing right off the bat: Operation Flashpoint is one of the best games I've ever played - if you missed it fist time around (like I did) the 'Game Of The Year' pack is a complete no-brainer. Anyone vaguely interested in modern warfare, simulators and 'grown up' games (fans of Unreal Tournament need not apply) should buy it immediately. Its huge, complex and realistic, with massive scope and real depth to the gameplay. Single player campaigns or multiplayer over the internet, this game is simply fantastic at both.. and its currently 2 years old (although it has been updated for the GOTY edition)!!
Think yourself back to 1985; Reagan in power in the west, Gorbachev in the east. In the (fictional) version of events in the game, Glasnost doesn't happen.. instead a crisis flares up over the soverienty of a small group of strategically important islands in northern europe. Russia thinks they have a claim on the Malden Islands, the west doesn't agree. Both sides dispatch sizeable quantities of millitary hardware to the scene in order to 'enhance' the diplomatic process.. Needless to say, shortly afterwards, the midden hits the windmill. The forces of the west, aided by the local resistance movement, must defend the island from the Soviet invaders.
After a groovey in-engine cut scene (the game is full of them, and most are captivating) you can choose play either a Campaign game, a single mission, a multiplayer or enter the full featured mission editor.
In the GOTY edition there are three FULL campaigns to chose from, all feature increadibly varied missions and a strong storyline. In 'Cold War Crisis' you're a 'wet behind the ears' Marine cadet, sent to drive back the Russians. The 'Red Hammer' campaign casts you as a bitter, recently demoted Russian Trooper and in 'Resistance' you're a local freedom fighter, tasked with organising the local millitia to stop those soviets getting too entrenched. Each campaign has a different feel, especially the 'Resistance' campaign, wich involves more resource management and 'geurilla tactics' than the other two.
At its heart, Operation:Flashpoint is a 'first person' style game: You see through the eyes of whoever soldier you're supposed to be and are free to roam wherever you want to on the islands. The difference here is realism - one bullet can kill you and you only get one save per mission. Think about what that implies; it means instead of going in Rambo style, you're better off hiding in bushes, flitting between cover and picking off the enemy at range. Seeing the enemy before they see you is critical and staying alive takes priority. Added to that are realistic ballistics: Shooting the guy on the next hill requires you to lie prone (for better concealment and stability in your aim), aim high and (if he's running - which he probably will be) lead the target for a deflection shot.. not easy. Thats not to say tradition snap-shooting never occurs, and risks can often pay off.
A wide selection of weaponry is available to use, from bazookas to pistols, but you can only carry a realistic amount of weapons and ordinance on your person. Following orders is simple, your commanders movement and targeting instructions are enforced using graphical markers in your field of vision, its then up to you wether to follow instruction or keep your head down.
Later in the game, you get to play the commander. Theres a comprehensive array of orders to move your men and tell them what to shoot.. almost like an RTS game. Its complex, but the missions are well designed to ease you in to this more thoughtful mode of play. You still have to look after your own skin of course, but fortunately the rest of your platoon seems very adept at protecting you while you give orders on the battlefield.
What I've just described to you would b a really, really good game. But the brilliance of Operation:Flashoint doesn't stop there. There are all sorts of vehicles on the 1980's cold war battlefield, and Operation:Flashpoint lets you commendeer all of them. Yes, ALL of them. From the lowly Trabant cars to the mighty AH64 Apache helecopter gunship. Take THAT Battlefield:1942. Amazingly, vehicle physics is really well done, even for the planes and helecopters. I can even use my Joystick to fly the aircraft properly! Unfortunately there is a snag, the draw distance of the graphics engine (presumably optimised for the infantry part of the game) means its hard to spot enemies at altitude, its OK at low level chopper flying, but landing an airplane is unecessarily difficult because you can't see the runway until you're practically underneath it!
Speaking of graphics.. they were probably considered pretty decent at the time, but these days they're pretty much out shined by the likes of 'Ghost Recon'. Soldiers in Flashpoint tend to remind me of the dolls I used to have as a kid (Action Man if you're Euro - GI Joe if you're US). The scenery and buildings look good at range.. but again, the comparatively low resolution textures don't look good up close. Overall, the Graphics are functional and more than adequate to provide the correct amount of athmosphere. Best of all, on a modern PC they can handle large battlefields full of tanks, helecopters, soldiers and fog without batting an eyelid. Its pretty immersive, and thats what counts. Sound is OK too - sparse, but befitting the sober theme (you don't get many flight simulators with OTT sound effects either). Again, not as good as 'Ghost Recon'.. but this game is more 'action' than 'athmosphere'.
OK, so I've told you how good this is.. but you don't have to believe me, go online and see the massive fan-base. There are plenty of fan-created missions and mods out there, including extra vehicles! The on-line servers are always full of players.. what game can boast THAT sort of longevity 2 years after its orginal release!
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on 25 October 2002
If not the best game ever produced then one of the best games ever produced! Not without its faults but probably the most realistic game i have ever played and the most enjoyable. The gameplay is fantastic. Imagine a game which is on a reasonably big island and it is filled with Soviet troops and A few UN forces. As one of the UN troops you are to command squads kill russians steel vehicles blow things up any vehicle you can find you can get in (as long as it is not being used by the enemy. On one mission i had to blow up some tanks so i laid the satchel charges and nicked a hind which was fun. Anyway this game is a must have for any Serious gamer, and any person who enjoys shoot em ups and first person shooters.
I.E. Get this game!
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on 7 August 2004
If you are a Gamer or a Family/Friend purchasing for a Gamer.
This game is First Class, well Games, because there is the original game, which takes on the campaign of US Soldiers in a conflict, then the add on (cold war crisis) where you take on the role of a soldier of the same conflict that of the original game, but on the side of the Soviets.
Then the final add-on (Resistance) is set before both the original game and 'cold war crisis'. An ex-special op is sent back to the horrors of war, when his home is invaded by the soviets.
This Package works best, if you play, the game, by playing the original, then cold war crisis, then resistance.
This GOTY edition has many updates to the game, giving more missions, when you are tired of playing the campaign.
This game is one of the most technical games ive ever played.
The story is gripping aswell as the playablity.
You can even create your own campaigns and missions, aswell you can download extra stuff to your OPF, nearly anything, from units to Buildings, and even new terrain!!.
You will spend months playing this game, as you can also play online!!!.
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on 29 September 2003
A multiplayer demo of Operation Flashpoint is what got me hooked. I had a demo disk from PC Gamer UK and was installing demos and giving them a go. I came across Operation Flashpoint multiplayer demo, installed it, loaded it up and gave it a go. At the time I didn't have access to the internet or to a LAN to actually play multiplayer so I was all on my own in the mission. Even with this hindering me I still found the demo amazing. I had access to several different weapons, I could drive jeeps, armoured personel carriers and also tanks. This was great! I spent about two weeks messing around with this demo all on my own blowing things up. I then got the proper game.... The demo I thought was big, but compared to that the game was massive. In the demo I had access to this large area of land on one of the 3 islands in the original game. When I got the full game and loaded up that island the area that I thought was huge in the demo was on an island almost 10 times the size. All that area and you can go everywhere in it. This was a good buy I thought. I then loaded up some of the multiplayer maps and had some fun with the Ai, blowing up bases and vehicles. I never even tried single player. I then found out that you can actually fly in this game! Also you can drive boats. So now I can go by foot, go by wheels, go by tank tread, go by boat or go by plane or helicopter. Only then did I start playing singleplayer. The singleplayer campaign is excellent but difficult. I have had the game now for a couple years and haven't finished any of the campaigns in the original or the expansion packs. This is mainly down to the excellent multiplayer capability plus the editor feature to make your own missions. Even with all that if for some very strage reason you get bored with Operation Flashpoint there is a huge world full of excellent addons and modifications for the game. Ballistic Addon Studios, Project UK Forces, Operation French-point etc etc are all amazing projects with really high quality work that will make you never want to put the game away.
Get this game NOW!!!!
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