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4.1 out of 5 stars36
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2002
This game is one of my top games already and i've only had it for about two weeks. The graphics are amazing. Some of the levels were pretty hard but some were short and simple.Munch and Abe are not at all the same, for example Abe cannot swim but Munch can and Abe is quite fast and Munch very slow. Everyone is made up and is sort of weird. Fuzzles are cute but very lethal, let them out of their cages!!!!! I think this game should be in the top 5 in the xbox charts.
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on 28 December 2001
What made the first Oddworld so fantastic was the integration of story, action, art design and sour humor that made it one of the most polished packages I've ever seen on a console. You may not have enjoyed the 2D Prince of Persia style gameplay, or maybe you didn't like the creepy character design -- but as a package, it was hard to argue that Oddworld as a whole was the product of a unique company, and a unique mind. Those of us that loved every bit of the original game -- and I'm one of them -- felt like we'd finally found a platform game for grown ups.
Munch is also that, but only in spurts and moments. The jump to 3D has been a tough one on the series, and rather than tweak the game design altogether, they opted to mimic the 2D "learn from death" style, which plays out as slow, repetitive, and at times tedious in the large and more complex 3D environments. What's worse is that the game and the storyline aren't integrated at all, with cutscenes wedged betweens levels that have no thematic connection.
The final product comes off as anything but polished, and suffers from a lack of variety, and an overabundance of repetition that keeps this game from truly shining like I wished it would. As much as I like the characters and the design of the new Munch game, I'm still hoping for the true spiritual sequel to my good old Abe.
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on 12 December 2002
A quirky game. Excellent graphics - although scripted there is always more than one way to complete each level. The controls are quite natural and even to non hard-core gamers although this game is challenging it is very achievable. My kids watched us grown-ups playing it with as much enjoyment as if they were watching telly (and offering advice on strategy). Abe's bodily functions are always good for a laugh as is a very squeaky wheelchair. It has puzzles and platform elements and you can save game WHENEVER YOU WANT - Hoorah - especially as death is never far away! on many levels, however, a Kamikaze approach is firmly recommended. At nett cost to you of approx 20pence per hour - ENJOY
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on 18 February 2003
The third game in the Oddworld series was originaly promised to be on PS2, but then all of a sudden it came out on X-Box for some reason. Graphically it isn't anything the PS2 couldn't handle, relativly detailed textures and it only runs at 30fps @60hz or 25fps at 50hz. Now the Oddworld adventure is in full 3D and the game is shared with two characters, Abe our original hero and introducing Munch and you can use them together or alternativly depending on the mission. If you are a veteran to this series than all the usual play methods won't be new to you all though they are far more clever now. If you are new, well the basics is that you have to rescue your friends and depending on what the mission is you may have to use them to help you get through the levels, also Abe can possess enemies and Munch is a great swimmer. Not exactly a ground breaking game but now it is at a budget price is definatly worth a look at, a funny and entertaining game.
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on 11 June 2015
**This is a review of Munch's Oddysee HD for PS3

Computer gaming reviewers tend to massively underestimate the importance of characters, voice work and plot to the strength of a computer game. The Oddworld series is incredibly strong in all of these areas. I have found each game to be a joy to play and I consider these to probably be some of the best games of all time, even though the games do tend to reference many other classics in various ways, there is also an incredible originality for every title in the series.

Good Points: Each and every character looks stunning to the point of being instantly hilarious. The movement of the characters is also perfect. The voices of the characters are just superb. The sound effects in the game are very good. Overall, the characters are just brilliantly developed. Almost every cut scene is around 10/10 for the HD version. A really different game to the previous two Abe titles, packed with excellent completely new characters and very little repetition of ideas covered in the previous games. Munch's wheelchair, it took a little getting used to, but then it was just so much fun. The Almighty Raisin. The fuzzles. The Scientists. Making Tomahawkers. The Co-op levels are actually great. So many things to mention and remember about this game that are excellent. The vending machines.

Minor weaknesses: The music in the game is very good but there were a few occasions where the music may be a little too triumphant and that seems to be a slight mismatch for the strangeness of Oddworld. For some scenes such as 'Caught!' the music works brilliantly with the visuals. Just occasionally though I expected the music to create a more frightening atmosphere. Some levels, chased by paramites, chased by scrabs, did not quite seem to capitalise on those characters, I admire the Oddworld team for avoiding repetition regarding the sinister nature of sligs, scrabs and paramites, since these were introduced in previous games, but there was a 'picnic in the sunshine' feel to some levels which didn't quite capitalise on the fact that scrabs and paramites and sligs can be very scary creatures. Perhaps one of the outdoor levels eg. parasites could have been at night time, there seemed to be perhaps too many levels in bright sunshine with green grass, but on the other hand perhaps that helped put the game in a different image place to all the other titles. Sometimes Munch's cuteness obscures the frightening side to Oddworld, but it works well....and finally the egg boxes, on two occasions there are about 8 more egg boxes than would have been boring, but this is a minor quibble and it didn't stop me playing.

Overall: As an Oddworld fan, I would give the other 3 games in the series 5/5, but this game is about a 4.5/5...I would prioritise playing Stranger's Wrath HD over this game because the visuals in St. Wr, particularly the landscapes are even more stunning than Munch's Oddysee HD. So Munch's Oddysee is narrowly my least favourite Oddworld title, but curiously in some ways it is also my favourite. This game is essential for the Oddworld Universe, and with a score of 4.5/5 I stand by the statement that it would not be easy to improve this game. Although not as completely satisfying as the other titles, some absolutely brilliant ideas, when you think about it, go straight under the radar. The turn ons greatly outnumber the turn offs. Excellent 4.5/5 stars
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on 9 July 2010
Oddworld Munch's Oddyssee is not as good as any of the other games. I think that the 3D graphics and gameplay ruined the feel of all the previous games. I am disappointed that this game was ever released and I am sad to have ever purchased it. I would recommend this for a young child who has no concept of what games can be. If you want to run around with little purpose and simply play a game then this is the one for you. If you have followed the line of these games I assure you that this will be a disappointment.
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on 4 June 2011
what a game!the game has some lovely graphics,and a bunch of weird characters!don't understand the back story? it's always there when you need it to refresh your memory!its basicly the start and the end cut scenes from bot Abe's Odyssey and Abe's exodus.munch is a weird character.munch will only be fast when he's in his wheelchair or in water.It's Abe's job to get munch to his wheel chair by carrying him there,when munch gets in his wheelchair he goes faster than sonic o_o'. anyway,overall this game is great.
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on 9 October 2002
What a glorious slice of gaming this is.
If anything its slightly spoiled by not being as testing as Abes 2D appearances on the PS1...
...but still.... hugely enjoyable, clever, visually stunning and sometimes "laugh-out-loud" funny. Munch whizzing around on a squeaky wheelchair is an image that will stay with me for a long time. Then using him to round up sheep is the icing on the cake. That's just one of many stand out moments in this beautiful adventure. I won't spoil any more classic moments but I really recommend this's certainly not for the easily discouraged or casual gamer and it's slightly "off the wall" but please don't let that put you off buying it.
I was totally absorbed from start to finish. At times it was almost gaming as art.
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on 27 April 2012
Anyone with an XBOX, should make a beeline for this game!! After years of following Abe on the playstation, my expectations were far lower, but as you play and see the various animated film clips, meet other characters and really get into this game it can become adictive!! After completetion, I removed the game save and have started again!! Munch's chair could do with a bit of oil though...
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on 8 June 2013
One of my favourite games of all time, actually cried when I tried to purchase from a shop and they said never heard of it, was on time and great conduction..
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