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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars238
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 23 August 2004
I hadn't played this game until years after it came out. I was with a friend at his and he had an Xbox. And this game. To put it in three easy phrases - I saw. I played. It blew me away. It was at the time possibly the best game I'd ever played. I had to get it, and fast. So, Christmases later, the Xbox came...and so did Halo.
This isn't just a great game, it's legendary and it's probably what made the Xbox so popular. It's a damn good thing that Microsoft weren't thick enough to sell it off to PS2 or Gamecube companies. With its compelling storyline, thrilling soundtrack and intensive game play, this is a game like no other. The graphics are of the highest standard in every aspect with virtually no flaws whatsoever. The storyline really does drag you in and the dialogue is far from poor. The idea that composer Martin O'Donnell has for the soundtrack is totally right, including various atmospheric tunes with suites from throughout the game. The game play may not be entirely original but it lives up to FPS gaming standards none-the-less and includes so many new dimensions to the genre. The maps are hugely rendered with many different terrains in the levels. The fact that it has such realistic elements involved means that it rarely fails to impress.
If there are any bad points about this game then the multiplayer mode falls into this pit. The fact that there are no bots involved completely brings a game mode that could've been brilliant down to just good. But that'll be happily remedied by the new addition of these in Halo 2! The other point is the shortage of weapons. A rocket launcher, sniper rifle, pistol (note that this isn't the worst weapon like in many other games) and the assault rifle just aren't enough human weapons. And a few Covenant weapons that run on batteries don't really add much either. Halo 2 also looks as if it has something to say about that too.
To sum it up I strongly recommend this game to all who have not played. Many have said this time and time again, and many have just dismissed the game because they though it was OVERATED. That's the one word that DOES NOT describe this game. If there is one word to describe it then "fanbloodytastic" will suffice.
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on 21 September 2003
Before I bought Halo I didn't like FPS shooters bu Halo has converted me, I got it free with the price reduction pack from Microsoft thinking it would just be another game that would be tossed to the back of the cupboard and never played.
But when I first started the game I knew it would be a winner, mem and a friend played through the game on co-op mode and then we had great multiplayer battles with good maps and vehicles. There is nothing bad to say about Halo so I would reccomend it to anyone who owns an Xbox and to people who have other consoles. Buy an Xbox.
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on 31 December 2003
Have you ever heard don’t believe the hype, and believed it. Im afraid to do this but this game needs to be hyped up forget the glistening graphics, the booming sound the magnificant musical score. But let us focus, focus on a storyline worthy of a cinema style grand opening.
With such depth and underlying plots, pressing a button and interupting them can be the deciding factor of how much sunlight/moonlight or artificial room light you will seeing for the next couple of weeks.
But lets forget the plot lets talk about hordes and hordes of enemies, gun battles like none ever seen before on one level, you see, I’m on a bridge attacking a group of enemies, forcing the enemy back in to retirement, I quickly duck behind a wall to reload my overheating plasma rifle, I’m counting down to get out, my health is low and my shield fully charged I jump up ready to move, my screens tinting red
“What the …”
I’m getting shot from every angle.
A group of fully armed grunts have completely encircled my now flailing body and organised an ambush that president bush would have been proud of. Now I don’t know if that was Artificial luck or just intelligence but I'm thinking of boycotting games that not only have the chance to outgun me but also to out think me.
Then again it's even got a get off me girlfriend mode.... stop your lady friend harassing you to do stuff like, dishes, moving stuff, changing light bulbs, or satisfying her nocturnal desires by putting the curvatious controller within her feminine hands and make her play in co-operative mode, A Bonnie & Clyde escapade will have you reversing situations and ambushing the grunts while keeping the significant other moderately silent.
Ahhhh Microsoft is there anything you cannot do!!!!
How about a punctuation checker that actually punctuates stuff ……
Umm that’s under copyright… my idea!
Mike Guy
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on 19 December 2003
Halo is basically the same as any other first person shooter game, you move the aimer at the badguys and press the button, but it still has a certain feel that just seperates from the others. I'ts graphics are the first noticable innovations, the grenades (especially the Fragmentation) have a great firey explosion with the smoke as well.The guns also have the handicaps of real guns, like firing the gun causes smoke to come out the end of it (obviously) but most games you don't really notice it but Halo makes sure you notice it, adding to the realism. The detail of the empty shell cases flying out of the ground also just helps, every weapon sounds different and you can hear the shells landing to the ground and it actually sounds different conisdering what kind of floor it lands on or what your general surroundings, for example; a glass floor in a tight space will get an echoe with the tink whereas snow in a open area will get an almost inaudible sharp short thud. Un fortunately you don't get a very large assortment of guns in the game,although you can pick up the enemies weapons (Which is very useful beacuse levels seem to go on forever, sometimes boring and repetitive but mostly immersive fun.)

The vehicles just bring the game that much higher up on the scale, brilliant to look at and the detail is just so much you probably won't even notice it much for example; the warthog (A jeep that is basically the games traemark) actually has a speedometer and you can see this change as you drive, two small radars on the dashboard that you will tend to notice as you are running your character to get in the car. The driving controls I'll have to admit I didn't really like at first. I had never played a game that controlled in the same way, you have to move the camera to face the direction you want to drive the vehicle, then press up on the other stick to make the car go forwards, which is quite useful for when you start going and turning around but you tend to notice problems when you realise your holding the stick in the direction you want to turn to much and the cars practically done a doughnut but you get used to it. The selection of vehicles (like the guns) is not as good as it could be (You only get one flying vehicle) but every vehicle all work in completely differnt ways that you just don't need anymore than the four you get.

The levels are beautifully crafted well designed and absolutely massive although 2 levels (Out of the ten) tend to be very repetitive and a later level makes you repeat a level you have already done except it makes you do it in reverse (This fits in very well with the story but they could have easily made that part of the story go on a different route) The battles that take place are very well executed and are usually very large but are usefully broken down into small firefights for you to play with some ease.

The enemies are very very intelligent, you get lots of different varieties of enemies. Something that makes Halo stand out is the fact that you have 3 different groups of enemies (You start off with just the one but as the story unfolds you discover more) And with a feature that I have only seen in games like the Grand theft auto's you can actually set the different groups of enemies up so they fight eachother which can be a life saver when you have no allies.

The music is good, it mixes classical with rock and some cultural differences. Apparently (although I don't know how true this is) but the music is supposed to change with the way you play the game, so in a way you have a personalised soundtrack.
The storyline is very strong and has many plot twists and seamlessly integrates the constantly changing climates of the levels together to make a very immersive pleasurable gaming experience.

Even when you have finished the game (Which you will probably do in no more than a fortnight, and thats if your a vey bad player) you can play all the levels in differnet difficulty settings which have a very dramatic and noticable change on the gameplay. But even when you have finsihed all of that and have tried all of the multiplayer modes (which in my opinion the best part is the co-operative mode) you can always go back to the campaign and start looking for the hundreds of easter eggs Bungie put into this game (They wasn't sitting on their hands for the three years this was in development) a word of advice when I say easter eggs I don't mean little chocolate eggs floating round in the game but pictures and stuff in the game world and on the weapons, the characters and the vehicles. (Check some websites to learn the locations of these easter eggs because they are not very easy to find unless you know what your looking for)

Well I think that just about covers it but Halo is an all round great game, definately worth forking out for and has almost endless replay capabilities.
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on 30 December 2004
Halo must be the best game I've ever played on a console. Grafics are amazing. The very different outdoor sceneries are huge, beautiful and detailed. You never get bored running around in the snow or jungle, while messing up the enemies with the great selection of weapon you have. But then on the other hand there simply must be a catch with something so great like this game is. I think that some of the indoor scenes are too alike. Sometimes you can get a little bored walking around in the long and dull passages.
My conclusion? Buy the game! You'll never regret it.
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on 23 August 2003
Well being a big PC Internet gamer of FPS games I just knew it wouldn't work. Dammnit you need a mouse and a keyboard to play these games properly. Every decent player will tell you that. You just can't get into the thick of the action straffing all over, hurling grenades and 'death dancing' with the enemy while clocking up frags on a gamepad. Can you?
How wrong was I? The control system works which surpsrised me but the game itself is magical. You just get drawn in. 3am and the girlfriends saying come to bed and your saying let me just finish this mission I've got to rescue captain Keyes. The levels look great but sometimes are a little confusing and you find yourself elying on the arrows painted on the floor, but the AI is great and the enemy do use decent tactics on you. You soon learn what you can run down and nail point blank and what you have to hang back and play dodge the lasers with. And then when the flood turn up just keep your finger on the fire button!!! Its been out since the Xbox this game and it STILL sells. Surely that should tell you enough!
My favorite bit was getting into the tank and blowing hell out of everything that moved and anything that didn't! The Warthogs fun in Co-op as well, you and your teammate just start racing for the gunners seat whilefighting off hordes of badguys.
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on 20 May 2004
For its type this is still the best. People who haven't played it find that hard to believe, but its true. It is one of the best gaming experiences I have had. Its impossible to compare to Vice City or Zelda or games from different categories, but it is king of the FPS. The AI of the enemy is brilliant and I have yet to find it in any other game. The environment is perfect, with the drop ship adding to the atmosphere. The game has to be played to be appreciated. I finished it a long time ago, but it is the only game I have never traded, and still go back to. I hope Halo 2 lives up to the hype, but at the end of the day if it is the same as Halo with only slight improvements it will be something great.
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on 9 November 2002
I got this game along with Project Gotham Racing and Dead or Alive III (freebie - I wouldn't pay for that!!) and I was truly amazed!! Many people say that the only thing that the X-Box has going for it is its 64Mb graphics card and 750MHz (i think it is) processor, but as said in another review, the story line is faultless. It's difficult to find a game's storyline at all surprising, but Halo definitely did that for me.
The first level is a little dull in terms of story line and action, but at this point I was absolutely astonished by the sharp graphics and brilliant sound.
It probably isn't the best time to buy a games console (in the first term of your AS levels) and I was glued to this game from start to finish. I'm now on the last level, which I suppose doesn't say much for the game's length as I've only had it for 3 or 4 weeks, but there are still two more difficulty levels to do!
Some criticisms are the lack of weapons, the shortness of it, and of course, the fact that there's a PC version coming out in a year, which sort of takes's the rip out of the fact that it says "Only for X Box" at the top of the case. Oh well- that's Microsoft for you.
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on 7 December 2003
There are games where there are limits to the things you can do. Can I steal that Alien cannon that has been pounding me for the last minute? Some games the answer is sometimes, no. In Halo it is usually yes. Yes you can steal that tanks and drive it off a cliff. Yes you can get survivors to jump in the passenger seat of your buggy. And yes you can drive through that gap.
Halo is a massive step forward for the first person shooter. You can only carry two guns at once. (For those of you who always wondered how Gordon Freeman fits a Rocket Launcher down his trousers this will be a huge pay off). The energy system is new, innovative; the guns themselves are just supremely brilliant and alter the game completely. Taking enemies out with a sniper rifle is so very different from going in with an assault rifle. The game gives you choice and enemies never predictable patterns.
Is this state of the art shoot-em-up truly combat evolved? The answer to that is again yes.
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on 7 December 2003
This game is a beautiful game, action packed and full of fun. Some negative reviewers say that it is a simeple killing spree and levels are quite repetitive. This is true. It is certainly a killing spree, because you are a carnage causing genetically modified supersoldier. This game is not for the 'tomb raider liking', puzzle craving people of this world. It is simply kill kill kill, on foot, in jeep, in hovercraft, in tank and in Banshee(flying thing).
Fantasic single player campaign. Too short though. Also the same structure of room was re-used again and again, that was an annoying cop out for the level designers. Also you get to play some amazing battles, really fun, but on one of the later levels (library) you are trapped inside constantly fighting through corridors of annoying bad guys, going from outside awesome battles to inside dark corridors that were sparse of detail was the dull bit of the game and i just wanted to get through it to get to the next level.
Multiplayer - 2 player co-op obvioulsy always gonna be a laugh, fantastic fun and replayability. Deathmatch and CTF and so with 2 or more people is fun but you need at least 4 preferably more with system link. As there are NO BOTS, it really does make multiplayer only for those organised enough to get enough people round their xbox. My first and second years of university are remembered by player 2 0r 3 player perfect dark on the N64 (Goldeneye with bots), and we played for hours on end. Halo had the potential, but didn't use it.
Graphics are fantastic, full of colour and lighting. What halo does better than any other game is have huge open, outdoor levels beautifully detailed but with one great difference, their during the day. So many games cop out of graphical detail and make the background black by making any outdoor levels at night. Halo does it properly, nice bright backgrounds. Seeing the land of halo stretch out into the distance and over the top of the sky was fantastic and greatly original. pity about the library level.
Sound, flawless, its won some award so must be good really, but the effects are so cool, but i give full credit to the music, its original and its brilliant, it has become as cool to hear as the soundtrack to Gladiator and the rock (which are the same, and the same as pirates of the carribean - same writer).
Generally i put this game at the top of the xbox games (with knights of the old republic and gotham racing 2, but these are 3 different types of games). Its just it didn't make use of its full potential, hopefully halo 2 won't make the same mistake, however do not be fooled into thinking that the makers must genuis's. Look at the wachowskis, everyone thought the matrix was amazing and the writers and makers were gods. I think this is very wrong, so don't put all your faith in halo 2
Great game:
gameplay engine
campaigns (except library level)
bad game
repetative use of some rooms designs (graphical cop out)
no bots in multiplayer (you'll need at least 4 or more to get the best out of multiplayer, if your that organised with your mates)
Potential that sequel could be the best game ever made ever, ever: pretty darn high, lets hope they don't scew it up, let them have as much time as needed to perfect it.
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