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4.4 out of 5 stars54
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2001
Creed carry on showing that they're one of the best rock bands to appear during the 90s with this album. Even with bassist Brian Marshall gone the bass still works well and Tremonti is just as good a Bassist as Marshall was. The album starts heavy with the first couple of tracks but then mellows a little with "Who's got my back?". Once you get past "Signs" you're in for the best 3 tracks on the album. "One last breath", "My sacrifice" and "Stand here with me" are well crafted, emotional songs with good musicianship from all. "One last breath" is personally my favourite song on the album. After this high point of the album you get 4 pretty good songs to finish off. "Dont stop dancing" is interesting vocally with a boys choir and a female singer making guest appearances. Some say the final track on the album is cheesy and it is but its also intrumentally good so the song as a whole is not bad. One thing Creed should have done with this album is using real Violinists and cellists rather than synthesized string sounds but this is a minor quibble. Creed's third album is ultimately a good offering and stands up well against their previous albums. Lets hope they carry on this way.
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on 22 November 2001
Not a particularly big band over here it is refreshing to here their name buzzing around the UK at last. Thanks to the amazing success of 'My Sacrifice' which isn't even released yet they are getting the recognition they deserve. This album like the previous two offers Creeds delightful mix of dense guitars with good riffs, strong vocals, excellent music and marvellous lyrics. Scott Stapps unique voice is a pleasant experience and the magnificent Mark Tremonti on lead guitar will amaze you. If you've only just heard of them get 'Human Clay', especially if you like meaningful songs like the moving 'With Arms Wide Open' and the awe-inspiring Higher. Their first album 'My Own Prison' is also a must.
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on 22 November 2001
i have just listened to the finest rock cd released so far in 2001.with this their follow up to the much maligned "human clay" creed take the listener on a rollercoster ride of emotion with a cd so good every song gets better and better each time you play it.all the songs are well crafted the musicanship is flawless and the songs "one last breath", "my sacrifice" and "stand here with me" will bring a tear or two to the eye.this is a very worthy follow up to "human clay", i actually think it's better and hopefully music jounalists will drop the pearl jam tag and give them some credit for the best rock album this year thus far.take the weathered with you.
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on 8 July 2002
I absolutely love it but as a whole there seems to be a bit of a try to please a broad group of listeners. It starts almost heavy then has metal balladic and finishes melodic. So, I consider isolated songs are all great but the order may not be as you desire. Strong bass and guitar all the way.
Be prepared to start at the top with very strong bass and guitar; "bullets" will make your adrenaline rush.
Face your fears and show your energy with "Freedom fighter".
Prepare to descend with "who's got my back", giving you time to think of life and of those around you.
Take a deep breath with "Signs"; wonderful lyrics.
Sometimes we almost hit the ground and fear it will be "one last breath" but listen to the awesome lyrics and music; look up!
"my sacrifice" will make you fly.
"stand here with me" keeps you hovering right over the track.
time for thought provoking "weathered" and to get the best from life and show ourselves with "hide" and "don't stop dancing"
"lullaby" is a relatively calm melodic sound. It was a bit unexpected as I first listened but closes off leaving you calm and with a universal message. Some may call it cheesy... whatever!
I must have been highly inspired when I bought this CD...
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on 17 May 2006
every time i listen to this amazing record, i am again surprised how deep and excellent, in both musical and lyrical aspect, written it is.

i discovered Creed a couple of years ago by hearing "my sacrifice" over and over again. i thought that no other creed song could ever top this and thus i didn't really recognized the ingenious creativity of the whole album.

not till a girlfriend of mine persisted in her claim to hear this record i realized the greatness and brilliance of it. maybe a few kisses added a little more excitement too ;).

now, a few years later i still enjoy listening to songs like "hide" or "don't stop dancing" but my favourites are now the darker and more atmospheric tracks like "bullets" or the overwhelming "who's got my back?". nice, simple, catchy riffs, beautiful melodies and vocals with an emotional deepness i can hardly describe.

an album for every mood and every season. i would suggest to listen to it with a nice girl by your side...
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on 2 March 2004
I first heard Creed by watching their video on Kerrang T.V. (my sacrifice) Since then I've been hoocked. This was the first album I brought then worked my way back. All the songs are fantastic and this along with all creeds albums are great, it doesn't matter what mood I'm in or what is in my CD player at the time, I always listen to them. The longest I haven't heard them is a month, and when I went back they sounded great!
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on 3 June 2009
Weathered, Creed's third album took a slightly different musical direction, or at least it did for the first three tracks.
When you first press play and "Bullets" hits you then you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe this isn't a Creed record.
It's not that Bullets is a bad song, it just starts with a vocal scream and is unlike anything Creed have ever done before, in fact it's similar of Alter Bridge's work.
Following that, "Freedom Fighter" feels awkward as does "Who's Got My Back" which at a mighty eight minutes long just drags into musical boredom.
Now then, will that out of the way, the real Creed album starts.
The moody "One Last Breath" is a great song, as are "My Sacrifice" and "Stand Here With Me" the latter featuring the albums best guitar solo.
I never quite understood why Creed never released "Hide" as a single in America, or indeed make a video for it.
It's the albums best song and had the potential to be a massive radio hit.
Extensive touring in support of this album followed, but Creed would break up in June 2004.
The split was not good, in fact Mark Tremonti once said Creed would only ever get back together if it meant for world peace.
Fast forward to Spring 2009 and Creed have reunited for a tour and new album.
Funny how things can come full circle.
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on 27 February 2005
As I listened to randomly selected tracks on a website i was astonished when the most amazing voice i have ever heard came blaring out of my speakers. The deep tone that rippled through my ears just grabbed me instantly. After discovering the band and a bit about them, i bought every album i could get my hands on,and my favourtie came out to be "Weathered".
Firstly it has such a massive range of songs with entrancing lyrics. 'Bullets' is hard hitting hardcore rock and bound to give you the pleasurable headache you get only after a real good song blasting through the ear phones. But then when we get to track 3 we have a magnificent song, lyrically and musically. 'Whos got my Back?' has slices of indian "humming" (difficult to descibe) but its great all the same. The opening guitart melody in 'One last breath' is worth listening to on its own so if you enjoy guitar melodies this is a good choice!
The album includes hits such as 'One last Breath','My Sacrifice','Weathered' and 'Dont stop Dancing' that will make you wanna sing along.
I severly reccomend this to anyone that likes a good mix of music and an amazing band. Hope ive been helpfull. Happy Listening.
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on 13 February 2003
Although I was not going to just write a review raving abotu this album, I am going to do just that! I bought this a week ago and haven't been able to take it out of my CD player. It incorporates a whole range of styles - all sung perfectly by Scott Stapp. I know some people may criticise the song Lullaby for being too different to the other songs but in my opinion it is a gorgeous display of the band's vocal talent and a song you can just fall asleep to - not what some people expect from Creed I know! There are plenty of other heart-felt, banging guitar riffs in other tracks though that are do not drown out the powerful lyrics beneath them. All in all I think this is one of the most inspiring albums of its genre and well worth adding to your collection.
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on 21 December 2005
Well, I must admit i was one of the many creed haters a few years ago. However, Over the last 12 month I have become an almost ludicrously strong fan of Alter Bridge and in Particularly a truly fantastic guitarist in Mark Tremonti. I then tried relistening to the albums i had mocked a few years ago and to my surprise and delight i found them fantastic! The Harsh Edge to Bullets could not be better contrasted than to lullaby, and as for the lighter waving glory that is my sacrifice, well I'll leave it to you to decide...
Either way, I have finally been converted, I've merely wasted a few years avoiding the fact that Creed were one of the true rock bands of my generation...a gem.
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