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3.5 out of 5 stars54
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2004
I've had various PCs since the days of Windows 3.11 and none of them have been as easy to install and use as XP.
My installation went without a hitch. XP found all of my devices, my LAN and Internet connection; the only thing I had to do was put in some driver disks.
As for stability, I've found XP to be miles ahead than any ohter version of Windows. My PC is always on, and I only reboot it about once a month just to let it cool down for a while.
In eighteen months of using XP on my current machine, I've had precisely two BSODs and a couple of game related CTDs (which were fixed by subsequent game patches).
The lack of support for some of the older games can be a bit of a pain, but who wants to play the old games when there are all these new ones about?
I'd recommend anyone with a fairly modern PC to go for XP. I know I'll never revert to any of the other versions. I like the easy life that XP has given me.
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on 31 May 2004
nstalling XP
I booted off the CD, and started the install, which looked A LOT like Window NT 4's install to start, but got VERY colorful and GIU-ish as I moved farther into the installation. Installing took me... about 45 minutes on my 1.4GHz AMD Duron with 512MB of RAM. Not bad, once you see how XP is.
Booting XP
First, I see my video card display information, and then it moves to my BIOS...
XP begins to says "Microsoft WindowsXP" and has a NEW flag, and blue bars scrolling around. Having plenty of RAM, those blue bars only get almost one time around, before mines done, but I've seen 1.8GHz Celerons with 128MB RAM go about 22 times around there before it finished booting.
Using Windows XP!
XP now has a HORRIBLE welcome screen, where you can put in your username and password. This is UGLY! I chose administrator and put in ******. Then it logs me on, with a terrible colorful screen, obviously for computer newbies of 3 year olds. I get to XP's insanely clean desktop. Only icon on it is recycle bin, and the windows and taskbar are round, and colorful, like a child's toy. I click Start, I almost died the first time I saw this horrible, messy start menu. It's got curves, and icons that belong on the desktop in it. Only very young children would want this. I immediately set my start menu to classic mode, and my windows to classic mode. Ahh that's better, nice silver-gray taskbar, standard start menu that were all used to. I've now got the standard start menu options and buttons, with an addition... "Log Off Administrator..." Because this is an always-on computer, and an incredibly stable OS, I've never used this option. Yes, its true, the Mac-lovers always say it... Windows IS bloated. It's got those preschool looks to it now, unless you set it to classic. It comes with things I'd never use, like MSN Explorer, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player, and Outlook Express.
I may use MSN messenger, but I only use it in Trillian. The MSN program looks a lot like XP when you first install it, which reminds me a lot of AOL, the Internet newbie browser. I used to be a Windows Media Player fan, until I found Winamp, the elite media player. It's visualizations are 1000x cooler; it's got tons of skins, uses way less RAM than WMP, and uses ZERO % CPU to play my MP3s. MSN Explorer - nobody would ever use if they had IE sitting right there, come on, Microsoft! And don't get me started on Outlook.
Windows XP is a very stable operating system. My friend went 2 weeks before rebooting on a Pentium 3, I seem to reboot weekly, just for maintenance, and I know someone who's 2.66 GHz was running for three weeks before it crashed when we tried to play Doom 3 on it
On the topic of games.Windows XP is TERRIBLE for old games. There is NO DOS support in XP, only a DOS emulator-ish thing called NTVDM. New Technology Virtual DOS Machine. Even Doom II lags horribly on my 1.4GHz, which is pretty sad, but then again, who wants to play these old games when they can play new ones?
XP seems to lack support for several things. I've come across several video cards that did Direct3D great in Windows 98, but have no support in XP. My GeForce2 MX 400 DOES work with DirectX, luckily.
XP doesn't like trying to run Windows 3.x programs, recentlywhile running one, I got this interesting error."The request to end the selected 16 bit task has timed out. The Win 16 Subsystem may be unstable. Press OK to terminate the Win 16 SubSystem or Cancel to leave it running." Hmmm... sounds like its Windows 3.x emulator (Wowexec) isn't that stable.
With all this said, I would like to rant about Internet Explorer for a few minutes here. I loved Internet Explorer, and always made fun of other browsers, but had never USED them. One time I finally tried Mozilla Firebird (Now FireFox) and realize Internet Explorer is insanely slow, and has TONS of exploits available. Everyone should try a different browser.
What's it good for?
Well, I wouldn't install XP on anything under 800MHz / 256MB. It ran REALLY slow on the 400MHz I used to have it on. The stability is awesome, so once you get XP, have fun!
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on 21 June 2013
I bought this because I have an original Win XP Pro upgrade. I cannot use it without Windows XP Home. I put it in and it loaded all the drivers OK. In fact, it recognised my 500GB drive and my 500GB external drives.

However, thus far I haven't installed it yet or checked out the product key i.e. to check if it is genuine. Watch this space.

Like I said, it appears to be OK


No, it isn't OK. I wish I had read the rest of these posts. It does not load. You get an SXS.DLL (D:\I386\asms\... etc CRC error. In short, it could be anything from bad RAM to a defective disk. I tried to reinstall it. The product is S*** to be polite.

Check this out:

I expected some sort of cheap copy, not a defective one. I am sending this back!!

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on 31 March 2013
It's unfussy and reliable, I find XP the best OS to use if you just want e-mail, internet, and word processing.

Unfortunately the cheap version I bought I discovered was for a Dell computer and did not go onto my laptop easily.
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on 19 January 2010
Even though i dont own this due to the price, I do by the way have it installed on my computer. Windows XP is incrediably easy to use and has a very nice, fresh and welcomeing look to it. I love the media player and movie maker to and it includes internet explorer 6 aswell which makes web browsing more fast, easy and secure. Shame it doesnt have a security sentre, but SP2 does. It boots up quicker than Windows 2000 and even had user acount pictures and settings. Its so easy to use you will be blown away. So if your a first time user, buy it if not you can just add it to your windows packages collection like me. I own all of them excpept for windows 1.01 and 2.0.
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on 29 September 2011
I needed an OS that would give a new lease of life to an Intel P4 sytem. The product arrived extremely quickly from the vendor, and the instalation took place without a hitch. Once the product was registered - the system up-dates flowed effortlessly from the MS website.

I'm really pleased with everything, considering the price I paid (and with my sceptics hat on) that the OS could have been pirated, or obtain from some other non-bona fide source. Top marks to the supplier, the OS itself and MS for auto-updating the OS - even though I think it maybe outside their (self-imposed) update support window.
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on 3 April 2013
Was easy to install and worked perfectly first time. The only minor problem was that I had to find some of the drivers for my laptop on the web. Would recommend.
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on 8 May 2005
ive been working with pc's for about 5 years now (including building them) XP is NOT the most stable windows OS (2k is much better in that aspect) however for novice users xp will be more "friendly"... it is true that xp has some issues with older software and games however with a little knowhow you can get most of them working. like any other software you have to know how to use it or it WILL crash eventually (to the people that commented on the linux servers that run for 3 years yes it can happen but those were set up by people that are experts on linux) my xp (pro) machine was running for 3 months and i was still able to play doom 3 with no problems. xp home is great for someone that just wants to get online and check email and do homework.
and lastly to the guy that said "XP users be warned hackers can hack into your computer" i so just want to laugh at you... ANY OS CAN be hacked if someone wants in bad enough and its not properly secured.
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on 2 April 2013
Installed in no time. No problems. Just make sure you have all driver disks for your computer before installing. Recommended
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on 10 April 2003
Here is my experience with Windows XP Home Edition which came preinstalled on my 1.9Ghz Dell PC one year ago.
1. Networking
The first problem I encountered was the PC does not like working in standalone. I already had a Windows 98 PC as my internet PC and did not wish to go through the hassle of switching PCs (configuring modems, moving EMails etc). Until the new PC was connected via LAN, it had all sorts of troubles as it frequently tried to automatically connect to Microsoft sites (with no hardware connection which causes it to lock up for minutes).
When I finally got connected via LAN and internet connection sharing, it then started dialing up my ISP automatically ! As I have ISDN this costs me money for the phone charges. I got up one morning and discovered the PC had dialed up some time during the night and left the connection open for hours. Another time, my 7 year old son told me he had been playing Hearts with people over the internet. Hearts is multiplayer only - he just started a game and it auto-dialed a server. Right about then I disabled internet connection sharing.
2. Performance
It is as slow as a lame turtle! I have run some games which on exit can take minutes to return to the desktop. Sometimes they lock the screen completely and the only way out is to pull the plug on the PC !!!! This can damage the hardware! Other times it simply "blue screens" i.e. the OS crashes. I have seen about 15-20 blue screens in the year since purchase. I have had to pull the plug about 6 times.
3. Bugs
Several strange problems have occured since purchase. Windows Media player no longer works. Looking on the web I have discovered that it is impossible to uninstall it. I tried upgrading to version 9 but no good. The cute little doggie used for searching for files has disappeared - I can no longer search for files.
Remember this is all with a brand new PC with XP installed by Dell - the market leaders. I have not added any extra hardware.
Finally, I downloaded and installed the service pack but unfrotunately I am still having the problems above.
If there was an viable alternative for a home PC I would switch in an instant.
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