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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars31
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2002
This is the best EVER controller (speaking as an owner of a gamecube, PS2, N64 and dreamcast). Both analogue and D-PAD are very easy to reach and you feel that the controller generally moulds into your hands. Vibration is great on this. On STAR WARS, if someone shoots in the front-right, that is where on the controller it will vibrate!!!
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on 13 August 2003
When this controller rolled off the production line for the first time, everybody knew that Nintendo had got it right. And they had.
When you first look at it, you think that it was made by Fisher Price. "That's so weird!", "That looks really difficult to control", "I could never get used to that". True, the controller isn't normal. That's because it's never been done before.
When you grasp it in you hands your thumbs immediately fall over the A button and the control stick. Without even looking at the controller you can hit the B, X, Y, Z and C buttons/stick without thinking. Within 10 seconds, you're used to it. And you've only just got it out of the box.
The Gamecube controller is in a league of it's own. The competition don't have enough experience to create such a design, the blandness of the PS2 controller and the big bulky "Mummy, i just broke my thumb trying to reach the white button" Xbox controller prove this. The Gamecube controller was designed to control the game, not to be easy to press the buttons. It's unique. Everything works. It's just that people who own Xboxes and PS2's who have negative IQ's are so ignorant such a masterpiece that they use the Gamecube controller's "unusual" design to critise the console. Rather sad really............
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on 11 July 2002
Forget anything else, this controler is perfect with no flaws. People complain about the Z button being out of reach but its really nice like that - for a minor, function button to be somewhare different actually makes a change and gives your finger a break. The vibration is just the right amount, the handles are just the right shape, the 3D stick feels just right and the buttons are all in the right place. Perfect!
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on 17 March 2015
Deceitful seller and very poor remote. This picture shows an official Nintendo Gamecube remote, this is not what you are buying. You are buying a "4gamers" remote. With buttons you have to really press in to get any effect. If you buy this remote, you will be donating time and money from your life to send it back to them, can you really be bothered with that?

I can only assume the good reviewers are people that are either working for the seller, or those that haven't ever written a bad review for anything in their life because it's impossible to praise this purchase and it's deceitful seller based on the quality YOU ARE PAYING FOR.
review image
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on 30 August 2015
The controller works 100% mechanically, however the controller was filthy, opened it up, lots of dead skin and dust building up in there.
Additionally the control stick was very weak and didn't have much resistance to it which left the neutral stick pose also wobbly.
The buttons were also very weak and upon opening the controller had clearly been worn down from lots of play.

The controller works and is in okay quality with a few bits of wear from previous use.

If you are looking to just play games occasionally then this is a great purchase.

However if you are looking to use it for regular use, It is probably a better choice to look for a newer controller if you are nitpicky and small things like the sticky buttons will get to you after a long time.

And for things like competitive smash (Melee,PM,Sm4sh) and speedrunning, this is a NO-NO, performing fast actions with sticky buttons and a weak stick is impossible.

Packaging was superb however.
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on 2 November 2003
The gamecube controller is a worthy purchase for the gamecube because let's face it you can't play without it. There are wireless controllers avaliable now for the gamecube but they are pricey so it's best just to have a wire one for a cheaper price.
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on 8 November 2010
In some games it is annoying that you have to press the trigger buttons all the way to execute an attack or something. Also in some games such as sonic games buttons are arrange so awkwardly that it is hard to drift and boost so you would pray for a wii-mote instead.
The good part is that it save you on batteries if you want to play with it instead of Wii-mote and it comes with a very long lead (did not measure it but it is very very long). Works well.
Overall it is a must buy if you own a Wii.
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on 27 May 2013
The layout, button placement, and style.
Gamecube controller is of a level of ergonomics that X-Box can only hope to reach.
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on 1 July 2011
Bought this along with some games for my boyfriend as it can be used on the Wii. So much fun and great value for money.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2004
If you’ve bought a gamecube you will probably have one of these controllers already and will know of its brilliance. First of all the controller is of unique design and when you fist look at it some may say it looks rather childish with its bright colours and strange shape. However it looks brilliant when compared to the boring dated PS2 controller and the black behemoth controller of the X-box. It is perfectly designed for the gamer. The controller is the right size (unlike the large cumbersome X-Box controller) and when you hold it your thumbs are ideally positioned over the two control sticks and your fingers have easy access to all the other buttons and there are enough buttons to meet the needs of even the most demanding games. The controller has a built in rumble feature that vibrates to just the right level. Another brilliant feature of this controller is the digital click feature of the L and R buttons meaning the harder you press the more intense the action. If considering buying a second controller for your cube although the unofficial other controllers are cheaper most are nowhere near as good as the official cube controller. So if buying a cube controller I recommend you spend a little extra on the official controller unless you wish to spend more and purchase the official wireless controller- the wavebird
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