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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2005
I can't understand why some critics slated this fourth album of Jewel's. The first song I heard from it was 'Standing still' on the radio, and although the beat was a modern addition to her usual style, the song really worked, while still retaining her soulfull lyrics and 'one girl and her guitar' style. 'Break me' is such a beautiful song- one of my all-time favourites that just sums up being in love. 'This way' is also a lovely up beat tune reminiscent of her early days, as is 'Grey matter' which is performed Live; Jewel at her best. In the same vein, 'Sometimes it be that way' is a fantastic architypal Jewel song, with feisty, sardonic lyrics -"Well I'm sorry if my heart breaking ruined your day..." and accoustic riffs. Those critics who slated this album should be ASHAMED of themselves...This is Jewel- enjoy!
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on 9 December 2012
This artist showed great promise, she can sing beautifully with depth and feeling, but here she sells out to produce an album of populist rubbish. When she raises the tempo of her voice it comes over rough and gruff. Combine that with a bunch of very mediocre compositions, and this is the result:
Track 1: Good, but plenty hint of the bad to come.
Track 2: Awful.Cynical lyrics.
Track 3: Awful. A course, gruff song of utter commonality.
Track 4: Gentle and pleasant.
Track 5: Catchy, common, unoriginal.
Track 6: More uninspiring mediocrity.
Track 7: Not too bad. Good lyric.
Track 8: A fairly pleasant song, and a reminder that she can sing beautifully.
Track 9: More mediocrity.
Track 10: Reasonable. Can sing nicely when she tries.
Track 11: Ugh! Voice like an awful country singer. She even screams! Ugh!
Track 12: Grim. Boring social comment.Coarse and tuneless.
Track 13: A quiet live,simple song.
Track 14: As above. Boring socio/religio comment.
Track 15: ...... thankfully it is all over.

'This way!' to the charity shop with this!
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on 29 December 2001
Having been inspired by her first two albums I was eagerly awaiting the realease of 'This Way' and I wasn't dissapointed. 'This Way' has more of a 'country' feel than the previous two, but its a direction that she was always headed for and personally I think it shows what a fantastically versatile songwriter she is. I could sit here all day ranting on about good this album is, but instead I'll let you judge for yourself. But believe me, its a good 'un!
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on 18 January 2002
'This Way' is a new album and a new direction for Jewel. Generally, this album is robust but perfect in production, but lacks the personal touch previously heard in 'Spirit'. There can be comparisons made with 'Pieces of you', with some attractively naive lyrics, but 'This Way' differs from the first album because there is more of a sexual feel ('Serve the Ego').
'Standing Still' is a wonderful pop song, but the lyrics conform slightly to all unrequited love songs. 'Do you want to play?' is a wonderfully anthemic piece, but unfortunately some of the lyrical rhymes are predictable (although the 'who gives a...' line is genius). There are a couple of tracks that enable the listener to lose themselves (as they could with 'Spirit') like 'This Way' and 'Break Me', but there are also a lot of 'country' moments. This is not necessarily a problem for Jewel, but a substantial amount of sincerity is lost because of this.
Jewel has a way of softening many of her songs with her subtle lyrics, but on 'this way' she experiments with her voice more - some of it works; some of it doesn't ('Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone', for example).
Despite her playing the avid viewer of life in the songs 'Jesus Love You' and 'The New Wild West' the songs still have a superficial quality, which is good for pop, but not for Jewel - a spiritual artist in my view.
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on 30 April 2002
Was a bit shocked when i heard this album, as its a lot more rocky than the others but i hung in there and picked out the classic jewel songs of old like 'Break Me', but then i found myself liking the newer upbeat ones even better.Can't help tapping your toes and after a while stamping your feet.I went to watch her in london a few months ago and it was amazing, louie jen and jonny will vouch for that too.
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on 3 December 2001
This long awaited 3rd album i ssurprising in that it builds on what she's created int he first two, here we hear many more influences inclu=ding country and folk, it adds another element to Jewel that wasn't there in spirit. Although the songs aren't as consistent than they were on the last album, some are far better, more secure and complete. A definite must for any fan, but then you already knew that.
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on 22 March 2003
At last! I have eventually found it: an album that is as brilliant, emotional and touching the umpteenth time I've heard it as it was the first time I listened to it.
The album could stand accused of being a bit country, and indeed some of the songs such as "Everybody Needs Someone Sometime", "Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone" and "The New Wild West" all have the slightly raw country sound. This really sets the album apart from from the strained whining of her debut album "Pieces of You", which is also a great album, but Jewel has lost none of her lyrical style or artistic flair.
"This Way" is a brilliant combination of songs bridging emotions of lonliness and our need to understand ourselves. Once again, Jewel has used symbolism brilliantly to approach the topics of the songs and the insert includes both lyrics and a brief insight into each song that adds a further depth to the album.
Despite the sad sound to some of the tracks (which makes it perfect for having a good cry to) it's equally well suited for whenever you need a pick-me-up or just want to enjoy the music.
You need this CD in your collection!
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on 18 November 2001
Wow, wow, wow WOW! This is quite simply an absolutely stunning and amazing album from Jewel. To be honest, there are no filler tracks on this album, and it can easily be listened to all the way through. Stand out tracks include "Standing Still" (great opening track), "Jesus Loves You" ('They say that Jesus loves you. But what about me?') and the haunting, beautiful ballad "Break Me". "Do You Want To Play?" is a happy little jaunty affair that is a pleasure to listen to and will make you smile, "Till We Run Out Of Road" is a classic Jewel track that will make you sit back and think. Title track "This Way" is another beautiful love song and "Love Me Leave Me Alone" is a rocky number to close before the two live tracks. The album as a whole sounds a little more edgy and rocky than her last release "Spirit", but that is no bad thing since the progression in Jewel's sound is a good one. All in all, this is a fantastic album that you should not be without. Give it a listen and open your mind.
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Yes, this album is more mainstream rock than previous Jewel albums, but I think some of the other reviewers are too harsh on this album for that reason. The songwriting is of a very high standard, and you can't blame Jewel for going more mainstream - a similar thing is in evidence on Heather Nova's last album, and Sarah McLachlan's more recent work too. This is a collection of very good rock songs in my humble opinion, far better than most of the insipid trash that graces the charts these days. Whilst the tracks lack the quirkiness of the more quiet, contemplative tracks from previous Jewel albums, this is still very enjoyable stuff - the band is extremely 'tight', and Jewel's vocal deliveries are excellent. I can't think of a single track on the album that doesn't bear up to repeated listening. A very nice album, and one that I would predict will last the test of time well, and maybe even come to be seen as her best (so far). After all, why can't we rock to a Jewel album?!
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on 4 December 2001
I just imported this Album as Jewel has touched me and Influenced me in so many ways. The album starts off with a poppy number which is very cool. Only thing I can really say is its a lot diffent from the first albums she recorded.
"This Way" is sonically dirrent than "Pieces of You" and "Spirit" its not as raw and not as close to the heart. You can tell the record label has got its teeth into this one as they have added more of a pop sound to this album most probably to appeal to a wider audience. We have distorted guitar added into the background which gives it more of a american pop band sound something more like Shania Twain than Jewel.
Nice one Jewel, good albumn but is this a step in the right direction? we will see, Lets hope Jewel doesnt fall victim to modern country artists.
-Chris Riddell-
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