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3.8 out of 5 stars32
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2004
An excellent microphone. I wasnt too sure when i got the microphone whether or not it would pick up my guitar playing very well, and whether there was going to be fuzzy background noise. But amazingly, there was no fuzzy background noise. The sensitivity on the mic is amazing. You can also set different levels of the mic according to your mini disc or player that you have. this is a very good microphone for musicians, teachers who want to record in a concert or at home.
A very well worth product, at a very reasonable price.
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the ms907 remains one of the best performing microphones i have had the pleasure of using. the fact that it is battery powered (amplified) assures the recording in most any conferences, concerts, ambiance...
Concerning the quality i was overwhelmed by its ability to capture the xtrem high pitches as well thundering bass tones that rattle the windows at my home.
It has the options of recording angles 90° or 120°, depending on the source and the positioning of the microphone itself.
In fact the only times that the recordings were of poor quality i found out that either the positionment was bad or i forgot to change the batteries!! I'd recommend rechargable AA batteries, you only need one at a time.
I gave it 4 stars because 5 stars well ya know nobody is perfect...4 1/2 stars if you wish.
concerning the price in france it remains extemely expensive in comparison to its e-neighbours. 149-150euros in all the shops. so much for a liberal economy.
the prices at amazon rests modest.
good sampling
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on 14 March 2004
I bought this mic here because it cost the same as a used one on ebay, and have used it to record complex (ie varying dynamics, loud/soft, accapella and amplified) music. Despite being near the back of the hall the sound was clear and due to the switchable 90/120 degree pattern, in good stereo. I used it with a Sony MZ900 minidisc, which gave me adjustable record level and mic sensitivity, and would recommend either (or both) to anybody wanting tocapture a variety of live music. One point to note is that, if recording discreetly, ie mic held down at seat level, the side elements (using the 120 degree position) will pick up sounds from the audience. This isn't a criticism of the mic, just that it's quite sensitive and best to monitor the position you use it in before recording. Hope this helps.
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on 20 November 2013
I have a Sony hand held recorder (DCM-10, from memeory) and have been using some cheap microphones up to now. As the last one broke, I decided to get a decent mike and as the recommded one is no lonnger made and I couldn't find it cheap anyway, even on EBAY, I decided to try this one, which is it's replacement (Cheaper version)

The microphone is incredible. It picks up sound really well and I have to turn the input volume right down on the recorder. The stereo is also really good and you can really hear where voices are coming from.

There is an option to record in mono also.

The quality is great, just what you expect from Sony and I'm sorry I didn't invest in this or it's predecessor sooner.

The microphone comes with a table stand and the lead is equipped with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. It takes 1 AA battery to power it and this seems to last a long time.

Build quality is maybe on the cheap side, Plastic housing, which may not be as durable as the original metal one. Also, it means that it picks up far more hand noise so you really have to not move your fingers at all if using it that way or it will totally spoil the recording. Best option is to hold it using the stand (but still be very careful as it will pick up any slight movement of fingers on that too) or better still on a boom, if you can't put it on a table/other surface.

Other than the plastic cover, can't recommend this highly enough.
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on 13 February 2010
I purchased the Sony ECM MS907 to make use of the Kodak Zi8's 1/8" mic input.
Its 1kOhm impedance means it's hot enough to send a good recording level into the unit.
I set the mic up on a tripod and play my acoustic guitar through it.
The Sony mic also comes with a windshield and is handy for filtering out the plosives when using the mic for vocal work. The microphone isn't too good as a handheld interview mic though as it picks up handling noise so you need to be very careful if you want to use it for that purpose.

Overall I'm pleased that I decided pay a premium to get this Sony microphone. It seems you can always rely on them for a quality audio product.
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on 11 February 2011
This mic has a lot of good things going for it but it is also riddled with a few annoyingly bad features which could have been easily sorted out had Sony given a lot more thought to its design.

I owned this mic for years and used it to record music sessions and meetings onto mini discs. For these purposes, the sound quality was good, meaning that it was quite clear and very little noise was heard when monitoring with headphones during recording. The recording sounded the same when uploaded onto the PC for editing, so I reckoned this mic deserved some praise, although I think the mini disc recorder also contributed to the good sound quality.

Having said that, some of the previous reviews were critical about the durability of this mic and I have to admit that it is a fair point. Thankfully mine hasn't developed any problems but I've got other Sony products that simply don't last very long, so there's some precedent there. I can only guess at what might cause this mic to be broken and the design might have something to do with it.

I have always been very careful with it as it's quite an expensive bit of kit, especially when i was a student at the time I bought it. Part of the problem is the lead could easily get damaged when changing battery because the bottom need to be unscrewed to get to the battery compartment. All that twisting and then having the lead dangling awkwardly can't be very good. Additionally, this mic also doesn't look or feel like it is made for rough use. Its construction is light and there seem to be a lot of fragile parts, so I wouldn't knock it about too much.

On the plus side, this mic do come with a threaded holder which can be hand held or standalone on the table. It can also be screwed onto a stand... BUT the diameter is uncommon so it going to be very diffcult to find a mic stand that will fit. This is one of the MOST annoying part of the package because if the mic is placed on the same table that you're working on, it is going to pick up every bit of vibration such as when a hand slide across the table top or when something bumps against the side. Being able to screw the mic holder onto a proper stand certainly would help a lot.

I've only ever used to this mic for recording on mini disc so I can't say much about the reviewers who were concerned about the low gain when recording with other equipment but I should note then when I bought it, I was told that this mic was specifically designed for mini disc recording.

To summarise, positives for this mic in terms of features and recording quality, negatives on design and toughness.
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on 11 March 2008
I play a number of instruments and often make recordings to play back. The sound really is crystal clear, for the price point its good value and just what you expect from SONY
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on 9 March 2009
I have three digital recorders - Zoom H4, Marantz PMD 671 (both have rather poor mic pre-amps) and a couple of expensive condenser mics. Recently, I bought the brilliant Sony PCM D50 digital recorder which is simply out of this world! I've tried two examples of Sony's recommended microphone for this recorder, the MS-957. Don't waste your money. They were both as bad as each other! Seriously, you'll be sending it back because the noise floor on both mics I sampled was dreadful. The good news is that their semi-pro version of this mic, the MS-907 is sensational! NO background noise whatsoever. True, clean, accurate un-coloured sound ... and at less than half the price of it's costlier sibbling! Never mind the sales talk - trust your ears. If you are looking for a really good, battery powered "plug-in-power" electret mic for a digital recorder - the MS-907 is a steal! I record for a living - both in my home studio, but mostly in some of the best London studios around Soho ("Look Around You" narrator and "Papa" Dolmio in those pasta sauce TV commercials etc.) so I know what kind of sound these serious studios can produce. Plugged into a good digital recorder, the MS-907 can really hold it's own with the "big boys." This is now the only mic I use and if it got broken, I'd buy a new one tomorrow. Simple but brilliant mic. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 8 October 2010
Afraid this mike was excellent when first purchased but as with other reviewers, damaged lead (?) means only mono recording now. I will try to repair but not rugged enough really in my opinion, not clever. Postscript - was able to repair the mike in 2011 and still working ok!
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on 6 December 2003
when i brought this, i wasn't sure how good the sound quality would be, then, to my amazment, it was perfect. I recorded a concert, and the mic was miles away from the musicians, and it was perfect! a great buy!
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