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4.6 out of 5 stars96
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2001
With the release of a third Sypro adventure i thought that the time would come when i bored of the little purple dragon and his dragon fly pal. But not so after playing for what seemed like a full day i was once again hooked on the firey one!
With full power ups and new characters id say its even better than the first two!!! Plus what with new levels sparx even gets to prove himself. The graphics are astounding and as ever the gameply is excellent.
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on 29 November 2000
Ape Escape, Crash 1, 2 and 3, Spyro 1, and 2. They're just some of Sonys efforts in making the ultimate platform game to beat Nintendo's somewhat tiresome Mario and Sega's Sonic seris. After several attempts of trying one game espiecially took my eye. Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the third in the seris, and it headbuts Sonics butt and toasts Mario's tash. It looks so good as well, you would think your PlayStation had turned into the highly anticipated PlayStation 2, what with its huge sight range and smooth edges, its enough to turn any competition into a pixallated mess. You can now control 4 new characters, around 4 worlds and over 30 levels. it's enouh to keep you occupied from now till your 80! So if your a game freak like me and looking for a game to get your sweaty palms on, then this is the game for you. Spyro 3 is a great game worth anyone buying. But just remember, its not just for kids.
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on 29 April 2007
Spyro once again has to save the world and after finally managing to go on his holiday in dragon shores he comes back to the dragon worlds and while him and his dragon friends are sleeping all of the dragon eggs that are soon to be hatched are stolen by evil rhynocs and the the apprentice of the evil sorcoress. They manage to get away just in time through a whole onto the other side of the world the forgotten worlds. And who is the only person small enough to fit throught the hole. Yep you guessed right Spyro. He is on another world saving adventure to take back the dragon eggs and on the way he can take on small tasks such as skateboarding or beating an evil marine in a submarine. This is another brilliant spyro adventure amnd is a must buy 10/10
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on 5 April 2012
Whenever I play Spyro 3 (or Spyro: Year Of The Dragon to give its full title) I can't help but feel a little bit sad. Is it because the game is lousy? No, far from it. It's a great game. It's just that not only was it the last Spyro game to appear on the PSone, it was also the last great Spyro game, period. Oh well, I guess all good things have to come to an end eventually. So sit down, grab a cup of tea and a plate of chocolate biscuits, and enjoy a games review so good it makes the staff at the Official PlayStation Magazine green with envy.

The Year of the Dragon is upon the dragon world which has been blessed with a whole bunch of dragon eggs that are ready to hatch. Who knows? Some of them might get their own video games some day. But a group of horned enemies, the rhynocs, steal the eggs and take them to a place called "The Forgotten Worlds", which is ruled by an evil Sorceress and her apprentice, Bianca. Spyro must travel to the levels in the forgotten worlds and get the eggs back, all the while learning more about the worlds that have been forgotten. Well actually they're more like "remembered worlds" once you start playing the game but...well, you get the idea.

Anyone who played Spyro 2 back in the day -and still does now- will be familiar with the feel of Spyro 3: level portals in home worlds; help citizens in those levels; charge and flame enemies; pick up treasure and collect rewards. But instead of orbs and talismans like in the last game, you're instead given dragon eggs. For some strange reason some of the dragons are born wearing baseball caps and glasses. Then again this is meant to be a complete work of fiction, so I guess there's no reason to complain. (mutters to himself) Man, those buck-toothed dragons are ugly. Why did Insomniac have to create them like that?

So Spyro 3 is just Spyro 2 with a different storyline, right? Well, yes and no. It does indeed have a different story, but Spyro 3 differs from its predecessor by providing so much more gameplay variation. This is mainly through the different characters you can play as once you've freed them from their cages. There's Sheila, a friendly Australian kangaroo who lives on a mountain -YES, a mountain- with goats; Sgt. Byrd, an army-type penguin who can fire rockets, and does a lame job of parodying James Bond; Bentley, a "proper" speaking yeti with a large club to bash his enemies with; and Agent 9, a hyperactive laser-wielding monkey who would look right at home in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

All these characters have somewhat charming personalities that make them likeable, and there's a lot of fun to be had whilst you learn their controls and play through their segments of certain levels. For example Sheila can jump really high and has a powerful kick attack to send her enemies flying. Meanwhile Sgt. Byrd can actually fly, and as well as firing rockets he can also pick up objects and drop them from great or no-so-great heights. This playable character virus is contagious. Even Sparx the dragonfly gets his own levels, and they come in the form of top-down 2D styled shooters, kinda like some older video games from the Mega Drive/SNES era. Mix this all in with Spyro's swimming, climbing and headbash moves that he learned in Spyro 2, and you've got a big platformer that's impossible to get bored with, even when you're playing through it for the 150th time.

There's a whole host of memorable characters in Spyro 3. As well as the above mentioned you also have returning characters from the previous game. You've got Hunter, the cheetah who seems to have downed a big tall glass of "I'm a big brave boy" juice since the Avalar days; Zoe (the fairy) provides you with checkpoint saves with her wand; and then there's the I-Wanna-Be-As-Rich-As-A-Russian-Oil-Tycoon bear, Moneybags. The good news is he's not a playable character. The bad news is you still have to pay him gems to get anywhere in the game. Two words for you, Moneybags: middle fingers.

I love the designs of the levels in Spyro 3. Nothing against the ones in Spyro 2, but the ones here are more memorable and so much more enjoyable. One level I quite like is Seashell Shores, because of its lovely beach scenery and widely varied tasks for getting eggs. Another level I found a joy to play was the Fireworks Factory. It has a lovely comical blend of Chinese scenery and Japanese rhynoc ninjas, and it's quite funny to hear the ninjas meow like opera-singing cats when you take them out.

One thing that has remained the same from Spyro 2 is the well-organized and ideally flexible structure of the game. Your quest for dragon eggs either comes in the form of objectives, or they're simply lying around somewhere. In any case if you're having a hard time getting certain eggs you can always try something else and come back to that job at a later date, so there's never a feeling of frustration in that department.

In terms of negative points I only have one small problem with Spyro 3. Sparx's gem searching ability seems to have disappeared, and you don't get to use it until you've completed one of the Sparx levels later in the game. But it was such a useful move! How on earth could Sparx have forgotten it?! (sighs) And I thought Terry Pratchett had a bad memory.

With its brilliant level designs, interesting storyline, hints of romance (ROMANCE?!), loveable characters, and large buffet of different gameplay elements, Spyro 3 is definitely the best game in the Spyro PSone trilogy. An ideal way of finishing the series' glory years. NO ifs, NO buts, NO howevers. This is one platform experience every PSone lover must enjoy.
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on 12 April 2006
This game is by far the best Spyro game ever created.

This game has large, colourful levels to explore and mini-games from blasting tanks to rescuing wolf cubs. Master tricks in the skatepark and skills in the submarine. This game is packed with activities that can be played over again for hours on end.

The glitches make the game even more facinating. Turn Spyro different colours, swim in mid air, and even skate on a squidboard.

Play as Sparx the dragonfly, Sheila the kangaroo, Sargent Byrd the penguin, Bentley the yeti and Agent 9 the space-monkey as well as the purple dragon himself in his third adventure.

Buy it! There's far too much to do to rent it!
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on 5 December 2006
I absoloutely loved this game , in my personal opinion it is the best game in the Spyro series (Closely behind is Spyro 2)

The game revolves around a sorceress who steals the dragon eggs from the dragon realms.Working with her is her trainee sorceress Bianca.Spyro is yet again off to save the day

The gameplay style is a bit different as you can not only play as Spyro you can also play as:

Sheila the kangaroo

Sgt.James Byrd

Bentley the yeti

Agent 9 the monkey

Spyro's controls are basically the same however he can ride in many vehicles from Tanks to sheep UFO's

This game is indeed a joy to play and definately worth buying
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on 29 October 2000
Spyro 3 is the best graphical game ever feauturing Spyro and Sparx on a journey to save dragon eggs from an evil sorceros and her cronies who stole them.The game is set over 30 Worlds!!It also feautures four new playable characters-Sheila the Kangaroo,Sgt. Byrd,Agent 9, and Bently all with stunning attacks moves and more skills to learn and...The Professor,Hunter and Moneybags are back to help you.A couple of words to you best game of the year and enjoy!!Review by Neal Schafer.
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on 29 December 2006
Another brilliant, gem-collecting, foe-flaming game! But this time, you have more friends, and you can play as them aswell as them helping you in boss battles. There is also a few skateboard levels where you can do awsome tricks on a skateboard, collecting gems and running into gem baskets on the way down a slope!
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on 8 April 2012
Would love to play this game again. Kept me going for hours upon hours with how much this game was enjoyable. A really great and most treasured game I will always remember. Probably one of the best Spyro games I ever played.

A pretty decent length of the game too. Really fun and kept you going for hours, so the game isn't too short nor too long. How it should be. Humor is great in this game, made me laugh back then and still does from remembering. Can do some fun stuff like flying and roaming. Can be different types of animals as well to help out.

Over-all, a great PS1 game. Always remember it and will add to my collection.
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on 24 November 2000
I only ordered this game from Amazon on Wednesday - it arrived on Thursday and I couldn't stop playing!! All the excellent moves etc from Spryro 2 plus MORE. I am looking forward to the weekend now as I can get in some serious game play!!
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