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4.6 out of 5 stars108
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2003
This game is the reason you must have a Gamecube. SSBM will keep you up for nights before you realise what time it is. The singleplayer mode is much improved on with Classic, All-Star, Adventure, Events and VS. Classic is 10 battles against characters with 2on2, team battle and the return of the master hand. All-Star is a battle against every character in the game and a good many Mr Game and Watches. Adventure is exactly what it suggests, and adventure but through characters worlds such as the mushroom kingdom, great stuff! There are 51 unique events to fight through and endless fun in VS against CPU or your mates. With 25 characters and 29 levels this is HUGE! On top of that there s the stadium with the home-run contest, practise and Melee! There are 280+ trophies of Nintendo's history to collect and data fans will have a field trip. Every option can be tweaked and the fight stats come up afterwards. The credits are original as you can 'shoot' the names to get more detailed information on the makers. I could go on forever as this game is huge, if you don't own it yet what ARE you doing! Get it or miss out, teribbly. This is how multiplayer games should be. The graphics are fast and amazingly detailed, the sound is fantastic with speach and loads of FX. The games really strong point is it's lifespan, play this and never leave the room, unless to go to the telephone to ring up some mates to come round. This game has no bad points, HAL have done very well.
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on 10 August 2007
this is probably some of the best fun you will have on gamecube.having nintendo classic characters like mario(if you dont know him you should be ashamed)and link and making them destroy each other is strangely funny,fantastic and addictive.

casual gamers can just pick up the controller and master it in five minutes while hardcore gamers will love it as well.the buttons are very simple,A to attack,B and a certian direction to do a special move and X/Y to jump.

the gameplay from a fighter like tekken or soul caliber,has changed.instead of fighting until a persons life bars go down to zero,you have to keep attacking your opponent until there damage meter is quite high.the more damadge caused,the further they fly.then you have to unleash a powerful attack and knock them out the arena and at the end of a couple of minutes who ever gets knocked out the most loses!!!

as i said above its the multiplayer that makes this a must buy.the graphics arent pushing the gamecubes limits but are quite pretty.the lifespan is great on long as you have another controller and a friend,this is endless fun.

my only main complaint is that some unlockable characters are clones of other character.dr mario has the same moves as mario and falco is an imitation of fox etc.apart from that,nintendo fans,people who love multiplayer,and people who are dying to smack pikachu with with a baseball bat then this is must buy.
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on 16 December 2006
This is one of the best games I have on my GC! The graphics are good, the sound is good, the whole game is good. It lasts FOREVER ive had it for a couple of years now and ive never got bored of it. If you have a gamecube and dont have this game, GET IT NOW! You will not regret it. It has to be my favourite gamecube game and its very cheap to buy.
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on 28 July 2002
I remember when I got the original Super Smash Brothers on the N64, and how much fun it was to play. It was a chaotic beat em up romp with a variety of characters and maps. Naturally I found myself comparing Super Smash Bros Melee to the original almost instantly.
I was a little worried that the controller design would make playing Melee difficult (one thing I've learned is that football games aren't suited to the Game Cube's controls, and I feared the same with Melee). Thankfully, the controls for Melee are just as easy to pick up.
The game boasts all the original characters, as well as numerous hidden characters, includes the original 1p battle mode and multi-player battle mode, and also has an adventure mode, challenges, and a variety of new options for multi-player, including invisible melee, slow-motion, giant mode and tiny melee. The characters all have a few extra moves too.
Basically Melee takes the original game and piles on extra features to keep it fresh and interesting, and it succeeds. It's still a chaotic romp, and will have a long life.
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on 7 May 2006
Super Smash Bros. Melee is a brilliant party game. All your favourite Nintendo Stars crammed into 1 game and fighting each other. The 1 player is great as well. Classic Mode is exactly like the 1-4 player game but it is either a 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or a 2-on-1 giant battle with bonus stages and the end boss (The Hand) in the middle and end. Adventure Mode involves you going through various lands like Mushroom Kingdom and Brinstar. Every stage involves fight a enemy like Mario and Samus.

Final Impression: A brilliant party game and one for all you big Nintendo fan like me.
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on 3 May 2002
SSB:M, as we'll refer to the game to save our sore fingers, is a beat-em-up starring a host of favourite Nintendo characters, old and new, from Meowth to Mario to Fox McCloud. The object of the bouts is not, as is usually the case, to knock out your opponent, but instead to quite literally knock them out of the fighting area. Landing blows on them causes a percentage at the bottom of the screen to rise, indicating how damaged they are. High damage ratings won't lose you the game, but they make your character susceptible to a "smash attack" - a powerful punch or other special move designed to send you flying. If you get smashed off the edge of the arena, you lose.
Simple, eh? You certainly don't need a rocket science degree to understand SSB:M, and if you played its N64 predecessor you'll know the drill already. The plot is non-existent, and the gameplay is straightforward. No lengthy button combinations to memorise here, folks - the controls for each of the 25 characters are identical, it's just the moves that vary. Up and B is a Thunder Jolt for Pikachu, for example, and an Egg Throw for Yoshi, and other special moves for the other characters. The only slight control quibble is that turning around can be tricky - the game has a tendency to interpret your joystick movements as the start of new moves rather than movement instructions.
Although the gameplay is almost exclusively 2D, the backgrounds and characters are most certainly three-dimensional. You can only move backwards and forwards along the platforms, but behind (and, sometimes, in front of you) all kinds of background action is taking place. The camera zooms and pans to keep track of the action, and although it can lag behind a little on occasion, it generally keeps track of everything well. You'll even notice, after a particularly decisive knockout, that occasionally the losing party will thump into the camera lens on his way down - a great touch. The characters, too, are brought to life with some excellently realised models.
The old-school Nintendo feel permeates the whole game. The arenas are 3D representations of scenes from classic games - the Mushroom Kingdom, Donkey Kong's jungle, Princess Peach's castle, and so on. Each one features an appropriately modernised version of the music from the game in which the character originally appeared; the combination of the familiar and the new-fangled is poignantly nostalgic. The tunes on the Mario and Link levels are sure to get any gamer above a certain age reminiscing, and the DK rap will amuse everyone else. No doubt the sizable Nintendo fanboy contingent will be rubbing their sweaty palms with glee already.
There's a wide range of single-player modes to choose from. Classic mode is the usual beat-em-up fare - ten rounds against a variety of foes, with the odd bonus level thrown in. Adventure mode is a simple run-jump-bash platformer, with occasional rounds of more traditional fighting. There's also "event match", which offers a huge list of pre-defined encounters with novel victory conditions: you, as Mario, might have to defend the Princess against Bowser's attacks, for example, and in another play as Link as he takes on a shadowy replica of himself. Stadium mode contains a number of simpler game types, involving running about smashing targets or taking on the mysterious Fighting Wire Frames. After single-player rounds, you'll be awarded any number of "Special Bonuses" awards for, say, using all ground attacks or knocking somebody out from behind. The precise criteria for each bonus isn't given, though, so it's fun to try to work out exactly what you have to do to receive an "In The Fray" award.
But the multiplayer modes are where the game really shines. You won't properly experience SSB:M without plugging in four controllers and taking on a bunch of friends (or enemies, as they might turn out to be). Team and individual matches can be fought, and there are many, many rules and configuration options to tweak. If you have more than three people round to play, there's a tournament mode where much larger numbers can play knockout competitions. Thanks to its easy-to-manage control system, all the moves are more or less within the grasp of the novice player, so newcomers to the game won't be humiliated into finding something else to do.
Frequently, during most of the game modes, objects drop from the ceiling. These might be powerups (the invulnerability star), hand-to-hand weapons (an umbrella, or, rather oddly, a lightsaber), missile weapons like the blaster or flamethrowing flower, or things to throw at your opponent. There are even Pokeballs, which will summon a Pokemon to attack your enemies.
Even above and beyond its top multiplayer action, SSB:M's chief asset is its tremendously varied gameplay. Whether you're playing as Zelda's alter ego Sheik, juggling four Marios in the air at once, or taking on Pikachu in a Pokemon-summoning bout, the variety of the designers' imagination is incredible. And, at first at least, almost every time you play, you'll unlock new awards for your trophy cabinet, or even a new background or character to fight with.
Old school Nintendo gamers should head for the shops, wallet in hand, without delay, because this nostalgic beat-em-up will thrill them to bits. If you're looking for a rewarding multiplayer experience on Gamecube, you should follow them, because although much of the symbolism will be lost on you, you'll still enjoy the variety and sheer fun on offer. (Besides, chances are they know where to find the best deal.) If you're looking for a rewarding single-player experience, you should probably be a little more cautious, and rent before you buy - just to make sure the award-collecting and bonus-finding has the hook you're looking for. As is ever the way of beat-em-ups, SSB:M is not as much fun solo as it is in a group... but get some mates over and you'll be in for a smashing (groan) time.
Huge variety
Loads to do and unlock
Dripping with nostalgia
Looks and sounds the part
Fantastic party game
Some will find single-player a little flat
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on 22 November 2006
When most people read the description of this game they think it is some kiddies game with awful graphics.

I can assure you that that view is utterly wrong!

As the description says, it is a fight between many characters seen in many different games. But the thing that sets this apart is that instead of reducing your foe to 0Hp or whatever, you actually have to throw, hit, kick, punch or blast your opponent OFF the stage (which tends to be a selection of platforms). This means that if you have been hit to, say, 100% damage (as the 'health' is measured in damage) and thrown off the stage, you still have a chance of surviving if you can jump back on.

This game is incredibly addictive and i have been playing it on and off for around 3 years. There are many advanced techniques to learn and a good supply of characters to choose from. It is really a different game in a class of its own, a sort of platform fighter.

Give it a try and you never know, you might want to play it again............
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on 25 November 2003
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Which I'll refer to as SSMB from here on in) is the sequel to the smash hit Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. However, unlike a lot of other sequels, this one is even better than its predecessor!
Just imagine a fighting game, with which you can battle it out with all your favourite Nintendo characters ranging from Mario to Samus. Theres a massive 25 characters to play as once you've unlocked all the secrets (Don't worry, I won't tell you who they are! Leave it to you to find out!) Then theres the stages which you fight on-over 20 stages! All taken from Nintendo's best game worlds, like Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule to name a few!
I'll tell you about the modes within the game now. There is loads, too many to mention. You have the standard classic mode which is just fighting until the final boss, then there is Adventure mode, All Star Mode, Training, Event Match. Oh and Multiplayer! My favourite! Get 3 of your friends round and you will have a riot!! With simple pick up and play controls you'll all be beating the living hell out of each other in minutes!!
All this sounds like a big game, but it gets even BIGGER!
As you fight, you earn Coins which can be used in the Lottery. In the Lottery you put your hard earned Coins into a machine which then gives out a random trophy. But not just normal trophies which say "your the best!" Oh no! These trophies are 3D Models of characters and items from all Nintendo's Games! There are 290 of these to collect in total and some of them are real gems if you are a Nintendo fan! You'll be playing for hours on end just so you can get more coins to get more trophies! As well as this, each trophie tells you stuff about it, like the first game that character stared in and when it was released etc.
It all adds up to a fantastic package. I really can't find any faults with it. I love everything about it. If you haven't got it, and you want a game that you can pick up and play in minutes, but with hooks that pull you in and won't let go till you've unlocked everything, then get this game. You will not regret it-I promise you!
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on 20 February 2004
Smash Brothers was on the N64, now its faster, has more extras and more fun.
A bit jaggy sometimes, there is an option to switch on full anti-alliasing and this does help. No slowdown (unless you actually want it) and practically un-fault able.
Mono or stereo, with Nintendo tunes from practically every game that Nintendo has made themselves.
This is essentially a fighting game, but it isn't, but its good. This game has nearly as many options as TimeSplitters2 so there's always something to fiddle with. There's even a how to play video in case your illiterate and can't read the instruction manual.
Replay value
You wont grow tired of this, there's always something to do and the multiplayer never gets old.
This should be a 10, so where's it fall down? You will eventually complete it, and by then you've simply had enough of it. A bit difficult for the older gamers (like your mom and dad) due to the amount of moves.
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on 19 August 2005
I actually saw Super Smash Bros. after I saw Super Smash Bros. Melee, but this kind of game is a gem. I've never seen a game with this kind of Gameplay, this game is exellent.
There were 12 characters in the N64 game, but the GC game has just over twice that many, with 25 characters. A lot more stages and more 1P Gameplay compared to the N64 version. I think there are 26 stages to unlock. All with quite tough requirements needed to unlock each one (Well not quite all). But the real challenge lies in the Event Mode. 51 events each with specific requirements, this part of the game is a big challenge, and this game has one of the Cruelest challenges in game history. The Multi-Man Melee Allows varying difficulty, but the Cruel melee is one of the Toughest challenges set in a game. Luckily it is not a must-do option to unlock anything. But any of you that like Nintendo, this is a MUST.
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