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on 29 November 2001
If you like James Bond films, then you'll have seen all the films in this set. However, all the films are Special Editions, which means you get plenty of extras. The main reason for buying this set is that the picture and sound quality on the DVDs are superb, even on the older films. The only downside is that many of the Audio Commentaries degenerate into a long line "he/she was really great" comments. Some of the DVDs also have two Commentaries which is quite unnecessary. However, the quality of the film transfers is so good that you'll never listen to the Commentaries again after the first time and will just enjoy the films as they were meant to be seen in widescreen format.
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on 24 December 2001
All 19 Bond films in a fancy tin package is surely a tempting prospect..unless of course you already bought all the special edition DVDs individually like myself. The presentation of all the films is brilliant; both the packaging and the menu screens are nicely uniform and attractive. Extras are not skimped on for any of the films though not many will be able to stomach numerous trailers with voice overs that repeat 'Bond is back' again and again and again..and then sit through the radio spots that do the same. The films range from trite(Moonraker) to downright classic(Goldfinger) but even the worst of them have their great moments. All are Widescreen presentations of varying ratios but many people will be relieved to hear that there is no loss of image at the top and bottom of the screen - and plenty gained to the sides. My only real complaint is that at least some of the films have been cut - and being a tad obsessive I might not have bought any of the films had i been aware of this - but thats just me. However, this box set is Bond fan heaven at least until they release another one that includes Bond 20.
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on 20 November 2002
Dr. No: The orignal set the standard for the rest. Terrance Young directs a splendid cast in one of the closest Bond films to the books, Sean Connery's portrayal is legendary, this film is a Gem.
From Russia with Love: By far the greatest Bond film ever, the plot is superb, the gadget briefcase is superb, the villians send shivers down your spine, the girl is beautiful and the fight scene on the Orient Express has never been topped.
Goldfinger: Classic Bond, another fine performance from Connery.
Thunderball: Another great film, the underwater fight sequences are over done however, but it has everything in the formular, gadgets, girls, fab locations and plenty of action.
You Only Live Twice: Not great, set largely in Japan with a weak plot. Great soundtrack however, some poor acting in places but only by the minor roles. By no means bad, but does not meet the standards of it's predessors.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: An excellent film. A moving finale, the best ever ski-ing and snow boarding chases, killer soundtrack and a convincing performance by Lazenby, often slated as poor, his Bond is more than adequate.
Diamonds are Forever: Fairly good, an enjoyable outing with a welcome return from Connery, however does not quite get up there with the classics.
Live and Let Die: A superb debut from Moore, who takes Bond away slightly from Ian Fleming's model and re-invents him in his own humerous style. Fast moving, exciting and lotsa fun.
The Man with the Golden Gun: Excellent film, fine performance from Christopher Lee and Moore, fast pace and very funny at times, Moore's best.
The Spy who loved me: A weak effort, the plot is terrible the villians Stromberg and Jaws make a joke of the classic books. Some inspired moments but never really takes off.
Moonraker: The worst of the pack, another dreadful villian with a crazy plot, the film is slow and the bizzare "Star Wars" style betrayes a great book.
For Your Eyes Only: Back to the Fleming style of a good spy thriller. Has all the elements for a classic Bond. The best pre-credit sequence with the remote controlled helecopter.
Octopussy: Enjoyable and original, great film with some inspired sequences and a stunning climax with Bond hanging on top of a plane 1000s of feet high.
A View to a Kill: Some wonderful scenes, the opening ski sequence, the fire engine chase, the Paris sequence and the stunning climax on the Golden Gate bridge. Yet it does not flow brillantly and is fairly slow at times. Chrsitopher Walken is a super baddie however.
The Living Daylights: The second best Bond film. The most original plot, great fight scenes, the Hercules plane at the end in particular. Dalton is the best Bond since Connery, he portrays the most realist and faithful to the books, he builds on Bond's vunerabilty, he does lack some of Connery's qualities but vice verser with Connery. However he is a super Bond!
Licence to Kill: Very Ian Fleming, based on a key part from Fleming's Live and Let Die novel, we see a shocking vengeful side of Bond who quits the secret service and goes off a personal vendetta. Dangerously violent compared to the rest and a step away from all the previous films. However, very good, a deserved bigger part for Q too, who has become a large piece of Bond History.
Goldeneye: Back after 6 years and fresh as ever. The plot is copy of Diamonds are Forever, Sean Bean is great, it has all the Bond elements even if it is a tad predicatable. A great performance from Brosan but he is not as settled as we see in his latest films.
Tomorrow Never Dies: Pure action, a great remote controlled BMW scene, opening sequence and motor bike chase. Pryce's villian is devillishly evil and he plays him menacingly. David Arnold brings the film's score a few steps into the technological future to match the film. However the plot is poor and very reminscent of "You Only Live Twice".
The World is Not Enough: One of the best, topped only by FRWL and TLD. Brosan has established himself as one of the best James Bond's ever. He is a very good reflection on the orignal character in the books and he has blended that with the modern times too. the plot is excellent. Sophie Marceau is wonderful in the film, the best performance of a Bond girl yet and the film has all the elements that Fleming intended in his books.
It brings Bond right up to date, all the films are presented on wide screen the way they should be viewed, the documentaries are fascinating, the deleted scenes are great, espeically the Magic Carpet ride in TLD and the prison in AVTAK. You get your money's worth, also had many music videos (any Bond fan will know the music is a crucial element to the film) detailed making of documentaries with interviews with the cast and crew, and a look at how the fascinating stunts were performed. These DVDS will make one a Bond expert. You get to see rare footage, such as Sam Neil screen testing for the role (wow!) You can't miss this it is a must. All the films are great, Moonraker and TSWLM are very weak but none are terrible, so enjoy this piece of history and celebrate the 40th Anniversary style. Also if you havn't read any of the books, "Casino Royale" is highly recommended! Thanks for reading!
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2003
The James Bond Collection 2002 is one of the best dvd box sets ever to be published, featuring 20 discs. It is the ultimate dedicate to Ian Fleming's most famous character, James Bond. This silver box set contains the 19 official movies, which are:
1) Doctor No, 2) From Russia with love, 3) Goldfinger, 4) Thunderball, 5) You only live twice, 6) On her Majesty's secret service, 7) Diamonds are forever, 8) Live and let die, 9) The man with the golden gun, 10) The spy who loved me, 11) Moonraker, 12) For your eyes only, 13) Octopussy, 14) A view to a kill, 15) The living daylights, 16) Licence to kill, 17)Goldeneye, 18) Tomorrow never dies and 19) The world is not enough. Apart from that, you get a very interesting bonus disc, containing the following: original documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers and interactive menus concerning all the movies, as well as meet the cast, theatrical trailer, and teaser trailer, concerning James Bond's latest movie Die another day, combined with a Nightfire game trailer, which is the latest video game concerning the original movies!
All in all, this box set is a must-have for every James Bond fan. Buy it; it's worth it!
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on 19 November 2002
I always loved having extras on DVDs. buying special editions of all sorts. Then I came across the ultimate Bond Boxset. This one just stands out from my collection. Its cool metallic design just gleams on my shelf. I bought this on the day it was released. I have never had such an amazing box set.
If your a bond fan, then this is one of the most fantastic things you can buy. It's even better than having autographs from the likes of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and so on.
In the set are 19 special edition Bond DVDs.
I was getting so upset when watching the poor quality of my 'From Russia With Love' VHS and the new Pierce Brosnan ones. In fact, what made me buy this was when my dad got 'The World is not enough' DVD which had so much more to offer.
The Bonds are not worth seeing on VHS, if you have the money, then you'll have so much more to see in image sharpness, sound and extras. These excellently presented DVDs are just so perfect for the Bond fans who suffer from watching poor VHS copies of their most favourite films.
For example, on the Goldeneye DVD there is the audio commentary, a booklet, the making of Featurette, Documentary, music video, behind the scenes features. And theatrical trailers. The other DVDs have tonnes of extras aswell.
So in all, you get 19 brilliantly, digitally re-mastered Bonds with huge amounts of interesting extras.
Im so pleased I got this. I can't see anything beating this Box Set in quite some time, unless they bring out another one with 'Die Another Day'.
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on 31 December 2001
Yes...i finally have all the 19 Bond movies on DVD, and, they are Special Editions !
The special tin box, that all 19 movies are in, has a space that can fit 1 more DVD.
So when the 20th movie comes out it will fit nicely in the box...hooray !
Good value for money, and you can watch the movies over and over again.
BUY IT, they're classics.
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#1 HALL OF FAMEon 30 December 2002
Here are the James Bond films, from 1962's Dr No to 1999's The World is Not Enough and it is safe to say that most of them are mere entertainment.
The early period was closest to Fleming's original character and for me are the most enjoyable- Dr No is a 5-star classic, just because. Connery the definitive Bond- who would excel in the brilliant follow up's From Russia With Love ***** (Robert Shaw is a great villain, the tone more Hitchcock than what the franchise would become/recall that JFK named From Russia...his fave novel and arguably sealed the popularity of Bond). Things move more towards the super-villain satirised in Austin Powers with Goldfinger *****- where we meet Q (Desmond Llewelyn) for the first time and Shirley Bassey sings the definitive Bond theme. Thunderball **** is not quite as good, though this may have something to do with the association of the non-official Bond film Never Say Never Again (1982). Roald Dahl was on-board to write You Only Live Twice *****- the one with that volcano, the pirahnas, the dodgy semi-racist Japanese associations and the archetype for later Bond films.
Connery would vacate the role for On Her Majesty's Secret Service ****- an underrated film. Sure Lazenby is a bit anti-charismatic but Diana Rigg, Telly Savelas and that downbeat end show a much bleaker Bond (back in line with the novels). And John Barry's incidental music is excellent. Connery returned for Diamonds are Forever- though that doesn't make it any less than mediocre **.
Roger Moore took over the role for Live & Let Die *****- which is great camp fun with a blaxpoitation edge and the great Yaphet Kotto. The Man with the Golden Gun ** is another Bond lowpoint, though the follow-up The Spy Who Loved Me **** is enormous fun- though much more camp than 60's Bond. Moonraker * is appalling stuff- really embarrasing- basically a remake of aspects of You Only & Spy Who Loved with awful special effects (this was two years after Star Wars). Moore should have been replaced- the franchise struggled on with the funtional For Your Eyes Only **- which is a bit non-eventful and Octopussy *- which is risible. Moore would look very much his age in 1985's A View to a Kill- which Duran theme apart is terrible * (even if it does have Christopher Walken and Patrick Macnee in).
Timothy Dalton injected a breath of fresh air into the role, dropping all the camp-violence for a much more Fleming Bond. The Living Daylights *****- Maryam D'abo one of the finest Bond girls; great Cold War fun but a poor denounment (an increasingly typical trait of Bond films). Licence to Kill **** was famously violent- though not exactly Scarface- they should have got John Woo to direct it and really gone for it. Good fun, nice to see Benicio Del Toro in an early role and Q in a less comic turn than in the atrocious Octopussy. Dalton is the best Bond since Connery..
Following a break, Bond came back with Pierce Brosnan (a fine Bond) and Goldeneye ***- which loses the plot halfway through and ends up a poor facsimile of You Only Live Twice (again). Famke Jansen is great, as is Joe Don Baker- who appears as a good guy (having played the villain in Living Daylights)- he returned in the next film, an excellent Leiter style character. Tomorrow Never Dies *** was watered down, as Teri Hatcher's role had to be reduced as she was pregnant (giving Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger a better part). The action sequences are good, though rumours are that Jonathan Pryce's media baron was made nicer as Rupert Murdoch was moving into the Chinese demograph appear to be well founded. The end is terrible, a nondescript Spy Who Loved Me (again). Finally we have 1999's The World is Not Enough **, where your sympathies lie with Robert Carlyle's villain and it never really takes off after a great opening sequence. M (Judi Dench) is brought into the field (????), Denise Richards makes Pussy Galore seem like Andrea Dworkin (what happened to PC-Bond?) and the whole thing is under-written. The problem with Bond is that it is a franchise- which means if you do the marketing correctly and get the SFX right, then an audience will come (George Lucas's Star Wars prequels are evidence of this). Bond is now highly profitable, critic proof and a complete waste of time...
This is a good DVD collection, with some great extras for fans- though I'd only buy about half of these films- especially when you consider the best Bond film is North By North-West, which while not a Bond film, pre-dates every aspect of it and is great fun. Perhaps the producers should watch Hitchcock's classic and see where they're going wrong...
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on 19 November 2001
With all the action of a whole box of bond there is nothing that the Bond fan could ever want (except for maybee more films)! It has all the action of all the old clasics as well as the modern gadgets of the more recent films such as The World is Not Enough. I cant say any more. It is a clasic.
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on 12 September 2001
I have been waiting for this set for ages. All 19 films, all Special Editions, what more can you say? Any 007 fan will be drooling when they see this on their shelf! (Perhaps the only downside is that they did not leave out Lazenby's effort, but hey - you can't have everything)
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on 3 September 2003
For every 007 fan a must. Quality of the "old" starting films of 007 are first class, film quality as well.
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