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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2001
Ever since my copy of Lemmings for the Amiga corrupted, I have desperately waited for a PC version to come out. When I found out about this, I instantly got it and was delighted.
It retains its original gameplay and music with the added bonus of a fast forward button.
The graphics are much the same but the lemmings are now shown in greater detail. The cute animations of the task buttons are also a nice touch.
It is exactly as I remembered it and as frustratingly enjoyable as ever.
My only complaint is that the unique levels along with their unique music have been removed. (There was 1 level on each difficulty where the palette was vastly different - fun difficulty had a bunch of trees - and was accompanied by a one-off piece of music that followed the levels style.) A great loss.
On the whole, excellent. If you loved lemmings but don't have it anymore, get this now!
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on 21 October 2001
The classic, the original, the benchmark for simple, addictive and exciting gameplay. 100s of Lemmings at you disposal like the great leader Sun Tzu said "lead your warriors up to the top, then kick the ladder out from under them".
I can still remember spending many a happy evening at my Aunt's old Amstrad desperatly trying to beat it. Ah, the memories!
Frantic, fustrating and hilarious in equal measures with brilliantly designed puzzles, forget online gaming, there aint nothin as satisfying as finishing the last level.
Great music such as Mozart's Fur Elise accompany the game, as well as some classic nursery rhymes which all add a sense of urgency to the game. Get it now, do not delay! What more could anyone ask for 5 quid?
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on 8 February 2013
This is a very addictive game in which you have to lead lots of lemmings, past obstacles, into lemming heaven. Sounds simple but can be head-scratchingly difficult at times. You can drag the game folder off the CD and put it anywhere on your hard-drive - you don't have to use the CD. You can also rename the folder to anything you want. I've tried running it on WinXP and it works fine with one stumbling block to avoid:

If you want to play the game and have it use a window bigger than the default size then you MUST use the File Menu entry File\Set Options... When the dialogue box opens you will see entries for "Graphics Options". There you MUST choose "High Resolution". If you don't do that and make the game window bigger than the default then the program will bomb-out as soon as you try to play any level. This might lead some people to think that the game doesn't work on their system, chances are it does - just make that setting if you want to use a larger than default window size (you will).

Another thing worth mentioning is that Lemmings is said to have hundreds of levels to work your way through. However, when you first go to play the game you only get offered one level (in each of the categories) to play. This doesn't mean you have been sold short. You have to complete one level before the next level is offered to play. (So the level list gets longer and longer as you play your way through them.)

The game is capable of being used as a portable. Do the following to make it as portable as possible without actually making a full-blown portable package of it:

1) Drag the folder "WINLEMM" on the CD to wherever you want on the hard-drive. You can rename the folder to anything you want - I used "Lemmings for Windows". Now open the folder and launch LEMMINGS.EXE

2) You will be asked to register, just type whatever name you like. And okay that name. That name will be added to the player list.

3) You will get a message saying "Unable to install the uninstall program. Just okay this and forget it.

4) Now use the File Menu and make what settings you want (remember the advice above if you want to use a larger than default window). If you want to use a large window then resize the window now. Now exit the program.

5) The program will have created a folder in the following path:
C:\Program Files\WinLemm
Copy that WinLemm folder into the folder you launched LEMMINGS.EXE from. Then delete the folder in Program Files.

6) The program will have created a key in the registry (with some sub-keys) at the following key:

7) Run regedit, go into the registry and drill to the following key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Visual Sciences\Windows Lemmings\Users\[WhatEverNameYouRegisteredTheProgram]
and look for the value "DatabaseName"

8) Double-click on that value and enter in the FULL PATH to the "usr00000.db" - it will be in "WinLemm" folder you just copied over into your Lemmings folder.

9) That's all you need to do to make it portable. Apart from the registry entry for "Visual Sciences" it won't, now, create any files on your boot partition and will use the user database (usr00000.db) in the new location.

10) While you're in the registry if you want to save your settings for future use then just export the "Visusal Sciences" key out of the registry, then drop it into your Lemmings folder. Now you can use that registry file (just right-click on it an select 'Merge') if you ever have the misfortune of having to reinstall your system - just merge the registry file and you are good to go with your portable Lemmings and you won't have lost any of your valuable already done levels.

You don't have to do steps 1-10 if you're happy with the game writing one folder and two files to your boot partition. And if you're happy with losing all your Lemmings levels if your boot partition ever totals.
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on 9 January 2011
I bought this hoping it would work on Windows 7 64-bit... and it does! I can't really add much other than the technical bits: It will run from the CD. There is no install/uninstall so you can copy the files to a folder and run from there without the need of CD (no registration required). You can add 'Players', so you can save your own progression. There is cheat option to skip those levels (rather than using codes) you can't quite complete (I have found cheat guides on-line though!) The game options are: Sound (sound effects, music, visual sound effects) on/off; Graphics high/low (low is the original pixelated level, while high is more detailed and smoother.) Zoom level (1x, 2x, 4x) to cater for different size screens and resoluitions. And there is pdf file provided in different languages with instructions on game play for the beginners. Enjoy!
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on 8 December 2013
I ordered this game aware of other people's problems with a small game window size, particularly on a laptop, making the game hard to play. I was not anticipating the problems I had simply getting the game to play. The instructions in the manual, which I did have enough gumption to open, on Windows 7 and Windows XP did not work. Communication with the seller about this proved frustrating in that their first two alternative solutions didn't work. For other technophobes like me here are the solutions I found to getting the game to play: -

1) opening the game - Windows 7 - Start button; computer; double click on the dvd drive icon; open the WINLEMM folder; click on the second of the lemmings icons (the one called LEMMINGS, not the one called LEMMING. The game will now open.

2) opening the game - Windows XP - My Computer; CD-ROM drive; WINLEMM folder; LEMMINGS icon (if you hover the curser over the icon it will be identified as an EXE file). The game will now open

3) Alternatively in both Windows 7 and XP if you wait a little while the screen driven by the CD ROM will open. Don't try for 'play' or 'autorun' - it won't work. Scroll down to the bottom of the options and click on 'open folder to view files'. Now you can open the WINLEMM folder and double click the second LEMMINGS icon as before.

If you find the game window is too small to play the game comfortably I found the solution was to : -

1) In the game window click 'file'

2) Select 'set options'

3) In 'Graphics options' select 'High resolution'

4) The size of the game window will now increase to a playable level.

Communication with the seller to resolve these problems was not the best. They seemed to be a little high handed with phrases like "it works on our machines you should have no problems with it", And "its the original windows 95 game you can always return it". Not wanting to return it, and not wanting to have a brand new three quid coaster, I found my own solution (after several non-productive e-mails to the sellers) by speaking to other people and experimenting with things for myself.

Hopefully this review will help other not particularly skilled computer users like me to play the game. I just wish the seller would be more receptive to people who are struggling with their product so that, seeing it from our point of view, they could put instructions for different operating systems in the CD ROM package. A piece of paper would do it.

I have found it is not necessary to try and save the game to the hard drive. Playing from the disc, if you shut the game down, the next time you start the game when you click on 'play level' the game will start from where you left off
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on 21 January 2003
Having lost our old copy of lemmings with the computer it was installed on I was thrilled to find this. Leading the lemmings over, under, through and around a series of obstacles is addictive, enjoyable and thoroughly frustrating. But oh the satisfaction when that strean of lemmings marches "home".....
My only quibble was, as has been mentioned by another reviewer, the interface isn't all that friendly and easy to use. But I can live with that in order to play lemmings!!!
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on 5 December 2002
if you like puzzle games you'll love this. it his a simple concept, save the lemmings from jumping off a cliff, but its easier said than done. the game starts off easy enough for a child to do but the later levels are near impossible so its a good job they have a 'cheat this level' option, so you can come back to it later.
the graphics are well behind todays and the game itself is really basic but good fun and value at its cheap price!
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Re-released on the modern CD-ROM rather than it's intial 'whopping' size in floppy disks, Lemmings is family to a rare breed of instantly playable video games. In short, your task is simple... Using nothing more than an array of actions you use control to how your Lemmings behave, you must guide the odd little creatures from their starting area to an Exit.

Sounds very simple doesn't it?

Indeed, it is, and that's it's attraction. The challenge comes when can't tear yourself away from the PC because "that" level is annoying you so much! The first handful of levels warm you up with baby-like steps... Dig a small hole, go through a wall... but further down the levels, you'll soon be required to save 80% of your Lemmings with little more than 1 or 2 available actions... And then theirs the task of discovering what the Level Title is hinting at! (It's always a clue)

This is a very cheap buy these day's, and you shouldn't quibble over buying it. It's even 'work safe' as it will pause when you minimise it!

Excellent classic, but addictive fun! Comes with over 200 levels.

(PC SPEC NOTES: This new CD-ROM collection of Lemmings will work with Windows XP and the earlier OS's. However, you may encounter a "16 Bit Operating" warning notice. This is normal behaviour because of the games old architecture, but if you are unable to open the program, you will need to allow Windows to run 16 Bit programs.)
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on 27 December 2013
It took quite a lot of time and effort on the part of the suppliers as well as myself before I managed to load this program successfully. The staff at the company were so patient and helpful. Many thanks to them. The service was very prompt. Many thanks!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 July 2011
This couldn't be easier to set up and play. You could just play from the CD or copy the files to a folder on your hard drive and play from there. Make a short cut to LEMMINGS.EXE to your desk top and off you go. LET'S GO ..... YIPEE!!!! Just as I remember it - Brilliant!!!
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