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4.5 out of 5 stars41
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 March 2008
I love this film, it was probably one of Julia's first ... but i just love it!!! I'm a sucker for anything with a happy ending, a bit chick flicky!!

It always makes me wish i was there when i watch it too! It also restores your faith in men if you are going through one of those phases where they are just utter pigs ... Daisy thinks she has chosen one, but he proves her wrong in the most heart touching way. I've never been to Mystic, and it doesn't look like there is an awful lot there, but i'd love to go. I'd love to live somwhere where you can get fresh lobster all day everyday!! Jo-Jo is adorable too, she is your typical wanting to settle down girl, but is afraid of losing her independance, she is a little rebel, but Bill calms her down and she comes round in the end! Kat is your typical loner, but just as loveable! And unfortunately falling for the wrong bloke, we've all been there. And as for Charlie, mmmm he's fit in this!!! Don't think much of the blonde he takes into the bar before meeting Daisy!!!

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on 2 July 2004
It's one of those 'snapshot of life' films where you love it, but you're not sure why!
Despite this film being such an early example of some great work by the cast, the acting is wonderful and the film itself, a very 'feel good' alternative to all the other films of a less idealistic genre in the late 80's.
Best watched on a rainy day with a barrel of biscuits!
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on 10 November 2001
One of Julia Roberts' first films and certainly not one to be missed. As the title of the film suggests, the film is about pizza and is set in ¨Mystic¨ a small town in America. You rapidly get to know all the characters and their many problems which adds to the charisma of this film. The only downer is that you never find out the secret recipe for the pizza! Appeals to both sexes- even my brother liked it!! Definitely one for the collection...
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on 30 June 2005
A good girlie feelgood movie if you needed one. (Although it is starting to look rather 1980's in places now!) A lot of fun to watch - Get a pizza and a bottle of wine, invite your girlfriends round and enjoy a night in reminiscing about times gone by.
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on 18 August 2009
I often enjoy taking movies on holiday that I have not seen but would not normally watch. This year amongst said selection was Mystic Pizza, mainly because I felt it would be one my wife might enjoy.

The film is a fun look at the lives and loves of 3 young women who live in the town of Mystic and work at the local pizza parlour with its speciality "Mystic Pizza". Each girl has her own issues. For JoJo (Lili Taylor) it is should she marry her sweetheart (Vincent Donofrio of Law and Order fame), Daisy (Julie Roberts) falls for a rich kid and has a feel of "Pretty Woman" about it and Annabeth Gish plays her sister Kat who falls for a married man.

The story twists and turns from point to point as the three stories intertwine.

A very enjoyable film that is surely worth passing a couple of hours with when you are at a loose end.
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on 5 June 2015
I'm really getting too old for this kind of movie, but I had heard it often referred to and thought I would try it out. It turns out that it's pleasant and unpretentious, and it works by playing with stereotypes and upsetting our expectations a bit. The situation is itself a bit of a cliche -- young folks wanting to break away from small-town life and not always making wise decisions while trying to do so -- but by the end, nothing has been artificially closed off or settled, and that's satisfying, given that the characters are all still young. One feels that possibilities of change and growth are still open to them. Lili Taylor and Julia Roberts were 21 when this movie came out, and Annabeth Gish was 17, and they play to their real ages. All give very satisfying performances. Gish and Roberts are the Arujo sisters, Kat and Daisy, who are Portuguese-Americans living in the small fishing town of Mystic, CT, and Taylor is their friend, Jojo Barbosa. Kat has been accepted at Yale, JoJo is involved with Bill Montijo (Vincent D'Onofrio), a young local fisherman, and Daisy is rebelliously trying to have a sexual life that might help her make the move from Mystic. All three work for Leona at Mystic Pizza, and Leona's pizza sauce recipe is assumed to be one of the wonders of the world. When Hector Freshette, television's "Fireside Gourmet" (Louis Turenne) arrives to rate the restaurant, all are on tenterhooks . . .

The charm of the movie lies in the way the young women's roles both reference and subvert stereotypes. First of all, all are sexually curious and explorative, and in their relationships seem less passive than supposedly vulnerable young women are usually taken to be. Kat (Gish) falls for the older smooth, married man she babysits for while his wife is off working in England, and she's the one most deeply hurt -- but she also makes the running to sexualize the relationship, and it's not clear what she expects of it. Does she even know herself? Gish does a good job with the role, convincing us of both the pain of her loss (however she might see that) when the wife returns and the uncertainty of how exactly to make herself available to this attractive man. She isn't seduced, and she doesn't seduce -- it's a delicate little dance, and Gish brings it off.

JoJo plays with a broader stereotype: instead of the man wanting sex and the girl wanting commitment, here it's the other way around. Taylor plays JoJo as a slightly crazy character and shows no embarrassment in doing so. The film is formally rounded off with her wedding at the end -- when we had thought that we might see it at the beginning. Daisy's situation looks back to "Pretty in Pink" and forward to "Pretty Woman." But here the rich young guy she goes after in fact doesn't exactly let her down in the way that Andrew McCarthy did Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink." In the most ethically interesting scene, she accuses him of using her, not for sex, but to get at his parents, with whom his relations are, to put it mildly, fraught. She has a point, but we can't help thinking that she in turn is perhaps using him to get away from her life in Mystic -- and we notice too that he, for his part, doesn't accuse her of that.

All in all then, good work by some attractive young actors. The older characters -- Kat's and Daisy's mother and Leona -- are more predictable, Leona being the earth-mother wise woman figure with a magic touch in pizza and in empathy. Pleasant viewing, and well worth checking out.
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on 5 August 2005
the film is basically the story of three girls who work in a pizzaria all having diffrent problems and all are easy to relate to i think the best part of the film is when julia roberts emtys a truck full of fish into her b/f's retro car and then finds out that he wasn't cheating on her after all it really is a good film and i love it
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on 2 May 2015
As the billing implies Annabeth Gish was expected to become the big star here, but history hasn't quite worked that way with Julia Roberts being the one to go on to major stardom. Slightly sad really, and given a free vote just from this film AG would be my choice for stardom too.
All three of the friends/protagonists get a fair crack of the whip however, and each has her own appeal. Each of the girls has her own set of dilemmas to handle, and does so in her own fashion. As a team they function well and are ably supported by the lesser characters. There is not a huge amount goes on, but for normal folks life is composed largely of small incidents, which expand in importance to fill whatever drama-gap there may be. A largely credible story and a rather appealing setting is a big help, add some minor humour (yes, the fish incident is funny, but the teeth are funnier IMO) and you have a decent result.
The film is very much of its time, and none the worse for that, with an innocence that is not that common these days. Undemanding viewing for a quiet night in, but neither sloppy nor silly, it gets a solid 4 stars in this corner.
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on 17 May 2014
It’s the 1980s, and Jojo (Lili Taylor) has cold feet during her wedding, calling it off. She and her two friends Daisy (Julia Roberts) and Kat (Annabeth Gish) – sisters, but very different – work at the pizza parlour in a small town called Mystic in the USA. Daisy is wild and sexy, Kat is sensible and sweet… and during the course of the film, all three girls find themselves wondering about the future of relationships they’re in.

There’s not really a whole lot of plot, and its’ all rather predictable, but nicely done, with some amusing moments, and great rapport between the three friends. Not too deep, but enjoyable while it lasts; good for a Saturday evening in. Just like pizza, really.
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on 13 February 2010
I saw half of this film many years ago and was looking forward to seeing it whole.It was quickly delivered and was very enjoyable.It was clear from the film that Julia Roberts was destined for bigger things.
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