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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Well here we go again. They say third time lucky, but to be honest the 2 previous Winter Chill albums were rather good as well.
This, like all the Hed-Kandi albums, is a superb collection of new relevent music. It doesn't seem that long ago that the original 'Chill Out Album' hit our shelves and everyone bought a copy. Since then there have been new series of chill out albums left right and centre, not forgetting of course their sequels. I actually bought 1 album, liked it, and then bought the sequel to it and found 3 tracks to be identical. This is why I like Hed Kandi and the Winter Chill series.
On every Winter Chill album is there completely new material. By that I don't mean that Enigma classic that wasn't on the first compilation of the 50 most recycled chill out tunes.
"Why are you giving me Enigma? I have the album, and yes it's great."
When I say new I mean music that is within it's first year of release, and in many cases hasn't been released yet. This album is no exception. On the whole album there are only 3 songs that I have heard before, however if you asked me to put a name to them I would have been lost;
"Oh it's that one from the One 2 One advert."
A lot of the time I feel condescended by compilation albums, but with the Hed Kandi albums I feel challenged; this is brand new, un-tested music, and it is a real treat that it is available in one album.
As fo what to expect from Winter Chill 3. Well you'll get a lot of long, melodic, non-obtrusive basslines, clear and souring vocals backed up an orchestra of strings, guitars, bongos, piano, flute, the list goes on. There is severe evidence here of the most up to date production tricks in the music, which is why it is sometimes incredibly difficult to say what instrument your listening to.
The overall experience, though, is very relaxing and peaceful; it justifies the advertising slogan 'Hibernate, don't migrate.'
Winter Chill albums do have a different sound to the Serve Chilled albums. Serve Chilled is much more of a summer release, Cafe del Mar / Ibiza sunsets, style. Serve Chilled albums are filled with a lot more latin feeling chill out tracks, and samples of waves running in and out. The Winter Chill albums in comparison have a lot more slow moving melodies, often bass driven, and they do fit this season a lot better. Winter Chill is much more snuggle up under a rug or lay out in front of a fire, as opposed to sitting in your shorts and an loose shirt with a cold beer in a seafront bar.
There are some big names to look out for on this album as well:
Faithless, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, Lamb, Chris Coco, Afterlife, Sia, Emiliana Torrini and Kosheen.
Although my favorite track has to be 'Royksopp - Sparks' which hits you like a muscular measure of scotch and a fine cuban. All in all a rather pleasant experience.
I thoroughly recommend this album to anyone, but in particular to anyone who is looking for something a little different, or wants to here something new.
5 Stars, and a galaxy thrown in for good measure.
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on 2 December 2001
Winter-frost,snow,icey winds,such words come to mind when thinking about Winter.BUT Winter Chill 3...ahh,that's a different matter.Only one word is needed to describe this new Hed Kandi compilation...SHIVERS.No not the cold,frosty shivers,but those which attack you spine and the hairs on the back of your neck ,that's what these glorious tracks induce.
There are a few commerically recognised artists on this compilation,..mind you that's not to say that Faithless,Depeche Mode,Goldfrapp and Lamb,.don't produce the goods...but it's the "unknown" gems that really get the "Thrill Juices" going!
From the strains of The Dining Rooms' "M. Dupont",through to Beth Hirsch's "Come a Day" and Sia's "Blow it all away" just know that you're experiencing something Special...or rather VERY SPECIAL.A heady ,smooth mix of Jazz,Blues,Funk,and Latin -laced rythyms,blended into a delicious musical cocktail,all lovingly served up as Hed Kandi only knows how.
I know it's wrong to pick out a personal favourites (but what the hell,this could well be my first,last,and only review) just listen to the "house band"-Fac 15-featuring Cathi Ogden,incredible redition of the Carpenter's classic "Rainy days and Mondays".Listening to this creates shivers so strong that I can hardly keep my fingers on the keyboard!
Hed Kandi are slowly, but surely,building up quite a name for themselves.Listen to this album and you'll see why!Winter Chill 3 is a priceless five star gem of an album,and I'm already eager for next winter to arrive!
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on 5 July 2016
Absolutely fantastic..... great listen, every track is a winner; I'm not going to list them, take the album as a whole, the selection is spot on; bought because of all my previous purchases... Winter Chill 1, 2, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04; four stars because its not my favourite at the moment - that's 6.02;
I'm not always on top of my reviews but this series is worthy of a listen and great value for money; if you are going to buy, check out the others I've mentioned but don't over pay.... £2.60 is the most I've paid. Add to your wish list, or as recommended to me.. stick it in your bin and then save for later, you can see the price change more easily.
I picked up Winter Chill 2 from a charity shop for £1 and have been hooked ever since
Definitely Recommended .. beats anything from Ministry of Sound.
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on 11 February 2002
okay so i wouldn't normally write a review but in this case i have to say i just had to. this is probably one of the best albums i have ever bought, considering i had never even heard of it before it was a bit of an impulse buy but one i am glad i did. its perfect for just chillin out and even better for working to, have to say an all round fantastic album, dont think there is one song that i dont like which is very rare on a compliaion album, i think i will buying future releases. best song on the album is most definatley rainy days and mondays, brings a smile to your face and shivers down your spime could listen over and over again. My advise buy it.
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on 8 November 2001
Mark Doyle and the Hed Kandi team seem to be going for the halve century in H.K releases as this is about Kandi's sixth release this year. Luckilly Hed Kandi keep the standard up in the chillout series which I find there best .Winter Chill 3 as opposed to the jazzier and ambient mid to up tempoes of beats of the Winter Chill sister albums, the tempoe on this album is down beat and just right for those long cold winter days and nights.Faithless's Dusted remix of Evergreen is the perfect winter ballad, along with the chilled groover from Royksopp. Jaffa and Ursula Rocker bring a bit of urban chill of a more soulful strut to the collection. Disc 2 is a slightly darker sound and the standard of the chilled selection is powerful enough to over look the likes of Depeche Modes track as Lamb's haunting Gabrielle takes the lead for me along with high quality blue eyed soul belters from Sia and Amar also Emiliana Torini's "to be free" gives a nice gust of indie orientation to this collection of quality.In my experience Hed Kandi does bring out the best chill out collections .
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on 7 February 2002
What an absolutely essential purchase, not just for the Hed Kandi devotees like myself but for anyone who is looking for quality chilled out grooves. There are some amazing female vocal tracks and other tracks you'll instantly recognise due to the high exposure they have had providing a musical backdrop to those huge budget TV Commercials made by people who recognise quality music. These two discs enjoyed end to end can't but help chill you out - something that all the Winter Chill predecessors have done, however this is the crowning glory so far. Enjoy..... Hugely Recommended!!
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on 22 January 2005
From increasingly popular label 'Hed Kandi', this outstanding chill-out/electronica album delivers on all of it's promises. Spanning two discs, this is one of the finest chill-out compilations to ever hit the market - and there have been many of them. On the first disc, you'll find a selection of mellow tracks, with striking arrangements and lyrics about love, life and times gone by. The tracks here have been incredibly well selected, and they each compliment each other. From "Evergreen" by Faithless, to the stunning "Out of Control" by Fenomenon, there's not really one weak track throughout. Other highlights come from Goldfrapp and Youngerboi. In truth, though, everything here is so good that the tracks flow in and out of each other with the kind of mellow bliss that so few of these "chill-out" compilations achieve. It really is beautiful.
The second disc represents a harder edge to things. Gone are the blissful lyrics and good memories, this disc represents the twisted side of ambience. The mood may have changed, but the quality hasn't. There are some stunning tracks here too - from the likes of high calibre artists such as the wonderful Depeche Mode, the underground favourites Lamb and Afterlife - who's brilliant track "Deeper - Into Places" is the focus point of the second disc. All in all, this is one of the very best chill-out album I've ever owned. This Winter, I've liked nothing more than slipping this CD on, lighting some candles and relaxing with my own thoughts. "Winter Chill 3" sets the entire backdrop for those cold winter nights when curling up in your warm home is something to savour.
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on 28 December 2003
In the scheme of all things compilation album orientated, the Winter Chill series definitely pulls the strings that make the massive compilation world turn.
If you like lying on your bed drifting into the memories of good times gone by then this is the album for you - it will put a wry little smile on your face.
Looking at the track listing you'll see some names you recognise and some you don't. EVERY song on here sets a mood and each stands shoulder to shoulder with the following song. Take the crystaline beauty of Kosheens 'Gone' or the darker 'Empty Beaches' by Night Traffic; everything here fits any way round like the proverbial glove you need for winter chills. This album is the thought of being warm when it's snowing heavily outside your window.
My only critcism is that this album is so mellow it will put you to sleep, unfortunately without the ability to pull you back from the brink.
Buy this album, but only after Winter Chill Volume 2, this is THE true gem as the pace is a little more varied but still without breaking sweat.
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on 30 May 2015
I bought myself this album last year in autumn and kept listening to it every day last winter.

I find the Winter Chill-series great (except the latest release of the series in 2012) and consider this particular album to be the best. HedKandi usually releases house-/disco-compilations but the WinterChill-series is different because it is a mixture of Alternative and Electronica.

This particular album totally meets the idea of winter and chill if you asked me. All the tracks are slow, loungy and chilled, but not boring. The album is far from monotonous, as every tracks differs from the others, yet they all fit together quite well. A slightly melacholic touch reminds me of falling leaves and soothings ballads make me think of calm winter nights. I seriously cannot name a track that I find poor. Sure, I like some tracks better than others, but that is only natural.

The majority of artists featured in this album are rather unknown, but there are also some more well-known artists like Depeche Mode.
My favorites are: "On Line", "Gabriel", "Out Of Control" and so many more!

The lovely artwork and design add to the greatness of this album. I also like the little comments where the magnetic strip is, as it gives the whole thing a special touch (I really miss those on the new HK-albums)

I recommend listening to this album on snowy (and dark) winter days. If you were looking for sunny tracks, you are at the wrong place. This is the dark side of chill...
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on 23 November 2015
AS It's Winter now I'm IN! This is a delectable selection of fine, smooth sophisticated sounds which melt your heart and make you want to stay under the covers cuddling. Starting with Faithless's Evergreen Dusted Remix is a sensual sexy soothing number. As things move forward there are the kinds of tunes that start with a magical colourful intro and immediately thrust you into a horizontal position with a smile on your face. Tracks for me that I always love are Royksopp's Sparks, De Phazz Online, Yonderboi Fairy Of The Lake, Depeche Mode When the body speaks, Lamb Gabriel (anything by lamb is outstanding), Afterlife Deeper (again anything by them is top end), fac 15, Chris Coco, Mescalito, it goes on and on. Just get a copy. it will warm your insides more than that soup that your mums uncles cousins daughters auntie used to make.
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