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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2007
Despite being 26 (nearly 27!), i only actually watched all the ROCKY films for the first time around the beginning of 2006. I was never that bothered when i was younger. Here are my individual opinions: ROCKY (1976)- A classic. Stallone is totally convincing as a down-on-his-luck boxer who gets a once in a life time shot at challenging the heavyweight champion of the world, brilliantly potrayed by Carl Weathers. Stallone wrote the story to and was rewarded with best screenplay oscar, as the film also won best film of 1976.***** ROCKY 2 (1978)- Largely a re-tread of the first film as the re-match between ROCKY and APOLLO CREED looms. Stallone took over as director as well as writer and star for this film and although it retains alot of the originals magic and is still a good film, something just seems to be lacking. Not sure what, though.**** ROCKY 3 (1982)- 4 years on and ROCKY is now the firmly established heavyweight champion of the world. He has it all, 10 successful title defences, a loving wife and son, money, fame and considering retirement. That is until rough, tough, hard-hitting and hard-talking fighter CLUBBER LANG (played gloriously OTT by MR.T) publicly insults and humiliates him and ROCKY is pursuaded back into the ring....... A hugely entaining way to continue the series. **** ROCKY 4 (1985)- After personal disaster for ROCKY, he is again pursuaded back into the ring to fight the huge and ultra tough russian IVAN DRAGO. This for me is the worst of the franchise. Its basically nothing more than a propaganda film about America's efforts against russia in the cold war. Stallone spends most of the film draped (literaly!) in the American flag while DOLPH LUNDGREN (who plays DRAGO) does the same with the soviet flag and the film is littered with constant quips, songs, etc about how much better America is than russia. Check out APOLLO CREED's fight entrance at the beginning of the film and you'll see what i mean! ** ROCKY 5 (1990)- Still beaten and bruised from his fight with DRAGO in ROCKY 4, ROCKY now faces being potentially bankrupt. After being told he can no longer fight anymore, his predicament deepens. He then meets TOMMY GUNN, a young boxer who idolises ROCKY and is desperate for ROCKY to manage him. ROCKY is eventually pursuaded, but more trouble lurks around the corner......... the original ROCKY director John Avildsen, returned to take the directoral reigns from Stallone and while its not a bad film, its hardly a return what made the original so great. *** All in all, not a bad box at all and while the last 2 movies may not be up to the same standard as the first three, the fight scenes are still good and should please any fan of the franchise.
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on 6 September 2003
I first saw Rocky on TV when i was 13, and from then on i was hooked. Weeks later i went out and bought this wonderful DVD collection which sees all five of the films restored and banged onto five discs with a whole load of extras to add to the fun.
Rocky - is a Philedelphia boxer who is given a shot at the big time.
Rocky 2 - After he decides to retire, Rocky is taunted by Apollo who wants a rematch to prove that the first fight was a fluke.
Rocky 3 - Now the heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky faces the ruthless, Clubber Lang in his hardest fight so far.
Rocky 4 - When his best friend Apollo Creed is killed in the ring by a new Russian boxer, Rocky takes revenge.
Rocky 5 - Having lost all his money, Rocky goes back to living in Philedelphia where he trains Tommy Gunn, a new and upcoming fighter.
This collection is an absolute must for and film fans. Buy it, and i garuntee that it will bring the same enjoyment to you as it did for me.
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on 25 December 2004
JUST GREAT!!!If you are the kind of fan that just love plain old punching, this is the film for you! If you are the kind that loves a great love story this one's for U2.If you like to see a man's effort to achieve what's impossible to achieve, this one's for you! I spent big bucks in this box, but I still say that it was worth every penny. In fact, it was quite a bargain. The five Rocky are simply fantastic. I always end up Rocky IV almost with tears in my eyes. Great fighting, great acting (Talia Shire is the no. 1!!!) and most of all, considering that Sly isn't exactly a great actor, you can guess that Rocky's will is capable of even taking down the walls of a city. My favourites: Rocky I and IV. The fight with Drago is superb!!
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on 25 August 2002
The movies that started Sylvester Stallones carrear and made him alot of money in sequals were all about him as a rookie boxer from Philadelphia.
Rocky: Rocky is a rookie italia-american boxer who is givin a 1 in a million shot at the world heavyweight championship against appollo creed. Rocky accepts and takes the champ all the way...........
Rocky II: After the first fight,appollo demands a rematch and again Rocky accepts and trains harder then ever to create an even bigger upset.......
Rocky III: After 10 succesful title defences,Rocky fights Hulk Hogan in a charity match(u'll enjoy this part alot) and this is where Mickey(his manager) suffers a minor heart attack.Rocky then decides to retire but is stopped by clubber lang who takes Balboa's title and then accepts a rematch and Rocky is trained by appollo creed after his managers death,to take bak what is his.........
Rocky IV: Appollo is killed in the ring by the giant Drago, a russian boxer who is like a robot. Rocky then must travel to Drago's native russia and train in the wilderness to another good soundtrack to face another all the way 15 round fight to almost death..............
Rocky V: Rocky discovers he has brain damamge andretires for good at the same time as going bankurupt, and so he trains a young boxer called tommy gunn who eventually leaves him for money,and this time we dont see Rocky fighting in the ring,but on the street..........
Also check out the 2 best songs from the series:
Eye of the Tiger (Rocky III)
The Measure Of A Man (Rocky V)
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An excellent value for money collection - well it was when I got it for £10.

For DVD the picture and sound quality is good. Although I prefer Blu-Ray, the cost was 4 times more and I didn't think it was worth it.

This is a great way of watching the progression of Rocky Balboa through his fighting career, the highs and lows and the way his family builds up and falls apart. Some of the films are a bit dated now, but there is still a lot of appeal left in them yet.
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on 21 November 2003
If you are still unsure whether or not to buy this DVD Box-set then let me put your mind at set, BUY IT!!! These brilliant Stallone films show you how courage and commitmnent can pay off with excellent results. Stallone stars as Rocky Balboa an Italian/American living in Philadelphia with hardly any income and an amateur boxer.
Rocky: Begins with background info to Rocky's life in the slums of Philadelphia, when World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creeds opponent pulls out of a bout, the champ selects Rocky as his opponent because of his Italian Stallian nickname. Rocky agrees to the fight and under some good training by trainer Mickey prepares for the fight, whilst meeting his new girlfriend Adrian. This film is my 4th favourite in the series as it drags on for quite a while in the first hour.
Rocky II: After the prestigous first encounter, Rocky retires and marries Adrian, at first life is good as he has made a fortune and quickly spends it on luxuries. Things turn bad for him when he struggles to find a job and the money runs out, while Rocky is struggling Apollo is being mocked by people for the fioght and is getting frustrated, he provokes Rocky into a rematch which Rocky accepts despite Adrians plea's because of his battered eye. Brilliant training sequence including the "proper" 118-118 advert run and a quick prayer before the bout to put his mind at rest sets up a fight which matches the the 1 from the first film. This is my 3rd favourite in the series.
Rocky III: Now World Champ and 10 successful title defences, Rocky faces Clubber Lang in which will be his most difficult test up to date. When Mickey dies of a heart-attack and under pressure from the hostile press and public, its former rival Apollo Creed who agrees to train Rocky up for the bout. This is just my favourite of the films because of the excellent opening sequence showing his title defences to the theme of "eye of the tiger" and then a great training sequence which shows Rocky train in Apollo's backyard.
Rocky IV: When new Russian boxer Ivan Drago arrives in America, no-body expects him to make a big impact. This is until he shows off his hi-tech training centre and fights Apollo where he Kills him in under 2 rounds. Rocky, feeling hurt and guilty for Apollos death goes to Russia to fight the gigantic Russian in front of a hostile crowd, after what is surely Rocky's most intense work out in the freezing conditions of the Russian mountains. This is my 2nd favourite film because of the excellent soundtrack throughout the films and training sequence.
Rocky V: Despite many bad reviews i still believe this is still worth watching. Now retired and suffered brain damage, Rocky returns home from Russia to a hero's reception, but Paulie has blown Rocky's fortne and the former boxer must sell all of his assets and return to his previous neighbourhood seen in the 1st Rocky film. He reopens Mickey's former gym and finds a young talent in Tommy Gunn, Gunn becomes a success but Rocky begins to neglect his child and struggles balancing the 2 together in his life, Gunn betrays Rocky and signs a deal with a promoter who is ponly intrested in seeing Rocky fight again, the finalie of the series ends in Rocky and Gunn exchanging Blows in a hardcore street fight. Unfortunately this is not as good as the other films and has to be 5th in order.
Finally there is the special features, nothing special but a helpful booklet telling you information and the usual original trailors used are something intresting to see.
Still unsure to buy it? Then all i can say is Wonderful story-lines and great training scenes that will make you want to work out for the rest of your life is a great incentive to buy.
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on 25 April 2007
As a[...]female, up until about a month ago i didnt understand what all the fuss was about, so what sylvester stallone was going back in the ring as "rocky" as a [...], what the hell was the big deal that surrounded "ROCKY". That was until my best friend and i one hungover sunday decided to watch her dads copy of the rocky trilogy,never fully intending to watch more than the 1st one, and even then just on the premise that sly was only 30 in this one and would supposedly be reasonably fit, and we could drool our way thru an hour or so of mindless viewing and meet sober on the other side, but the story of ROCKY BALBOA is one that everyone loves, and the characters are lovingly brought to life,suffice to say that we ended up not only watching all 5 that sunday afternoon, but embarking on a misson to find a boot leg copy of BALBOA to view also.
I now am firmly a avid sly fan, and owner of not only the rocky trilogy, but rambo 1-3, tango and cash, day light, demolition man, the specialist, and a personal favourite OSCAR.
You dont have to be a boxing fan to appreciate the intense spirit of rocky, watch it once and it will stay in your heart forever.
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on 29 January 2007
I love the Rocky movies, and this is obviously a very comprehensive box set with a stack of special features (mostly related to the first film). However, there is a strong chance that there will be a new set of discs out in 2007 containing the sixth movie Rocky Balboa. If you can't wait until then, then this is as good as it gets for the Rocky movies on DVD, but if you can wait, it's probably in your best interests. As Clubber Lang might say "I pity the fool who buys this box set and then buys the next one in a few months time", or something like that.
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on 22 December 2006
I'm a fan of the Rocky films and I'm not reviewing the films as such, but the actual DVD.

No sooner had the Rocky Anthology been released for the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first film - the boxed set using the Rocky III promotion picture against a white background, but then this comes out, trying to sell the whole thing all over again to Rocky fans by simply adding a few new special features, which to me and I'm sure many fans; don't have any appeal at all as they are so trivial and uninteresting. This anthology was foolishly released just before the 6th Rocky film is about to come out, so anyone who wants all the Rocky Films together in one package is wasting their time as there is bound to be another in 2007 that will include the new film 'Rocky Balboa', apart from that; High Defintion DVD and Blu-ray are now with us, and surely the next boxset would be also available in that format, with many HD releases now including a regular DVD version on the disk, just in case you don't yet have a HD player. So one has to ask; just what was the point of this release? If you want the movies now you are better off buying the cheaper 25th Anniversary edition, or wait until 2007 for the ineviteable updated Anthology.
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on 16 June 2015
Well rocky here we go I left this triple DVD out in the basket overnight and it when douwn considerably it was the last one the seller had,it was the film series which kick started Sylvester Stallones film career which alas seems to of come to an end, the story is about this young man who dreams of becoming the boxing champion of the world.
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