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4.7 out of 5 stars253
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 25 March 2002
I bought this game on february 6th, and only just completed the central story last night (march 24th). Thats pushing 2 months. I played it almost every day, and some days more than made up for the days i didnt have time to play it. Since buying GTA3 i also bought SSX tricky and devil may cry, both are (in my opinion) some of the best games on the PS2, but i keep finding myself coming back to GTA3. Thats how addictive it is.
If you are reading this, considering buying GTA3, try to play either GTA or GTA2 first, then you will really appreciate the jump from 2D to 3D. And what a jump it is! From the top-down view of the first 2 games, to the crazy taxi style view of GTA3. Only Metal gear solid 2 rivals the graphics of this, and in my opinion, it beats it, considering there is about 5 seconds loading time between cities, and only about 30 seconds loading at the start.
GTA3 is the first game in the series with a proper storyline. It may be a clichéd mafia story, but there are many unique twists which keep it alive.
If you have played GTA or GTA2, you will know how exciting the police chases are, but you havn't lived until you have experianced a GTA3 police chase. Because of the 3D graphics, many new escape routes are available, and now helicopters chae you too, and if you have a rocket launcher, you can shoot the choppers down too.
The sounds of the city are amazing too, as everr car makes some sort of noise, as well as the pedestrians, who come out with random quotes. when you get in a car, there are 8 (i think) GTA radio stations, ranging from Hip-hop to Classical and the hilarious phone in station Chatterbox.
If all that wasnt enough, there are many mini-games & Sub-Missions: Taxi driver (basically crazy taxi round the GTA cities), Vigilante (get a police vehicle and kill Criminals!), Paramedic (rescue people in an ambulance), and, to keep those hardened-gamers happy, there are 100 hidden packages dotted around the 3 cities. There are many more, but i wont spoil the surprises.
Buy this game! trust me, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
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on 11 May 2002
For the first time I can say I have played a perfect game.
This takes the concept from its two predecessors on the PSOne and betters them. Instead of the previous "2D" view we are offered Driver-Style 3D interaction in a New York style city; Liberty City.
The graphics in this game are impressive, very impressive, it took me a few minutes when playing the game to realise that it wasn't an FMV I was staring at. The entire city is full of colour depth and high resolution. And unlike predecessing similar games (Driver 2 for example) things don't fade out of view as soon as they're in view. Explosions, guns, blood. It all looks very real in GTA3.
Onto the gameplay, and yet again GTA3 blows you away. You can do just about anything in Liberty City. Blow up a car, mug an old lady, beat a prostitue to the ground and steal her money, hi-jack an aeroplane. The initial concept for gameplay is to complete a series of missions in succesion which eventually propells you to becoming the city's most violent and notorious gangster. Should this not intreague you or, whilst playing GTA3, you just get bored of it... there's an infinite amount of other attractions in the city to keep you occupied.
Onto sound, usually with graphics this good sound is sacrificed as a result; but not with GTA3, you're offered top quality sound with a very "stereo" feel to it. And the 'In Car Music' offers entertainement and builds upon the realism factor in the game.
All this said people who aren't fascinated by infinite posibilites in a game may not find this game does it for them. Anyone else I guarantee will want to play this game...
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on 2 November 2001
Having not been the biggest fan of previous GTA games, due to jerky graphics, awkward controls and repetitive missions, I had reservations about buying this game. After having read many reviews and with the change to 3D I began to warm to the product, principally because I always thought the idea of the game was very clever and different. Previous attempts could never, in my opinion, really do the game justice.
As soon as I popped the disc into my PS2 the games new quality began to shine. Right from the Gangster style movie intro to those first tentative steps into Liberty City you will know you have purchased a quality game. Don't be put off at first by the ease the early missions. Although a worthy introduction to the various gangs in the city, they are, if anything, designed to get you familiar with the basics, stealing a car (writing one off!), beating a few locals with a baseball bat and maybe escaping the Police once or twice.
As the game develops you quickly get up to speed on how to handle the cars and get about the city. Before long you won't need the map that comes with the game as you will know every little short cut, hiding place and jump there is. The game quickly develops a plot and soon you will have various bosses offering you work, and from here, depending on what work you choose, the storyline will unfold.
So far I have found little to fault the game on, the graphics, lighting effects, music, sound and overall presentation are excellent. You really do feel like your in a living breathing city and soon will know whose territory your in depending on what part of the city you happen to be at. You see gangs on Mafia men walking the streets, down the road are the Triads etc. Missions aside there is no better feeling than walking onto their patch and stealing one of their cars, sparking a wild reaction from the gangs who come looking for you. The only fault is the occasional glitch when trying to shoot your guns in a crowded area as the targeting system often selects innocent bystanders and not the drug baron, walking your way and yielding a bat....still you can jump in your motor and run him over instead.
The game is massive, you can drive cars, busses, fire engines, taxi's even Ice cream vans!, if it moves you can steal it or kill it, that's the rule. Later in the game you can drive speed boats and even planes! as different parts of the city open up as the game progresses. You can also ride the trains, catch the tube and generally do whatever you want. Oh and be sure to visit the gun store to pick up the latest firearms!.
One of the best games, and longest lasting I think there is out on the PS2. What with this and Pro Evolution Soccer out in two weeks, its going to be a happy xmas.
Go buy!
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on 7 November 2002
to put it simply, this is the best game in the world ever. No ifs or buts, it just is.Drive a car around and perform drive by shootings on random passers by, steal a boat and try and get it onto land, steal a police car and become a copper for the day, hell you can even be an ice cream man if you like, its all in here. For me though it has to be the ability to just jack a car and cruise round the streets picking up 'ladies of the night', not that im that kind of guy, its just a novelty,, e-hem!!!From the moment i bought this game i was hooked.The gameplay is immense and the missions are huge, there are so many 'mini missions' that i am still finding them now, and i have had this game for over a year now.I couldnt imagine life without it.The graphics are smooth and free flowing and the soundtrack is unbelieveable, something for everyone in there from 80s cheese to funky hip hop.Be warned, this game will consume your life.
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on 11 September 2004
This game is brilliant. Cars, boats and guns and more guns. The graphics is about a 7/10, the audio about 9/10 but the gameplay 11/10. This is such a fun game. Plenty of gory gripping rampaging and rushing missions. You run around the three islands doing jobs for people eg. having to kill people. I know what you're thinking 'boring'. But acually extremely fun which never gets you bored. You keep on playing with your car(s) that you rob and guns you buy and gradually move on in the game. It's not a fixed mission game where you have to do missions all the time. You can just muck around and kill people, steal cars, all for fun. You get you're bat out and go and kill the citizens which can be quite fun and funny (not in real life). Overall a brilliant game, rated 10/10 so i recommend you buy it and you will be happy with your purchase.
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on 1 February 2003
A classic game, and every PS2 owner should have a copy of this for sure! You can follow the storyline through the game, meeting and working for gangs and their bosses. And, if you get bored of that you can just go on some random rampage and get chased by the cops, try some side-missions, complete some crazy jumps, take one of the many superb cars in the game for a cruise, become a taxi driver, or....... Basically i could go on forever, theres so much to do in this game, when you have completed the main storyline your only about 40% of the way through the game as theres so much other stuff to do! You'll probably be playing this game for a few months before you complete it, and even then, you'll still come back for me!...
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on 28 January 2005
Firstly don't get me wrong, GTAs Vice City and San Andreas are truly breathtaking, awesome games, but there's just something not quite right about them. Maybe they're just too big. Having to eat does get a bit annoying as does getting shot at from the word go in SA. Also, even for a self admitted profanity-holic like myself, the language in SA is absolutely attrocious.
GTA3 however suffers none of these problems. It is a huge city (3 islands) but still small enough so you can get to know your way around, making frequent trips to the map screen a thing of the past (or future as it seems. Sure there are no planes bikes or choppers but the cars just fit in so well. I've spent many a happy hour just screaming round the airport in the Infernus Lamborghini-alike just pulling donuts and the like purely for the kicks. The missions are darkly comedic as are the characters (Asuka and the 'massager', EL Burro and his ahem reading material). The game will take ages to complete and there are plenty of side missions to keep you going, but driving round really is such a massive pleasure. Well it was for me.
But the piece de resistance of the game has got to be the sound. The hilariously cynical DJ Laszlow, the adverts and the genuinely incredible songs recorded just for the game. There's a wide variety of stations but not so many that u never hear your favourite lines again.
GTA3 was the first game I got for the PS2 and i purchased both VC and SA on the days they came out but they just don't feel as friendly or fun as their immediate predecessor. It is truly a masterpiece of gaming and I have just rebought the Platinum edition and although I do not play many games any more, I really can't wait to get back into Liberty City.
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on 5 April 2002
The GTA series is no doubt the most controversial set of games ever. The fact that the player guides a criminal through a city car-jacking, running over people, beating them up, shooting them and several other things made some individuals want them banned. These "individuals" may have seen footage, but I disagree to think they PLAYED any of them because they do not realise that it is only supposed to be entertainment. And that what they are
GTA3 is LIGHTYEARS better than its predessesors. It isn't just the realism of the new 3D engine in the graphics that make it better, it's the variety in the missions and the many secrets to be found such as Unique jumps, Hidden Packages and of course the infamous Rampages which make you keep coming back for more. You can even steal taxis and earn money off fares! You can also do missions in a police car, and not forgetting being a paramedic with an ambulance. Basically, you just do not get bored of this game.
But of all the fun you can have on this game, the most is when you get yours hands on a tank and I not discuss what you can do with this!
Crime really has never been so much fun. Forget the controversy, people have to see the funny side of this game because the whole thing is black humour. I have had this game for months now and still playing it.
And for a summary, you want my opinion? It's not only the best GTA yet, it could be the best game ever! If that is exaggerating, it is easily ONE of the best games ever and will not be bettered for a very, very long time, except for a GTA4 which would have to be UNREAL. So, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, Must-have.
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on 29 October 2001
GTA 3 is a cracking game and does what it sets out to do. It is fun, enjoyable and easy to get into. When you first play it you get totally stunned. Tons of people walking around at just the right speed (not to fast or slow) followed with good animation. The graphics stun you as well the first time you play it and you wonder how everthing can run so smoothly with that much on the screen.
As you get involved in the plot and you get deeper into the game the missions become tougher, bigger and better. Another neat touch is the inside car view and when you switch the radio channels to find some music you like and if there is any you can turn it off. The maps are massive to and finding all those hidden packages is tough.
The people ,(characters) involved remind me of charcaters out of Dnatch or Lock Stock and two Smoking barrels.
The graphics,missions oh hell this game is great and deserves 5 stars oh hell ,just buy it!!
(One of the games that shows what the PS2 can do).
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on 22 June 2002
She thought it would be like the others. She thought I'd finish it or get bored within a couple of days. That was months ago, and since then she's been trying to track down the names and addresses of the development team at Rockstar. Why? Because she's bought some new pliers and a blowtorch. The cause for her distress is titled "Grand Theft Auto 3", and what with the upcoming release of it's prequel "Vice City" I think an appearance on Trisha is inevitable. How has this game stood out? How has it managed to keep me entertained for so long? Firstly because I own it. This is not a game that can be fully apreciated when aquired from a rental store. The depths and complexities of this game demand that it is afforded a lot of time to appreciate.
Unlike the other GTA games that I've played, this has a story, and it's one of vengeance, rebellion and mistrust. You are betrayed, deceived and left for dead. As a man on the run, you have nothing to lose, and oh so much to gain. Dealing with all the big hitters across the city, you too betray and deceive your employers in order to survive and succeed.
The game itself leads you on a winding story across 3 islands, each containing their own trials, hideouts and bosses. The vehicles are varied and detailed, the weapons many and realistic, and the missions sick and unmoralistic, but hey, who wants to play a game where you are limited by the bounds of good taste? Petrol bombing the police, running over tramps, beating prostitutes to death with your bare hands. These are just a few of the delights which await you inside this masterpiece of a game.
All this good work could be for nought, were the game short and unchallenging. Fortunately for us, this is not the case. You are able to check as you play, how much of the game you've completed, and if there is anyone out there who is in the high nineties, you have my utmost admiration. The game extends far beyond the missions you are given. With secret missions, rampages, hidden packages, perfect jumps and much more, you'll be entertained for many weeks. Added to this the ability to drive speed boats, police boats, tanks, army personell carriers and fly aircraft, this far exceeds anything I'd expected from it.
A true work of genuius.
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