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4.5 out of 5 stars45
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2007
It has to be tough for slayer. This is the band who defined what a certain brand of metal sounded like, even what it could sound like. Reign in Blood was the record I wanted to hear in 1986. It was the yard stick by which I measured not just metal, but all extreme/noise music. I spent years trying to find another record that would give me that same hit. Now here is that record.

Nothing inbetween has offered that same visceral brutality. Like Reign in Blood this is an album that takes my breath away, I find myself listening to a track, then replaying it, just to relive the sensation. It somehow leaves me feeling clean, in the same way that you feel purged after a fist fight, not clever, but in touch with something elemental.

Maybe the involvement of Rick Rubin in Production has something to do with this being so good. But it bears no relation to the work he did on Reign in Blood, There is more meat on the bones of this record, Where before you were flayed, now you're bludgeoned. It can be no accident that for Slayers two best records, Rubin's been at the controls

I'm not sure if this is really much of a metal album, It seems closer to the rage of classic hardcore, like black flag. And this has to be a good thing, to distance yourself from the overblown nonsense, of lycra, of viking helmets, and get closer to a music that is generated by common experience, life as lived. Daunting and hate-filled. And by doing this slayer remain relevant. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the generation of bands they inspired. Listen to them next to DFA1979, Sunn0))) or Boris and they don't sound wanting, and a league apart from the nu-metal pretenders to the crown. Could you say that of Slayers 1986 contemporaries? Back then, in thrash, there were a few bands that really mattered, that were leading the way. Amongst those bands two really stood up beside Slayer; Metallica and Anthrax, at least in terms of profile. Anthrax who? As for Corporate, the kids castigating, the man sucking off, Metallica: have you seen the car crash that is Some Kind of Monster? I'm not one to knock Metallica of course. They are a business like any other, like Pepsi-Cola or IBM, as that hilarious movie made clear. That they are whinging, lazy, bullying, trend chasing, pompous and boring isn't their fault. But Slayer they are not. But it is worth noting that while Metallica disappeared up their collective arse to make St Anger, an awful record, Slayer seemingly distilled their essence for me God Hates Us All. Punk was supposed to kill off the rock dinosaurs, the bloated ego's, wasted excesses and useless self indulgence. Slayer are punk to Metallica's Dinosaur.
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on 4 December 2001
I strongly disagree with meny of the things people have said about this album.
Firstly, I think the album is full of classics. Notably "Disciple", "Exile", "Bloodline" and also "Threshold".
The lyrical content of the album is also amazing. People stab at it sying they're being contrversial for the sake of it. Maybe, but that's what slayer have always done ("Angel of Death" isn't the most PC song now is it), and that's what make them great. Particularly "New Faith", i found some of the lines in the song to be thoroughly thought-provoking.
I don't think the change to 7 string has changed the music either, it does sound lower but then it still sounds like slayer.
I think this album could have easily followed on from Seasons (I wish it had) and there would have been no problem. And as an album I think it's brilliant, every song is brilliant. Some of the earlier albums bored me in places (Reign in Blood's middle section for example).
It's also still thrash, "Disciple" and "Exile" rate up with "Raining Blood", "Hell Awaits" and "At Dawn they Sleep".
I'd definitely recommend buying it and listning to it at least 5 times before making a judgement (it took me a while to like it, and now...:) )
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on 10 September 2001
slayer have taken the great diabolous in msica and created a darker atmosphere with some hard hitting lyrics that are bound to disturb some holy joes out there. the individual tracks are all fantastic from the initial opener 'disciple', to the intense 'here comes the pain'. I believe slayer have found something that they are very good at and have stuck to it. i think that slayer have gone out to prove a point with this album, which is we might be getting on a bit ( but any band would like an 18 year history like these guys) we can still do it harder and faster than all of these ''nu -metal'' bands out there, who are all crap anyway!
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on 4 June 2008
This is one of my favourite metal albums it's brought down abit because of Slayers Christ Illusion (which is the best thrash metal album ever). This album has the best intro to a metal album ever starting off with the wicked short but amazing heavy Darkness Of Christ ending that song off with Araya screaming God Hates Us All then blasting out into Disciples is my favourite opener to an album ever. The album continues to blast out awesome thrash metal songs next is God Send Death awesome song love the lyrics and vocals and riffs and solos and drumming, New Faith that riff got stuck in my head for weaks it's brilliant a great chorus aswell, Cast down is a great it slows down a tiny bit but still a wicked song, Threshold is another wicked song again great lyrics and vocals and solos and riffs and drumming(the usual), Exile amazing song great riff at the start i dont need to explain the rest. Seven Faces is a dark awesome song again a little slower then the rest but still dark and heavy, Bloodline is awesome wicked lyrics and has a great video to it to,, Deviance is the weakest track on the album it's good but nothing special, Warzone fastest guitar intro ever? i think so warzone is 2 minutes long fast heavy short but no solos in a slayer still it's 1000 times heavier then any nu-metal, Here come the pain is an awesome track and finally the closer Payback a wicked closer and song. This album is an awesome album really heavy, a must for any Slayer fan a great start for any new Slayer. SLAYER RULE
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on 5 December 2001
I've heard some people complain about this LP, and quite frankly they need to grow up. No it's not Reign in Blood or Seasons - good! With this LP Slayer have confirmed that they are not just metal gods of the eighties/nineties. They have proved that they are a band for all seasons (ahem) and aren't afraid to vary their sound.
There are less widdly solos on this LP true. But how many variations of that limited theme can you string out? Instead Slayer produce more selective spine-tingling, and not just super-fast, new solos like on the excellent "Here Comes The Pain". Yes, the riffs do grind and the tempo is a little bit slower in places (compared to Reign in Blood). Yes, this LP is more bass heavy than before (like Diabolus). But hey, they do it sooooo well!
Let's get one thing very clear - this LP is a stormer. It took me a little while to get into but it was worth it. "Exile" has an excellent tom-lead chorus. "Cast Down" grinds and is as dirty as f**k. "Threshold" and "New Faith" have the best fist-in-the-air shoutalong lyrics.
Slayer (unlike Metallica) still kick-ass. They still rock like no other band on the planet. Buy this LP!!
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on 3 October 2008
Now every metal fan knows than Slayer's 'Reign In Blood' is one of the best metal albums ever. But seriously this is as good! When I bought this I was expecting great stuff - it is Slayer after all, but I wasn't expecting this! This is phenominal and I can't stop listening to it! Tracks:

'Darkness Of Christ': One of the best intros to an album ever! Its dark, its heavy, and my God its scary! Leads into 'Diciple' perfectly. 5/5

'Diciple': Great album opener with an awesome riff and really, really agressive lyrics! Makes you air guitar and headbang at the same time! Very good solo also. Classic Slayer and one of my favourite tracks on this album. 5/5

'God Send Death': Another huge riff! More agrressive lyrics that keep you hooked and the lyrics are sung perfectly by Tom. One of the best on the album. 5/5

'New Faith': And I thought it couldn't get any better! This starts off perfectly, with a thunderous riff that will stay in your head for weeks. Super fast vocals that just get angrier and angrier! Awesome dark chorus aswell. Probably best on the album. 5/5

'Cast Down': Another snarling opening riff and a really good chorus and another track that could have been on an earlier Slayer album. 5/5

'Threshold': Short, to the point track that leaves you wanting more and more. Another great chorus and more dirty vocals from Araya and yet another great riff from the riff machine Kerry King. Love the screaming at the end. 5/5

'Exile': Another super start to this track that is a bit of a grower. But I love the line 'you make me want to slit my own f*cking throat!' Araya says it with such emotion and this whole track is fast, heavy and a perfect mosh pit track. 'Exile!' 5/5

'Seven Faces': Slow and scary start to this track. Then the riff and an amazing scream kick in. Amazing lyrics in this track and I espicially love the line 'there's nothing wrong with a little greed.' Almost similar to 'Dead Skin Mask' and another strong chorus. 5/5

'Bloodline': Another stonking riff with an almost catchy chorus. Good distorted riff in this and more aggressive vocals that just cannot be beaten by any other vocalist. 5/5

'Deviance': This starts with the horrible screaming of a woman that is truly haunting. Thsi track is slightly slower than others on the album but that is by no means a bad thing. Its good to see Slayer not just be super fast. But the chorus is quicker and heavier. 4/5

'War Zone': Another grower. Short and to the point but really amazing lyrics and more extremely fast guitar work. 5/5

'Here Comes The Pain': Nice start to this track slightly slower until the riff kicks in. More great lyrics and impressive drumming. 4/5

'Payback': Great end to the album with an awesome line in the chorus that has to be sung at the top of your lungs. More impressive drumming. 5/5

If your reading this, you probably know about Slayer, and you probably know that they dont make a bad album. This is no exception. Like I said, I think this is on par with 'Reign In Blood' and is one of Slayer's best pieces of work. If you like fast, heavy thrash metal, buy this right now! You will not regret it.
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on 28 January 2002
I confess that I'd forgotten about Slayer. I bought Reign in Blood when it came out (when I was 13) and it blew me away. Since then, waiting for a new slayer album has been rather like a waiting for a new year: you know it's capable of being amazing, but it's always a dissappointment. Sure, South of Heaven was great and Seasons in the abyss is critically acclaimed (although I'm not that keen myself). So, I saw them in concert for the last time in 1990 and forgot about them. I'm not sure why I bought God hates us all - curiosity I guess - but it is one of the most utterly convincing albums I've ever heard. The production is spot on (unlike the muggy dirty mix of Diabolus .. which killed an otherwise not bad album), the guitars cut like a razor, Tom Araya's voice is just seething and man of the match award goes to Paul Bostaph for drumming that is simply unbelievable, not just for technical excelllence, but because of how it compliments the songs. The riffs are tighter than gnats backside, the lyrics are scathing and delivered with 200% conviction and the whole thing has a completeness about it (dare I say it almost comes across as a concept album ...). In short, this is the finest heavy music CD to grace my stereo in 15 years (although sliptknot's debut comes close .. it lacks the consistency of God hates us all). Frankly I'm staggered, and delighted, that after 20 years Slayer can pull this off .. they pioneered the whole scene 20 years ago, and now they've just rasied the stakes again.
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on 24 April 2003
When Slayer released "Divine Intervention", I got seriously worried that one of the best bands of all time had lost its magic. However, the improvement in "Diabolus in Musica" gave me some hope. Now, with "God Hates Us All", my faith in the immortality of Slayer has been fully restored.
I've heard a lot of stupid comments about how Slayer's sound has been influenced by nu metal. Anyone with half a brain will realise that Slayer has already exerted more influence over nu metal than nu metal will ever be able to exert over Slayer. Death metal is a sinister music which sounds as if it would smash any other style of music to pieces were they to collide. That is what Slayer sounds like. Nobody else stands a chance against them.
After nearly 20 years of listening to Slayer, this is the first review I've ever written of their music. I'd just like to say right up front that these men have it cold, they have my respect because they have not made suckers of themselves like Metallica, etc.
I just recently had a reasoning with a youth man who loves Slayer, even though their best music was out before his time. He hates nu metal as much as I do, even though it is the music of his time. I'd like to send my respect to all the youngsters out there with the sense to realise that Slayer is the real thing, not the commercial, posturing sludge that is nu metal. And, to all the grizzled veterans like me, keep the faith, brethren. We will follow Slayer till we reach the grave.
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on 8 January 2002
For a band about to celebrate their 20th anniversary, after hearing this album, the question has to be "How on earth can they still manage it?". This is truly awesome, rarely have they sounded more convincing, and clearly Slayer's best album since 'Seasons In The Abyss' 11 years ago. One could argue that Slayer have 2 distinctive styles; unbelievably fast 'Reign In Blood' type stuff (see "Great Guitar Duos" article elsewhere on this site) and downtuned, mid-paced stuff like "South of Heaven". Their last album 'Diabolus In Musica' was the latter, while "God Hates Us All" is quite clearly the formar. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman are clearly on fire, playing with such electricity, vitality and explosiveness that creates genuine excitement and exhilaration. Meanwhile Tom Aray is full of so much anger, fury, hatred and violence that the lyrics out of his gob at an unbelievable rate of knots, spitting foul and abusive language like a machine gun. With a clear sense of purpose, direction and identity, Slayer exemplify all that a metal band and a metal album can and should be.
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on 7 February 2002
Two words describe this album: Jesus Christ!!!
Sorry, I really don't think I can express my admiration for this band and this album intelligently at the moment...I'm still in shock.
I absolutely agree with most of the comments posted here; Slayer certainly have not lost their bite. How they do it I don't know, they're not getting any younger but they're still spitting blood at 180 degrees.
It's good to see that they are remaining true to their original mission statement, and it blows me away that a band that essentially keep doing the same thing, still sound fresh and terrifying.
Exhilarating, incredible, pick your adjective.
Full marks to Paul Bostaph BTW, finally emerging from Lombardo's shadow as a mindblowing drummer in his own right.
Buy this album, and neighbours it LOUD.
Oh, to hell with the neighbours!
Unless they happen to be Slayer...
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