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4.5 out of 5 stars340
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2004
This DVD contains both the original Shrek film, and a new 15 minute feature in 3D.
Shrek, on its own gets 5 stars. It is a truly amazing film, funny to people of all ages. The animation is beautiful, the voices great (my favourite is by far Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy). If you havn't seen this film then buy this DVD with no doubts, even if its just for the main film.
The additional disc, Shrek 3D is different. Its a 3D feature lasting about 15 minutes (the kind where u wear those red and blue glasses... 4 pairs supplied). There is very little in the way of a story, and the main plot is all written on the back of the box. It seems like the feature is an excuse to play around with 3d, rather than a good feature enhanced with 3d. Despite all this, it is still quite good. The 3d animation is very good, and things do seem to be sticking out of your TV screen. However, after 15 minutes of viewing my eyes really hurt. There is an option on it to play it in standard animation, without the 3d, but I don't really see the point in this, as without the gimmick of the 3D it isn't really that great.
On the whole, if you don't own shrek already, get this because u get the original film and the new feature for the same price as just the original. If you already own Shrek, I don't think that paying nearly 15 quid for just the 15 minutes is worth it, but if you do feel that you want everything to do with shrek, then go for it,
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First of all let me start by saying, I'm 32 years old and I don't like Disney or any other kids movies much (with the exception of The Iron Giant, although I also enjoyed Toy Story 2). I took my nephews to see Shrek at the theater last summer and they absolutely loved it but much to my surprise I loved it too.
This is the movie that has made $472 m at the box office and has made $420 m in two months of DVD and video sales. This is the gift that everybody got for Christmas. This is the gift I gave everybody for Christmas. This is the DVD I got for Christmas and this is the movie I've seen about six times so far BUT it doesn't matter how many times you watch Shrek, it still amuses, it still entertains and it doesn't ever disappoint. It has that rare quality of appealing to both children and adults, which is extremely beneficial if you have kids who liked to watch movies over and over and over again.
It is a beautifully written send up of Disney films, fairytales, and other movies, with so many clever visual and verbal jokes; only some of which (thankfully) kids will understand. All of which adults (with a sense of humour) will love. It is a perfectly cast movie with Mike Myers voicing the mild-mannered ogre Shrek and Eddie Murphy in his best form for many a year as his sidekick donkey. John Lithgow stars as the villain Lord Farquaad and Cameron Diaz voices the feisty Princess Fiona. They are all magnificent but it was a stroke of genius to cast Myers and Murphy together as they spark off each other and excel with comic ad-libs.
Whats more the extras on this DVD are just magnificent. There are games, deleted scenes, behind the scenes stuff, hilarious fake interviews etc. etc. and with reported sales of the DVD worldwide, at 10m and rising, Dreamworks have put together a fantastic package and really hit the jackpot. I don't know anybody, young or old who doesn't like this movie and for once I'm pretty happy to be in the majority.
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on 8 May 2002
This is a 'fairytale' with all the traditional ingredients - a princess locked in a tower, a hero on a quest to save her, a scheming villain, true love leading to a happy (if somewhat unexpected) ending, and a supporting cast including everyone from a delightfully French Robin Hood to the gingerbread man. However, Shrek is certainly not a traditional fairytale.
For a start, the hero is, by his own admission, a big, smelly, ugly ogre. Secondly, this is not only a movie for kids - much of the humour will only be fully appreciated by adults. And Shrek will have *everyone* smiling, giggling and laughing out loud. All of the characters have their funny and memorable quotes and scenes, but the best lines come from Donkey (although occasionally he seems to be trying just a little too hard for comic effect).
The computer animation is stunning and with a just a little imagination you can see that the characters somewhat resemble the actors who provide their voices. There is definitely a bit of Eddie Murphy in Donkey anyway. It is perhaps the attention to detail that is most impressive - the facial expressions are just fabulous.
Shrek is a must-see film, because almost everyone will find something to like about it (although perhaps not those who like their fairy tales to be predictable and perfect). But as Princess Fiona ultimately learns, 'perfect' is an illusion and only once you accept who you are, can you live happily ever after.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2001
These are wonderful times for lovers of animated films. Toy Story 2 is great; Tarzan makes substantial advances in 3-D environment modelling; The Emperor's New Groove gives us a Disney film that's witty rather than maudlin.
Antz was the last animated film from Dreamworks, and despite being very cleverly scripted and appealing to audiences on many levels, Disney's A Bugs Life was possibly the better film. Shrek has turned the tables on Disney though, both technically and in sheer viewing pleasure.
The film is just outstanding. It's fun to watch for kids, because it's a fairytale about rescuing a princess from a castle and a fierce dragon; it's fun to watch for adults because of the clever script - much of which thankfully passes over the heads of my kids. There are lots of opportunities to poke fun at Uncle Walt - why does Lord Farquaad's castle have turnstiles on the door, I wonder?
The animation is wonderfully detailed. It's not photo-realistic (the animators explain in one of the 'featurettes' that they had to pull back from making the human characters too realistic, so that they fitted into the fairytale visual ambiance), but it is immensely detailed - to the degree that individual pores are detailed on Shrek's face, and droplets of water are individually animated.
There are a couple of witty extras on the DVD - the animated characters talk (in the manner of film actors everywhere) of how pleased they were to work on the film, and of their future plans, and there's a karaoke montage of the characters singing disco hits. Robin Hood and his Merry Men singing Y.M.C.A. is a sight not soon to be forgotten.
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on 24 September 2002
As Shrek says "Ogres are like onions - they both have layers" so does this film!! Primarily a kids film, based on a fairy tale of rescuing a princess from a fire breathing dragon and her quest of finding 'True Love', I have watched this film soooo many times and each time i laugh more than the first!! It has a layer of sophisticated jokes and such a clever script you'll be quoting from it for weeks and in the end everyone around you will have watched it and be talking about it!! If you haven't already brought this film - why not?? You'd be made to miss it, watch it if only for the Shrek in the swamp karaoke at the end!!!!
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on 9 October 2001
This is one of the best films that I have ever watched, it has everything that you could ever want in a film, romance, comedy, a bit of a fight scene (but nothing heavy) and the best songs ever as everybody knows them! I also like the way that it takes the mickey out of the disney films by having the 3 little pigs, cinderella, sleeping beauty and snow white! I hope that you enjoy this film because it is 1 for the whole family.
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on 6 October 2001
Shrek is not your usual prototype hero character and, in fact, the story line is quite the opposite of what we are now all too well used to. Indeed, the plot makes very clever references to other famous scenes in all too familiar 'fairy' storeys, starting with the concept that not all ends well and finishing on the unlikely note of a reversed 'Beauty and the Beast'. The graphics are phenomenal and truly make you believe you are looking at a 'real' world. The jokes are extremely witty and for my boy the highlight must have been the slow-motion scene. On the whole the film gives a different outlook which teases the brain of both youngsters and grown-ups and is very refreshing.
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on 9 June 2004
After repeated viewing of Shrek I always find new things that make me chuckle in the film, be it disgusting (using earwax for a candle) or Shrek and Donkey's growning friendhip.
The additional story is also of high quality and the animation has also improved in leaps and bounds (and being in 3d helps give and extra edge). This follow up sets the story perfectly for the upcoming Shrek 2. However for those of you have been on the Shrek 4D ride at universal studio's this will be a disappointment as it is the same story, just without the moving seats and Donkey bogeys!
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on 11 February 2003
Deservedly a massive hit, Shrek succeeds by capturing the spirit of the movies it mocks throughout. It's a fairytale with a modern twist that should appeal to all due to the mixture of juvenile and more adult humour. The dialogue and comedy are razor-sharp and Donkey alone probably produces more one-liners than any other movie. The voice casting is spot on, and the development of the characters is so good the animation (as revolutionary and stunning as it is) becomes largely irrelevant.
On the disc, the animated menus are a treat, and maintain the witty and ironic tone prevalent throughout the movie (Pinnochio claiming "There are no special features here" when making the appropriate choice is a gem). There are plenty of extras including the karaoke dance party and a superb, unique feature called the Revoice Studio. This allows PC users to replace the voices of the actors with their own in 12 scenes - try delivering donkey's lines as memorably, or see how the Princess sounds as a bass.
Shrek isn't just fun, it's a revelation. Funny throughout and rewarding for all ages, it's fresh, inventive, and contains some of the wittiest dialogue ever recorded.
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on 12 December 2001
Technically superb with an excellent soundtrack. I watched my first viewing totally captivated. 2nd time around I caught the jokes I missed originally. There is drama, pathos, irony, soppy bits, lavatorial humour and a tour-de-force of special effects. I know the characters are only computer animation, but they have a depth and sensitivity which even Disney hasn't managed to capture. (I'm thinking of Toy Story, not Snow White.) There are lovely touches, the Muffin Man sequence, Robin Hood/River Dance and of course the egg breakfast. The DVD also has extra features in addition to crisp pictures and CD quality sound. Games, Directors' comments and a wonderful interview with the stars. Shrek is a splendid film with astonishing attention to detail. Look out for the earwax candle. Gross, but practical. If you enjoy a good story without subversive subtext or gritty realism, you will enjoy Shrek.
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