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4.8 out of 5 stars89
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2006
I was a latecomer to Buffy but having seen most of the episodes, Season 3 shines as the best. Why? They're all still in high school, Cordelia's still in it with her comic relief, there's still an element of escapism for me as an adult. It's still really funny - after this season, it goes a bit more serious; a bit darker and to places I didn't think it should go. This for me is the peak. There are seminal episodes such as The Wish - where Cordelia wishes them into an Alternate Universe where things are BAD. Doppelgangland is funny with an evil Willow doppelganger from the alternate universe of The Wish. Gingerbread is great with lots of comedy from the core Scoobies. My other favourites are Band Candy ( Ethan Rayne, cursed chocolate reducing adults to teens...enter Giles and Joyce) and Earshot (almost a follow up to Band Candy with the confirmation of what happened between Giles and Joyce) and Graduation...another belting season finale.
Enjoy the light hearted fun in this season; enjoy Snyder's sarcasm, enjoy the comedy. Enjoy Cordelia's one liners!! Also, enjoy Giles getting cooler with the arrival of Wesley. Giles gets some great scenes - notably in Revelations and Bad Girls as well as the classic Band Candy and The Wish.
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on 3 October 2003
This season just kicked ass! I'd pick it for someone just beginning Slayerfast just as easily as a dond rememberance how out of all 7 seasons this was the best - even if season 2 was much bigger on the epic love-hate-love relationship.
But come on? Buffy/Anne in LA? Faith appearing on the scene? Angel back from hell (never was DB more handsome)? The Mayor - greatest villain of all times? Yay!
And for me Graduation day (1&2) rival Becoming (1&2) as the most fabulous moments of 3rd season's BtVS episod!
ersonal favourite episodes(no spoilers): Anne, Faith, Hope & Trick, Beauty and The Beasts, Lover's Walk, The Prom, Graduation 1&2
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on 11 September 2001
I would make it clear I rate Buffy's second season as it's best (which I already own on DVD). The great love story between Angel and our slayer is less prominent in this (admittedly more balanced) season. However, it is a lot fairer on our other characters, and we still see our heroes going through all kinds of turmoil, both emotional and monster related.
Most startling addition is the rogue slayer Faith, who manages to throw a serious spanner in Buffy's life, as well as almost killing Xander at one stage...
I wont give everything away! Big baddie for this season is the towns extremely amusing mayor (who tells his vampire minions to mind their language). For some obscure reason, he is immortal, and wants to "ascend". This is not good as you can imagine. of course, Buffy saves the day! You'll enjoy finding out how though.
Elsewhere this is very much a season where the characters come of age, in Willow and Xander's case in the same way that Buffy did in season two. It is a lot cleverer than that however, and it is difficult not to be touched by episodes like "Amends" and "The Prom". Willow begins the enormous change in her character this season, and we learn even more about Giles wild past.
They are also joined by a new regular in the talented Seth Green as the Werewolf Oz, guitarist and boyfriend to Willow. Also present still are the adorable Cordelia, and of course Angel.
Anyway, dont be put off by the lacklustre start to the season, Buffy reached a peak in season three. This DVD set will be a must buy for fans!
Incidentally, if the packaging is like the season two packaging, watch out. It's very pretty, but it can scratch your discs!
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on 24 October 2001
Quite simply Season 3 is the best so far. Season 1 was finding its feet. 2 was really good. 4 and 5 have had excellent individual episodes but lack the consistency.
Season 3 has it all - the best villian, the best story arc and some of the all time best episodes. It's also the last season before we lost Angel and Cordelia to the spin-off.
A few highlights to whet your appetite
- ever wondered what Willow would be like as a vampire?
- ever wondered what Xander's real contribution to the gang is?
- ever wondered what happened to Spike?
- ever wondered what would happen if Buffy lost her strength?
- ever wondered if Xander and Cordelia can really last?
- ever wanted to see a showdown between two Slayers?
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on 3 January 2002
Buffy Season Three is on par with Season Five as my favourite season. Having brought the boxsets on VHS beforehand, I was unsure about purchasing the DVDs - yet it was no mistake. These shiny six discs are a joy to behold. They contain all 22 innovative and exhilirating episodes of the run in a stunning package. What was most important to me as a fan who already owned the episodes, though, was the extra content. While there could have been more, what there is is certainly enough to persuade me into buying more seasons on DVD. The featurettes are informative (especially the longest-running, the season overview, which concentrates on the cast and crew's highlights of the season) and a great addition if you're into all the behind-the-scenes stuff (as there are looks at the weapon props, the costume department, the special effects team, and how the writers try to slip in as many pop culture references as possible and twist the language that Buffy and co. use). The commentaries are also great - Fury is informative, Petrie's enthusiasm for the show seeps over, and Espenson tells us a lot about how the scripts are formatted and result in a classic episode. It's also nice to have a director's views - Gershman lets us in on his POV on Consequences and focuses more on the technical aspects. As well as the documentaries and the running commentaries, there are also some nice additions such as scripts (though there are a lot of spelling mistakes, suggesting not a lot of care was put into these), a fun little art gallery containing rare stills, and updated cast biographies.
As for the main feature, the episodes themselves, these look and sound great. While not in widescreen format, this is the best Buffy has ever looked and a step up from the Season one and Two DVDs. The sound is also great, giving your speakers a workout. And, as for the content of the episodes, they are spot-on! Joss Whedon masterpieces such as the Xmas special Amends, the confusion-of-evil-twin Alyson Hannigan showcase Doppelgangland, and the culmination of them all (the big two-parter, Graduation Day) all appear, alongside some less prominent episodes which are still better than anything else on TV. Get this now - and what a great price!
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2007
Season Three of Buffy is my own personal favourite of the entire Seven seasons. The Reason? Its consistancy throughout. Make no mistake, there are some class episodes in this season, some of them have passed into Buffy Legend(Band Candy; The Wish; Doppelgangland; The Prom).

The season is also memorable for other reasons; the sad departures of three of the regular cast: Cordelia Chase; Oz and of course, Angel. And to add, the introduction of Faith(Eliza Dushku), and Buffy's new watcher Wesley Wyndham-Price (Alexis Denisof).

It is a remarkable achievement for Joss Whedon and his team to maintain such a high standard throughout this season, because the greatest challenge he would then have, could he maintain it for the following four seasons? Of course, he did manage to achieve that, but I do feel as I am sure many other Buffy fans will agree that some of the best episodes are here, culminating in an extraordinary two parter Graduation Day when Buffy and her friends manage to save Sunnydale from a hideous demon, but end up destroying the school instead!

To mention some of the episode highlights; Band Candy is a hilarious episode when the Sunnydale adults begin to behave like teenagers on the rampage; including Mr Misery himself, Principal Snyder.(The rapport between Rupert Giles and Joyce Summers has to be seen to be believed. Their scenes are reminiscent of the numerous Teenage Movies which were quite common during the 1950s; and the sight of Giles throwing a dustbin through a shop window is so, so funny!)

The Wish is a classic. Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale, and a local witch, Anya, grants her wish. Sunnydale has fallen foul of numerous Vampires much to Cordelia's horror, and to make matters worse, both Willow and Xander are now well and truly undead!! Alyson Hannigan is superb in this episode as well as the follow up which is also a classic, Doppelgangland. To see her in Vampire makeup wearing leather! Well, its just soooooooo . . . .cool!

It has been said that the episode Amends is a little dull. But, I do not agree. Angel is haunted by the spirits of Jenny Calendar and others, and decides to end it all by exposing himself to the rising sun. Buffy manages to save him in the nick of time, and hey presto, one of the most bizarre endings materialises when Snow, of all things, starts to fall on Sunnydale.

And now to The Prom. This is my own personal favourite of Season Three. Two points about this episode stand out; the reconciliation as friends of Cordelia and Xander, and the wonderful scene at The Prom when Buffy is honored as the Saviour of Sunnydale by the students of Sunnydale High. I am sure all die hard Buffy fans will shed tears during the final scenes at The Prom, for they are profoundly moving.

A wonderful, wonderful season of Buffy.
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on 27 April 2006
I would have to say that every season is fantastic, but this is my personal favorite, two reasons, Faith and The Mayor, two of the best bad guys in Buffy history. Not only are the story lines fantastic, but the comedy element is also just right, it's not corney yet it's not over done, I highley recomend this and the other 6 seasons of buffy....the best show ever.
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VINE VOICEon 6 April 2003
This my favourite season of Buffy due to genius of the addition of Faith - the girl jagged around the edges who becomes a 'rogue slayer'. This season has the most interesting storyline yet because of the exploration of a slayer choosing the wrong path, portrayed in Faith. Faith is a complete contrast to Buffy, but still holds character to grab a fan base of her own.
This season goes back to the days when Buffy was still at high school, Joyce wasn't dead, Cordy still ruled the school, Oz was in Dingoes Ate My Baby and Willow wasn't a lesbian. You'll even get a glimpse of the current Season 7 big bad in 'Amends'. Buffy only went down hill from here (with the exception of Season 5) in ratings and potential, perhaps due to the loss of Seth Green and Charisma Carpenter.
DVD wise this is worth buying because of the extras. There are scripts, commentaries and featurettes. Not quite as good as previous extras but still reigns above VHS. The picture and sound quality are good also.
So buy this now and relive the glory days of Buffy! I actually recommend you go to (or elsewhere...) and buy the Region 1 version, if u have a multi-region DVD player as it will save you A LOT of money. The extras are the same and the artwork is a lot better!
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on 24 November 2001
5 stars is not enough for this item. the amazing extra bonus footage makes it deserve a place with the rest of the seasons. the only bad comment ismaybe it is a bit too pricy but i payed it anyway as i could not go without it!!!!!the amazing actors and episodes make this set a winner.
it could not have be achieved without them.
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Season 3 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer sees both the star of the show and the show itself graduate. Buffy gets her diploma and the series ascends to a higher level.

It is better than seasons 1 & 2 by far. For starters, the picture quality is finally up to the standard that it should have been all along; it's now minus the graininess of the season 1 & 2 box sets.

Also, after 2 whole seasons the characters and stories are now well underway and everyone knows their role. This means the stories and acting flow a lot better (not that there was ever anything wrong) making for an even more solid series.

There are some brilliant new characters introduced too. We finally meet The Mayor (whose character is hysterical, creepy & amazing all at the same time!) and we also meet Anya, Faith and Mr Trick.

Throughout season 3, the episodes are all excellent and the whole show has much more of a unified feel to it, as now the saga seems to have direction and feels as if it's building towards something... which it is.

Another 'To be continued...' double episode end of season finale is satisfyingly fantastic (or should that be fangtastic?) and ends with everything nicely tied up. Mr Whedon could have left the series here and it would have been OK (not like what happened with his beloved show Fire Fly).

However, I doubt that was ever going to be the case after season 3 was made. With season 3, Whedon showed The TV execs how great the series could be and, I'm guessing, it was off the back of this that the decision was made to let the Buffy franchise run. Even Fox couldn't cancel a show this well made...

Episodes include:

1: "Anne"
2: "Dead Man's Party"
3: "Faith, Hope & Trick"
4: "Beauty and the Beasts"
5: "Homecoming"
6: "Band Candy"
7: "Revelations"
8: "Lovers Walk"
9: "The Wish"
10: "Amends"
11: "Gingerbread"
12: "Helpless"
13: "The Zeppo"
14: "Bad Girls"
15: "Consequences"
16: "Doppelgangland"
17: "Enemies"
18: "Earshot"
19: "Choices"
20: "The Prom"
21: "Graduation Day" (Part 1)
22: "Graduation Day" (Part 2)
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