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4.3 out of 5 stars27
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2000
This is a brilliant piece of action cinema that is generally un-heard of. When i first saw this it was the first film i had seen of Mark Dacascos and since then i have been a fan simply because he is an action star who can act, who is a brilliant martial artist and who you can plainly see in his films that he does alot of his own stunts. This film is based on a Japanese animation which i have not seen but which does'nt matter seeing how good the film is, the plot is a little basic with some flaws but you really are interested in the lead characters (Dacascos in particular) and the direction is absolutely superb and i have to say that Christophe Gans is one of the best directors i have seen and i would rate him higher than John Woo, this film is slick and stylish, the cinematography is excellent aswell as the music in it which really adds to the atmosphere. As for acting, well Dacascos is one of the best actors of the action star lot and his performance is excellent and all other leading characters in the film are good aswell, as for the more background characters their acting is quite cheesy. To top off the superlatives of this flick, the action. Each set piece is masterfully staged especially the sword play at the end. This is really worth watching and is a must buy for any action fan let alone a fan of the cartoon or Mark Dacascos. I hope they release this action classic on DVD.
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on 6 September 2001
Quite simply this relatively unheard of movie has become one of my favourites, for years i have awaited the DVD release and finally it has arrived. The film itself is based on japanese comics and the Manga cartoon and although i have not seen any of them from every available source it seems the film is a pretty accurate representation of the Mangas, anyway the plot is about a man who was kidnapped by a an ancient Chinese warrior cult called the Sons of the Dragons, who have turned him into a perfect killer. The killer of their group is called the Freeman, and Jo (Dacascos) carries a curse which cause's him to cry when-ever he has to kill. Jo who was formely a potter is a compassionate, and heroic character and his capturers/bosses begin to lose control of his mind when he falls in love with a beautiful woman Emu o'Hara who he is supposed to kill after she witnesses him kill some people, so on comes gun battles, romance, Kung Fu and sword fights aplenty in this wonderfully shot action movie directed by Christophe Gans, a director with a visual flair as good as any and a sense of style and artistry greater than even John Woo's, he is at the helm here and directs with surperb skill there are some superb shots, brilliantly staged and captured action sequences and some of the romantic scenes are outstandingly shot. The films other strengths were the brilliant score from Patrick O Hearn and the performances of Dacascos and Condra in particular they had a real chemistry on screen and its hardly a surprise that they became Man and Wife after this movie. Overall about the movie i must say that its pure class, it features one of the best Sword fights ever capture on film and a very good cast, the only downer would be that the end action sequence was not long enough and the film at times very nearly bordered on the chessy but this was based on a comic. A word on Mark Dacascos the should be king of action, well he is amazing in this he plays the role with such intensity and despite not having many lines his face brings out a wealth of feelings at times, he is superb and is helped along by the direction of Gans and when it comes to the action Dacascos really shines, he leaps off buildings, he flips off buildings, off the top of doors, at times he jumps high into the air and this is all performed himself, he is extremly graceful and aside from Drive his talents have been pretty much wasted by talentless directors with the possible exception of his films with Tibor Takacs, and he shows a natural charisma many action stars lack. The film gets a definate 5 stars but the DVD only gets a 3 the lack of features is dissapointing after such a long wait especially when the French have released a special edition two disc DVD set with booklet aswell, yes the english have sadly been... out of a DVD worthy of the films class.
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on 19 April 2001
This film is not your typical big-bidget american flick that is made up of cliched violence at the expense of story. Crying Freeman does have action, but it is stylishly acted out and appropriate for the would be forgiven for thinking it was directed by John Woo. Christophe Gans has produced a masterpiece in which Marc Dacascos shines, supported perfectly by a competent cast where Byron Mann also delivers a fantastic performance. Not to all tastes but damn good in my opinion!
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on 13 March 2009
This is a very stylised film. It is sleek and beutiful. The characters are slightly wooden but..... sleek and beutiful! I enjoyed the Manga cartoons that this film is based on but this live-action blew me away. The main charatcer Yeo, played by Mark Dacascos, (a hugely underrated action star-pulls of the character well) is a reluctant assassin, hyponotised by a witch. Stay with me! On one assignment he has to kill a girl but falls in love and tries to leave the organisation. Some martial arts in it but its not a martial ars film. It reminds me of the 1980's yakuza films but much MUCH better. Some bits will make you think ...........'erm, what!?' However this is one of those films thats like its character - a silent assassin. You dont know its there and how good it is until its got you by the throat. Buy it.
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on 24 October 2001
whilst aimlessly wandering around a video rental shop a friend of mine spotted the object of this review at the very bottom of the pile of budjet dvd's and i wandered over at first aprehensive as the film obviously had no propaganda because neither i,my friend or the woman at the counter had a clue as to what it was.The only reason i bought the film was three specific words on the back of the box and i quote 'huge japanese swords'.So with apprehension i whacked it in my player however when i whacked it back out again ninety odd minutes later i sat dumbfounded and needed to be beaten out of the comatose state this absolutly incredible action movie had put me in.Do yourself a favor - buy this film NOW.
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on 18 December 2000
There is no doubt that this adaptation of a Manga story has style, mood and atmosphere in abundance. The excellent soundtrack accentuates the drama without overwhelming it.
Classic tale of assassin wanting to leave his old life behind, with expected results. It has everything needed to make it a great movie but one thing in my opinion - not enough action. There are only four fights, though the final sequence does make up for it somewhat. Regardless of his acting talents, not using Dacascos' amazing martial arts and gymnastic abilities strips any film of it's most vital asset. Good film, but they didn't use him enough.
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on 2 February 2002
The original Crying Freeman was a series of 6 1-hour anime episodes, following the story of a young man forced into becoming a killer. His compassion is such that he weeps after each killing, hence the series name.
His masters' control of him begins to weaken after he falls in love with a young woman he is meant to kill. The film is a good remake of the first episode or two of the original story. Mark Dacascos plays the title character very well, and has a real screen chemistry with Julie Condra.
If you like traditional Japanese ganster storylines, you will love this because it gives you a whole lot more.
It's well worth the investment!
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on 2 March 2003
This film might not be to everyones taste, but if you like a mix of action, martial arts & romance then it definitely is for you. The characters in the film are perfectly cast, looking very much like the characters from a manga comic, not only that but the acting, special effects & camera work really is suberb. Overall this film makes for a very good nights entertainment, & I can certainly see myself watching it again & again & again.
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on 5 June 2014
A brilliant adaptation of the anime, the stunts a little passe' by todays standards but Mark De Cascos fits the role so neatly that it is hard to think of anyone else in the role. Seems to have been Julie Condra' only onscreen role as the two got married.
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on 19 June 2000
this is a stylish and very well done movie there should be an sequal
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