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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars61
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2001
One reviewer described this game as a load of pants. Hmmm, seems a tad harsh for a game frequently quoted as one of the best ever in it's genre and all others for that matter. Ok, it may be a few years old, but to the console purist who's never had so much as a sniff of a PC game, it's as fresh as.....well, its new to us. We'd all heard the hype surrounding Half Life, and our chance has now come to experience it's delights. And delights there are aplenty. The graphics. Graphics, graphics, graphics, is that all that matters with games these days? Half Life's visuals are of a high quality indeed. Are they better than the PC version - I don't know and I don't care. All you need to know is that they are very good.
The game is about a young Science nerd who, through a botched experiment, ends up running around a huge underground base fighting aliens and marines. Simple. The gameplay is sublime, with some great weaponry at your disposal. The enemy AI is better than anything else on the PS2, there are puzzles to solve as well, and taking on your foes requires a bit of thinking, rather than mindless blasting.
All in all, a game not to be missed. Fantastic. Ignore reviews from PC owners that slag this game off. If they compare it to the PC version, so what - aint got a PC don't care. They're most likely upset that PS2 owners have got their hands on one of their 'babies'.
It's been a long wait, but boy was it worth it.
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on 5 February 2004
Absoloutly brilliant is the quickest way to describe 'Half Life' on PS2. The story is huge, and drags you in to the bitter end.
The game features around a rather nasty accident at the
Black Mesa Research Facility, you take the part of new recruit Gordon Freeman, and this has got to be the first 1st-Person Shooter where you actually go to work! Freeman works in the Anonymus Materials Lab, the scene of the incident. After inserting a new power source into the reactor, something goes wrong, and Gordon Freeman awakes to a place of chaos, - corpses everywhere, few survivors, and never-before-seen aliens are invading.
The graphics are very good, so is the voice acting of other characters, and general background sounds and music which constantly drop hints of horrfying suprises. The game then centres around Freeman's escape. During the game, you can enlist the help of security guards and scientist in your effort to escape. The story is superb, later you hear that the marines are being sent in, but quickly learn the truth.
'Half Life' while not being the best F.P.S. is certainly very enjoyable, and in a style which influenced 'Red Faction', the game is not divided by levels, the whole thing plays like a film.
The controls are easy to get used to, and with the help from the lock-on ability, combat isn't as difficult.
The majority of the game takes place in Black Mesa, only later do you get to go to Xen, but I'll let you find out about that on your own.
As a PS2 add-on, this comes complete with the new adventure;
'Half Life: Decay' which, like 'Opposing Forces' and 'Blue Shift', (they are the add-ons for the P.C. version), 'Decay' takes place at the same time as Freeman's escape, but is about to female scientists in their escape attempt, this allows you to have two-player co-operative missions; do good enough, and you'll unlock the secret mission where you get to play on Xen's side.
However, the 'Head-To-Head' Deathmatches are only O.K.,and only include one-on-one games. On top of that, 'Decay' is best played in the one player mode.
A good attempt, better that the P.C. version, if only they'd included 'Opposing Forces' and 'Blue Shift' this would have being the game everyone wants.
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on 1 February 2004
I had already owned a copy of the apparently 'best shootemup of the year' on PC but never got round to completing it making me want to check out the Ps2 version. When I got this game the back of the case looked very appealing and the upgraded graphics added to that excitement, so when I played this game I knew it would be an instant hit for the Ps2. It was absolute quality. The graphics were brilliant the array of weaponry was immense and the way everything was structured in the single player mode was done perfectly. And unlike most first person shooters this game was huge. It was so long that it took me about three months to complete the single player mode. I was amazed by the amount of effort they had put into upgrading this PC classic, this game was on a role nothing could go wrong, not even the multiplayer mode. Recently I have taken the liking towards co-operative gaming between two or more players and this was one of the first. It had a totally different storyline, the levels were different, and the puzzles when completed made you feel a real sense of teamwork. And this is what earned the 5th star in this game. Recommended to anyone with co-operative minds or single player abilities.
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on 29 December 2001
I only bought Half-Life 2-days ago but I'm already hooked. I already own several FPS's like Red-Faction and Time-Splitters which are great games but Half-Life's story mode is just brilliant. And if you can get one of your mates round, the co-op game Decay is just excellent. Or you could just blow the hell out of them in Head to Head. The only thing that I,m not really happy with is the frequency of the loading screens but apart from that it's a top game. A must for the PS2 if you haven't played the PC version.
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on 22 July 2003
your a sciencetist,when an experiment goes wrong aliens are trying to kill you,just another day at the office then.
ok so the graphics are a bit dated,and you cant shoot out every light.yes this game is dated,but still one of the best fps' ever.hailed by most as the best game ever,and most would agree,its in my top 5.with a great story,black comedy,and great set pieces. the ps2 version also has a co-op mode which stretchs out the games lifespan,which is already massive 'cos the single player is hard on easy.
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on 5 May 2004
If I, Nickskijnr, had to choose the 3 greatest games of all time. They would be Half-life, Max Payne and Hitman:Codename 47.
If I was to choose 3rd place, I would pick Hitman because although it is a stunner and had my hooked for ages, there was something missing. Challedge. Amazing game, but took a weekend to complete. But what a weekend.
If was choose 2nd place, it would be Max Payne. It was an awesome game, best selling in the year 1999 or 2000 or what ever. Bullit time, oh my god. How much did it rock. But although it was superb, the awe of bullit time was 'ruined' by the earlier release of the first Matrix film.
I my opinion, the greatest game of all thime is Half-life. It is the highest selling shoot 'm' up of all time and it is still selling millions every year. But why? The reason is this. It the game that we all wished we lived. What I mean is that we live in a life that, even if your life rocks, you wish you had or could do more. If Half-life, a boring scientist who lives a cool life but with no passion, becomes what we all want to be. The one man army, with the brains and power to save man. The graphic rock, even though it is an old game, the graphic are way way ahead of todays graphics. The storyline could win an Oscar. And the gameplay is unbelieveable. I don't no how the creators did it.
There is no fault, buy it
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on 26 April 2002
This game is excellent. I never played the PC version, as I was cursed with a slow and clumsy machine, so I made sure I played it on the PS2. The graphics are nicely tweeked and crystal clear, but still look a little dated. However, it is the gameplay that makes this title rock. Its an incredibly immersive game, and it is hard not to get drawn in. Freeman's adventure is grim but satisfying, and the interaction with other characters gives the game a movie-like atmosphere. The control system is nice with the two analogue sticks, and the button layout is fully customisable. And the alien levels aren't as bad as everyone makes out, but they are quite bad. All in all, I'd say this is one of the defining games of the genre, and second only to the masterwork that is Goldeneye on the N64.
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on 19 June 2002
Half-Life is a slick, exciting and atmospheric FPS which delivers plenty of thrills and shocks. The storyline is compelling and the level design is always cunning, making clever use of space; often, you'll double back through the vents and tunnels of a previous area. Most of all, when some ghastly creature leaps out at you from the darkness it always makes you jump. This was deservedly a benchmark for intelligent design and plotting in a shooter and the action isn't half-bad either.
Graphics are excellent, I reckon. I have a feeling that PC owners, who often have a twitchy sensitivity to such things as frame rates and slowdown, may have things to say about them; as for me, Half-Life moves incredibly fast, sometimes too fast for me - some of the quicker PS2 games have a tendency to give me a headache. But it works very well, as do the sound and music which add greatly to the tension.
However, that's not to say that it's perfect. For one thing, towards the end it becomes impossibly hard. I reckon myself a veteran of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the N64 but this defeated me; happily there are cheats if you just want to beat the game. But once you have beaten the game, there is absolutely no more fun to be wrung out of this title.
You can play the game again as an alien; this doesn't work very well. In fact, replaying the game offers no opportunity to do things really differently. You can compete with a friend in 2-player deathmatches, on very small and dull levels, or you can play co-op missions in Decay mode. The latter mode is pretty good but not that compelling. There's never a feeling that you can pick this up for a quick blast without inviting a friend round or sitting through the whole (rather protracted) intro/credit sequence.
Pre-release publicity, and some magazine reviews, alluded to the 'Skirmish' mode, which was a deathmatch mode with computer-controlled bots for opponents. As far as I can tell, this doesn't exist, and really ought to.
Time has moved on since Half-Life was the state of the art and although this is an excellent FPS, with crisp, fast graphics and sweaty-palmed encounters with aliens, soldiers and helicopters, it lacks that something extra; the enduring replayability of the old N64 classics like Goldeneye, or the depth and intelligence of Deus Ex.
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on 11 July 2003
No longer than a month of completing the first person shooter king Half-Life for the PC, I saw it in a local Games shop, curious I took a look at the back of the box and saw that it wasn't just the Original Half-Life, but an extra set of missions exclusive for the Playstation 2 and other consoles.
After purchasing, a friend and I started on the 2-player mode 'Decay' missions, the only choice available for Multiplayer play.

Graphics: 7/10
The first thing that hit me about the graphics was that the gun didn't show at the bottom, such as on Ghost Recon or Rainbow 6, this took away the feeling of a First person Shooter and made it feel more like an Arcade light gun shooter. (i.e; Area 41 or Time Crisis) On the bright side, the Terrain is wonderfully crafted, and unlike the PC version the panorama backdrop of the outside world doesn't blur when you zoom in to look at it. The characters are well done too, rather than picking some NPCs from the original Half-Life to play the Vital NPCs in Decay, they've made new ones, which is a welcome surprise for any Expansion / Modification.

Audio: 8/10
The sound effects have more-or-less been taken from the Original, the monster Sound effects and voice announcements on the speakers all taken from the original, but it doesn't put a dent in the score. The NPCs voice-overs are new and very convincing, they didn't cut any corners on hiring voice actors, that's for sure. Nothing much more can be said about this segment, let's move on.

Game-play: 8/10
As I mentioned before, they took away the guns from the bottom of the screen, and it felt like I was playing an 'Arcade light gun' shooter. On the other hand, the game crosses over with events with the Original and you gradually piece together bit-by-bit, what happened on the day of the catastrophe, and all of it was done in a very clever way. You witness events that you don't see playing as Freeman in the original, such as the mass arrival of the Military, or why the experiment went wrong in the first place (I won't go into detail). The game is filled with all the game's original guns\ weaponry and a few extras that are unique to this console version..
The death match mode is predictably boring, but it has one up side. There are traps laid around some of the levels; it was fun for at least a little while seeking them out and trying them on each other, but it soon wore off.

Last-ability: 8/10
The game, as a Mod of the original has an exceptional play-time, I'm pretty sure it lasted well over 15 hours, which is very long for a MOD. But as expected of an Official MOD, only the best will do, and it's not like Sierra to cut corners.

Overall: 78%
For a MOD, it has great lifespan, beautifully converted (And Improved) graphics from the PC to Ps2 and a cleverly thought out story and events. If you're a fan of Half-Life, and have a friend who is too, grab it! It won't let you down.
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on 12 May 2002
Firstly, I have to say that this is an awesome game, great graphics, great sound, cool weapons and gameplay and still some of the best A.I. opponents of any video game today. However, I also have to say that I was dissappointed slightly with the ps2 version. This was down to one reason - the manual targeting of the enemies. If I had never played the PC version, then this wouldn't bother me in the slightest - but the fact is I have.
Whereas in the PC version, you could shoot any enemy you wanted, switching your target at will, in the PS2 version you have to lock-on to enemies using the 'O' button. Without locking on, it takes much longer to kill the opponents. But then, as soon as you lock-on to a particular enemy, you have to manually switch to another to change your target. This broke up gun-fighting scenes in my opinion and slowed down the action. Also, I found it more unrealistic, as you don't lock-on to targets in real life when fighting with a pistol or machine-gun. This may sound like a small annoyance, but unfortunately for me, it was enough to take out a majority of the fun.
But let me make myself clear - if you are new to Half Life and are considering buying it for the PS2, then I strongly recommend that you do so. If, however, you have already played the PC version of the game, then rent it out first and make sure that you are happy with the latest adjustments.
Again, I must make myself clear, I am not in any way saying that Half Life for the PS2 is bad. It's just that I had already got used to the PC way of things. If, as I say, you are new to the game, then you can just practice with the lock-on and get used to it that way.
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